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If ih was always intended, then there were a lot of unnecessary moments between Ichigo and Rukia that Kubo shouldn't have shown in the manga. It now feels out of place since apparently their bond isn't meant to be seen as "romantic". Makes me feel like the ir bond was merely a ploy to bring in more readers.

I agree anon, and I wish that if IchiRuki wasn’t meant to be canon, he wouldn’t have romanticized the ship so strongly. But he did, and there’s no way all of this is just one big platonic bond or one big plot to keep people reading, given how starved for IchiRuki content we were during the Blood War arc.

I/H was never shown to be anything but romantically one-sided until the very end

Yet throughout the series IchiRuki got things such as:

there’s a reason Ichigo’s desing was altered to contrast Rukia’s

there’s a reason Rukia was named to be Ichigo’s ray of light

there’s a reason he made then BOTH protagonists to develop equally, something not done very often for a male and female character

there’s a reason Kubo gave them several titles, exclusive to them
~Death and the Strawberry (and by extension Deathberry)
~King and Queen
~Black Sun and White Moon

there’s a reason their entire characters contrast each other so much, from their palettes and personality, to their shinigami powers and zanpakuto,even  down to their zodiacs that make them perfectly compatible

there’s a reason there are more IchiRuki spreads than any other set of characters or pairings, drawn by Kubo

there’s a reason he told people viewing the Fade to Black film to give special attention to Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship, and suggested one might take a romantic partner to see the film

there’s a reason only Ichigo and Rukia were given poetry to express their relationship 

there’s a reason he was always so playful and ambiguous about the status of their relationship

there’s a reason he expressed having a hard time drawing Ichigo without Rukia, and would add her to art without even thinking about it

there’s a reason one of the above spreads is called the Honeymoon Spread, named by Kubo himself

there’s a reason why during the SS arc, Ichigo corrected anyone who mocked him for “wanting to save Rukia” He didn’t just want to save her. His exact words were “I have to save her!” 

there’s a reason why during the HM arc, Ichigo was so determined to beat Grimmjow, and even pointed out that is wasn’t to save Orihime (the person they’d gone to HM in the first place for), but to get back at him for hurting Rukia.

there’s a reason why when he does save Rukia, the scene is paralleled to the time Isshin saves Masaki

there’s a reason why thoughts of his friends didn’t activate Fullbring, but the thought of Rukia alone (complete with the shojo-shading and possibly the most beautifully-drawn panel of Rukia in the series) gave him what he needed to activate it

there’s a reason why when he’s crying about his powers, Rukia showing up again and giving them back (something she expressed a promise to do) his tears ceased

there’s a reason Ichigo thanks Rukia for stopping his rain (a long running metaphor for his own sadness)

there’s a Rukia changed Ichigo’s destiny

there’s a reason their destiny is a shared one

there’s a reason the animation studio gave so many extra episodes that featured IchiRuki, and he complimented the episodes and noted the ice skating as being his favorite (you know, instead of maybe asking them to tone down the romance or making special note of a canon pairing’s episode etc)

there’s a reason he added several sexually suggestive puns between Ichigo and Rukia in the manga, including a very famous penetration joke.

there’s a reason why when during their goodbye scene from Farewell Swords as shown above, there’s shojo-style shading around both of them. Kubo has been very tactful in the use of shading. Ichigo is in scenes with other girls where they are shaded as they’re expressing something romantic/flirtatious toward him, but he isn’t shaded because he either isn’t getting the ~romantic~ vibe, or he’s exasperated by what they’re doing and doesn’t see it as something cute/flirty/what have you. But here, he’s saying goodbye to Rukia, and he’s shaded like her, indicating they’re expressing those same romantic emotions. Many fans took this scene to be Kubo signaling that IchiRuki actually would be moving to a romance

there’s a reason WSJ used IchiRuki content to promote the last chapter, instead of the canon pairings or just Ichigo alone, or Ichigo and Rukia content that wasn’t so shippy

there’s a reason IchiRuki is the most popular ship in the fandom by such a large margin

there’s a reason so many people, shippers and non-shippers alike, were expecting them to become canon and expressed outrage and confusion when they were not

it’s because Kubo wrote and drew them that way, Kubo added those nuances, Kubo dropped those hints.
Everything in the series up until the final arc indicates Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship moving on to becoming romantic, but suddenly everything during the arc was focused on keeping them apart (pro tip, avoiding one pairing’s interactions and serious development does not suddenly build up another), despite Urahara alluding to a team up attack. Anticipation for their reunion was built up, and all signs pointed to Rukia getting to Ichigo to combine their powers being the deciding factor in this final fight. The lack of communication was startling for many readers. The sudden jump from that last blow, to Rukia being made a captain, to Ichigo and Rukia reuniting with their own separate families, was a shock and a disappointment, and it’s really telling that it’s only fans of the canon ship at all happy, and not even all of them are actually happy, because they know their canon was rushed and weak, and not what they deserved. Fans of all sorts of parings from the series have expressed wishing the ending would have been open if not IchiRuki, because as it stands the ending does not make sense and does not fit with the narrative.

IchiRuki had everything going for it to be canon, all dashed away in the last minute, and for what? An utterly unsatisfying end to their story. 

The Bleach Ending Chapter 686

People keep saying its a Naruto ending as if Naruto had the shittiest shit show of an ending.

No, just no.

I feel that people are maybe too young on here to remember one of the shitiest shit shows of an ending to a shonen manga published in Shonen Jump. And that my dearies, is Shaman King.

Shaman King was cancelled just like Bleach and the original ending was rushed and so poorly received that guess what?

5 years later Takei wrote and published the TRUE ending to Shaman King, and that everyone enjoyed.

So many plot holes. So many people missing. Every main character the opposite of what they were written to be.

Stop trying to spin this ending with IH and RR as if it was what Kubo intended all along. It wasn’t. He never even said anything close to that. IHer’s feel they have to work so hard to do that, by reblogging us, going back and trying to dissect old essays, co-opting our poems and spreads, because IH doesn’t HAVE ANY!

Be happy with your shit show chapter for right now. I will wait, because if Takei can comeback 5 years later and fix things, so can Kubo. 

Ichiruki is canon. Its already written in the manga.

Ichiruki is forever. Ichiruki is always. Ichiruki is endgame.

Here’s to the next 5 years of keeping Ichiruki alive in our hearts. The ones who truly read the manga and know a halfassed ending that doesn’t fit it when we see it. Here’s to Kubo coming back and fixing it.

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Random non bleach fan: well I don’t read or watch bleach but for me IR makes more sense… 

IR Shippers: thank you we appreciate- 

IH Shippers: Haha these bitches actually think they got word in any of this? Pfft please they don’t even read or watch the series… Nah you can’t say anything bye bitch you out

Another non bleach fan: I don’t read or watch bleach but for me IH makes more sense… 

 IH shippers: OMG finally! Yes! Thank You! You see IR fans!? You see?! It even makes sense to non bleach fans! so shut up, stop whining and “like our ending”! 

 IR Shippers:

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Technically, Ichigo said “I love you” to Rukia. At least we get to know how it would be like ^u^

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So now that IH is "canon" IH's are saying IR was never a threat and that IR couldn't see Ichigo's feeling for Orihime, now thats laughable. Because majority of the fandom didn't know how to read.......right! I mean really? Of course they'll say that after becoming "canon" but that's cool, I congratulate them on having this canon one chapter that explains jack shit anyways. I mean whatever makes them happy right? So I salute them!

So that’s what Orgs are saying now….

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The same ones that tried to replace Rukia with Orihime throughout the whole manga….

The same ones that headcanon Orihime doing all the things that Rukia does in actual canon….

 The same ones that ignore entire arcs because it makes them look like a crackship….

 The same ones that read Orihime saying “Rukia’s not just a friend to Ichigo…..she’s the person who changed his world” but insist that Kubo friend-zoned Ichiruki after that……..

The same ones that dismiss anything that Kubo draws (including Ichiruki coverspreads, poems, touching reunions, heartfelt goodbyes, and dorky banter-filled interaction) until he draws Orihime looking at Ichigo while he’s being clueless and uninterested….

The same ones that fail to realize that Kubo had to keep Ichigo and Rukia apart for over a hundred chapters so that the last chapter seemed somewhat believeable, and even then the majority of the Bleach fandom called bullshit……

The same ones that headcanon Ichigo being overwhelmed with joy in his Orihime-filled life when the last chapter implies that the happiest moment of his life is when he’s with Rukia while their offspring are meeting the same way they met……

But Ichiruki was never a threat tho…

Okay Orgs…okay….

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Whatever helps you sleep at night….


“Bleach Album 2″

Hey! Like I said before: I hate the ending! But nothing it’s gonna change, that’s why I’m working on MY ending and I made this little mini comics! I tried to take this with fun! So…


1. What happened with Isshin and Kon

2. Why Yhwach came back

3. How Ichigo lose his hair (I loved this one X’D)

4. An illustration of the end about their relationship with their “canon couple”

5. With this I don’t know what love it is!

Take this with fun it just happened one week :) And I’m so happy because the Ichiruki’s fandom were more strong than ever! I hope you like it and #Ichirukiforever

Why is everything celebratory of IH and RR fan art and not Kubo drawn?

Because Kubo didn’t intend for IH and RR to be canon.

Why are their only fan written poems and not Kubo written poems about IH and RR?

Because Kubo never intended IH and RR to be canon.

Why is it that that there are no quotes of Kubo describing Ichigo and Orihime’s special bond, or Rukia’s special bond with Renji? Only what fans have twisted in their interpretation of his meaning. Even going so far as to twist the things he has said about Ichiruki in their favor.

Because Kubo never intended IH and RR to be romantic.

Why is it that IHers keep stalking Ichiruki and reblogging us?

Why is it that they are trying so hard to prove Japanese fans aren’t just as pissed about the ending as we are?

Why is it that SJ released an Ichiruki sticker and not an IH sticker to celebrate Bleach’s end and 15 years of Bleach?

Why is it that people keep comparing this end to Naruto’s end when Kishimoto released a bunch of family character designs AHEAD of the final chapter release but Kubo didn’t to that?

Why is it that the only family drawings of the parings are fan drawn and not Kubo drawn? Not even in the chapter itself. Not one drawing of them together. Or even with their own children.

Because Kubo never intended IH and RR to be romantic.

Because. Kubo. Never. Intended. IH. And. RR. To. Be. Romantic.


Ichiruki is forever! We got it all. The King and Queen. Lmao he never dubbed IH the King and Princess! And isn’t that incestuous?

The black sun and white moon. The sand and rotator. The shinigami and the boy. The story of destiny.


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How would you have ended Bleach? Like what would you have wanted to see happen/things answered

like everything in the plot that was left unanswered, especially the Urahara - Yoruichi backstory. 

The other thing is the Shiyori ship but tbh a shonen manga like Bleach would never really invest any time to minor ships unless the plot demanded it, so in the last chapter the chances were extremely slim and I wasn’t really expecting anything.

People also ask me, “but don’t you wanna see Shinji’s Bankai?”, to which I have mixed feelings. Kubo treated him like shit… so… i’m quite sure if he bankai’d he would have died on the next page so I was like uh no ty. But if it were up to me, ofc I would have given him an epic fight and probably let him punch Aizen in the face at least once. 

Also, I’m sorry and nothing on Orihime but Ichigo and Orihime forced together at the end was incredibly, egregiously bad story writing in my eyes. There was a sore lack in the promotion of mutual character growth in each other, and too much admiration rather than understanding from Orihime’s side to make me believe in their relationship. It felt uncomfortable if not painful for me to watch Orihime pine away at Ichigo the entire series, and even more so when they became the endgame pairing, like I can’t really see any love in it.

Rukia and Ichigo always pulled each other up when the other was down, where as Orihime only viewed Ichigo as the perfect prince and the Hueco Mundo arc consolidated it for me when she had Ichigo’s hollow lose control, and Ichigo went into a depressive spiral. She damages him, and Rukia has to kick his ass into gear. Contrast this with SS arc, when Ichigo becomes truly strong to protect Rukia. Orihime is always idolising Ichigo and wanting to “protect” him, and that’s fair enough but what I’ve seen from Ichigo’s end, what he shows Orihime and the trials and tribulations he’s been through with Orihime is not something deeper or even comparable to what he has gone through with Rukia.

Makes me question how these male shonen jump mangaka want to portray love to their readers, that if one side relentlessly pines for another, then it will be the endgame? I suppose Shonen is not meant to “focus” on love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t NOT write a fucking coherent romance sub plot. Like Kubo my honeybruh if ur gonna write it at all, write it properly and make it good. 

TL;DR I’d have preferred Ichiruki.

This is just my opinion though, and I do respect every IchiHime Shipper. I always say this but when people choose to ship what they do, there are personal reasons involved in why they value that relationship and I don’t want to disrespect that. 

It’s just that to me, Ichigo and Rukia fitted my definition of a relatable and true relationship a lot more, so it made zero sense that they were not endgame. I took them for granted way too hard!! Hahaha.

C O U R A G E - a neverhappen Ichigo & Rukia fanmix

i. massive attack - teardrop // ii. alarm will sound - avril 14th (aphex twin cover) // iii. carter burwell - ride to death // iv. arcade fire - black wave / bad vibrations // v. blur - battery in your leg // vi. mic christopher - what a curious notion // vii. valley maker - by my side (everlasting life) // viii. coldplay - o // ix. edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros - all wash out