• Molly : ‘Knowledge’ is knowing that the tomato is a fruit; 'Wisdom’ is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • John : That was deep.
  • Sherlock : 'Philosophy’ is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.
  • Mary : That was deeper.
  • Mycroft : 'Common Sense’ is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie, you nasties.

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What about the RFA + Unknown seeing MC's big scar, and she got it because she protected them during a dangerous accident or something??

Oh goodness 
These are gonna be after everyone’s good/after endings so spoilers ^^
Also this is going into how MC got the scars, and it’s in the second person POV, so I trigger warning for getting hurt I suppose? Not sure how to tag that. If there’s anything you want me to tag it as, let me know! 
OKAY so Seven isn’t in this because I’m having a major writers block on his. I intended to go back and add him, but everyone else is done and I hate this ask just sitting in the drafts, as I finished a while ago. So I’ll post this now, and when my brain works right again I’ll add him in. Quick thanks to the other monds for helping me with ideas~!
~Mod L

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Summer Heat

I want to be the summer of your heart
intoxicating late-night, twilight moons

a warm dance that idles in your mind
enchanting, painted hues
sultry as soft winds
dancing, nuanced I love yous
as rustling leaves move through lofty trees
we…consummate in sultry heat

our affair…an oasis, a spiritual retreat
hushed by the sound of midnight’s hour
caressing comfort, embracing lust

you are first and forever after

outsoaring my mind
my black rose, my resplendent flower

your tantalizing silken petals
are my longing just past dusk
when shadows and darkness of twilight
overtake searing summer sun
and our unspoken, forbidden love
sears and smolders
upon silent, saturated sheets…

you are my unusual summer heat

A beautiful poetry collaboration between the very talented writer
Chris B @followcb and myself Lauren @lzlabs

Thank you Chris for this.

Prompt #32: I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.

For: @michonnesbooty

The moon is high in the dark sky. The small church in the middle of the woods is alive with movement, contrary to the still trees around them. Candles line the floor and the windows as they crack open bottles of wine, pouring each other glasses of the sweet, red nectar. They keep their voices hush, just in case there is danger lurking, but they laugh and tell stories of their old lives as they chow down on peas and carrots, canned string beans and creamed corn. It’s no dinner for the Gods, but it’s dinner. Not one of them can honestly remember the last time they had a meal that didn’t consist of wild berries and flower petals (or worms, in Daryl’s case). Rick keeps the young Judith occupied as she feeds him string beans, one at a time. He plays with her chubby feet as Tyreese leans over to make a goofy face at her. The samurai sits on his left, letting her thin, skilled fingers brush through the little girls’ blonde hair before she returns her attention to Abe’s loud and boisterous story.

She laughs and he freezes. His chest tightens at the sound and he’s suddenly aware of how close she is sitting to him. It’s been so long since he’s heard her laugh. Sure, either Glenn or Carl or hell, even Daryl, will draw a giggle from her but it’s so fleeting. It’s always gone before it even really gets started. But this laugh; this laugh is so good. So full. So warm. So alive. Her leg brushes up against his and he has to take a breath. Don’t start this again. You’re not… Lori hasn’t been gone long…

A few hours pass and his family has spread out through the church. Carol slipped out without being noticed. Daryl went out for a smoke and Bob, well, Bob is being Bob out front, “guarding” the door. Maggie is stretched out on one of the pews with Glenn leaning against the long, wooden bench by her head. She is positioned at Maggie’s curled knees, eyeing the green eyed Southern belle and her beau as she speaks. Rick doesn’t even hear the words coming out of her mouth, as he’s transfixed by her mouth. Those plump lips moving and curling up as the small group shares a laugh. She is so beautiful. Her locs fall over her shoulders, brushing against her dark skin with a subtlety, just as his fingers itch to. Her brown leather vest hugs her torso and chest, accenting those two healthy mountains perched proudly beneath her purple tank. He’s lost so many hours fantasizing about running his tongue through the valley of her breasts. Teasing her thick, hard nipples. Swirling around her dark, round areola.

He slams his eyes shut, angrily almost. You have to fucking stop this shit. Jesus. She laughs again and it breaks through the muddled white noise of his daydream, rattling him to his core. He can’t take it. He stands quickly and takes off toward the doors, Carl’s eyes on him as he retreats. He bursts through the wooden double doors and closes them behind him, leaning against them as he draws a deep breath of fresh air. Daryl and Bob are both gone, but at this point, Rick wouldn’t have noticed them anyway. He sinks down on the rickety step and drops his head into his hands, wringing his fingers through his dirty, long hair. He can’t take it anymore. This thick feeling crushing his chest. It’s like an elephant sitting on him, sinking on him harder and harder every day. This is different, you know that. That’s what this is.

He doesn’t just want to fuck her, although, he’d sink to his knees and praise God if he ever got the chance to. It’s been so long for him, but that’s not it. It’s not. He just wants to be there. He wants to be there when she wakes up in the morning. He wants to be the first person she lays eyes on and the last person she sees before she falls asleep. He wants to hold her hand as they walk. He wants to listen to her as she cries lightly. He wants to be the one to make her laugh. He wants to console her, bathe her, touch her. He wants to love her. From now until the end of time, and then for a thousand years after the end. He doesn’t want to just fuck her. He wants to be hers. Completely.

Problem is, he already is. He’s already hers. He thinks she’s owned him since that day at the fence. Even Carl felt it; knew that she was different. Rick isn’t good with different. Never was. Lori knew it and hated that about him. But she knew, deep down, that she wasn’t different. That’s why he was so quiet, so content, so familiar with her. She didn’t have what it took to challenge him. To make him uneasy. To make him wonder. That’s why they fought. That’s why she screamed at him, called him every name in the book and then some. That’s why she hated him. Because she knew that he knew she wasn’t enough for him anymore.

In some ways, he was happy Lori didn’t make it at the prison. It would have killed her to see him fawning over this new woman. She’d be incredibly jealous from the start, just at the samurai’s mere skill with her weapon, her tenacity, and her strength. Both physical and mental. Something Lori never possessed. But to see her husband, who had barely acknowledged her presence for the past nine months, fall in love with her. That’d crush her. That would end everything that she knew with a finality that couldn’t be erased. And, no matter how cruel she was or had been to him, he could never return the favor. Not like that.

His heart pounds in his chest, feeling as if his ribs might break from the pressure. He just admitted it. He knows what it is; this thick feeling. He loves her. Deeply. Uncontrollably. Honestly. Rick loves Michonne. He takes another breath, sliding his eyes toward the dense trees at his right. Why is he so scared? It’s not the thoughts of Lori, that’s guilt. It’s not what anyone else would think, that’s irrelevant to him. It’s because he can’t do it again, he can’t lose another one. No, that’s not it either. It’s not that he can’t lose another one. He can’t lose the only one. He loved Lori, but not like this. It didn’t encompass him, it didn’t consume him, it didn’t eat away at everything he knew to be true. Not like this. That’s what terrifies him. Losing Her. God, if he wasn’t already filled with enough guilt.

He also wants to be enough. For her. For her love, for her attention, for her time. That’s what scares him too. That he won’t be enough. So, he swallows harshly. Swallows his pride, his love for her, his fears and his impending happiness. He swallows it all and hides it away in the little box that was once only occupied by his feelings toward Lori. He takes another breath, his heartbeat calming, the elephant slowly lifting from his chest. He can’t think about this. There’s too much for them to focus on for him to be moping around like a love-sick puppy. Like not dying. Like, trying to find a place for his children to lay their heads. Like, trying to stay together. So, he pushes it away and stands. He takes another breath. He walks back into the church, closing the doors behind him, and trudges over toward the terrified Father.

He occupies his mind with idle threats of a swift death for the suit clad man, “You’re hiding something, and it’s pretty obvious it’s something you can’t hide from. That’s your business,” He says lowly, his eyes shifting between the Fathers’ wide gaze, “But these people, these people are my family. And if what your hiding somehow hurts them in any way, I’ll kill you.”

And now, he’s ready to kill for her too.

Writer!Annabeth Tumblr Drabble

Based on an anon that said @bananannabeth reminded them of Writer!Annabeth.  Hope y’all enjoy it for the not-so-serious work it is ;)

Annabeth cracked her knuckles as her laptop warmed up.  The fan revved as Percy opened the door to the Poseidon cabin and let himself in.  

“Hey,” he said with a warm smile.  “Whatcha doing?” He gave her a sideways look for having a computer at camp.

“Oh, I’m just checking my Tumblr.”  She answered like they’d talked about it a thousand times.  

“Tumblr? What is that?” He sat next to her in bed and stared at the wall of blue with white blocks of text and pictures scrolling by.

“It’s a website where you can make a blog full of whatever you like – things that you’re interested in, whatever that may be.”  

Percy hummed with interest.

“So I’d imagine you had a blog of Architecture, Greek History, that kinda thing?” He guessed, his arm around her.

“Well, I do have a personal blog with that kind of stuff on it…but I also have a blog for my writing.”

Percy looked surprised. He had never known Annabeth to be much of a creative writer.  She could crank out an essay in a few minutes flat.  She could race to the back cover of a book faster than anyone else.  But writing a story?

“What do you write about?” He said at last.  

“Well you know that guy, Rick whatever-his-name-is.  The Camp Scribe.  He wrote down the stories of all of our adventures and made like, a million books out of it.”

Percy didn’t know much about it all, as he really had not had much time to ponder it until now.  

“I know about that much, yeah.  What about them?”

“Well he published them as young-adult fiction novels.  No one knows it’s real, and mortals absolutely love the story.  There’s a big fanbase for it.”

He looked embarrassed.

“No way… what does that have to do with your writing though?”

“Well, I wrote a story based on that nightmare I had about you and me.”

Percy turned the color of the cotton sheets they were sitting on.

“The one where I… and?”

He didn’t have to finish. She just nodded, clearly not wanting to fully remember it.

“So it really helped me getting over that to write it out so it just became a thing.  Words on paper.  Not this terrible fantasy of my idle mind.  So since people thought that “Percy Jackson” wasn’t real, then people think it’s fanfiction.  Just something a fan of the books wrote.

“Why on earth would someone write a sad story about characters that they like??”

“Been trying to figure that out myself.  No idea so far.”

“Okay, one more thing. If they don’t think I – and therefore you – are real, who do they think you are when you post these stories?”

“Oh that’s easily! I pretend to be our friend Ashlee.  Remember her?”

“Oh yeah! She had been here at camp for a long time.  Didn’t she leave to go live in the mortal world again?”

“Yeah.  Her mortal family is in Australia so she’s back there. She lets me post on this blog when I have something like that and takes care of it the rest of the time.”

“This is weirdly genius.” Percy had a look of surprise and bemusement on his face.

“Glad you think so! I have some blogs lined up if you ever wanna try it…”

With that, Annabeth hopped off the bed with a wink, placing the laptop in Percy’s lap and walking towards the bathroom.  She smirked as she could hear the tapping of keyboard keys and mouse scrolling behind her.    

These violent delights have violent ends \\ sherlock & molly

These violent delights have violent ends.”

\ William Shakespeare

“You do know I have to do this.” he said, eyes flickering, voice trembling and hands slightly shaking. Nerve ends on high alert.

“So you have said…” she continued her examination of his pupils to check for signs of drug use that she already knew she would find, “Two weeks ago.”

“Thank you for coming to see me on such short notice”

His voice trembled. She noticed the drug paraphernalia lying scattered on his kitchen table.

“I was watching Rosie, Sherlock. And you call me for what!?” her voice cut like a knife through his heart.

He hated to disappoint her. 

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Headcanons for Gaara, Kankuro and Shikamaru with a s/o who smokes for stress and emotional related reasons

Shikamaru, Gaara and Kankuro Having an S/O That Smokes for Stress and Emotional Reasons

Originally posted by shinobi-bonds


Completely unfazed by it, he spent so much time with Asuma who smoked regularly. He won’t make a big deal out of smoking ever, he understands that there are a variety of different reasons people choose to smoke and if it’s stress related for you he’s ready to accept that’s your way to calming down.

He’s the type to buy you cigarettes before you run out. He has wrapped his head around the idea that you can become very irritable when you don’t have cigarettes, which is trouble some if you starting getting snippy with him, so he always makes sure you have enough.

It’s really rare, but every once and a blue moon Shikamaru will join you for a smoke. It’s usually only when something highly frustrating has arisen or some tragic event has occurred. Even Shikamaru hates to admit it but he uses an occasional cigarette to calm down or easy his mind – it’s his way of being closer to Asuma and remembering him too.

Originally posted by dailynaruto


No matter how you present it, Gaara has trouble accepting the idea of his partner smoking – even if it is for emotional issues and stress relief. Gaara really struggles with the idea that it’s bad for your health and he sees it as harming yourself essentially and he just can’t stand the idea. He will try and accept it for a while because he hates the thought of changing people but eventually he will not remain idle.

In his mind, Gaara is dead set on helping you quit, he is afraid of seeing you sick later in life. He will try limit the amount you have each day and slowly ween you off them. If you make good progress, Gaara will find ways in which you can replace the habit of smoking with other activities that help relieve stress. He might suggest some exercise or maybe chewing gum – anything that will replace the habit of smoking.

When it comes to emotional issues, Gaara will try his hardest to work through them together. He has his own personal demons and he fights them frequently, so he isn’t going to back down from helping his partner fight them – especially if it’s for a healthier life style in the long run.

Originally posted by emrys-ambrose


Kankuro thinks smoking is fine, in some cases he finds it sexy and attractive in a partner, it gets them that rougher persona. He isn’t the type of make a fuss or ask them to quit, he also realizes that people have their own ways of coping with stress. If he sees you smoking a lot or more than usual he will sit you down and ask what is going on, because he knows your nervous habits and he always wants to help you cope.

Kankuro might even be tempted to smoke with them, he’s the type that can get into his partner’s own habits. He can be cheap too, and will be the guy who bums cigarettes off strangers to smoke with you – just so you can have some cordial conversation and a few laughs over a cigarette.

Though it might seem like he’s lying, Kankuro will say he likes that lingering smell of smoke on you. He doesn’t want you to be self conscious about your need to smoke, and having s/o that smokes makes you seem tougher in his eyes.

How to Live - a list by Matt Haig

How to live (forty pieces of advice I feel to be helpful but which I don’t always follow)

1. Appreciate happiness when it is there

2. Sip, don’t gulp.

3. Be gentle with yourself. Work less. Sleep more.

4. There is absolutely nothing in the past that you can change. That’s basic physics.

5. Beware of Tuesdays. And Octobers.

6. Kurt Vonnegut was right. “Reading and writing are the most nourishing forms of meditation anyone has so far found.”

7. Listen more than you talk.

8. Don’t feel guilty about being idle. More harm is probably done to the world through work than idleness. But perfect your idleness. Make it mindful.

9. Be aware that you are breathing.

10. Wherever you are, at any moment, try to find something beautiful. A face, a line out of a poem, the clouds out of a window, some graffiti, a wind farm. Beauty cleans the mind.

11. Hate is a pointless emotion to have inside you. It is like eating a scorpion to punish it for stinging you.

12. Go for a run. Then do some yoga.

13. Shower before noon.

14. Look at the sky. Remind yourself of the cosmos. Seek vastness at every opportunity, in order to see the smallness of yourself.

15. Be kind.

16. Understand that thoughts are thoughts. If they are unreasonable, reason with them, even if you have no reason left. You are the observer of your mind, not its victim.

17. Do not watch TV aimlessly. Do not go on social media aimlessly. Always be aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Don’t value TV less. Value it more. Then you will watch it less. Unchecked distractions will lead you to distraction.

18. Sit down. Lie down. Be still. Do nothing. Observe. Listen to your mind. Let it do what it does without judging it. Let it go, like Snow Queen in Frozen.

19. Don’t’ worry about things that probably won’t happen.

20. Look at trees. Be near trees. Plant trees. (Trees are great.)

21. Listen to that yoga instructor on YouTube, and “walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet”.

22. Live. Love. Let go. The three Ls.

23. Alcohol maths. Wine multiplies itself by itself. The more you have, the more you are likely to have. And if it is hard to stop at one glass, it will be impossible at three. Addition is multiplication.

24. Beware of the gap. The gap between where you are and where you want to be. Simply thinking of the gap widens it. And you end up falling through.

25. Read a book without thinking about finishing it. Just read it. Enjoy every word, sentence, and paragraph. Don’t wish for it to end, or for it to never end.

26. No drug in the universe will make you feel better, at the deepest level, than being kind to other people.

27. Listen to what Hamlet – literature’s most famous depressive – told Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

28. If someone loves you, let them. Believe in that love. Live for them, even when you feel there is no point.

29. You don’t need the world to understand you. It’s fine. Some people will never really understand things they haven’t experienced. Some will. Be grateful.

30. Jules Verne wrote of the “Living Infinite”. This is the world of love and emotion that is like a “sea”. If we can submerge ourselves in it, we find infinity in ourselves, and the space we need to survive.

31. Three in the morning is never the time to try and sort out your life.

32. Remember that there is nothing weird about you. You are just a human, and everything you do and feel is a natural thing, because we are natural animals. You are nature. You are a hominid ape. You are in the world and the world is in you. Everything connects.

33. Don’t believe in good or bad, or winning and losing, or victory and defeat, or ups and down. At your lowest and your highest, whether you are happy or despairing or calm or angry, there is a kernel of you that stays the same. That is the you that matters.

34. Don’t worry about the time you lose to despair. The time you will have afterwards has just doubled its value.

35. Be transparent to yourself. Make a greenhouse for your mind. Observe.

36. Read Emily Dickinson. Read Graham Green. Read Italo Calvino. Read Maya Angelou. Read anything you want. Just read. Books are possibilities. They are escape routes. They give you options when you have none. Each one can be a home for an uprooted mind.

37. If the sun is shining, and you can be outside, be outside.

38. Remember that the key thing about life on earth is change. Cars rust. Paper yellows. Technology dates. Caterpillars become butterflies. Nights morph into days. Depression lifts.

39. Just when you feel you have no time to relax, know that this is the moment you most need to make time to relax.

40. Be brave. Be strong. Breathe, and keep going. You will thank yourself later.

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How would the Yandere!Allies treat their s/o, after they kidnapped them?

America/ Alfred F. Jones- You’re his lovely darling, aren’t you? So you’ll be treated like it. He’ll make you anything you want….at any time. Midnight and you need food? Done deal. 3am? Fine. He learns to get out of meetings so he can keep an eye on and spend time with you. Be careful because he has a tendency to overfeed you. He makes you sleep in his bed, because that’s where you belong.

Canada/ Matthew Williams- Closer to a queen. You’ll have your own bedroom that’s decorated with all the things he knows you love. You’ll have your own television, gaming system(s), no Wi-Fi of course…but that’s okay, he’ll play with you all the time! He won’t let you get lonely…he loves you too much! He’s at your beck and call every single moment of the day.

China/ Yao Wang- Also a Queen, expect with the limitations of his own room. Still, you’ll be fed and taken care of on a strict schedule. Because he’s afraid that if you don’t have structure you’ll be upset, and oh he can’t have that! He’ll teach you to sew and knit, any hobbies that are good to keep you busy. After all, an idle mind is such a terrible thing…

England/ Arthur Kirkland- Slightly like a pet, but not the way you’re thinking. He may at first visit your room only to give you food and make sure you’ve not gone insane. But he’s so convinced his sweet little captive hates him…you do, don’t you? He knew this was a bad idea! How can he make it up to you? A cake? Maybe some other sweets? You’ll like that won’t you? Maybe he’ll move you to his room…yes, that’s better, seeing him more will ease your frazzled head. And perhaps even his own. 

France/ Francis Bonnefoy- You’ll be in his room of course, since it’s the best one in the home. But you want your own? He’d rater not. Can’t you sleep with him? You get so cold at night…he has to warm you up, no amount of blankets can wrap around you like he can. So you’ll stay there? Good! Then it’s extra special dinner for tonight! Even though every days it’s a five star meal…he’ll find a way! Maybe extra dessert? Anything you want…whenever you want it.

Russia/ Ivan Braginsky- You’ll have your own room…unless you want to sleep with him? He promises not to let his hands wonder…too much. No really! Sunflower you have to sleep with him tonight, it helps the dark thoughts stay away. You’re a beam of sunlight. You’ll stay right? He’ll let you go outside tomorrow, won’t you like that? You can both explore the garden. Pick flowers…anything you want to do, please just let him hold you.