If I'm rejected I will die

  • Aries: Tries to partner up with the smartest kid in the class, but they get rejected so they end up partnering up with a friend.
  • Taurus: The smartest person in class.
  • Gemini: I hate to be THAT person, but they're going to partner with their other personality. PLEASE DON'T FIGHT ME, I CAN'T HANDLE TWO PEOPLE AT ONCE. (I LOVE GEMS, I'M TRASH)
  • Cancer: Their parents
  • Leo: Friends! Friends! And more friends!
  • Virgo: Death because they would literally rather die than work on a group project.
  • Libra: Their phone, their plan is to just wing everything and use the internet for suggestions and to pass time.
  • Scorpio: No one, we hate our peers and could do a better job on a project alone.
  • Sagittarius: Wants to partner with a friend, but will probably end up partnering with a random without a partner.
  • Capricorn: Whoever asks to be their partner first, unless they hate the first person who asks.
  • Aquarius: A friend and either completely fails the assignment or does an awesome job.
  • Pisces: With a close friend, but probably ends up hating them by the time the project is over.

Happy (early) valentines day!

I did that thing, where you make the card stuffs. Rejected lines include “I’m pretty tired from running through your mind all day so how about you let me rest on your bed,” “Necrophilia hasn’t even been outlawed in most parts of the world,” and “I didn’t bother getting you anything other than a card since you’re going to die in a few decades anyways.”

  • Chaeyoung: Ok, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna confess to Mina.
  • Chaeyoung: [Sees Mina from a distance] I can't do it, she's too beautiful.
  • Dahyun: Oh my god, get it together
  • {Meanwhile}
  • Momo: [Gesturing to Chaeyoung standing in the distance] Hurry up and ask her out
  • Mina: But what if I die?
  • Momo: You-you're not gonna die Mina. The worst thing that'll happen is that she'll reject you.
  • Mina: That's worse.
  • Momo: [Shoves Mina forward] Just go
  • {Mina and Chaeyoung start walking towards each other}
  • Chaeyoung: [Awkwardly] Hi
  • Mina: [Blushing] Hi
  • {Awkward silence}
  • Mina and Chaeyoung, simultaneously: Will you go out with me?
  • Chaeyoung: Wait did you just?
  • Mina: Did you just?
  • Chaeyoung: Does this mean we're dating now?
  • Mina: I guess, yeah.
  • Chaeyoung: [Laces her hand with Mina's] Good
  • {Dahyun and Momo hi-five each other in the distance}

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not to start flower discourse but how can you possibly hate flowers?

idk like? they’re expensive and they last a few days and then they die? i don’t understand the fascination honestly if someone gave me a bunch of flowers i’d laugh.
(although like fully it’s probably just me rejecting all things that are deemed ‘feminine’ and that’s some internal issues we don’t have enough time to go into.)

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Creeps. I need advice. Girls don't like me. I'm in a vicious cycle, I'm lonely and I forget how to talk to people, but when I do garner the courage to talk to a girl they reject me in the meanest ways possible, then I go back into being lonely only this time it's worse because they literally crushed my self esteem. I'm a 19 year old virgin and I feel like I'm going to die alone since I've only got 50 years left to find someone.

To me, that’s honestly the worst way to go about it. To think ‘girls reject you’ and treating them as a separate species. Also the fact that you have sex on your mind before anything else is also not a good way to go about it as it adds to that ostracising mentality by thinking of girls as sentient sex meat. You’re also dead young, and worrying about getting that 10-25 minutes of hyped happiness is wasted time that could be spent doing something more productive.

Want to know the secret? spend the time doing cool things. Get a hobby, a job, an interest etc. When you meet people, regardless of gender, treat them like a human. And when you have interactions, you’ll be able to hold them down with interest by talking about those previous mentioned things. This will make you attractive as a person, and that’s what counts most IMO.

Or if it’s just the sex you’re interested in, you can pay for it. 

91 Days Novel (First) Translation - Interlude

I’ve just finished reading the novel and I feel so attacked by the extra additions they’ve made to it. This is an Avilio-centric extra they slid in right at the very end and if there was ever any doubt about how much Corteo meant to Avilio - as if the entire novel hasn’t been pressing their bond the whole way through - well.



A voice from my past was calling me - from the time my younger brother was so small that I, a child, could walk with him in my arms.

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Sonic Boom Episodes 1-39
  • ...as told by someone who is really sleepy at the moment.
  • The Sidekick: Knuckles Jr.!
  • Can An Evil Genius...: Eggman is a horrible roommate and nobody likes him.
  • Translate This: TAKE IT EASY WHACK-JOB
  • Buster: Sticks gets a dog who barfs slime all over creation. Also Knuckles makes the best "WTF" face ever.
  • My Fair Sticksy: Red Crudicio Spread
  • Fortress of Squalitude: Knuckles uses uncooked poultry as puppets (which looks hilariously inappropriate due to where he's sticking his hands xP). Also he eats a napkin
  • Double Doomsday: "Who puts an off-switch on a doomsday device?" Eggman, Tails, meet Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
  • Eggheads: Sonic didn't get invited to MustacheCon. Also I'M AN EVIL MASTERMIND OF AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE!
  • Guilt Tripping: The frick is a Gogoba
  • Dude Where's My Eggman: That subtle Beatles reference tho
  • Cowbot: Sonic and Knuckles beat Sonic & Knuckles
  • Circus of Plunders: Amy is a sad clown
  • Unlucky Knuckles: Knuckles attempts to reset the balance of the universe by killing himself several times. Oh and Tails dies at the end
  • The Meteor: Probably the most well executed body-swap episode in cartoon history (the voice acting alone is fricking amazing)
  • Aim Low: RIP Knuckles' birdhouse ;_;
  • How To Succeed in Evil: Tails destroys everything and gets invited to an evil potluck. Also pizza (and pizzazz)
  • Don't Judge Me: Ace Attorney & Knuckles
  • Dr Eggman's Tomato Sauce: The love story of Tails and his plane
  • Sole Power: I can't do 6 'o clock, I have tickets to the opera! Oh wait no that's someone else
  • Hedgehog Day: Knuckles keeps the world trapped in a time loop so he won't have to go to the dentist
  • Sleeping Giant: Apparently the only way to make a rock giant go to sleep is to sing REALLY BADLY. Also Sonic makes a Princess Bride reference
  • Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple: I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR BOSOM, BUDDY!
  • Let's Play Musical Friends: Rock, Donut, Thursday--the game that will make your head explode. Literally.
  • Late Fees: "Did I ever tell you about the time--" "*internal screaming*"
  • Into the Wilderness: Sonic and Knuckles go into the wilderness and come out of the closet
  • Eggman Unplugged: My delicious whipped cream filling will shoot out like toothpaste ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
  • Chez Amy: I'm just convinced that Dave is stoned for the entirety of this episode
  • Blue With Envy: RADICAL SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE (please)
  • Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose: "I think I'm allergic to fish saliva" "THEN GET OUT OF THE FISH"
  • Chili Dog Day Afternoon: Knuckles gets high on peppers and hallucinates about the rejected VeggieTales villains who make him wear a kilt
  • Closed Door Policy: Don't worry Knuckles, I didn't understand a word of that either
  • Mayor Knuckles: That stamp is like the One Ring
  • Eggman the Auteur: When I said "Sonknux" that wasn't what I meant
  • Just A Guy: Tumblr in a nutshell tbh
  • Beyond the Valley of Cubots: Sonic makes underwear jokes
  • New Years Retribution: Sonic and Eggman have a dance-off, and it's fricking awesome
  • Battle of the Boy Bands: BEST EPISODE EVER!
  • Conclusion: I fricking love this show. <3
More Random Sentence Starters
  • "I'm just saying, that bird looks a hell of a lot like Thor."
  • "Who told you you were allowed to use my computer? How did you even figure out my password? There's no way in hell you just guessed 'wreckmejustinbieber' all on your own."
  • "I reject the notion that I could ever be too old for Pokemon."
  • "I'm pretty sure that's a sign that you need a new bra."
  • "Can I adopt your dad?"
  • "If I'm ever in a coma, it's going to be your job to read me bedtime stories every night. And if you ever read me anything other than The Chronicles of Narnia, I'll die just so I can haunt you."
  • "Fuck you, Santa's real."
  • "It smells like death and regret; I would sooner kiss you than put my tongue on it."
  • "My cat said I can't go out with you this weekend, so it looks like you're flying solo."
  • "I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there's this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date."
  • "I would literally fight you for the last Oreo. To the death if it's double stuffed."
  • "Is it okay that I replaced his lube with hot sauce or did I over-react a little?"
  • "I want a really big bag of Cheetos or a sword sharp enough to kill a man—I'm not too picky."
  • "Why are you such a nerd?"
  • "My sister warned me about people like you, people who are always asking for tampons but never seem to have any to spare when you need one."
  • "I call eternal dibs on every copy of Twilight ever. I want every single copy in existence. All of them. Give them to me now."
  • "If your name was Pikachu I wouldn't even choose you."
  • "Does your dad know that he raised a furry? Does he feel deep shame for it?"
  • "Sherlock your way out of my house."
  • "She called her dog a whore so I kidnapped it to give it a better home, so this is your brand new, sorta stolen dog. If you call it anything other than fluffy, I will end you. I'm pretty sure it's a she. Also never take it to the park on Third."
  • "This tastes like a bachelor party gone wrong."
  • "I either want to set you on fire or make out with you, I can never tell."
  • Person: You don't seem autistic to me. Like, at all.
  • Me: See, thing is, when I was a little girl, the fact that I had a vagina and could talk made people pretty much discount the idea that I could be autistic. All my autistic traits were therefore dismissed as deep character flaws - I didn't have executive dysfunction, I was lazy; I didn't infodump about special interests, I talked too much about the same things all the time; I didn't have social difficulties or lack empathy, I was rude and self-centered. And the therapy I got for all those problems consisted of shaming, criticism, and social rejection.
  • Me: Even when I was finally diagnosed, it was with Asperger's syndrome, which basically meant the only autistic traits I was allowed to have were poor social skills and a special interest. The special interest was fine, especially since I was deemed officially Smart, but poor social skills, which would have been fine in a Male, were unforgivable in a Female - they made me a Bad Girl who would never be worthy of love, never succeed at anything in life, and would eventually die alone in a gutter as America slid into a dictatorship. To top it all off, I was still "lazy" and "self-centered" (which was what they called executive dysfunction and lack of empathy back then). The standard treatment for all that was good old-fashioned shaming, criticism, and social rejection, plus a few meaningless visits to a psychiatrist every year.
  • Me: Now that I'm a grown woman with a much fuller understanding of what autism IS and how it's affected my entire life, I still have all that shame, critique, and social rejection hanging around in the back of my head. I approach every social interaction, including with members of my immediate family, with the pants-shitting certainty that if I miss or misread a tiny nonverbal cue, speak a decibel too loudly or too softly, fail to demonstrate sufficient Smartness, accidentally mention a special interest someone else doesn't want to hear about, stim a little too obviously, or mildly annoy a random stranger at a traffic light, I will be deemed Unacceptably Autistic.
  • Me: I will be automatically fired, evicted, and have my driver's license, professional credentials, and college degrees revoked, my husband will leave me, my parents will disown me, and CPS will take the baby away. I will be marked as forever unemployable and undateable; charities will lock their doors in my face, and I won't even be able to live in my car because I had to sell it for food. Eventually, I will die in a gas chamber in one of President Trump's Super Luxury Trump Hotels and Resorts for Hispanics, Muslims, and Other Insufficiently American "People", while my brothers forget they ever had a sister, my husband forgets he was ever married, and my daughter's adopted parents tell her that her birth mother was a drug addict who left her in a garbage can because it's better than telling her the horrible truth.
  • Person:
  • Person:
  • Person:
  • Person: Yeah but
  • Person: You totally don't seem autistic to me
  • Person: Like at all

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When did sherlock say that line "he died because I shook his hand" in the show? I know I heard it but I can't remember.

when the sniper who lives on their block is shot after saving him from getting hit by a car! He’s musing about how the man died for touching him but he does it in a siken-esque “talking about john” way….

though come to think of it moriarty also dies when sherlock shakes his hand….and i reject the deleted scene as canon but magnussen also touched….

moral of the story: this is a fairytale about how john saved sherlock’s life but couldn’t touch him and now everyone who touches sherlock and isn’t john MUST DIE. my kind of story.

it’s so cold out here,
my bones are vibrating.
my thumb seems to have forgotten 
how to flick a lighter, 
but i don’t feel the icy tongue
of the wind on my skin. 
i am half-cooked: well done
on the outside, but raw
in the core. perhaps
all i need is a cigarette
to light me. but i know fires
never last on the coldest nights;
even the brightest flames
eventually die.
i can’t hold this
damn bogie still enough
for it to
kiss the flame; the moons
of my fingers are turning purple
and the rawness is
creeping to the surface.
—  i am still raw in the center // a.s.m

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my blog is about kpop but i'm white. girl and i'm 15. i have rude questions about that my blog & me are trashy bc i'm white and post kpop. and i try to be friend with people from asian ppl but most of them say that they don't like white ppl. can you help me, give me advice? should i fucking hate myself bc i'm white and delete my trashy blog? T__T i want to die, i feel so rejected by everyone

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I hate everything about myself. I'm going to die. I feel like no one cares and no matter how many times people tell me they do, my brain just kind of regards it as a lie, even if I know it's genuine. I can't accept compliments and I feel like my depression isn't even a bad thing. While everyone else has moved on & rejected me it was the only thing that was constant. I love my depression for that reason. What should I do?

I think that you have to trust genuine people because no one who’s genuine and true would like to feel like they’re liars. please stay strong and don’t let your brain lie to you when you know the truth. if people say they care, they actually do.

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i'm autistic and due to sensory issues i can hardly eat any vegetables nor most meat substitutes, and every time an allistic vegan tells me "well TECHNICALLY you are able to!" i die a little inside. it's true that it in theory is a mental thing, but in practice, it makes me physically reject vegetables/meat substitutes, even if i actually wanted to try them. and telling me that this makes me unhealthy won't work either.