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Solo: Zika outbreak could keep me from Olympics
The outbreak of the virus in Brazil is causing hesitation on behalf of U.S. women's soccer players.
By Grant Wahl

“If I had to make the choice today, I wouldn’t go [to the Olympics],” U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo told SI.com on Monday from Texas, where the U.S. women’s national team opens its Olympic qualifying tournament on Wednesday against Costa Rica (8:30 p.m. ET, NBC Live Extra).

“I would never take the risk of having an unhealthy child,” said Solo, 34. “I don’t know when that day will come for Jerramy and me, but I personally reserve my right to have a healthy baby. No athlete competing in Rio should be faced with this dilemma. Female professional athletes already face many different considerations and have to make choices that male professional athletes don’t.

“We accept these particular choices as part of being a woman, but I do not accept being forced into making the decision between competing for my country and sacrificing the potential health of a child, or staying home and giving up my dreams and goals as an athlete. Competing in the Olympics should be a safe environment for every athlete, male and female alike. Female athletes should not be forced to make a decision that could sacrifice the health of a child.”

Another U.S. women’s soccer player said she was taking a wait-and-see approach on Zika virus and the Olympics.

“The Zika virus is definitely a concern to me,” the player said. “I’m obviously keeping an eye on what’s going on in the news. I do know that it’s spreading and they don’t really have a vaccination to treat it, so it’s definitely worrisome.”

“But at the end of the day I think there are a lot of things that come up pre-Olympics that are somewhat concerns, and this is kind of a bigger concern than it was with Beijing and smog and London with potential terrorist attacks. But the place we’re at right now with Olympic qualifying, we’re pretty much focused on that right now, and we’ll track it to see what’s happening. We may be playing in Manaus, which is probably loaded with mosquitoes. But I’m sure our doctors will inform us and keep us in the loop as to what’s going on.”

Staring at your ceiling,
laying on your bed,
we used to talk
about our greatest fears together
so they seemed less scary
when we said them out loud.
I remember.
One day, I’m going to marry someone
who isn’t you.
One day, I’ll be helping my babies
with bright eyes and their father’s laugh
into the car
and our eyes will meet across the street.
One day, you’ll be walking your wife
to the store, picking fresh apples
for a pie tonight.
One day, everything we had
will flash before our eyes
and we will be able to do nothing
but smile,
nod at our new lives,
and wish each other well.
—  Schuyler Peck, We’ve Talked About This

Pollution levels are measured by the Air Quality Index, which goes up to 500. Or, rather, 500 is as high as the scale measures: It’s the level at which “everyone” in the city is at risk for serious health problems if they decide they need to breathe that week. On a bad day, Beijing breaks right through that ceiling. At the time we talked with our source, during Beijing’s first official smog “red alert,” he said, “Pollution levels got up to 700 … I’m not even sure how that happened … Today’s the nicest day we’ve had, and it’s 401.” That’s right – a 700 on a scale that only goes to 500. At its worst, Beijing’s air reached levels of bad that the people who measure filthy air for a living hadn’t even contemplated.

If you’re an American and are trying to compare this to anything you’ve breathed recently, don’t bother. The absolute smoggiest parts of L.A. (the most polluted city in the U.S.) hit 130 on a bad day.Most of the city hovers from 40 to 70. In other words, a “bad day” of smog in Beijing is five to 10 times as bad as the smoggiest days L.A. will ever see.

5 Realities Of Smog So Bad It Blots Out The Sun

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hi friends, I was wondering if you had any art student!steve fics where bucky is modeling for their class? preferably completed, thank you 😘 have a good day

Sure Anon! Check these out:

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls by AllonsyHelen

Bucky’s tips for what to do when you find yourself standing naked in a hot guy’s living room while he draws you for an art school assignment:
1) DON’T tell him you’re in a band that was once called Fusion of the Empty Goose.
2) DO flex. Everything. A lot.
3) DON’T picture said hot guy naked.
4) When you end up picturing him naked, DON’T apologize for your erection. This will force him to respond to the fact that your penis is hard.
5) DON’T joke about how the fact that he’s paying you makes you like a prostitute. This will lead to him awkwardly rescinding his offer to pay you, and you are a poor college dropout. The money is the ONLY reason you’re doing this.
6) DO kill Natasha for setting this up.

Figures by hollyhawke

Steve hates evening classes, but the only section for the figure-drawing class he needs doesn’t start until six. He arrives to class late and flustered, takes the first available seat near the back, and completely misses the part where their professor introduces the model.

Paint me like I am by Pigalle

Steve need someone to nude model for him for an art exhibit, and Bucky - ever the good friend - volunteers. But there is one little detail that will make the whole thing very embarrassing.

Some sad news: my parents found out about my secret bean and made me choose two out of my three babes. I had always had trouble getting Tethys (above) to eat f/t and I have tried live with him, as he was eating live before I got him, and he ate it no problem. However, I can’t bring myself to feed live with all the risks and with the fact that I used to keep mice and rats as pets. Lucky for me, I’m close with a breeder near me and I was able to contact her and rehome him within the day. She has promised me she won’t breed him, because I had no idea of the genetic issues linked to spiders before I bought him and I don’t want those same issues spread any more than already are. I’m going to miss him but I can visit him whenever I need to and I know she’s going to make a great home for him. 😭😩😞

Kol reading your diary

Based on THIS imagine.  This went in a completely different direction than I had first thought it was going to go, so it got a little long.  Enjoy lovies!

The school day had been long, and the only thing you wanted to do when you got back to your house at the end of the day was curl up and watch some good old fashion trashy television.  Letting yourself into the house you toed off your shoes and let your backpack drop to the floor.  Turning the corner into the living room you quickly realized that your plans of a relaxing evening wasn’t meant to be when you spotted Kol sitting on your couch, deeply engrossed in a book.

“Note to self, change the locks on the doors.”  You teased him, shaking your head as you hopped over the back of an arm chair to sit.

“You and I both know that I’ll still find a way in.  Especially after finding such juicy reading.”  Kol replied, glancing up at you from the book and holding it up so you could see the leather cover more clearly.  You were confused at first of what book he could be reading that had interested him so much.  Staring at the cover, your eyes widened with realization as you stood quickly from the couch.

“Is that my diary!?”  You screeched at the vampire perched on your couch.  Before he could answer you had run towards him, trying to grab the journal from his hands.  Kol wasn’t about to give it back easily, however.  He was off the couch by the time you reached it, and was up leaning against a wall on the other side of the room.

“His eyes are so stunning, I could get lost in them all day.”  He read, a smirk pulling at his face as he flipped through a few pages.


“Here’s a new one.”  He glanced up at you before back down to your writings.  “I had a dream last night about Kol.  It was amazing to say the least.  It left me breathless - “

“God, Kol STOP.”  You begged, lurching forward to grab at the diary one more time.  Again he avoided capture, taking his spot back on the couch as his eyes continued to scan the most recent entry to your diary.

“When I woke up I had reached out for him, thinking that he would be there, but only being greeted with cold sheets.  It was gut-wrenching.”  He read again.  At this point you knew that he had read the most intimate parts of your entries and there was no point in trying to get the writings back from him.  Your privacy had been corrupted.

“I hate you.”  You muttered, leaning back against the wall and hugging yourself as you glared at Kol.  It felt like your whole life had just been put under a microscope.  You were exposed, vulnerable, and you hated the feeling.  Embarrassed tears threatened to leak from your eyes as Kol finished reading the entry and slowly closed the diary.

“Not according to this, you don’t.”  He teased as he set the book down on the coffee table and turned to look at you.  Scanning your face quickly, he knew that he had crossed a line.  The harmless teasing that he had meant to inflict upon your day had taken a turn for the worst.

“That was before.  This is now.  Now I hate you.”  You replied, venom seeping into your words.  Taking another moment to pity yourself you straightened up, uncrossing your arms and letting them fall to your sides.  “Get out, Kol.”

“Y/N…”  He began, rising to his feet and frowning at you.  His mind was quickly reeling for a way to make this better.  To ease your pain.  He hadn’t expected to find anything of that magnitude in your diary, or else he would’ve chosen a different way to get under your skin.  At most he had expected to find a petty lie you had told someone, not the fact that you had feelings for him.  Feelings that he very much reciprocated.

“Leave!”  You shouted, glaring at the stunned man.  He gaped at you like a fish before bowing his head and turning towards the front door.  Time.  What you needed was time.

After the front door had closed behind him you snatched the diary off of the coffee counter and clutched it to your chest for a few minutes.  The tears that had been threatening to fall finally slid tracks down your cheeks before splashing silently onto the floor.  Angrily, you stomped to the fireplace across from the couch and used the lighter you left near it to set the logs aflaim.  When the fire was sufficiently built you kneeled in front of it, running a hand over the cover of the diary as you inwardly battled.  Eventually, you chucked the half filled book into the fireplace, watching the flames devour the pages of writing.  Sitting back against the hardwood floor you watched the pages melt apart, ink bubbling and dissipating until nothing remained of the journal.  


Birmingham Fur Meet - 26th September 2015 Part 2

Now suited, it was time to do the fursuit walk around the city centre. I brought along my leg padding, and I think with hindsight, I should have left it at home, as I had no idea how difficult it would be taking on the incline up to Victoria Square.  There was an event on so we didn’t venture up the stairs, however, many members of the Birmingham public were curious about these funny furries mincing about looking ever so cute.

I was pleased to be photographed with some new furry friends and had a really nice time, including a kind offer of a lift home with Darren who was still living in Northampton at the time.  He had to work the following day hence the offer of a lift. We had a very pleasant and cathartic journey home.  Couldn’t wait to come back again, and this was the start of a few friendships.

Photo Credits

All photos were kindly taken by the lovely Starfire on Mark (Bow)’s camera, with the exception of number eight, taken by Shaun Smith aka Dapper Collie.

1.  A lovely profile photo of Ultra offering hugs.

2.  "Look over there!“ *runs* Adharc also known as Addy the Rhino is looking a tad nonplussed. He doesn’t like this expression on his face.

3.  A Jaxx sandwich, with Strawberry Bunny on one side and Ultra on the other.

4.  Another lovely profile, one footpaw forward!

5.  “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr de Mille.”

6.  Having arrived at Victoria Square, Ultra grabs an excitable collie for a quick piccie.

7.  Then we are joined by Jaxx!

8.  The lovely Flux comes over for a hug.

Taken by the Dapper Collie, Shaun.

9.  Another trio, this time black dragon kigu-wearing furry (whose name I don’t know) and Bubbles the Labrador.

10.  The happiest bluest fox is waving his paws in the air like he don’t care! And looky, if it isn’t the hottest black and white fox, Wibble!

every once in a while for the last couple years, i get a random check in the mail from a bank i used to use, from settlements they’ve reached due to overdraft fees they charged customers that were apparently found to be fraudulent.

it takes me back to twentysomething me, struggling to pay rent, living in a shithole with like a clown car’s worth of roommates, in various restaurant jobs with wages that varied so wildly that sometimes i literally could only eat once a day & it was a mistake meal that got sent back to the kitchen & bills went to final notices, & the feeling of dread when i was pretty certain my bank account had enough for a cup of coffee left on it & SURPRISE SOMEHOW MYSTERIOUSLY IT DID NOT BY LIKE FOUR CENTS & OH COOL NOW MY BANK IS CHARGING ME $25 DOLLARS because of that gotdarned  coffee but wait, there is more, they’re charging $25 dollars EVERY DAY IT REMAINED IN THE NEGATIVE & i had to work two doubles in a row & had no time to make it to the bank & no energy to do it anyways & this happened right around christmas one time & i tried tearfully to dispute the charges to a teller with a face of stone who looked at me like i was a criminal for even trying to get out of giving her my last sixty dollars & i vaguely remember saying great thanks ok i hope you have happy holidays as i walked away sobbing

every time i get one of these checks in the mail, it is a little bittersweet because i am receiving at the most financially stable i have ever been in my entire life. but, it is still a fucking victory & i feel a swell of restored dignity & hope for humanity because fuck predatory greedy fuckers who prey on the poor, that’s why.


Approaching Hunter, the man seemed relieved of the interruption. The Inn was now lively as pirates settled in, laughing, drinking and being raucous. He had tried to blend into the wall, ever the observer, but the inn girl refused to leave him alone.

Blatantly ignoring her, he looked at Cris, nodding in acknowledgement.

‘Have you seen Leon? I just want to retire for the night, the next few days are going to be very intense.’

‘He’s upstairs I think. Saw him go up about ten minutes ago.’

Cris smiled and waved tiredly as he walked away.

‘Thank you, I’ll see you in the morning.’

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What do you think Oliver and Felicity's living situation will be like post breakup? Will she kick him out or will he leave to give her space? Where would he live?And would Mama Smoak move in to care for her? And how would Oliver and Felicity work together in the lair after what happened? Or would she take a break from that?

Personally, I want Felicity to leave. This is partially logistically, because they live in a loft and Felicity has needed Oliver’s help to move around their apartment, but it also ties into a line that I wrote in my “What didn’t work” review for 4x12: “If Felicity burns all of her clothes and takes a hot shower for three days due to the sheer willies of having lived with and loved a man who had treated her this way, it would be hard to blame her.”

I didn’t write that because I suddenly hate Oliver/Felicity and despise Oliver with every fiber of my being. I wrote it because everything in that apartment has to remind her of Oliver, and I can imagine that so many of her good memories from that home would be parenthetically followed by “while he was lying to me about his secret kid.” 

“That’s where I found the engagement ring (that he gave to me while lying about his secret kid)!”

“That’s where he snuggled into me when we got back from Central City (when he lied to me about his secret kid)!”

“That’s where he told me that he loved me (while he was lying to me about his secret kid)!”

“That’s where I kissed him goodbye before he took a trip to Central City (to see his secret kid)!”

“That’s where we had sex for the first time after my paralysis (while he was lying to me about his secret kid)!”

It’s so gross to me. I’ve said before that I want the breakup to go down similarly to the first Ross and Rachel breakup, and I stand by it. Felicity can still love Oliver with all of her heart, but she can’t want to be around him in that way until the willies fade away. So, I want Felicity to take off the ring and leave. 

Oliver is still my favorite character because I’m most invested in him and he has the most interesting potential to me, but the show has taken him to such an appalling place with this baby mama plot that I need him to be torn down before he can be built back up, and that involves heartbreak. He’s not irredeemable, and I don’t think that Olicity in irrecoverable, but this is going to need to be ugly to be any good. 

I do think that Oliver and Felicity could ultimately work together in the lair. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Oliver has a harder time with it than she does. She came back to Team Arrow and Star City because she wanted to do good. Oliver came back to Team Arrow and Star City because Felicity wanted to. If anybody takes a break, I want it to be Oliver. 

“That’s the problem. I was broken and you were too. And I guess I just wanted to be with someone who understood, someone who knew what I was going through. I’m not sure if what we had was love but I knew as we watched the sky turn black and you told me about the girl who made you stop believing in love that I wanted you in my life. What we had was amazing, it wasn’t love but it was still amazing. It wasn’t worth dying for but it was definitely worth living for. It was worth waking up in the morning at four am so we could spend the next three hours waiting for the sun to come up. It was worth all the crumpled sheets of paper and wasted paint we used the day we tried to create the perfect picture. You were worth it. I did not throw away six months of my life on a person who destroyed me. Because you didn’t ruin me, you fixed me and I fixed you too. But that’s the thing right? Now that we’re okay, we don’t want to be with each other anymore. We only wanted someone when we had none. That was all that we were looking for.”

— Love was not part of the agenda // an excerpt from a book I’ll never write

Live a Little Ch. 15 SNEAK PEEK!

“I doubt any of the boys you kissed in high school were this good.”

“Not even close,” Alex says, biting Kelley’s bottom lip. “And I know for a fact I’m a better kisser than Derek.”

Kelley laughs. “That’s so weird.”

“What? That I kissed your ex?”

“That,” Kelley says. “And the fact that the last person each of us had sex with is the same person.”

“We’ll have to fix that one of these days,” Alex says.

President Sharon Raydor, Pt. 2

For @fuckyeahmyqueen @coffeeinanebula @dkbones @mhopeg @noordinarygirl2 and anyone else who asked for more of my President Sharon Raydor mini fic, here is a continuation:


“Hi all!” Jack Raydor called as he burst into the Oval Office one morning several days later.

“Madam President, I’m so sorry,” Amy Sykes, the President’s Personal Aide, apologized, following him inside.

Keep reading

I can’t believe there was time I didn’t love Andrew. Like 50% of The Foxhole Court I was so annoyed and then mad at him. The threating Nicky for his from-my-perspective harmless jokes and flirtings, then their first night out in Columbia. I was so furious.

Now here we are. After binge reading all three books in 4 days, everything is crystal clear and I love Andrew with my whole heart. 

Understanding reasoning behind actions isn’t the same as condoning them, learning the motives and reasons is important to not fall a victime of ignorance and prejudice. We don’t live in black-and-white world and I had the much needed wake-up call.

Pink Floyd/ Live at Pompeii

One of the best movie/documentary about the band. It really captures what style they aimed for - before Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here came out. My first time watching it was when I was younger and lived in Louisiana. I was with a buddy of mine and both of us had just started to get really big into Pink Floyd. I’ve heard the song Echoes before, but i never really grasped the feels of the song until I sat and watched Live at Pompeii. I cant describe what emotions i got, but they were great. 

After spending the day working at the garage, Spencer was now helping out at his mother’s cafe; a thing he did every other day when he had nothing else to do. “Let it go, let it go…” he sang to himself under his breath as he prepared pasta. “I’m never going back—” When he heard the door chime, he spun around and pointed a wooden spoon at the newcomer, the sauce flying off in all directions, “the pastas in the paaaast.”

Goodbye, Goodbye.

I never realised what
an insubstantial existence 
I had been living, until the day
I had to pack up my life 
and dissect it’s entirety to fit
into two beaten suitcases. 

The first, I used  
to take my childhood 
in a deflated teddy bear;
Stormy teen-aged days,
in torn and blotted diaries
of violent, badly-put, poetry.
And all the years since then, 
in emptied jewellery cases,
only serving to weigh down
the reluctance at my feet.

And in the second,
I took family and friends
in the form of crumpled photos,
pre-yellowed for ages to come.
Tucked in used envelopes beside
a one-way ticket to be forgotten. 

— © 2016 Jade Onn

six years ago i had a crush on a boy and i made him a mix tape for valentine’s day.

six years later, today, i’m making a mixtape for that same boy for valentine’s day and the crush has grown like 500% tbh and this is the craziest thing to me. are y’all tired of hearing me gush already because i feel like i living, breathing, walking and talking heart eye emoji all the time and that’s so annoying

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wait but connor went to Playlist Live 2015 too didn't he? so why was troye flying all the way back to LA?

Troye flew in JUST for his Meet and Greet, he barely stopped to say hi to his friends. He had to be back in LA within the day for album work. Connor traveled to Playlist Live earlier without Troye because he had a panel to be on. I can’t find the photo to back up my memory, but I believe they did leave Playlist together to go back to LA