Identical Twins

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1. You’re about to die but you have enough time to call one person and tell them anything you’d like to say. Who is it and what do you say?
Making phone calls terrifies me, so I’d send a text to my sister containing a ‘X marks the spot’ style map, so she could go on a treasure hunt. The treasure would be old photos, my stash of snacks and all my internet passwords so she could tell everyone I was gone, so they wouldn’t worry.
2. You’re about to become a parent of twins. Who do you prefer: two girls, two boys or a girl and a boy? What would you name them?
One of each, cos then there’d be no risk of mixing them up. My cousins are identical twin boys, and they spend a fair portion of their lives getting asked: Which one are you?
3. You can have any one person by your side while you’re on this earth. Who is it?
My sister or my mum.
4. You go to the cake shop to buy a cake for your kid’s birthday and the money you have isn’t sufficient to buy any cake. Also, you’re getting late for the party and it’s a shop you’ve never been to before and all other cake shops are too far. How would you persuade the baker to let you buy that cake at a very cheap price?
I’d show them pics of my kids face, and hope they’d wanna help him/her have a good birthday. Otherwise I’d leave jewelry or something as collateral, so they’d know I’d come back and pay the rest. Or I’d offer to be their apprentice for free, cos my cake baking could use some pointers (obviously, cos if I could bake, we wouldn’t be in this mess).
5. You can wear just one kind of outfit all your life. What would it be?
I pretty much do that already, jeans and tshirts 👖👚
6. You can either have one best friend or many good friends? Who would you want?
This is hard cos I have two besties 😣 probably many good friends, cos I don’t wanna give up either.
7. You can go back in time, live a month as the person of any age you’ve already been. Which age would you choose and why?
I’d be 6. When I was 6, there were only a few finished houses in my street and all the others were building sites. My sister and I would come home from school and just wander from site to site watching the brickies, builders and plumbers (we weren’t allowed to watch the electricians, I think they were concerned we’d touch something wire-ey and die. The brickies made a deal with us- we could play in the brickies sand piles as long as we stayed off the house block when the electrician vans were there). It was awesome! We were both permanently covered in clay and bricky-sand in those days 😂 We used to roller skate in the big storm water drains they were laying in the next estate over, too. Good times 😁
8. You’re getting late for something really really urgent and if you get late you might loose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve and while you’re on your way you find a drowning dog. Would you save the dog?
I’m almost never late anywhere. I’m super paranoid about being late, so I’ll arrive up to an hour early and just hang around. However, if I was late, I’d still save the dog, because whoever I’m meeting will either understand and support me saving the dog, or not be worth worrying about.
9. You’re getting late for something really really urgent and if you get late you might lose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve and while you’re on your way you find a drowning ant. Would you save the ant?
In the unlikely event that I noticed the ant drowning, I’d think it was fate and try to save it. Although if it’s a tree ant species, it can probably swim (according to and, so my career sacrifice would be unnecessary, but I’d have a new tiny friend, so 😁🐜💚
10. You can make any 5 people happy and healthy for the rest of their lives including you. Who are they?
My parents, my sister and my two besties.
11. How would you like to be remembered after you die?
Through interpretive dance. Perhaps with accompanying bagpipes, or a theramin…

I headcanon that Chloe is really bad with the secret identity thing.


HERE THEY FUCKING ARE. The next installation of my character sheets for Amis and Co. 
Enjolras (the rooster is named Jean-Paul and he sleeps with it), Cosette (send me suggestions for what colors that gradient in her hair is) and Eponine (WHAT A BABE). 

Find Jehan, Combeferre and Courfeyrac here.

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Gavin’s great idea

“So in the shower this morning I thought of a genius way to mess with twins. Identical twins. Identical twins right, that have a sperm and an egg and then it just splits the ovum splits. So, when that happens, take one out, put it in a frozen embryo, twenty years later, pop in back in and then the same person will be born twenty years apart.

anonymous asked:

lol how do you think aliens would react to finding out about identical twins?

Okay so at first I was like… human diversity in looks is pretty unique (to my knowledge with the exception of species we’ve tampered with i.e pigeons) and speaks to our historical lack of serious predators. But then I thought about aliens knowing this but then huMaNS SUDDENLY LOOK THE SAME?!?!?!

Followed by the human twins in question just going off on the standard answers with a sigh.
“Yes we’re twins, yes we’re identical, no we can not feel each other’s pain, yes we do argue occasionally, no we do not have psychic powers-” at which point the alien just cuts them off because wtf some humans havE PSYCHIC POWERS!?!? Clearly some do, seeing as these humans are so used to being asked if they’re one of them. And there have been accounts of it in written form - the various YA novels descriptions come to mind. A human once said these were written lies, but with so many accounts of it, that sounds less likely than it just being something they want to keep secret.

Identically looking human psychics are quickly added as point number 492 to The Grand List of Reason NOT to Mess With Humans.