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Cabin Fever?

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Fluff

Request:Haiii, I see you are a foetus writer-by the way I love your writing <3 Could you do a jungkook x reader where they meet at the airport and *attempt* to flirt with each other and accidentally end up insulting each other. Then find out they sit next to each other in the plane and start arguing.

(Credit to original owner of gif)

(Thank you so much for the lovely compliment btw it absolutely made my day!!)

You were never the biggest fan in flying but this would be your first time flying in business class, so you would have the added benefit of not having a screaming child near your head. You were sitting in the busy cafe near your gate, sipping at your drink when you saw someone in the corner of your eye, standing by your table. “Do you mind if I sit? Its packed.” The young man asked politely.

You nodded and smiled softly, he had a black mask on and a cap and he seemed to glance around a lot, probably just anxious for his flight, you thought. “Yknow I bet that coffee is like you.” You heard him say quietly.

“What? Bitter and hard to like?” You asked, squinting your eyes.

His seemed to widen “That was definitely not what I was trying to say.” He blurted and under his mask you could tell he was going red.

You glanced at him after staring at your phone “”Mhmmm.” Was all you said.

After a minute or so of silence he took his mask off and his hat and ordered a drink as well. “Well I guess you are pretty cute.” You tried flirting deciding to lighten the mood and rectify his failed attempt at wooing you.

He smirked slightly and leaned somewhat over the table, you couldn’t help but stare at his face slightly “Yeah like your face is just so cute, you remind of my friend Taesook.” You rambled not really registering what tumbled out of your mouth.

Jungkook’s eyes which had been taking in your features snapped up to yours again “Okay I get my flirting was pretty bad but really? I am not cute nor is my face feminine like your friend.” He grumbled.

You frowned as well “You know you shouldn’t frown, wouldn’t want to wrinkle that cute face,” He teased and you frowned deeper and he laughed and pointed out some crinkles on your face. “Yah see You’re already getting them!” He all but yelled.

You groaned and gave up and was thankful when you heard your gate number be called “Oh would you look at the time.” You said and stood up gathering your things and getting out of there as fast as you could.

You had managed to slither your way to the front of the line to have your ticket checked and go onto the plane and you were happy when you saw how much bigger the chairs were even though they were two by two. You put your bag away and sat down and started getting comfortable right away.

It was only a few more minutes before your mood immediately declined, seeing who would be sitting next to you. It was the terrible flirt from the cafe. You groaned as he took his seat next to you. He didn’t seem to recognise you at first but you thought he was being petty and ignoring you on purpose but when he caught you staring and you immediately watched realisation cross his face and he smirked cockily. “Oh it’s my coffee date.” He chimed.

You laughed loudly “that’s what you would call that?” You said with a sneer.

He turned more to face you “of course that’s what I would call it, only you and your insults just made it awkward.” He teased.

You turned fully to face him “my insults? You compared me to my coffee! Then said I was wrinkly!” You cried out and got shot a look by the air hostess.

His face crumpled up and he began a bigger argument with you and you both had been going at the same thing for an hour into the flight before you presume one of his friends leaned over from the next aisle and hit his shoulder “Jungkook quit the lovers spat, people are trying to sleep.” The man grumbled.

You chuckled as his face went red and he shut his mouth immediately but obviously didn’t want to judging by the look on his face. “Lovers spat,” you chuckled quietly. “You wish.” You teased one last time.

(Wow thank you for this amazing request and thank you again for your lovely compliment. I hope you liked it xx)

As someone who lived in a house somewhat similar to the Haus in college, I thought I would share some events that plausibly could have happened to the Samwell boys and some other Haus life headcanons based on my own experiences:

- On the Haus bulletin board there is a laminated sheet of paper titled ‘Haus Rules’ with number one being ‘Don’t be an asshole’ and number two (added by Bitty when he moved in) being ‘Wash your damn hands’.

- After a particularly wild Epikegster, the boys wake up to find a very large shit on the front step. A heavy debate as to whether it is of animal or human origin ensues, a consensus is never reached.

- One of the little nerf footballs that the Lax bros toss around ends up on the Haus lawn, so Shitty mounts it on a “pike” (a metal barbecue skewer from the dollar store) and displays it on the porch as a warning.

- The song Let it Go is banned from the Haus. Holster is to blame.

- There is a buddy system in effect for anyone needing to go out late at night. Everyone has a partner, and if your partner needs to go out after dark you’re going with them, because friends don’t let friends get murdered.

- An egg cracking contest erupted in the middle of Bitty trying to teach some of the younger team members  how to bake. Most of them are banned from helping crack eggs anymore, Nursey is banned from helping at all. Dex has been promoted to official sous chef.

- There is a giant holiday themed Big Mac billboard in the basement, nobody knows where it came from, but every year the boys hang it in the living room for Christmas.

-The night before everyone leaves for spring break every year, they all band together to make a feast out of everything left in the fridge that could spoil while they’re gone. With Bitty around, the meals get substantially better, but they still consist of such pre-break staples like “Why Did We Have So Many Veggies” stir fry and “Seriously, Who Bought an Entire Raw Chicken” stew.

blue neighbourhood

author: theaterkidlester
beta: adorkable-phangirl
artist: kirei-art 
word count: 15, 973
warnings: suicide, major character death, child abuse, alcoholism, death of minor characters, homophobia, internalized homophobia, gay bashing, smut
summary:  “What if we run away?” 

“I would,” he said, and Phil could tell that his tone was teasing. “But I’ve got so much summer work to do that I have to turn in.” Phil tried to keep the disappointed look off of his face. “I really shouldn’t have taken that extra english class this year,” he added.

or the blue neighbourhood au that no one asked for

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As much as people may hate me for it, I will hate on Cherelle for forcing more heteronormativity in the live play when we had it bad enough in the book with the whole date thing and fantasy but to steal our nose bop? That is not okay. She has no respect for us and I most certainly won’t have any respect for her. And someone had the nerve to say she is just doing her job? What job? By adding something unscripted? Sam and Anthony have every right to add unscripted moments to Scorbus because of how much we were screwed over even though the build up was there and the fact they are in love with each other is canon. So yes, we deserve the minor details. I will hate JKR for not making Scorbus canon and I will always resent her. She may have written Harry Potter and I could care less. If she actually went through with Scorbus my hatred for her would cease to exist. She wrote a love story with them and those who say it wasn’t her intention, you couldn’t be more wrong. She queerbaited us. She used us. She took advantage of us. These things are all true. And I am sorry but Cherelle doesn’t have the right to take a moment Sam and Anthony added for Scorbus and give it to Sco/rose. The amount of disrespect we receive, I am done. I am at the point where I will not even write Rose in my cursed child play. I want to take her out completely. This nose bop was the final straw for me.

Ok, everyone has talked about Jealous Branch, but can you imagine Jealous Creek?

Because why the hell not? So while I finish the one-shot I’m currently working on, here! Have one actual drabble!

Hug Back

“He’s not so bad as everyone think he is” Poppy assured him one time while they walked to meet the others. “I think he is just shy”

“Shy?” Creek wondered out loud, skeptical. Were they talking about the same Branch? Because surely not even Poppy could pass his grumpiness as shyness.

“Yeah, he has trouble opening up to people,” she added. “But I know if I keep trying, I’m sure he’ll come around!”

Creek sighed mentally. Sometimes he worried Poppy’s optimism would hurt her. He was about to advise her to not to get her hopes up very high when she paused, put a hand on his arm to get his attention and in a confident kind of tone, went on.

“I’ve made progress,” she said excitedly, trying to whisper.

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cute squad 🌷💌✨

Ok so I had an idea! Who would like to be a part of a really cute group chat with around 10-15 (maybe 20?) other gals!? ✨

It would probably be on iMessage so u’d need some kind of Apple device I guess (if a lot of people don’t have apple though, alternatively we could all download an app for it)..

It would also be cool if we could all be from kind of a similar time zone (i live in Europe) bUt if ur not in that timezone then that’s fine too!! 🌷

In order to “"enter”“ just reblog this post and message me ur Apple ID (for iMessage)!! 💌

[ill be adding people today already, but u can keep “entering” for maybe a week or so until we reach a maximum]

Get rebloggin’, I can’t wait ✨✨

anonymous asked:

I was going through yr rec list and found the post regarding the classic fics for Drarry. I was wondering, do you ever think there might be a list for the 3rd Drarry bookshelf?

I don’t know, anon! There certainly could be, and it would be interesting to see what made the list!

The main reason there hasn’t been, afaik, is that the people who’ve done it in the past either have left fandom or have plates already overflowing with other fandom and rl commitments and don’t have time. Like, I know @vaysh11 was one of the co-organizers of The Second H/D Bookshelf, and vaysh mods at least three or four different fests and organizes the H/D calendar and writes fic and podfics and basically is a fandom rockstar, but then adding something else to that would be A Lot. And lots of other people who are active in fandom also have other commitments going on.

So, if you think it would be a cool thing to do (and I would agree!) then do it!! You might try getting in touch with people who have done it in the past for tips, and/or putting out feelers to people in the H/D community to find out what would make for a good survey (especially in this less lj-centric/more multi-platform moment), but if you’re interested, go for it!

This Will Probably Be Happening In The Future...

So I am considering adding some headcanons and edits for other otome games that I play because I play a TON ._. 

I find it a lot of fun doing SLBP headcanons and of course would continue to make more of them, but think that adding some other games would offer a bit more variety.

As of right now the additional otome games I could make headcanons for are as follows:

1. Mystic Messenger

2. Love Lies and a Heist

3. Destined To Love

4. Destiny’s Princess

5. A Knights Devotion (If any of you know that one I’ll be impressed)

6. Amnesia Memories

7. Star Crossed Myth

There are more that I play but I only listed the ones that I have finished all the characters routes in. So if any of you guys want me to do this or think it’s a good idea let me know which ones you would like me to do and as always feel free to leave me headcanon requests ( I have a lot at the moment but I am working on them as fast as I can so thank you to everyone who made a request that I haven’t gotten to for being patient).


POC in Fantastic Beasts

While I enjoyed Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, there were a couple of things that took away from the movie for me. One of the main ones was the lack of diversity in 1920′s New York. At that time there was a decent African American population in New York, but besides the president of the MACUSA and one auror, there appeared to be no POC in New York. 

As I’ve been thinking about it I would have preferred if Jacob Kowalski was a POC. It would have also made a lot more sense why he was stuck working a crappy job that barely paid with no other prospects. And it would have tapped into why the bank refused to give him a loan as well, instead of being unable to find work after the war. 

Additionally I think it would have added an interesting parallel between interracial relationships in 1926 and inter-magical relationships, that could have added to the metaphors already presented in this story line.  

Top 10 artists who have performed at the Song Festival Grounds: 

  • Michael Jackson (1997)
  • Madonna (2009)
  • Elton John (2001, 2013)
  • The Rolling Stones (1998)
  • Tina Turner (2000)
  • Rod Stewart (2010)
  • Modern Talking (1998)
  • Metallica (1999, 2006)
  • Bryan Adams (1996)
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (2012)

Other artists that have performed: Iron Maiden (2000), Eros Ramazzotti (2001), A-Ha (2002), Andrea Bocelli (2003), Kate Ryan (2003), James Brown (2006), 50Cent (2007), Paul Oakenfold (2007), Boney M (2007), DDT (2008), Franz Ferdinad (2008), Moby (2009), Mika (2010, 2012), HIM (2010), Pitbull (2010, 2011), Calvin Harris (2010), Scissor Sisters (2010), Seconds to Mars (2011), Sinead O Connor (2011), Alphaville (2012), Maniac Street Preachers (2012), Lady Gaga (2012), Jose Carreras (2013), Green Day (2013), Robbie Williams (2013), Olly Murs (2013), Bastille (2014), Hurts (2014), David Guetta (2014), Armin van Buuren (2015), The Prodigy (2016), John Newman (2016), Queen (2016). 

Now that I’ve realized this hat and these shoes go together so well, I’m coming up with all sorts of outfit ideas!  I actually wore these shoes because I went to an anti-Muslim-ban protest (it should be interesting to see what’s happened with that by the time this posts) and I needed to wear shoes I could do a fair bit of walking in.  I did change the outfit up a little for the protest–I added more warm layers, took off my jewelry, etc.

The shoes were a really good idea–I ended up standing on top of a fence to get a better view of some of the speakers!  I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I was wearing anything other than these shoes or my hiking boots.  I still ended up in a lot of pain–more from the standing than the walking–but I probably would’ve been on the ground and unconscious from the pain if I’d worn less practical shoes.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with very short pink hair.  I am holding a metallic pink cane in my left hand.  I’m wearing a red-orange V-neck T-shirt under an unbuttoned black vest.  I have on dark blue skinny jeans that are cuffed at about mid-calf; under them, I’m wearing orange-and-green striped socks.  I have on black sneakers with silver and electric blue accents.  I’m wearing a black snapback that says, “I got dressed today” on it in rainbow letters, although the words aren’t really showing; it also has a green underside to the bill of the cap.  I have on mismatched earrings; a choker made of loopy, black plastic; an amethyst pendant on a short, black string; and red-orange lipstick.  As always, I’m wearing my round black glasses.]

masterlist of female names inspired by old hollywood

i absolutely love old hollywood — the movies, the stars… i just adore everything about it. so, i’ve compiled a list of around #55 first names of old hollywood actresses that you could use for your girls. you may look at most of these names and think they sound like ‘grandma’ names but let me tell you… these names are timeless !! and i know a few of them are more common today than others, but all of these are classics that i hope never die out. so, if you’re an rph, it would mean a lot if you could like/reblog this as it will inspire me to make more in the future !!

bonus: i have also added a few old hollywood surnames in here too !!  i may add to this eventually.

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every time Emma and Regina say each other's names
(at least ALMOST every time) I made it longer than you want to know Once Upon a Time, seasons 1-4 (If I had added season 5 there'd been way more Emmas. trust...

I hope you like this, I made it with love + blood sweat and tears

I seriously started this almost a year ago

what the hell

I wish I could’ve added season 5 (and 6 lol) because there would’ve been sooo much more “Emma”s…. but I don’t have them and besides, at the time I started this s5 hasn’t come out yet. (!!!)

I’m just glad that it’s done.

p.s. You have no idea how hard it was to pick the “Regina”s, Jmo doesn’t always pronounce it very clearly….

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You know what would have been good? If, instead of Monty, Alex and Maggie had gone to see Kara. It could have been a sister night+1. And we could have seen Kara and Maggie interact in a healthy way. And The Danvers sister and food. Maggie would have been added to the ice-cream trade off. It could have been everything! I won't except that our girls didn't check on each other.

I just want all the maggie and Kara future in-laws bonding scenes pls

anonymous asked:

do you know where to find resources on like. why it's "lgbt" and not anything else? i work at my uni's diversity center and the director is a cishet and she's like "i like glbt better" and i need a good way to tell her she's wrong.

honestly im not entirely sure, i was looking it up for you and i havent found any concrete answer for why the standard acronym is lgbt as opposed to some other order. from what i saw, the original acronym was lgb, until the 90s or so when the inclusion of trans people added the -t. but that doesnt really explain why its ordered the way that it is. 

if i had to make an educated guess, i would say that its probably because lesbians were very much a big part of the gay rights movement in the 80s and 90s, and many of these lesbians were also third wave feminists, so this most likely contributed to their decision to make “lesbian” come first - it could have been a feminist statement.

while theres not technically any “correct” form of the term lgbt (meaning that glbt is not technically inaccurate), switching lesbian and gay is a pretty deliberate power play, because really only gay men tend to use it and it gives off the appearance that they are putting themselves before everyone else. lgbt is an acronym that most people have agreed on, so aside from adding letters to include others (like saying lgbt+ or something similar), theres really no reason to switch it from lgbt to glbt. 

so tl;dr tell your diversity centers director that you find it disrespectful because by switching the g and the l, its basically asserting that gay men have more importance in the community than everyone else, which is simply not true.


//proceeds to copy artwork without crediting the artists who put all into their work

This blanket apology/disclaimer is not enough. If she could take the time to look up the photos she wanted to use in her chapters, she could also link back to the page she found them on. it shouldn’t be the responsibility of the reader to call her out on this.

After my last post, thejordanphoenix proceeded to delete their tumblr account, while adding these ‘disclaimers’ to their other accounts, preferring to avoid the wrong she knew she did.

I didn’t mean for this to go this far. But after the rude way she spoke to me after commenting on something i disagreed with in one of her stories, I felt like it was enough. I would have PM’d her privately on the matter, but the more i went through the comments on her works, and through the fanfics themselves, the more i realized that this woman is nothing more than a bully and a bigot.

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@castle2cute reblogged your post “I love reading your take on TBL so if you could indulge me one more time… and added:

Wow…I absolutely love your thoughts put to paper (so to speak)…I am a huge Lizzington shipper!…thisbdefinitely made me smile!  Have you analyzed any other scenes? I would love to read them!

ah yes, i have done my fair share of overthinking over the years, and you can find p much all of these posts under #musings. i have yet to organize them based on specific scenes/topics involved, but the majority is lizzington flavored and they cover almost all major scenes and issues.