If You Were A Movie This Would Be Your Soundtrack

Two Nights Stand Part 3

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell. Following her advice, you have a bad one night stand with Bucky Barnes, but what happened when you are forced to spend time with him?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1500

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name. In the future, the series will be having smut so be warned.

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta.

Part 1 Part 2

Credits to the gifs owners

Awkward silence, the room is full of awkward silence and the smell of French toast. The worst part is that you don’t know what you both can talk about, the only ice breaker you can think of is the weather and you don’t think Bucky would appreciate your puns.

“We need to talk if we are going to be stuck in here for the next 24 hours.” He says taking you away from your thoughts, you take a bite of your French toast and you have to admit this is the best french toast that you’ve ever eaten. “I agree, but no upsetting questions.”

“What is an upsetting question? Because most of the things can be upsetting if we stop to think about it.” You shrug “I don’t know, who taught you how to cook?” He takes a sip of his orange juice smiling back at you. “My mother and grandmother. When I was a kid I would spend a lot of time with them in the kitchen.”

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Odd Socks - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Sometimes, Bruce likes to think about all the things he loves about you, just as a reminder that you’re the best thing that ever happened to him.

I hope this silly and short fic will cheer you up. If it doesn’t, sorry, I tried. I just felt suddenly inspired, while I’m in the doctor’s waiting room, and so wrote this…Wrote it on my phone, sorry if there’s any terrible mistakes. Anyway, here : 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


There was things Bruce loved about you. A lot of things. 

Whenever he felt sad, a bit under the weather, or if you two got into an argument…He would make a list of said things, often forgetting three quarters of all the reasons why he fell in love with you, all the reasons why, even after years of marriage, he was still head over heels for you, crazy about you and everything you did (even annoying him). Because, there really was A LOT of things he loved about you, listing them all in one sitting was impossible. 

Yes, Bruce Wayne really enjoyed making lists about why you were so awesome, it often helped him cope with things (a boring meeting at Wayne Enterprise : list. Kidnapped by a villain and trying to resist torture : the thought of you, and the list would help him go through it). 

And today, as you were lying on a hospital bed, hooked to machines that helped you breathe, he definitely needed to make a list…However, for the first time since he fell for you, it wasn’t really helping. On the contrary, slowly, as he was looking at your broken body on the bed, cursing the man who didn’t check his blind spot well enough and who cut you off while you were riding your motorcycle full speed on the freeway, he felt like this list was going to be the end of him…Because, if he lost all of those things he loved so much about you, how could he go on ? And yet, he kept listing it in his head, even though the thought of losing them, losing you, was unbearable. 

1. He loves the way you always wear odd socks. 

The first time he noticed, it was in your apartment, at the beginning of your relationship, as you were both chilling together on your couch. You had one red sock, and a black one. 

The second time he noticed, he was tearing your clothes off and throwing you on his bed. You had one green sock, and a striped grey/blue one. 

The third time he noticed, it was at the Manor. Alfred had just clean the entire house, and ordered every guests to take their shoes off…It was during a party Bruce was throwing, and it was very funny to see the richest people in Gotham take their shoes off, impressed and intimidated by Bruce Wayne’s butler. Most women were bare feet, as they had heels on, and others just had normal socks on. And then there were you, a yellow and black striped sock, like a bee, and a sock with little platypus on it. Very classy. 

The fourth time he noticed, he asked you about it, and your answer made him chuckle : 

-Life’s too short for matching socks. Like, I have better things to do alright ? 

-…You’ve been binge watching Friends for the past three hours. 

-Exactly my point.

The smile you gave him at that moment made him melt, and he hasn’t been able to stop himself from kissing you passionately. Oh damn he loved you, you and your odd socks. 

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Shawn's Philadelphia Q&A Breakdown
  • "What's your favorite city that you've traveled to before?
  • "I love Amsterdam"
  • "What has changed in your everyday routine?
  • "I just have to make sure I look a little bit better than I did, before leaving hotels"
  • "What inspires your music?
  • -Everything in life"
  • "If your life were a movie, what would the soundtrack be?
  • "oh, I have no idea"
  • "What's like to be in front of a crowd full of people?
  • -Best feeling in the world honestly"
  • "Skincare routine?
  • -The less products the better"Fan: "I'm starting college tomorrow do you have any advice on how to deal with distance from home?"
  • Shawn: "You'll feel homesick but then you're going to love being away from home"
  • "This is your second to last tour date, how are you doing? Are you doing ok?
  • -I'm doing great, thank you"
  • "So At the M&G you didn't tell me I love you back!
  • -Oh, I'm sorry I love you back"
  • A fan asked to Shawn how does it feel to be a role model and he said he double checks himself but he remains real, not fake
  • "Favorite super-hero?
  • -Spider-Man"
  • "Performing with John and Ed was crazy as you already would think" - Shawn Mendes
  • Shawn would rather be the most famous guitar player than being the most famous singer
  • "Best advice ever given to you?
  • -Ed Sheeran once told me to push as hard as I possibly can and never say no"
  • Shawn said he's been listening to a lot of rock music so SM3 might have a mixture of rock & pop, I AM HERE FOR THIS
  • Shawn's favorite childhood memory is Christmas time spent with his family
  • Shawn's favorite quote: "Opportunity looks a lot like hard work"
  • Shawn would prefer to see his parents as teenagers because he knows they're lying about some things
  • When Shawn goes home he likes to do simple things because he's always doing crazy things on tour
  • "One thing my parents tell me is I'm never going to know if it's going to be 'good' if I don't try, they remind me of my accomplishments"
GOT7 Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Them

BTS Version

Anonymous: “can you do bts and/or got7 reaction when you fall asleep on them?

sorry for taking so long to do the got7 one!!

Mark: You and Mark would be sitting in the back seat in a van when he would notice you starting to get sleepy. At first, when he saw your head falling down, he thought it was because of the bumpy road. But when he noticed you yawning and closing your eyes, that’s when he would realize you were tired.  

“Umm, you can lay your head on my shoulder,” Mark would say shyly into your ear, feeling bad that you were seated in the middle. “If you want…”

Originally posted by soybeantree

JB: While watching a movie with Jaebum, you would accidentally fall asleep and your upper body would fall into Jaebum’s lap. 

He would be shocked at first, but let your rest there for a couple of minutes while playing with your hair. After a while, he would get bored of watching the movie alone and would carry you to the bedroom to lay your down and to go to sleep with you. 

Originally posted by daefsoul

Jackson: Jackson would think you were so adorable when you would fall asleep on you. He would act as if you were a puppy and try not to move so he wouldn’t disturb your sleep. After taking a few pictures and selfies with you, he would finally carry you back to the bedroom.  

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

Jinyoung: You went along with Jinyoung and the rest of GOT7 on a trip. You were currently on a train, seated beside Jinyoung, awaiting to arrive at the next location. After a few hours, you would grow sleepy and accidentally fall asleep on Jinyoung’s shoulder. 

Jinyoung would flinch when he felt the sudden contact, but when he looked down to you dozing off, he would roll his eyes so far back. 

“Smh, I TOLD her to take a nap before we left. Now I have to look at all these sights all alone. What a waste of money.”

Originally posted by dsouls

Youngjae: Youngjae would notice you starting to get sleepy. He would take his hand and bring your head to rest against his shoulder. 

“Do you wanna go home, YN. We can leave if you’re tired,” he would say with your head still rested against him. When you didn’t reply, he would chuckle to himself and would move your head from his shoulder to his lap so you would be more comfortable. 

Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

Bambam: Bambam would be listening to headphones in the car, trying to keep himself distracted by the long car ride. You were seated next to him, and although you had your own headphones, you were listening to Call of Silence from the AOT soundtrack on repeat. After about the 127th time, your head unconditionally fell onto Bambam’s shoulder. 

“WTF!!” Bambam would shout, jolting up and grabbing his chest at the sudden feeling. With Bambam’s motion, your head would bang against the seat in front of you. 

“Ow…” you would say, suddenly wide away.

 "Omg sorry YN, you scared me. I thought you were a bug.“ 

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Yugyeom: After being on a plane for five hours, you were starting to get bored and sleepy. You tried to finish watching the movie with Yugyeom, but you were too focused on keeping your eyelids open. Before you knew it, you were fast a sleep with your head against Yugyeom’s shoulder. 

When he first felt your head rest against his shoulder, Yugyeom would look to you to see if you were awake or not. When he would see you sleeping, he would smile to himself and would adjust his shoulder so your neck wouldn’t be strained. He would also place a blanket over you and lower the volume on his headphones (however he wouldn’t even be paying attention to the movie because he would be busy thinking about you).  

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thanks for reading!! :)

I only have myself to blame,
But do you think we can start again?
Cause I can’t live without you.
—  Sleeping With Sirens
music for if you're feeling alone.
  • mcr: early sunsets over monroeville, cemetery drive, the jetset life is gonna kill you, bury me in black.
  • green day: troubled times, still breathing, basket case, 21 guns.
  • fob: what a catch donnie, dance,dance, i'm like a lawyer.
  • ptv: bulls in the bronx, floral and fading, kissing in cars.
  • sws: the entire 'if you were a movie, this would be your soundtrack' ep and also better off dead.
  • slip knot: just duality.
  • frank iero and the patience: joyriding.
  • p!atd: impossible year, collar full, this is gospel.
  • muse: i belong to you, endlessly and starlight.
  • arctic monkeys: piledriver waltz and 505.
  • nirvana: heart shaped box.
  • blink 182: i miss you.
  • gerard way: brother and drugstore perfume.

anonymous asked:

hey! I saw that you take requests right? could you do you and harry are together for a while now but you see how his life is "taking off" and yours is just.. stuck (that's how i've been feeling lately about my life lol) and idk you just feel like you dont fit in anymore and maybe you need to let him go? it ends however you want! sorry, im a bit down these days but if you dont wanna write this kind story is totally fine! :)

Hi, lovely. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. I hope this helps some, and check at the bottom for some sites I looked up for advice. x.

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dad!Scott Lang/Peter Parker x Reader

Assumed female reader

Word Count: 1324

“At it again, Sherlock?” your dad commented, smiling at you from the doorway of your room.

Startled, you put your violin down. He’d been doing this to you since you started playing when you were in fourth grade, but it never failed to give you a minor heart attack.

“No, no, no!” Scott protested. “Keep playing! I’ll leave, if it helps.”

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Demigod Q&A: Favorite Movie?
  • Leo: I bet Hazel doesn't even know what a movie is.
  • Hazel: How old do you think I am, Leo? Anyways, I'm not sure you've heard of my favorite movie. It's really old.
  • Piper: My favorite movie is anything my dad isn't in.
  • Leo: You know, Jason, since you're blond Superman——
  • Jason: I really like superhero movies. But my favorite movie isn't Superman. It's Batman.
  • Leo: Hey Annabeth? Is your favorite movie Finding Nemo? Because that's all you were trying to do for six months——
  • Annabeth: *death glare*
  • Percy: Would you guys please quit calling me Nemo? It's really annoying! Calling people names isn't nice.
  • Frank: Says the guy who calls me Beast all the time. And before you ask, Leo, my favorite movie is NOT King Kong. It's Tarzan. Obviously.
  • Annabeth: My favorite movie is any scientific documentary. The best movies are the ones you can learn from.
  • Percy: Disney's Hercules, because I think it's funny how the writers think the gods are so nice. And who doesn't sing along to that soundtrack?
  • Frank: Hey Leo, what's your favorite movie? You haven't answered the question yet.
  • Leo: Well, um, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with——
  • Jason: What's wrong, Leo? Why don't you want to tell us what your favorite movie is?
  • Piper: Come on, you can tell us, Leo. We won't judge you.
  • Leo: *sighs* All right. My favorite movie is... My Little Pony Twinkle Wish Adventure.
  • Percy: No way! Ponies are awesome!
  • *high five*
The Questionnaire for Aspiring Friendship (Open to Additional Questions)

1) Reason for your Tumblr username?

2) Who do you follow most and how did you find them?

3) Favorite season of the year?

4) Favorite weather?

5) Worst injury that your willing to speak about?

6) Most embarrassing moment you can laugh at now?

7a) What state(s) have you lived in?

7b) What countries have you lived in/visited?

7c) Where would you want to visit?

8) Choose your weapon!?

9) Current/Future Pets?

10a) If you could hangout with a fictional character for a day, whom and why?

10b) What would you do with said character?

11) Favorite mythological creature?

12) Favorite half-human hybrid creature?

13) League of Legends, favorite champion(s)?

14a) Do you believe in the paranormal? Ghosts, Aliens, Cryptids, etc.

14b) If you could, would you explore a reportedly haunted location? A reportedly recent crash? A recent sighting nearby?

15) What fiction world would you want to live in?

16) Favorite element of nature? Also, yes, you could bend it to your whim.

17) Favorite type of food from that good old fashion food pyramid?

18) If you’re into that sort of thing, what peaks your “interests”?

19) Robots/Androids/Cyborgs, which do you prefer?

20) Favorite creature in fiction that you would keep as a pet?

21) If you do drink alcohol, favorite?

22) Land/Air/Sea, which would you live in if able to without dying?

23) How do you prefer your potatoes? If you don’t like potatoes, why?

24) That show(s) you could sit down for and watch till its over?

25) Favorite Pokemon(s)/Digimon(s)/Monster Rancher(s) and why?

26) Pirates/Cowboys/Ninjas, who do you root for?

27) Favorite Sport(s) to play/watch?

28) That game you could play for hours/days at a time?

29a) Would you live in a world where furries/athros were cohabiting?

29b) If yes, would you stay human or change into one of the above?

30) Favorite suit in a traditional card deck?

31) Lucky number(s)/charms?

32) That cereal you’ve enjoyed to this day?


34) For those kinky people, those closeted thoughts? That “ideal” scenario?

35) That happy place, your safe haven? Location and people eligible.

36) Rock/Paper/Scissors?

37) Favorite gemstone?

38) That band(s)/soundtrack(s) you could listen to all day?

39) Those things that keep you up at night?

40) Your partner in crime?

41) Disney: movie, character, song?

42) What do you believe is the answer to life, the universe, everything?

43) What would you pilot? You also can have it be a mech or transformer, or both!

44) That Youtube/Twitch channel(s) you watch?

45) That book you could read in one sitting?

46) What do you collect?

47) Favorite actor/actress? Living or passed.

48) Zodiac Sign? Astrological and/or Chinese.

49) That BOARD game you break out when friends are over?

49b) That VIDEO game you break out when friends are over?

50) What would you do first if you won that lottery after paying those bills and debts off?

51) That thing that isn’t creepy to others but still creeps you out?

52) That thing that you enjoy that others tend not to?

53) That drink you could enjoy with every meal?

54) That meal you enjoy every time?

55) That article of clothing you enjoy wearing most?

56) That thing that people do that just makes you feel fuzzy inside?

57a) That smell you could breathe in forever?

57b) That smell that scrunches up your face?

58) That artist you follow on here?

59) That comic you read? Can be a strip like on Taptastic or Marvel/DC/other.

60) That person that ticks you off?

61) That special someone in your life, how did you meet? Best friend and/or beyond.

62) That color that catches your eye?

63) That stuffed animal/toy you’ve kept around since you were a kid?

64) That console that got you into gaming? PC denied, tis beyond in power.

65) That teacher you had? For better or worse.

66a) What traits in others do you tend to gravitate towards?

66b) What traits do you avoid?

67) Regrets?

68) The saddest moment(s) in your life?

69) For the “passionate” folk out there, you know the question already.

70) The happiest moment(s) in your life?

71) That small thing that is satisfying every time you do it?

72) Would you change anything about yourself?

72b) If yes, what and why? If no, please explain.

73) What would you ride into battle? Living, dead, mechanical, real or fictional.

74) Alright, what do you look like? Hair/eye/skin color. Shouldn’t matter all  that much, that’s why it’s so late on this list, but hey- it’s here.

75) Measurements? Break out the tape and scale.

76) That thing you do to show off to new friends?

77) How would you describe your personality?

78) What personalities do you look for in others?

79) What do you do to relax and unwind?

80) Favorite places to hang out? Outside of the home that is, because really, that should be the ideal place by default.

81) What RPG class would you be? Video games count too.

82a) Play any instruments?

82b) If no: would you want to? If you just said yes, what? If you said no again, why?

83) Waifu(s)/Husbando(s)? We don’t discriminate.

84) That band you listen to that hardly anyone else around you does?

85) Oversized/Perfect/or Tight apparel?

86) That thing you bought on online recently?

87) What do you bundle up with on a cold day?

88) Travel back in time or to the future?

89) Spirit animal? Be specific.

90) That fictional character you wish you could hug?

91a) That thing you bought that didn’t meet expectations?

91b) That thing you bought that you wish you bought sooner?

92) What word do you have trouble saying? We all have at least one.

93) Is there someone you hated that you are now friends with?

94) That show from your childhood?

95) That song that makes you want to dance? Even if you don’t dance.

96) Crushes you had/have?

97a) Best class subject you had/have in school?

97b) Worst class subject you had/have in school?

98) For those that move around: where would you revisit, if your friends were still there?

99) Magic vs. Technology, which would you side with?

100) Where do you see yourself in the future, ideally?

Feel free to add more if you see this. This is meant to break the ice if you ever get stumped in a conversation. Try to keep it clean people.