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Oooh any headcanons about some domestic dennor in a canonverse setting??

Idk what canonverse is? But I’ll try. 

Disclaimer: I’m terrible at writing Dennor. I had to scrape the bottom of my mind for these so, enjoy. Also, some of these are taken from my wattpad

-Y’all better believe if Den wakes up first he’s trying to fix breakfast for Nor, it’s like,, the sweetest thing bc he looks so proud of himself

-Often, showers or baths are taken after a really stressful day. It helps the both of them focus on communication and just relaxing together

-That sweet sweet validation™ is always available. Esp bc Denmark feels like bad abt himself a lot

-PDA is normal at home and always will be. It’s almost like they’re magnets tbh. If time apart is needed it always ends up with them just coming back to each other

-Denmark is allergic to fur so they got a really cool fish until he begged Nor to buy a cat. Nor worries abt him constantly bc of it

-Adopted a few teenagers to get introduced to parenting again. Both reminisce the time of raising Ice

-Cheesy date nights all the time!! Just laughing and throwing popcorn at each other, it’s really nice

-Together, they volunteer places and if one of them gets upset you better believe they’ll drop anything to help

-During the holidays you’ll find them on the couch with fuzzy socks drinking some type of warm beverage

-Family holidays with the others and embarrassing Ice to death by kissing multiple times

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