Miyagi: Support centers at temp. housing to open

The city of Kisennuma has set up support centers for its residents in 4 different temporary housing sites. The first one opened in the neighboring Ichinoseki city, Iwate prefecture on the 18th. Kisennuma-city’s mayor Sugahara visited the Ichinoseki support center and greeted the residents at the open.

According to Kisennuma city, about 30% of those who live at the Ichinoseki temporary housing are elderly persons who live alone. The city staff members have been making the rounds periodically to check on them and listen to their worries. To give additional support, 3 more centers like this one are scheduled to be open in Kisennuma city. They hope that the centers will be also used as social places for the residents.

The director of the Ichinoseki support center, Ms. Oikawa, commented, “We’d like to be here for the Kisennuma residents who live away from home, and to be their ears.” A resident at the Ichinoseki temp. housing said, “I’m grateful to have a place to get advice right where we live since this place is in the mountain and not very convenient.”

NHK news: 11/18/2011 (18:50)