Iceland Quotes From the Hetalia Manga

“What’s this? Some European fad? I don’t get it! I mean today isn’t even my birthday!”

“What’s it to you what I wear?!”

“I don’t expect old guys like you to understand.”

“The pair look is just plain disgusting on brothers our age!”

“Eh? Could it be that I’m the strange one here?! I mean my house is so far away from theirs…”

“There’s no one here… How terrible…”

“*throwing a tantrum* I wish you would all leave me alone already!”

“*at human Mr Puffin* I can live with you in puffin form but not as a human man so would you mind changing back?”

“*after the DNA results were read* It would’ve been better if I was a descendant to something like mystical phantom people that resided only in Iceland…”

“*looking at Norway* … I see zero likeness.”

Iceland: “We’re all mature adults, right? Don’t tell me you actually enjoy being called that.”
Norway: “You bet I enjoy it.”

“… Dear big brother.”

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K. So, I've been writing a fic that's sorta based off of this, and I've been trying to collect some different opinions (so if you don't wanna do this one for that, I totally get it!) but how do you think the other Nordics would react if Finn came back from his time with Russia and he wasn't himself any more? Like, he was more defensive and anxious or angry and reclusive? Again, totally get it if you don't wanna do this one! Love your blog :)

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Denmark: He would be worried and just overall concerned for the Fin. He would try his best to bring the “old him” back as he would try to be light and just a friend, a shoulder, an anything he needed anytime really. The Dane hating to see anything in their group dynamics change being that he knows he has caused so much and had seen so much change already. He would be willing to do just about anything but it really would cut the Dane deep seeing Fin like this and he being sensitive at times himself, it would tear him apart inside too.

Iceland: Icey would be concerned, but he would also be scared. Icey in the grand scheme of things really isn’t that old compared to the others, so things like this would shake him and though he wouldn’t show it, it would shake him pretty hard. He having to confide in Den and Nor so he could cope. He cares for Fin alot more than he leads on or shows and loves him very much.

Norway: Nor would be very upset. He would feel compelled to try to help Fin, if it was aggression, Norge would try to give him his space but he wouldn’t give up. He and Fin having a strong bond. He would actually get emotional about it due to the fact that Norge often feels like the mother as Fin does and would feel like his partner in that department was gone. This would just devastate him. Nor and Fin having a bond that often is just there and goes noticed but it is eerily noticeable if things took such a severe shift with Fin’s personality.

Sweden: Sve would be the most devastated and hands down the most effected by this. He would become emotinal, and try his very best to help Fin in any way he could. He would feel responsible and at the same time very helpless and vulnerable. It would be a time that Sve would really question everything because without Fin, he would be pretty lost. It would pain his heart to see the person he loved so much become something different, no to mention the instant resentment and urge to fight Russia for “whatever he did to make Fin this way” The others would definitely have to calm him down and comfort him alot as well as tread lightly with Fin and his new perspective…
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Iceland had never understood his family’s childishness and why they seemed to treat him as a little kid as often as they could, but an event at a get together they all had was a real eye-opener for him, and he soon learned the reason as to why they did the things that annoyed him.

so this was an idea originally by @sheepouttetradecagon but they let me write it bc theyre the best lmao

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We’re back! Actually, I’m not surprised that all 5 Nordics were voted one after another considering that they’re such a tight knit group. Personally, Iceland is my favorite Nordic, so I’m glad to finally be able to do him!

  • He is the second shortest of the Nordics
  • Iceland’s age is said to be somewhere between 16 and 17
  • Though he has no canon name, Himaruya has stated that he liked the names Emil Steilsson, Egill, Sigurður, and Eiríkur as names he liked for Iceland
  • Iceland is uncomfortable with his thick accent and tries his best to hide it.
  • He thinks cola is “okay”
  • When it comes to Mr.Puffin, Iceland can be short-tempered
  • As a child, he was introverted and lonely
  • He has a nice relationship with Turkey, and the two get along well to where Iceland affectionately refers to him as “Pops”. Iceland also seems to view Turkey as a father figure and wants to protect him
  •  He was one of the last Nordics to be designed, despite appearing in the comics before Denmark and Norway
  • He is very fond of licorice and hot springs
  • Due to recent financial problems, Russia has been helping him out. Although Russia is nice to him and treats him kindly, Iceland is suspicious of him.
  • Norway is considered to be the “home where Iceland’s heart truly is” and the two do care for each other.
  • Iceland will try to speak English whenever he can
  • Though in The Beautiful World Iceland’s hair is blond, his hair color has been stated to be white

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Continuing with that au where the Nations are public figures. All the nations that participate (weather they make it to the finals or not) in euro vision attended the final show. And of course the nation hosting the event co-hosts with the other human hosts. Which would be pretty unfortunate for this years hosts having to deal with Sweden’s face. 


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