Five books you should read to learn more about creativity

What five books should you read if you want to learn more about creativity but have no idea where to start?

I’ve read a lot of books centralized around the concept of creative thinking over the last ten years. Everything from the psychology or creativity to how some of histories greatest artists utilized it in their work and lives.

When I first started learning about creativity I had no idea what the word meant, but that’s changed quite a lot over the last few years of reading and researching and writing on the subject.

I’ve come to learn that creativity is our capacity to generate novel and useful ideas, and that it ultimately comes down to our perspective and what we do with it. To adjust our perspectives—and to expose ourselves to new ones—in ways that spur and inspire creativity, we must be open to new experiences, willing to take on new challenges and look outside of constraints, have grit and be motivated, and remain ever curious.

Within these five books I believe you can get everything you need to know about creativity at some primary level. In no particular order, here are the five books I’d recommend for anyone just starting out in the realm of creativity.

Creative Confidence by David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley.

The Kelley brothers have struggled for many years to learn what it takes to encourage people to think differently about the world and the work each of us do within it. In their book, the brothers emphasize a few key lessons about creativity that drive home the importance of play, curiosity, and confidence.

Ingenius by Tina Seelig

Described as “a crash course on creativity,” Stanford University’s Tina Seelig demystifies much of what creativity has been known for over the past few decades. She not only uses clear language to define creativity, but gives examples and actionable take-sways that make this book a must-have for creative thinkers.

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

Johnson’s book is a bit more technical than the others, but with the additional benefit of going into more of the science of ideas and creativity than other books.

Creative Intelligence by Bruce Nussbaum

Nussbaum takes a more scientific approach to what we know about the mind and how creativity bridges the gap between imagination and intelligence. The book is a bit more technically daunting, but is highly rewarding in that it will energize you to think creatively while giving you details on how to move forward.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Undoubtedly one of the best books I’ve ever read on the topic of the creative act, Pressfield doesn’t get into much science or philosophy but does focus on some of the more magical and emotional aspects of getting creativity to work for you.

And that’s it! Five books I’d recommend to anyone just beginning to show an interest in creativity.

GOT7  ‘seducing’ you

request by a super rad, super fab anon:  

a/n Thank you anon :) hope you like this and lots and lots and lots of love back. Also I put ‘seducing’ because like it’s only really seducing if you weren’t already in the mood, but I would personally always be in the mood around Hot7 ~JJ

Mark: You were laying down next to Mark as you played against each other in a phone game. “You lose! You get the punishment!” You agreed the loser would be tickled for 20 seconds. “No!!!!” You said trying to run away. He grabbed you arms and got on top of you pining you beneath him. He began counting as he tickled you “1-2-3-4-5-6″ You squirmed under his hands as they moved from your waist and up to your stomach, he winked at you as he got closer to your chest. “I think I thought of a better punishment for you.” He said lifting off his shirt.  

Jaebum: You were excited when Jaebum got home from his schedule earlier than he said since you had already prepared dinner. “Let me go change and then we can eat, okay?” He came back out of the room only wear boxers and flaunting his toned body. “Uhh, are you-umm.” You said blushing. He laughed and grabbed you by the waist pulling you forward. He brushed your hair behind your ears and whispered with his lips against them “I said we were going to eat. I didn’t say we were going to have dinner.” 

Jinyoung: Jinyoung brought you to the dorm late after picking you up after his drama filming. He led you by holding his hand against the small of you back and you felt his hand slightly up the back of your shirt. Then both hands made their way up cupping your breasts as he walked behind you.“Jinyoung-ah what are_” “Shh” He said gesturing to Youngjae playing video games in the living room who quietly greeted you but didn’t turn to see. “We have our own games to attend to.” He purred into your ear. 

Jackson: You were lounging when Jackson came in wearing a tight fitting tank top and shorts. “Hey can you help me out?” “Sure what do you need babe?” He explains he need you to hold his feet in place as he does sit ups. Every sit up his face comes up to yours and you see his sweat bead down his neck and listen to his heavy hot breaths. After his last set he sits  up properly and looks at you. “You know I think I have an ideo for a workout we can do together.” He says winking and wiping away his sweat.

Youngjae: You and Youngjae were cuddling and watching a movie when suddenly you feel his finger tracing along your bare legs. You don’t think much of it until he starts drawing circles on your inner thighs. He looks at you and bites his lip and you can see he is bluishing “Hey _____ this movie is pretty boring” Then you feel him grip your thigh and reach his other hand to your collar bone. “Can we do something else?”

Bambam: “Hey I need help picking outfits for our trip to Japan.” Bambam yells from the bedroom. You come up the stairs and see Bambam in tight black jeans and a dress shirt looking through his other clothes. He comes up to you and your noses are almost touching. “I don’t like this one that much.” He says slowly unbuttoning the shirt and taking it off. “I  don’t like these either.” He says biting his lip as he begins to undo your jeans. 

Yugyeom: You were in the living room when Yugyeom got back from practice looking a little more happy than usual. “What’s up?” “Just happy to see you _____” He says, seemingly innocent. “Hey do you want to see the move for our new single?” You nod and he begins to grind and dance in such a sexy way. He sees your face and starts dancing towards you and pulls up to stand up from the couch. He starts caressing his hands on your body and says “Maybe we should move this into your room?” 

anonymous asked:

Which character do you think would be the best at teaching their s/o slow dance? (yes, I'm a hopeless romantic) Is it possible to have some headcanons please?

I’ll just put the characters, if that’s alright. (And I admit, I can be a bit of a hopeless romantic at times.)

And I’m not sure what to do for headcanons for slow dancing, anyway. Unless maybe the style/type of slow-dancing?

Best at teaching their s/o to slow dance:

In fact, all of the Vinsmokes. Probably required in some way, to be honest.
Surprisingly, Franky
Zoro, though only if someone taught him beforehand. Mihawk.
Garp, oddly enough (With plently of lame jokes thrown in)
X Drake
Also surprisingly, Bartolomeo. If he isn’t freaking out about the Straw Hats.
Bellamy, surprisingly. Though would be very embarrassed the entire time.
Hancock. She leads, of course.
Law. But still similar to Zoro, as in someone has to teach him first. Cora-san.
Doflamingo, though he isn’t fond of slow dancing AT ALL.
Buggy, though it would definitely take time. As in, starts pretty shit, but improves. Shanks would probably teach him. LOL

This is all that I can think of off of the top of my head, but I’m sure there are still plenty of others that would be pretty good at it, too. :)

Edit: Forgot Marco. He’d be really good too.