we’re going to build a giant lego piece out of lego

Most frequently used Emojis Hetalia style
  • America: 💯🖕🏻
  • England: 😤😒
  • Canada: 🤗😩
  • France: 🌹😘
  • China: 🤣🤑
  • Russia: 😋😙
  • Italy: 😻😿
  • Japan: ✌🏻😓
  • Germany: 😒🤔
  • Prussia: 😏😎
  • Romano: 🖕🏻😡
  • Spain: 😴😊
  • Hungary: 😇😤
  • Austria: 🎹😴
  • Poland: 🤣💅🏻
  • Lithuania: 😔😰
  • Belarus: 😒🙄
  • Ukraine: 😭😚
  • Norway: 😐🙄
  • Denmark: 🤣😂
  • Sweden: does not know how to use Emojis
  • Finland: ☺️🤗
  • Iceland: 😒👎🏻

I’m sorry but this was so perfect I had to

I found this sitting in my folder and decided to spruce it up~

Mr. Puffin was probably Iceland’s first friend out there on that island and I’m certain that even through their bickering they still think fondly of each other 

I hope that one day, all Hetalians will begin to realize that:

France isn’t a rapist, if he was, why would he have said, “Love isn’t something that should be forced upon others.”? Russia isn’t a psychopath, he is actually unaware of how cruel he can be. Romano cares a lot about his family, he just doesn’t feel the need to show it by being lovey-dovey all he time. Prussia likes Italy, it has even been said that he asked Veneziano out on a date, but Veneziano was oblivious to the confession (?). Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia aren’t weak. Being afraid of someone does not make you weak. You’d probably be scared too if you had to deal with Russia. Hetalia isn’t about yaoi.

Shipping wars are unnecessary, there’s no reason to fight over what ship is better. I’ve seen Hetalians tell others to kill theirselves because they simply just didn’t like a ship. Norway and Iceland care very much for eachother, they may have their disagreements here and there, but they still care about each other. Germany IS NOT the Holy Roman Empire. My evidence? Remember how it was stated that Germany was born into an EXISTING body? That existing body was HRE’s. While Germany has HRE’s body, he does not have the soul of HRE so therefore, is not HRE. I do try to respect other’s theories and opinions, people are practically trying to shove the “HRE is Germany” theory down my throat and I do not appreciate such actions. Belarus wasn’t originally designed to be Yandere; she was supposed to be more soft-spoken and kind, like her 2P. Or kind of like Liechtenstein. It’s been said that Hima doesn’t even know how she ended up as the Yandere character she is now. Spain is not a pedophile. Finland is not a coward, nor a useless baby. He’s quite strong. Despite his hard past, he managed to stay cheerful and optimistic. He’s not weak for disliking conflict, he’s suffered a hard past full of conflict. It makes sense that he would dislike conflict. Sweden is shy and isn’t that great when it comes to social activities, which his shyness is often mistaken as him being antisocial and emotionless. I relate strongly to Sweden since my parents often mistake my shyness and awkwardness as me being antisocial. Canada is not a suicidal pushover. And a lot more than what I’ve mentioned in this post.