Hikone Castle (彦根城) in all its splendour on a beautiful autumn day some time ago. It was the residence of Ii Naokatsu (井伊 直勝 - March 4, 1561 – March 24, 1602), He was a general under the Sengoku period Daimyo, and later Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Hikone Castle, is one of only 12 Japanese castles with the original keep, and one of only four castles listed as a national treasure.


Ugh. Of course I’d post to my other tumblr first x.x Wrong one! More fun with hair styles. Ceremony of Eternal Bonding is going to be completely out of character. An in character ceremony for Ayushiridara and Ieyasu no Ryushin, befitting of Auri,  will be held ….soon. 


Uuuhhh… ( ̄□ ̄;)

So yeaaah, here are few pics of my Ieyasu cosplay. I guess my costume looks okay? I used the sewing machine for the first time ever, so the costume is not top-notch. I still gotta practice a LOT.

Wearing this was actually rather annoying and the wig was killing my head, giving me a bad headache. Damn it lace-fronts.

But at least people liked my costume! I also met Keiji, Masamune and Motonari cosplayers but didn’t take pics with them. .___. I didn’t have a photographer with me whenever I met them and they always fled, gawd dammit.