If You Give Me Flowers, I'll Give You Me

about once a month i wake up with the overwhelming urge to move next to a stormy lake, adopt a cat with glowing green eyes, and become the rarely seen neighbor whose cottage is covered with flowers and who only comes into town to barter with the vegetable seller from the other side of town.

🌻 Sunshine child 🌻


(Speedpaint: 2h 10 min)



a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

✨Happy New Year✨

✨💫✨Welcoming the new year with lots of love for everyone I’ve gotten the chance to meet and talk with since I’ve joined tumblr. A lot of you have helped me through some pretty shitty times or even just making me smile/laugh a lot which I’m thankful for. Although we haven’t met physically, we take care of each other and I am truly lucky to have met such wonderful people as yourselves.✨💫✨

To name a few sunshines and by a few I mean everyone I can think of off the top of my head @blumiin || @lovingnamjin || @happyjoonieyear || @beaujimin || @jungkookio || @sehunstiddies-l || @tahyungs || @taekookiesandcream || @cheolsgirl || @cherryprincejin || @bfkook || @whatsol || @vitaminniedk || @2seokforyook || @philophobia999 || @panda0627 || @kingkookies || @kimtae95s || @lattetae || @unbwilievable || @ilunams || @jonghyoongi || @angel-joonie || @vigorouslycrafting || @dn-a || @deletaed || @ilovhyungline || @namrjoon || @namseoke || @rqindrops || @yngisbday || @gravityofsnow || @tvehyungs-gf || @j1nsgf || @ohtippyy || @okjimin || @almondyoongi || @xbaepsae || @jertazz || @pjminis || @drowsymochi || @fkmg || @baelaineeee || @hoshistic || @thesarachronicles thank you for being the wonderful, sweet, caring people that you are. I love you all so much and hope that this was a good one. May we have even better days and a good 2018💖💖💖