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In DenNor, SuFin, and HongIce... who is the one that steals the blanket

Norway: It’s Denmark.

Sweden: It’s Finland.

Hong Kong: It’s Iceland.

Denmark: … ah… Does that explain the times I wake up having been kicked out the bed?

Finland: Or why I wake up so warm?

Iceland: Or… Why you end up sleeping on the sofa?

All: Yep.

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Maybe just different characters in simple costume? Also of your taking requests, could you please draw Aph Iceland? I love your style so much and I really wanna see how you draw him!

What a little princess XD Sometimes i forget how innocent Emil is until i search up reference pics of him and just see a bunch of blushing, anxious screenshots of him :P



(He stares into the souls of mere mortal such as yourself x . X)

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Fluffy boyfriend headcannons for our nordic gang?

- Norway gets high key jealous if he’s partner is with any one else- even just talking. He does his best to hide it though.
- Sweden makes sure he accompanies his partner if they’re scared or if it’s dark as no one will approach them whilst he’s there.
- Finland will let his partner cuddle him as much as they want. He loves cuddly times and encourages it.
- If his partner is sad, Iceland will literally roll his partner into a sushi roll and will take care of them. Food, drink, movies, you name them he’s got them.
- Denmark is an overprotective boyfriend. He doesn’t mean to be, he just is. It can get annoying but he only wants to make sure they’re safe.

Hetalia freckles headcannon

(I love freckles they’re just so cute (~●♢●)~♡ )

America: the little dork has freckles all over his belly and a few scattered across his face.

Denmark: GINGER FREKLES ALL OVER HIS ARMS AND LEGS (i love this headcanon so much its a problem)

Belgium: she has freckles all over her face, collar bones, and shoulders, she loves showing them off by wearing shirts without sleeves

England: he dosent have many, but he is very insecure about them. He tries hard to hide them

Romania: he loves his freckles, he has them on his nose and all along his cheekbones

Luxembourg: he has very light freckles EVERYWHERE

Romano: mainly on his cheeks although he has one distinctive one above his eye

France: dosent actually have freckles but he wishes he had them, he finds them really attractive

Spain: his tan skin makes them hard to see but you can really see them when he smiles (not freckles but headcannon he has huge dimples)

Wy: cute little freckles under her eyes and on her nose

Monaco: she has learned to live with them, but when people point them out she gets really embarrassed

Iceland: it is dificult to see them, untill the sun comes up and makes his freckles pop (Poor baby has to deal with the other nordics teasing him about it)

Hungary: she has no freckles on her face, except for three near the corner of her mouth, but she has many on her arms and legs

Thanks to the bae for helping @aph-hungaryismywife ;)))

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Imagine Denmark and Norway cuddling on the couch while watching a movie, and then falling asleep like that. Iceland comes downstairs for a midnight snack, and upon seeing them, rolls his eyes and mutters, "stupid parents." Nonetheless, he covers the two of them with a blanket and kisses their cheeks goodnight, before going back to bed.



Continuing with that au where the Nations are public figures. All the nations that participate (weather they make it to the finals or not) in euro vision attended the final show. And of course the nation hosting the event co-hosts with the other human hosts. Which would be pretty unfortunate for this years hosts having to deal with Sweden’s face.