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victorious: scorpio

don’t threaten me with a good time: leo

hallelujah: taurus

emperor’s new clothes: capricorn

death of a bachelor: cancer

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la devotee: sagittarius

golden days: libra

the good, the bad, and the dirty: aries

house of memories: pisces

impossible year: virgo

So I’ve recently started watching Teen Wolf, and I have too much time on my hands.

In Episode 6 of Season 2 during the scene when Scott and Stiles go to a gay bar and are carded, the dates on their driver’s licenses literally make no sense:

it’s hard to tell from my low quality screen shot, but Scott’s says he was born in August 23, 2001, and that the license expires in 2015, which would mean the license would expire when he was fourteen years old. This makes absolutely no sense given that the oldest he could be when he got the license was 16, and a driver’s license takes five years to expire. The argument could be made that it’s a shoddily-made fake ID and this is why Scott gives it to the bartender and the bartender doesn’t buy it. But in that case, the show would have to take place in 2022 at the earliest for a birthday of 08-23-01 to be made up to get a drink. This season came out in 2012, so that seems…weird.

But the weirdest and most obvious error of course is Stile’s expiration date of 1990. Assuming the ID’s are real, if we judge from Scott’s ID given the fact they were born in the same year, that would predate his date of birth by nearly a decade. Even if they’re fake IDs, an expiration date of 1990 would be 30 years overdue, assuming, as I said before, that it’s 2022. Maybe the joke is whoever made these IDs for them really didn’t have a clue what they were doing–which is why the bartender just has to take one look at what we’re seeing here to refuse to serve them alcohol. But this shot goes by so fast, it’s hard to believe this was intentionally included so we’d get the joke. Then again, maybe it’s one’s of those easter eggs? Not sure what to think.

Macarons | Chapter 1

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Rated: I’m rating my miraculous fanfics with a scale from sin, idk even up to fluff sooo its somewhere between idk even and fluff
Chapter: 1/??
Summary: Marinette brought some snacks from the bakery to school today… turns out its the favorite snack of a certain someone.

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‘Too late! Again! The fifth time in a row!’

Honestly, it wasn’t her fault she’d always show up to class too late, she had to deal with a certain clingy kitten, save Paris, do her homework, design clothes, help in the bakery of her parents-

Marinette Dupain-Cheng certainly didn’t have an easy life.
It was stressy and complicated even.
She rarely got any sleep and ended up being so tired in the morning, she’d never be able to get out of her pink fluffy bed and ended up always showing up too late to class.

And everyone would stare as soon as she’d barge in.
She’d awkwardly mumble an excuse to her teacher and then take her usual spot next to Alya… and right behind Adrien!

Lost in thought about her beloved Adrien, she slipped on the school’s floor and fell to the ground, but quickly got up and kept running.
A year ago she probably would’ve moaned in pain and would be panicking if someone saw that blunder-
-but since she became Ladybug… or more like Ladybug became a part of her… She’d always stand up again and keep running, not even seeming hurt for a second, not caring if someone saw it… as long as she was certain that Adrien wasn’t around.

Which was a surprise for anyone who’d see that.
The short, slender, shy and quiet girl could not only be the perfect leader, eliminate them in dodgeball, slip and not complain about it (like others)-

Don’t judge the book by its cover indeed.

No one would be surprised if she was one of the most popular girls at school, everyone liked her… Except Chloé of course.

She knocked on the classroom’s door softly and then went inside, quickly saying how sorry she was for running so late.

She sat down in her seat and saw Nino holding out a cup of coffee towards her.
“Since you texted Alya you’d run late, we figured you might have stood up too late again,” the boy explained quietly, so he wouldn’t disturb the lesson, and smiled at the pale girl.

She nodded and took the cup carefully in both of her small hands, careful so she wouldn’t burn her slender fingers from the hot drink. “Thanks, you two…” She said softly and smiled back “you’re my life savers…”

Alya chuckled at her best friend and started updating her on anything about Ladybug during the lesson. Marinette drank her coffee, smiling happy to see Alya so excited while she talked about her other side, Ladybug.

Alya adored both sides of Marinette, but the short girl couldn’t help wondering if she would still love Ladybug just as much if she knew who she was behind her mask?

“Oh, how did I forget to tell you? Adrien literally begged to come buy you coffee…” Alya suddenly whispered very softly, so the boys a row in front of them wouldn’t understand.

They both seemed too concentrated in their own conversation to understand the girls.

“R-Really, why would he want to do that?” Was the only thing she could come up with asking as her cheeks flushed red.
“Nino said he wanted to get to know you better after the whole class president disaster, seeing how you stand up against Chloé… A lot of things you’ve done, reminded him of someone and he suddenly wanted to get to know you.” Alya answered and chuckled, “you could thank him for the coffee when we’ve got lunch break…”
“If you want me to embarrass myself, sure…”
“Better than sitting around doing nothing and distancing yourself from him.”
“I-I guess…”

As soon as lunch break started, the blonde in front of Marinette stood up and left the classroom, while Nino turned around to face the girls.
He started talking to Alya, both of them smiling and laughing.

They make such a great couple… Marinette thought, giggling, then pulled a small lunchbox out of her pink bag and opened it up.

She packed in some macarons and a croissant today, which - even through it was not the most healthy thing in he world - she was really happy about, it went good with the coffee she got from Adrien, Alya and Nino.
“Ooh what'cha got there, Mari? Smells so good, is it from your bakery?” She heard Nino call her and she turned her head slightly to face him.

“Yeah, they’re still fresh… Do you guys want some?”

She held out the box of macarons to them and Alya and Nino both took out one.

“There’s nothing better than the Dupain-Cheng’s bakery goods!” Alya announced as she finished eating it, before adding in a teasing manner “it’s the main reason I love visiting my girl so much!” at which the blue haired girl pouted.
Suddenly someone came inside the room and instantly took a macaron as well.

Marinette was just about to complain- but she realized just in time that it was Adrien and kept quiet, her whole face turning red.

“I hope you don’t mind? Macarons are my favorite and I never got to eat anything from your bakery!” He said in a cheerful voice. 
She just couldn’t say no to him.
He was so happy and adorable right now.
But on the other side, she couldn’t actually say anything else neither, she suddenly just forgot how to speak.
Instead, she shook her head, at which Adrien then sat down in his seat and ate the macaron.

His cheeks turned a light shade of pink as he got a taste of it.
He heard her parents bakery was the best in Paris, but the taste of this single macaron was more than he expected.
The macaron was vanilla-flavored and was still warm, he noted and smiled.

They were freshly baked.
Was that why she was late?

An image of Marinette in the kitchen, her nosetip and cheeks had a little bit cream and dough on them in an adorable way. She would be making the macarons and waiting for them to finish as she’d realized she’s running late for school.

“Did you bake them yourself?” He asked as he turned around in his seat to face the shy girl.

“Y-Yeah… Well I helped my parents a bit with today’s delivery and we made a few too many, so I ended up talking them to school…” She replied softly and looked anywhere but him.

‘Does Marinette hate me?
She talks so easy to anyone but me.’ Adrien thought and pouted for a moment.

“They’re the best I’ve ever had up till now!” He said and smiled happily at her, he really wanted to get to know the adorable and clumsy girl more.

“R-Really?… I-I’m so… glad to hear that…” She replied and her sky blue and, not to mention, familiar eyes finally locked with his green ones.

The heat was rising to both of their faces and both of the shy teenagers looked down immidiantely.

“Open your hands.”
The blonde did as he was told.

“… Y-You can have them…” She stuttered nervously and placed the light pink box in his hands, “you said they were your favorite, right?”

“T-Thanks… but I can’t accept this… It’s your food, I wouldn’t want you to-” He mumbled embarrassed, but was cut off by her surprisingly.

“I insist.”

… Very well. I’ll accept it, but then I’ll owe you one… Want to hang out on Sunday?”

“H-Huh? S-See it as a thank you for the coffee you made Alya and Nino get with you… That was so sweet and thoughtful of you, I’m not that tired anymore thanks to you.” She said and giggled softly.

‘Yes! It’s going smoothly with her for once, but she rejected my offer of hanging out.
She doesn’t like me, I knew it.
Do I make her uncomfortable?’ Adrien thought and raised an eyebrow, thinking.

“She’ll take you up on that offer!” Alya jumped in and smiled at Adrien, “pick her up at 4pm Saturday at her bakery, if you bring her home after 9pm or not at all, I’ll kill you. Don’t make her wait and she has to be home at 8pm tops. Take good care of her. You break her heart, I break you. Got that, Agreste?”

“Momma Alya’s got an eye on you, dude. Better be careful!” Nino said and laughed at his best friend’s terrified stare.

Alya was pretty overprotective when it came to Marinette.
But he wasn’t interested in Marinette in that way, he loved Ladybug, she was the only one for him…
… or was she?

“Got it…” He mumbled and gave Alya a quick nod, “it’s a date then, alright Marinette?”

Marinette looked down and muttered a small and shy 'yes’.

The lesson started and they all faced the front of the class again as Adrien stared eating his macarons.

He had so many personal chefs cooking for him… couldn’t he just have Marinette, like only Marinette?
He liked the idea of that.

The cream melted on his tongue slightly and he gulped the macaron down.

When he picked her up on Saturday at her family’s bakery, could he get some more of those bakery goods?

Ok, so I’ve been seeing a lot of people upset at how the show “skipped over” Jace when they were showing who they loved most and idk if someone else already said this but I don’t think it had anything to do with the order that they were standing in. It would have made more sense to start with Clary then, wouldn’t it? I mean, she was the one demanding her memories back. Or Magnus, since he was the one doing the actual summoning. No, I think it had to do with how readily each person loved and how easily they could recognize it. They were giving the demon their memories so they had to have been thinking about who they loved the most. It’s practically impossible to not think about the answer to a question like that when it’s posed to you.

Izzy was the first bc she knows who she loves and doesn’t feel any reason to be ashamed of showing it clearly (as we’ve already seen on the show). It’s plain to see that she cares about her brother a lot so it would make sense that she would recall it quickly. Clary is next with her mother which is obvious bc the whole show so far has shown how much she is willing to do to save her mom bc she loves her. Also she doesn’t shy away from her emotions (clearly).

Alec was next bc as much as he tries to hide it, he loves a lot and has a strong idea of who it is he loves (however differently we might know the truth to be). Jace wasn’t shown after Clary bc he wasn’t as strong in his beliefs about love and couldn’t think of a person who he loved the most as fast as Alec could and did. I honestly couldn’t say who would have gone next between Jace and Magnus but it makes sense that they would be the last two to give up their memories since they would logically have the most trouble deciding the most important person to them.

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The first night of college, university, whatever you want to call it is always going to be the most important event of the social calendar for students. Some go out and make friends, others quickly realise they’ve made a mistake and take the first train home and others go out and get wasted. The Robinson twins were definitely in the last of the three categories. Aspen, especially. The night was pushing into the early hours of the morning and he was GONE; alcohol in his veins and his head fuzzed with the various strobe lights and heavy music that filled the tiny club on campus. These were the nights Alex tended to stay out of his way, instead sitting at the bar with the people they’d just met - their new flatmates. The halls at this university were made up of six rooms and a kitchen. He was lucky enough to have Aspen’s room opposite him, and then the other four were three other guys and then Rose. Someone he knew briefly before coming to college, but not a hell of a lot – which he hoped would change, honestly. 

           “You want another drink?” he asked the blonde, already taking two more glasses from the barman that was run off his feet. Technically, Alex and Rose had come out with five other people, including  Aspen, but the two of them ALWAYS ended up just hanging out with one another. They just connected. “Have you got any lectures early tomorrow?” he asked. He crossed his arms, his attention completely focused on her. “If not, you should come hang out in my room after –” he started, before realising what it sounded like he was implying, “–not like that and only if you want. You don’t have too obviously.” Alex smiled, his glass immediately coming up to his lips. Everybody knew he’d been into Rose for a while now; it was just a matter of him admitting it to himself. 

           Alex opened his mouth as if he was about to say something. Perhaps he was. He didn’t know Rose too well,  so it wasn’t going to be anything dramatic – but maybe he’d let her know how he was feeling? what he was thinking? Either way, his eyes caught sight of Aspen before his mind had the time to find the words to say. He sighed, rolling his eyes slightly. Of course his brother had found a girl to preoccupy himself with. On the otherside of the dance floor, a few meters away from him and Rose, Aspen had his hands on the waist of a petite brunette. Lips against her ear, and her back pulled against his chest. He would’ve left him, but whether the girl in question actually wanted Aspen around was debatable. “–We should probably go sort him out,” Alex said, nodding towards Aspen. The two of them and Rose were good enough friends to know what they were like when each of them were drunk. “That poor girl he’s with doesn’t look too into it.”