“Ichigo is really nice. But when he heard your name, he tore into Ulquiorra-sama! Ichigo is just a human being! He didn’t become a Shinigami and put on that mask ‘cause he wanted to! And now he’s obviously in pain! HE’S FIGHTING FOR YOU! He’s using that power… and fighting and bleeding for you! If you won’t cheer for him… who will?!”

I was listening this (x) while editing

We are surrounded by unconventional things all our lives. Things scare us, and exposure is inevitable. We watch tv shows when we’re not supposed to, we look up things on the internet not meant for children’s eyes, we read books and articles and magazine headlines about abuse, rape, adultery, etc. You can avoid these things all you want, but they’re out there, and bullying a small group of shippers on the internet will change nothing. Stop putting the responsibility of what influences you on some random blogger you don’t even know. Saying people are affected by the presentation of adultery  is no more damaging than bullying people for liking something unconventional. You say I’m not getting the picture, but from what I see, neither are you. You justify your bullying with something that cannot be changed. Adultery in the real world, between real people can’t even be helped. People fall in and out of love all the time. I’m not saying it’s healthy or right to go behind a partners back, but it’s something that happens all the time, every day, to a lot of people. All I want is to stop the bullying over a subject that is so ingrained in our society and media, that we could never dent it if we tried.

Also, stop holding your ship on a higher tier than others. Just because it’s canon, doesn’t mean people can’t ship anything else.

 Be nice to each other, even if you disagree.

So Ichihime is canon.

After a whole series filled with Ichiruki moments.

After Tite Kubo says he ships Ichiruki.

After said manga-ka gives a fan (who asked for a drawing of Ichigo) a drawing of both him and Rukia because he says they belong together.

After he explains Rukia’s name (which summarized means light) is to represent she’s the light to counter the darkness in Ichigo’s life.

After Ichigo plunges into HELL for Rukia.

After the orange top stormed the Soul Society for her.

After we’re shown Ichigo in a deep depression after saying good-bye to Rukia when he loses his powers, and Orihime can’t do shit to get him out of it.

Yeah. I am not believing this for one bleeding second. Word of God said Ichiruki, and that’s what I’ll believe.


Friendly Reminder: Naruto and Bleach are not the only series that ended with characters having kids and they won’t be the last. I can’t understand why some people are so upset by endings with families (unless they’re childish & salty over shipping) because it’s been happening forever.

tldr; these type of endings are not uncommon in pop culture. it makes little sense to single out bleach and naruto as if having kids is some reprehensible thing.