Female characters with insecure wearing mask fem s/o

// Okay. THIS ONE. If any of you guys feel ugly because of some shitty magazine/instagram ,,ideal" looking face I will fight these media fucktards. Do you have a bigger nose? Then let me kiss it. Insecure about your chin? Eyes? Ears? Heck I already love them. I think all of you are beautiful and you deserve to feel that way. So please anon if you feel like that I will listen to you. You know what counts? Your inside. Who you are. Your heart. Beauty comes from heart not body.I want to give you people so much love but I am blabbering and these headcanons needs to be done so shall we begin them. You get an ultra hug because you deserve love and happiness anon.

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🌈 She was always curious why you wear a mask. Was it because of a scar? Or was it because you just liked wearing masks? Maybe she should get one? So you both could be a masked couple.

🌈 So she kindly asked why you wear that thing.


🌈 Lena immediately takes off your mask yelling.



🌈 She will kiss all of your face, flattering your nose, ears, chin, all of you. Lena loves all of you. How can you be insecure about yourself when you are such a cutie?

🌈 Urgues you to take off your mask and leave it alone forever.

🌈 ,,Trust me love I adore your face. Please take that off.”

🌈 Tracer will compliment you everytime she sees you. Your nose? Heck she loves your nose? Cheeks? Let her squazze your cheeks. Ears? What a cute ears you have there. Everything. She will compliment everything,

🌈 If you ever feel insecure once again about yourself Lena will shower you with kisses and cuddles.


🕊 The same as Lena. Angela was long curious about the cause of the mask. Was it because of a scar? Maybe she should look at it? So she can be sure its nothing serious.

🕊 You kindly told her that you think you are ugly and she kindly cant believe what she has heard.

🕊 First of all. Why do you think so? Did someone made you feel like that? Can she have a quiet talk with them while she kicks their ass?

🕊 She takes off your mask. Squazzes your cheeks as she says:

,, Y/N I think you are beautiful. Dont ever think you are ugly because thats a lie. I love you with my whole heart I cant imagine someone so great, pretty and caring could feel bad about herself.”

🕊 Everytime you feel insecure about yourself she will ensure you that you are the best thing that had happened in her life.

🕊 Gently whispers in your ear how much she loves your body. Your nose, eyes,cheeks, chin. All of you. To her you are a masterpice.

🕊 Angela insist you leave your mask be and let your face be seen by others. You are so pretty that hiding your face should be considered a crime.


💻 She really didnt get the thing about the mask. In your acts there is no file about your fight so you could have a mask. Did the documents lie? Or maybe you are an edgelord like reaper? Sombra needs to know.

💻 So she went to your room and asked forward why are you wearing mask babe?

💻 Sombra freezes. She is so confused.

💻 ,, WHAT?”

💻 Rips off your mask in an instant. Now you are shocked what is happening.

💻 ,, Listen. Y/N You have the prettiest face my eyes have ever seen and I do researches over the globe. You know? I want to have a giant folder of your selfies. You are beautiful.”

💻 Alright if someone made you feel ugly because of their bitchyselfs she will revive these putas secrets to every single person on earth.

💻 You know she complimented you now and then? But now? She will compliment you everytime she sees you to make sure you will never feel bad about yourself.

💻 If you feel insecure because of some imposed ideal she will make fun of it. 

,,What people think thats hot? You know what I think is hot? You.”

💻  She loves you for who you are. To be honest Sombra would like to have your heart only for herself but she is not greedy. She just cares for you so much you have no idea. She might seem like a douche but she is a lovely douche.

💻 Lowers her teasing so you could feel better about yourself. If you felt ugly because of her teasing Sombra will punch herself in the face for it. How could she make someone so precious for her feel bad about herself? Nah UH. She wont tease you for long now.

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Hairy aphrodite girls headcanons!! plssss

DUDE YES LIKE HELLO THEY WERE ALL MEDITERRANEAN OFC THEY HAVE BODY HAIR honestly this mandatory forced hairlessness as a beauty ideal is literally ridiculous. Unibrows were the height of beauty in ancient greece and now we gotta have perfectly manicured eyebrows all the damn time. and OM G i’m Indian so I’m very well versed in stupid body/face hair which really pisses me off cuz I don’t mind the hair at all but I’m super insecure about it even though I have no reason to be (men don’t care about their werewolf like pelts i meaaaan girls have got softer and lesser hair and somehow we’re meant to be less attractive with it on)

  • As with Aphrodite girls, I think as they are growing and younger, they’d prefer to be hairless and stick to the beauty ideals in magazines, and as they reach college age, many of them start to question and overthrow oppressive body images regimes. 
  • Like girls who are drop dead gorgeous but also hairy literally dont give a damn, cuz they love themselves and if boys/girls can’t handle it, then really its their problem is it not.
  • Younger campers struggling with body hair and crying when she’s waxing for the first time, and older girls helping her out and telling her its okay if she doesn’t want to but supports her decision
  • Their brothers lounging in just shorts and tell the girls that if I can display this hair that naturally grows on my body then you should be able to as well
  • One time, Drew made fun of a young girl’s upper lip hair and Piper punched her in the face. 
  • Young African-American demigods whose body hair isn’t as straight as other peoples, and feeling really self conscious about it, but then on a field trip to Olympus, they see their mother with ebony skin and rocking her natural hair (body and head) and they stop caring.
  • An Arab/Indian-American girl furiously asks Aphrodite one day, demanding to know why she made her so pretty but so hairy, and Aphrodite tells her “You don’t have to be beautiful for anyone else sweetie, beauty is for yourself. It’s simply a privilege that others get to look at you too. All my children have the ability to love themselves. Love yourself, and then nothing else will matter.”
  • Aphrodite girls end up getting all the other campers to stop worrying about their body hair, which inevitably forms a gang of girls who vehemently think girls shouldn’t shave/wax.
  • They end up bullying a Demeter girl for meticulously removing hair, and the Aphrodite girls don’t stand for it. They literally swoop down (pegasus flying lessons you see) and basically yell at the gang for not getting the point.
  • The point is that hair is fine and if you wish to display it, do so proudly. But don’t you ever dare tell someone they’re wrong for removing it, and wrong for feeling more comfortable a certain way. Love yourself, and let others do their own thing. Aphrodite girls who understand the true meaning of beauty is appreciating others for who they are.

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Also! Honestly I'm hoping this all doesn't discourage you from considering making more delinquent zines for charity in the future! Because that trope in addition to the fact it goes to charity (which really suits that trope) is a marvel idea in my opinion! It has great talent with a great aesthetic all for a great cause and I'd definitely be interested in buying more issues of such a zine~ so please don't be too down♡

Hello !! (Again?) Oh oh oh dont worry i’m very determined to organize the Sukeban zine i’ve been thinking about it alot !!!!!!! Its going to be a great opportunity to apply all that ive learned from my mistakes managing the furyozine. I! Cant guarantee there will be anything more than the sukebanzine (although a delinquent magazin sounds ideal 😭)

[INFO] Block B’s Zico chooses 2NE1’s Minzy as his ideal duet partner

Magazine @ star1 released preview cuts and snippets of their interview with Block B for it’s upcoming issue.

When asked, “Do you have a female artist whom you want to do a duet with?”, Zico answered, “2NE1‘s Minzy,” without hesitation. 

credits: Allkpop and Star1 magazine

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Hi, I am a radical feminist but in response to one of your asks I would like to say that I don't understand how feminism is against femininity? I think feminism is meant to support women 100%. That's if if they are or aren't feminine. Doesn't matter. It's that women deserve to be who they are without persecution due to gender. Correct me if I'm wrong please. This is in no means meant to come across as rude I'm just genuinely curious. Thank you!

Femininity is harmful to women because it entails a specific kind of behaviour which is generally pushing women to be submissive, meek/quiet, compliant, basically not aggressive or have any emotion that would come across as loud or draw any attention to ourselves. Femininity also includes modifying our appearance to what appeals to men. Liberal feminists tend to say “but we do it for ourselves”, but do we really? Where did the idea of the ‘ideal’ woman come from? Magazines, billboards, television, movies, all industries run by men. The images that come from them are projected and put there by men. This image of the ‘ideal’ woman implies that there is a standard we have to meet in order to be considered attractive and therefore worthy of their time. It implies that those that do not strive to be the ideal woman don’t take care of themselves, or are repulsive.
Steps taken by women to become this ‘ideal woman’ include wearing makeup to fit conventional standards of beauty, dressing ourselves to the right degree of sexually attractive enough for men, wearing heels which are actually very harmful to your feet and back all because ~fashion~. 
Consider the idea of a typically sexually attractive woman to men- large bust and butt, flat stomach, thin but not too thin, big lips, long hair. For all of those expectations there are surgeries to “fix” women.
Liposuction, botox, lip injections, breast implants, butt implants, extensions for your hair, now extensions for your eyelashes too! 
Typically femininity is something that (if you think about it) caters to men and their need to dominate and control women. 
Did you know in Lebanon there are loans you can take out specifically to get plastic surgery?

Femininity is harmful because women who do not comply with typical beauty standards are ostracized and shamed. They are made to feel repulsive, and told they are not ‘real’ women. It becomes something compulsory to live. You probably have noticed this yourself. When women and young girls especially are exposed to these standards and images continuously, they believe it is the norm and this impacts their self esteem greatly. If you don’t wear makeup, you aren’t seen as attractive- something increasingly important to be in this superficial society we live in, which eventually goes on to become harsher insults like- you don’t groom yourself, you don’t take care of yourself. Employers actually don’t hire women claiming they aren’t ‘professional’ enough if they don’t wear makeup. Women are insulted and ridiculed because they lack femininity. 

Now capitalism has turned femininity into a game of profit. The beauty industry is thriving because the self esteems of girls are going lower and lower with more unattainable standards of beauty being thrown at them everywhere you look. Advertising is everywhere, from the internet, to television, to billboards. It’s not hard to feel ugly when you don’t comply with their version of beauty.

It also has extremely negative effects on the health of young teens. Eating disorders and body dysphoria plague young girls and even women. Girls and women are constantly weight watching, trying to get to that unattainable idea of perfection that has been created by men.

While right now, femininity is necessary because other wise we wouldn’t be taken seriously, it is also important to raise awareness inform people of how femininity came to be.

It began with this:


which lead to this:

and now women spend thousands of dollars on beauty standards that are physically and emotionally harmful to them. 

Hope that helped!

I highly recommend you read Beauty and Misogyny by Sheila Jeffreys for more an indepth analysis! 

Feminism is meant to liberate women from the patriarchy which encourages these expectations and standards which lead women to believe there is a particular way to be a woman. It includes analyzing how women as a class are oppressed.

You might be talking about liberal feminism which does not analyze why women perform these actions, but rather say anything a woman chooses to do is her choice and hence should be supported in the name of feminism! This however, fails to include gender non conforming women who don’t like the choices they are presented, and also fails to analyze why we only have the choices we have, and whether or not they are harmful to us and/or oppress us and keep us at the bottom of the hierarchy.

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what are some good magazines to cut into? thanks a bunch c:

my favorites are national geographic, ideals home magazine, old sunset publishing pictorial books you can find at most used book stores for cheap (they have the best landscape and sky photographs for collaging and the paper quality is nicer than most magazines), and above all any book about gardening- plant encyclopedias, flower guides, what have you. i hoard those.

here are just a few of my staples to give you an idea: 

TVXQ AN.AN Magazine translations: "Ideal Way to Spend Time in Your Room/House"

Q: Since the concept of AN.AN photoshoot is “Room”, please tell us what’s your ideal way to spend your day-off in your room?

YH: Recently I’m rearranging/remodeling my room. Cleaning while listening to music are really fun. Whenever I live with Changmin I rarely do any cleaning (laughs). I also buy my own furnitures, and then draw pictures and put it the frame for house decoration.

Q: Pictures you draw on your own?

YH: Yes. I really sucked at it (laughs). Recently I’m in the middle of finding what I can do inside the house by myself, it was really interesting. But at first I failed a lot when it comes to the interior like “Ah… this is not working”

Q: Until now, what’s your biggest fail (in rearranging/decorating room)?

YH: This painting I bought in Italy. It was a famous piece but it was a very ‘dark’ themed painting. After I hung it on my room, I realized it was too scary and it made me couldn’t sleep… My friend also opposed me strongly (on putting that painting) while I just bought it less than a day before…

Q: That was a great fail isn’t it. What about Changmin?

CM: As for me, during the day I’d clean up the house, mountain climbing, having meal with  friends, and then during the night chilling in my room would be ideal. First off, while listening to music, I’d lay in the bathtub and drink 1 can of beer. Only 1 can (emphasized)! After that, I wanna watch movie alone while drinking wine.

YH: it’s really different from mine… yours are romantic, aren’t they? Then I will change my answer! I’d burn some aromatic candles and read a book before going to sleep.

CM: But to say mine are romantic, all I do was drinking alcohol, right?

YH: But the laying on the bathtub part was not fair! (t/n: as in because YH had never tried before) I will also try it.

CM: Do as you like (laughs)