I appreciated the way Chris van der Hoef stayed true to how he works and the colour he uses in his work, I really like the small elements of shapes and type. I think this work is full of personality in the way he has used colour, its a great way to represent the Olympics in my opinion. Even in the way he has introduced his own typography in a playfull way, it still symbolises him and his work. I would also like to add this was out of the box in 1928, it really shows risk and creativity to how far he could go with his work.

Notes for brief idea 1) Illustrated BDSM book.

What to consider…? Initial notes.

- I feel it important or at least note worthy to say that I’m currently heavily inspired by the work of Benson and Sugawa whose works I’ve shared in previous posts and would like to explore aspects they use in their personal works in my own throughout this project.

Target audience: 18+ due to the implied nature. I wouldn’t feel comfortable it being set lower.

Format of book. Portrait.

Amount of pages. Initial thoughts: in between 32 - 40 (40 at the absolute most). Likely between 18 - 34. This would allow for 14 - 30 pages of content, 2 end papers, and a front + back cover.

Will there be page spreads. No, I don’t think there will be.

Text. Minimal/certainly not overloaded.

Stylising of text. A small but clear font. Idea: excerpts/words from survey feedback could be placed underneath illustrations on each page? 

Or one word, behind a single illustration? Possibly, italic, but something gender neutral as I don’t want the book/concept to look as though it only appeals to a set statistic.

Style of illustrations. Intricate, consise.

Media/medium. At least to begin with, drawn in fineliner. I would prefer to not take the illustrations into Adobe Illustrator, at most into Photoshop/Indesign to mess around with words/illustration positioning. 

I feel drawing it by hand would be more personal. This goes for my other illustrative book ideas.


Hazel: “Sweetie come say hello to my sister, Marigold. Since she’s my sister, that makes her your auntie!”

Melody: “Mom, I think I need to lie down.”

Hazel: “Don’t be r–” *hurk*

Marigold: “You know, perhaps we should postpone this very touching family moment until a day when everyone has fewer potentially contagious illnesses…”