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This is your friendly early morning reminder that when Rukia Kuchiki encountered hollow Ichigo her first instinct wasn’t anything in the vicinity of fear for herself 

Rukia Kuchiki

The woman who has every reason to be irrationally terrified of weird shinigami-hollow hybrids

The woman who had to kill her idol/mentor/first love because he’d become a godawful fusion of shinigami and hollow

The woman who carried that kill around as a burden and trauma for half her life

That Rukia Kuchiki

Wasn’t scared in the slightest when she was confronted with hollow Ichigo

No, instead she was worried for him.

Her. First. Instinct. Was to be worried FOR HIM.

And if that doesn’t speak volumes about how much she trusts Ichigo and how much faith she has in his abilities I don’t know what else does she trusts him to know what he’s doing she trusts him not to lose a grip on himself she absolutely trusts that he would NEVER harm her she has so much faith in his abilities to control the hollow because that’s the kind of man he is in her heart and I just ugh that trust is so beautiful and they’re so beautiful and they just need to get married and have beautiful babies and I just– just– *cries and cartwheels into the sun* 

rant mode: on and all my followers better read this.

i’m tired of my stuff being reposted. i don’t want to have to make my watermark take up half of the edit just because some shithead is gonna repost it on their pathetic facebook/twitter account. i don’t care if you think you’re being nice and spreading the love for ichiruki, if you repost stuff then you’re trash. fanart, fanfics and edits all take a long time to create. some of you might say that asking for permission and including a link takes time (like 30 seconds) but don’t forget than coming up with the ideas and executing them takes 100x more time and effort. you’re not doing the fandom a favor by reposting them, you’re only discouraging the people from participating cuz they know their shit is gonna be stolen too. this is why people leave fandoms.



Summary: AU. Fluff.

Weekly fic prompt for @deathberryprompts - ‘Lunar.’ (I know, I’m on time, who am I?!)

340 words.


He motions his lungs for air but it doesn’t come, stolen by the scope of her night, and the sight of her eyes on his. An affinity is only as grand as the souls who share it; he is unworthy to be in affinity with someone born from lunar lights and different worlds.

      In their twilights, it’s always interstellar travelling. It’s limbs locked on his bed, soft murmurs into the dead of night, the light drag of hands on skin and lips to heartbeats. It’s moans, and the hang of sweat, and the way she shines in brilliant luminosity.

Now, they face each other, studying the details of each other under a gentle blanket of silence.

He finds all the stars he could want in the settle of violet inside her orbs. The skin of her cheek is as smooth and sculpted as a masterpiece; he sighs at the thought. Finger pads and moon-marks are exchanged- Ah,

        The moon. The moon - he’s always brought back to that image.

                Lord is it fitting.

Light shifts over her like ocean rolls, a bright halo as languid as silk covering the length of her side, catching strands of hair like threads of a lucent glow.

      He pales in comparison

But he is happy to. He wonders what he has ever done to be lucky enough to be at her pull - at the wish of the moon.

              “You’re lunar.” He utters to her neck.

“Rukia, actually.” She murmurs, vibrations trickling down to his toes.

           “Really?” Her hand swats his arm. “Huh.”


            That, fits too.

Arms curl around her like a furnace and he tightens them both until he can nestle into her and breathe in her scent of vanilla; warmth. He grins into her and feels her thrum in response, trying again:

“Newmoon tonight.”

          “How do you know?”

                    “I’m looking at her.”

Her lips form a crescent as she cards fingers through his hair, stating with a husky edge to her voice,

        “Poetry isn’t going to win me over, Ichigo.”

(But it does).

Mr. and Mrs. Kurosaki 

Happy Birthday sarisama!! I decided to make something for you to lift your spirits and just because you’re amazing! I know you’ve been wanting a Mr. and Mrs. Smith IR crossover for some time now so I kicked myself in the butt and tried my best to sketch something out for you. After two years of knowing each other you continue to be a great confidant and friend. I hope you have an amazing year and many more to come. Love you Big Sis!

Original Picture 

Long live BLEACH! Long live ICHIRUKI!

Thank you, my fellow Ichiruki! Thank you for everything, Kubo! Whatever the situation tomorrow, I will love Ichiruki - one epic ship!


     “I wonder if I can keep up with the speed of the world without you in it”