• Me: *spends their entire life dedicated to a fictional character*
  • Me: *follows the character tag, ships them with myself, has a folder dedicated to just that one character, stays awake nearly every night until 2:00am reading fanfics of said character, will fight anyone who disagrees on their beauty and godlike presence*
  • Also me: *is still not convinced that they're obsessed*
The way countries says pineapple
  • Denmark: Ananas
  • Germany: Ananas
  • France: Ananas
  • Finland: Ananas
  • Hungary: Ananas
  • Iceland: Ananas
  • Italy: Ananas
  • Norway: Ananas
  • Poland: Ananas
  • Romania: Ananas
  • Turkey: Ananas
  • Sweden: Ananas
  • America: No! Come on guys its Pineapple!
  • England: I hate to say this, but i agree with America.
Hetalia names misheard by Siri
  • Italy: Belizean oh Vargas
  • Germany: Lewd wick blush mean
  • Japan: Pikachu Honda
  • Russia: Ivan but can I ski
  • France: Francis funny four
  • China: Yeah long
  • America: How frigid Jones
  • England: Africa second
  • Denmark: Matias colour
  • Sweden: You're not old ox ford
  • Iceland: In the Stilts
  • Norway: Biggest butt in the dick
  • Finland: Teen oh my my my

Continuing with that au where the Nations are public figures. All the nations that participate (weather they make it to the finals or not) in euro vision attended the final show. And of course the nation hosting the event co-hosts with the other human hosts. Which would be pretty unfortunate for this years hosts having to deal with Sweden’s face. 

  • Nordics and Estonia: Happy Birthday Finland!!
  • Finland: awww, thank you everyone~ how sweet of you~
  • Sweden: I got you a present.
  • Estonia: haha, but I'm sure mine is better~
  • Sweden: I got you all the albums of your favourite band.
  • Estonia: and I got you a high quality sound system so you can listen to your songs in full blast!
  • Finland: Wow!!!!
  • Norway, Iceland, and Denmark: *sobs* goodbye ears...