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Random story idea:

Person A and person B living in a magical world, Person A is a part of the royal family meanwhile person B is a dragon. In this world dragons are killed every single day.

when Person A was only a child they got lost in the big forest behind the royal castle, person B was also just a tiny dragon baby that also happend to be lost. They meet by accident and since they’re only kids and doesn’t know any better they became friends and decides to meet in the forest again.

This goes on and person A soon realises that he defenetly needs to keep quiet about his dragon friend. In their teenage years person B starts falling for person A but hides it in fear. Person A is so oblivious to person B’s feelings until one night in the forest when person B breaks down and just tells person A everything, everything they love and adore about the other until the tears starts taking over.

Person A did feel the same but rejected B because of their status and would soon be forced to marry whoever their parents find likeable(?). Person B is completely broken and doesn’t go back to the forest again wich only hurts person A since they did love them back.

Person B gets caught and brutally killed by a hunter and when person A gets the news they just lose it, for them their entire world is destroyed since B was the only happiness they had.

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EW: There’s a hilarious scene in the film where [Chris Hemsworth’s] interviewing to be your assistant, and it becomes clear that his character is, uh, not very smart.
McCarthy: When we were doing that interview scene, Chris had such a crazy run of improv, it was mind-blowing.
Wiig: It was so specific and kind of odd, which is the best kind of improv. We couldn’t understand where he came up with that.
McCarthy: That scene was so hard to get through.
Wiig: I know. That’s when Kate farted.🚫

two girls, one bed.
we are five and i show you my new doll and you smile and say it’s pretty and the sunlight hits your face making you look like an angel so when you ask me to play with the doll i don’t even complain and tell you you can keep it. you laugh and hug me and i feel happy.

two girls, one bed.
we are eleven and doing our homework when you ask me whether i like any boys from our school. the question makes me nervous and anxious and my stomach feels weird but i push it down and just shrug it off. you tell me about david and how you two hung out at the library and how he kissed your cheek and you called him from your mom’s phone and talked for two hours. i don’t know david and i don’t think i even want to. one week later i see you two holding hands in english class and i feel angry.

two girls, one bed.
we are sixteen and listening to some music and you sing along when your phone starts ringing and you ask me to turn the music down. it’s your boyfriend and you laugh at everything he says and promise to meet him tonight at the park. you hang up with an ‘i love you’ and i leave the room to get some water though i’m not thirsty and my hands are shaking and i can’t drink without spilling it. later that night i sneak you into my room and you smell like smoke and beer and you tell me about how good it feels to kiss someone. your words leave a bitter taste in my mouth and when you fall asleep i kiss your shoulder and feel guilty.

two girls, one bed.
we are twenty and you are crying because yet another boy broke your heart and i try to tell you that it’s not you, that you are amazing and beautiful and kind and that not a single one of them deserves you and i’m crying too. we fall asleep in each other’s arms and my dreams are soft and quiet, filled with fairy lights and roller coasters. when i wake up you are looking at me and something feels different and when you kiss me i understand and i feel happy again.

—  cotton candy taste // m.p.

i wasnt kidding about pushing daisies AU

summary for ppl unfamiliar with pushing daisies: dirk is a man born with the ability to wake the dead through touching them. when he touches the dead they come back to life, but if he touches them again, they return to being dead, but this time forever. he grows up distant from people, fearing social connections because of his powers. 

he eventually grows to become the piemaker, with waitress roxy, who desperately wishes to become closer to someone as impenetrable as dirk, and jane crocker, private eye who knows that solving mysteries is easier when your business partner can wake the dead and ask them who killed them.

one day, dirk finds out that jake english, childhood sweet heart, was murdered while travelling, and revives him. they fall in love as they reconnect, despite the fact that they can never touch or else jake would return to being dead, forever. they do tooth rottingly cute things like kiss through saran wrap, hold hands with gloves and dance while wearing bee keeping suits

it’s a really great show, if i could write i would do more w this AU