AU where all the nordics are yoi fans and one day norway sings “can you hear” very quietly and denmark just goes “mY HEARTBEAT” and slowly all the other nordics join in and it becomes a huge concert with just the 5 of them

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How would the Nordics react to an s/o who's afraid of loud noises?

You don’t even know how much I missed writing those imagines after so many match ups XD

Denmark: He would worry that he might one day scare you by his loud behaviour and he would actually ask about it, but overall he would be very understanding and encouraging and he would play it cool, saying something like it’s okay to be afraid of loud noises. He’d be there for his s/o if there were fireworks nearby or a party that is just too loud for his lover’s liking. He’d especially like giving his s/o hugs, since he knew that in his arms, no harm would be done to his loved one.

Norway: He’d be okay with it. He isn’t a fan of loudness anyway, so he and his s/o would be away from all of the loud noises. During the times when it would be getting loud somewhere he and his s/o would be, he’d always ask his lover whether his s/o want to leave or not. And if there was someone making his loved one uncomfortable, he would told them to be quiet. If they didn’t stop, he would probably use a little bit of his magic.

Iceland: He is not a loud person, but Mr. Puffin would maybe cause some problems as he is a very noisy bird. His s/o would have to get used to him, but it’s not like Mr. Puffin would do it on purpose, so if Iceland’s lover told him, she/he is afraid of loud noises, he’d understand and would try to act a little bit more silent. Iceland would be very reasurring too and if his loved one was scared, he would actually consider giving his s/o a hug, even though he’s not a big fan of affection. He avoids loud places himself, so his lover’s fear wouldn’t make much of a difference to him anyway.

Finland: After hearing his s/o confessing to them that she/he is afraid of loud noises, would make Finland instantly hug his lover. He’d tell them a lot of encouraging words like “everyone is afraid of something and you don’t have to worry”. He’d always ask his loved one about her/his well-being if there was something loud nearby. Finland is very understanding, so he would immediately take his s/o away from something that was making them uncomfortable.

Sweden: He’s a man of a few words, so he would rather show his worries by taking his lover’s hands, looking in his/her eyes and telling his s/o words of encouragement. After that, he’d hug his loved one reasurringly. That would be his way of calming his s/o down. But usually, he would avoid loud places to not make his lover uncomfortable. It would be one of his top priorities to make his loved one feel safe and protected.

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Oh! Can I request some young viking nyo!anko family?

A group of brave shieldmaidens ex. little Ice who’s little too young to be fighting yet. Norway was known as “The Silent Valkyrie” and Denmark as “The Liontress of Battlefields”.