Closure. We all seek it. We seek the end of things and also the beginning of new things. Those things we can’t find closure on, they haunt us. They pop up in our dreams, and creep into our thoughts in idle moments - like a mind bender that’s beyond our mental capacity, a mystery that just won’t be solved.
—  Lisa Unger
Idle Minds || Open Para

James slunk into the common room, feeling distinctively unimaginative. It wasn’t a familiar feeling at all - ever since he could walk, or even before that, he had been scrambling to do the next mad idea that popped into his head. But there was no Lily Evans in sight to pester - though he had rather hopefully scanned the myriad of couches for her distinctive red hair - and there were no current Marauder plans in the works and some people actually seemed to be doing homework, horrifying as the sight was.

His homework was mostly done anyway; it’d be no detentions for him this week at least. Not that that would definitely stay the same. However, now that he’d slumped into one armchair, watching one kid cheating at Gobstones and thinking that he was going to be caught very soon since he was about as subtle as Peter on firewhiskey, he didn’t know if he would bother getting up for a while. “I feel so o-o-o-old,” he moaned to himself, tapping his fingers on the armchair.


The ‘Teenage Suicide’ tape recorded by Alex Macfarlane (The Stevens/Twerps) will be out sometime in November. Here’s track 2.