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omg how far into the future this fic will go? cause yay! <3

IN THEORY, I have solid story ideas through the end of their third year at Morristown, then some ideas for immediately post-graduation, then ideas for the next generation of shitheads a couple of years after that, an eventual wedding, and the resolution to some family drama shortly thereafter.

IN ACTUALITY, who knows how much I’ll be able to write before life intervenes, so no promises. But if I do have to drop off the face of the earth without writing all the stories for this verse that are currently in my head, I’ll probably at least post my outlines/notes files 💜

Tonight, we are genuinely scared. Deeply saddened.

Hard as it is for us all to believe, Donald Trump is our next president.

There are simply no words to capture the collective pain we feel right now. We’ve elected a racist, bigoted, sexist, predatory man with fascist tendencies and a huge temper.

Jake and I have spent every waking moment of the past five years working toward the mission of informing, inspiring and empowering our generation to change the world. We tried to channel the best ideas from our generation. And in the moment when our generation became the biggest voting bloc in American history, our voices fell silent.

We failed.

That hurts. We’ve asked so many friends to drop everything and join us. We’ve made promises to our community of millions of peers. We’ve obsessed over harnessing the power of ideas supercharged through our global networks. And yet tonight, in the face of the most damning threat to our future, we’ve hit rock bottom.

So what are we going to do about it?

1) We will empathize. Comfort your loved ones and stand with those who are immediately threatened. Our friends, siblings, parents and many loved ones could be affected by Trump’s draconian policies. There will be genuine fear, grief and even panic. Reach out to those you love.

2) We will report. We will shine a light on our generation’s brightest stars and best activists. We will create both physical and digital spaces for open dialogue that gives voice. We will stay focused and make our generation heard.

3) We will mobilize. Fight to defend our values, our principles and our basic tenets of democracy and human rights. We will deliberately and strategically insert ourselves in the political process to block Trump’s hurtful policies and force him to reckon with us. We will take up this fight head on and aim to minimize his damage at every turn.

We won’t fail again. We are ready to dig in. There will be no mass deportations under our watch. There will be no reversal of equality under the law. We will dedicate every minute of every day to ensure our voices are actually heard.

We will build this movement from the ground up, with the best ideas from everyone. We want to hear you. We want your feedback. We’re ready to build this together. Because this is #NotOurAmerica.

— Chris Altchek, co-founder Mic

And in the end, we were all just humans…drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald
I, Mind-Flayer

So I was reading something about the Alhoon (mind-flayer mages/liches) and there was the whole thing about how their use of arcane magic makes them outcasts among other Ilithids and it made me think of the episode of a Star Trek: The Next Generation called I, Borg.
For those unfamiliar the episode sees the crew of the enterprise discovering a lone borg drone (who is given the name Hugh by the crew) and it follows the journey of this drone from being just one of the collective to developing a personality and a sense of individuality.
So I thought; what if rather than starting out with a individualistic mind-flayer who used arcane magic for personal gain you instead start with a regular mind-flayer who got completely cut off from the collective and the elder brain and had to use arcane magic to survive without the group which leads to the development of a personality and individuality the same as Hugh the Borg in Star Trek and their whole quest has been getting back to the collective but when they do they aren’t accepted/don’t fit in because of how different they have become.
Could make for a fun NPC or monstrous PC, just a thought.


❝ Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.—

This is a request for a group based on the Lost Generation, the group of writers and artists who lived and worked in Paris during the 1920s. Their lives intertwined as they congregated in places like Sylvia Beach’s bookstore, Shakespeare & Company, or partied in cabaret music halls headlined by Josephine Baker.

(If you’ve seen the film Midnight in Paris, you know exactly what and who and the vibe I’m talking about. And if you haven’t seen Midnight in Paris, I highly recommend it.)

If you aren’t familiar with the particulars of their various relationships, I suggest perusing the various tales of their exploits (for example, did you know that James Joyce picked drunken fights and then hid behind Ernest Hemingway?) or you can ask me! I have too much information on this topic, and I am more than happy to share.

The links between the characters don’t have to run exactly parallel to their counterparts, but the bare bones of their relationships should stand—Picasso and Gertrude Stein should know each other, there can be a rivalry between Zelda and Hemingway for Scott’s attention, etc. Please, no whitewashing or straightwashing (especially for Gertrude), but genderbending is okay and we welcome models. Other than that, I’m flexible!

First Last / Gertrude Stein, open
Cash Corcoran / Ernest Hemingway, played by Cora
First Last / F. Scott Fitzgerald, open
Beatrix Blake / Zelda Fitzgerald, played by Alice
First Last / T. S. Eliot, open
First Last / James Joyce, reserved for Jo
Juniper Hamilton / Josephine Baker, played by Cally
First Last / Pablo Picasso, open

Other options include: Ezra Pound, Aldous Huxley, Alice B. Toklas, Sylvia Beach, James Joyce, Kay Boyle, Janet Flanner, John Dos Passos, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Olga Khokhlova, Salvador Dalí and pretty much any member or adjacent member of the Lost Generation who lived in Paris during the 1920s! If you’re interested in joining this plot, simply shoot me an ask, send me a Tumblr message, reply to this post, or hit me up for Skype, Aim, or Discord details.


G E N E R A T I O N   K I L L   A U   |   T h e   M a r t i a n

         ↳ meet the crew

  • CDR. Nathaniel Fick; Fick graduated with honors from the US Naval Academy. He will be the youngest commander to lead a mission to Mars.
  • Brad Colbert; Colbert graduated high school at sixteen, and won NASA’s largest hackathon at seventeen before moving on to MIT for dual undergraduate degrees in math and computer science. 
  • Ray Person; Person applied to the NASA Astronaut Candidate Program and was selected for his outstanding academic accomplishments, dedication and service to community, and an exemplary record of professional achievements.
  • Walt Hasser; Hasser holds a master’s degree in both chemistry and astrophysics as well as a doctorate in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. A noted scientist and experience astronaut, he will serve as the navigtor on the Hermes.
  • Antonio Espera; Espera earned a bachelor of science in astronautical engineering at the United States Air Force Academy. He now joins the Ares 3 crew as pilot after eleven decorated years of service in the United States Air Force.
  • DR. Timothy Bryan; Bryan graduated cum laude from the Yale School of Medicine. Since joining NASA, Timothy Bryan has made two trips to SpaceXStation and completed five spacewalks (EVAs.)

Ghop’s FB live said that The Cadets will go back to the Maroon, Cream, and Gold but it’ll be a Costume more than a Uniform.

Shoutout to Carolina Crown and Bluecoats for leading the charge in the shift.

  • Teacher: Okay, everyone, let's do a small exercise! Take a deep breath, and close your eyes. Now, tell me, what do you see?
  • Kise: Uhhh...
  • Aomine, grumbling: Nothing. I see nothing at all.
  • Midorima, fixing his glasses despite having his eyes closed: Sensei doesn't mean it in a literal sense.
  • Murasakibara, eating: *wasn't even closing his eyes*
  • Akashi, smiling: I see my future with-
  • Kuroko [the only one who actually followed]: I see... Aomine-kun.
  • Akashi, not smiling now: I see a funeral, Daiki.
  • Aomine: ???
  • Teacher: *sighs*
  • *looking at James and Albus fighting*
  • Grace: Are they always like this?
  • Lily: You see the thing with the Potter brothers is what they fight like dogs, but at the end of the day they would die for each other.
  • Grace: ...
  • Lily: You should get used to it
  • Grace: Huh?
  • Lily: As my brother's girlfrie---
  • Grace: I'm not your brother's girlfriend
  • Lily: You will be
  • Grace: Don't think so
  • Lily: So they all say, but it doesn't stop from becoming reality. Look at Alice
  • Grace: *rolls her eyes* Whatever. With me it won't happen
  • Lily: *muttering to herself* They say this too