Identical Twins

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hi, sorry, I saw you tagged lucio as lucio de los santos in one post but the rights is ''dos santos" . "de los santos" isn't used in brazil

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First I want to apologize about my language mix-up. I’m trying to become fluent in Spanish by the year’s end. Portuguese and Spanish are two identical twin siblings that will swear up and down that they don’t look alike. Sometimes I’ll look at Portuguese, but read and think in Spanish. Funny story, I skype with a pen pal who lives in Brazil and sometimes try to speak back to him in Portuguese (I get embarrassed really easily when someone is forced to speak English for my sake), but I was using formal pronouns typically used in Spanish (used in Spain no less) and he finally figured out what I was trying to say and laughed because he claimed I sounded like a stuffy professor. He then informed me that Brazilian Portuguese doesn’t really have formal pronouns and if I was in Brazil I’d get some strange looks. Sorry about that! And if i make a mistake PLEASE do not hesitate to inform me. 

I headcanon that Chloe is really bad with the secret identity thing.


HERE THEY FUCKING ARE. The next installation of my character sheets for Amis and Co. 
Enjolras (the rooster is named Jean-Paul and he sleeps with it), Cosette (send me suggestions for what colors that gradient in her hair is) and Eponine (WHAT A BABE). 

Find Jehan, Combeferre and Courfeyrac here.

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Gavin’s great idea

“So in the shower this morning I thought of a genius way to mess with twins. Identical twins. Identical twins right, that have a sperm and an egg and then it just splits the ovum splits. So, when that happens, take one out, put it in a frozen embryo, twenty years later, pop in back in and then the same person will be born twenty years apart.