Idk how to draw fireworks


So………...this fic man..…. I flipping pulled an all nighter and a good part of the next day reading this 42(so far) chapter fic and boy was it worth every second! A few chapters hit so close to home for me emotionally i just sat and balled for a solid 10 minutes. I still cant believe I didn’t find it sooner. Its by the incredibly talented @poubelle-squelette   If you have a day to spare, and love adorable skele fluff i highly recommend it!!

I just wanted to doodle a something to show my appreciation for this adorable story. I’m still pretty new to digital art, so forgive my wonky art. (pun was not part of the story im sorry I added it) Click image for better resolution.

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(Well someone knows how to spend their New Year’s right)