If someone did exactly these things today

Oh really? Is that why at least 11 officers were shot today? And exactly how are we not equal anyway? Name one right you don’t have. Name one law that doesn’t protect you. You want “revenge” on people who never even did a thing to you and you call that justice. Your turn a blind eye to the lives of blacks who die at the hands of other blacks, black officers of the law, and black members of the military. You shriek when someone dares mention the black children who died at the hands of gang violence within black communities without a single white person in sight. You mock and science any black person who doesn’t march in lockstep with your ideology. You don’t want equality, you want entitlement. You want to be treated like the world owes you for something no one living today had anything to do with. You want to be treated like there are no consequences for committing crimes. You want to bypass any actual discussion on relevant issues just to rage and scream and silence and kill and wonder why you aren’t taken seriously.

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i am so sleepy and i cannot focus at all rn i did exactly one (☝🏻) thing today and it was too much. someone please bring a pillow and a blanket to my office so i can nap