A dance of wind and water in Landmannalaugar, Iceland.


europe day 1: iceland

this morning around ~7 AM we arrived in iceland!  both of our flights were really exhausting, but we made it!  first, we got breakfast at a place in the city center.  i had pancakes; they were amazing!  next we walked to the national museum.  i’m not much of a history person it was a little boring, but it’s alright.  then, we went back to our hostel and crashed for four hours.  unfortunately, our northern lights tour got cancelled because of weather, and i didn’t get to take that many pictures, which is something i really wanted to do.

this past week at school was really hard.  thursday night i stayed up until 5:30 in the morning trying to finish an EECS project.  we made improvements but didn’t finish.  the project was to code euchre, which is a michigan card game.  it’s the hardest project of the semester.  i’m honestly upset that i didn’t finish the whole thing but i’m glad it’s over!

tonight we’re making dinner in our hostel because food here is really expensive.  tomorrow morning we’re going on a golden circle tour, and then we’re going to try for the northern lights again.


The cave behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland

beautiful icelandic words

afdrif, the fate of somebody

afturganga, a ghost, “one who walks again”

álfadans, dance of the elves

átt, the direction of the wind

augabragð, the twinkling of an eye

álfatrú, belief in fairies

bíldóttur, having black spots around the eyes of animals

blámóða, blue mist

blika, a cover of clouds, often foreboding storm or rain

blær, soft, calm wind

draugagangur, the walking of ghosts, a haunting

draumaland, land of dreams

dúnalogn, calm as death

dýjamosi, bright green moss growing in quagmires

fenna, to fill with snow

fjallavættur, a mountain spirit

fjúka, carried away by the wind

flygja, a ghost who accompanies a certain person

föl, a thick film of snow covering the ground

galdraöld, the age of magic

grængolandi, deep and dark green

gullbúinn, adorned with gold

hlakka, the cry of a bird of prey

hrafnagervi, the outward form of ravens

huldurdalur, hidden valley

kaf, to plunge into deep water

kollgáta, the true answer to the riddle

kossleit, looking for kisses

leirskáld, a bad poet

lumma, a pancake, or, the palm of a small hand

mói, ground covered with heather

morgungyðja, the goddess of the morning

mosavaxinn, overgrown with moss

náttúrufegurð, the beauty of nature

norðankaldi, a light breeze from the north

rammgöldróttur, full of witchcraft and wizardry 

rósóttur, with a design of roses

selslíki, the shape of a seal

sjódraugur, the ghost of a drowned man

smáminnka, getting smaller and smaller

sólskin, sunshine

stirndur, set full of stars

sumarsól, the sun in the summer

sæbrattur, rising steeply out of the sea

sælurdalur, the valley of bliss

undirsæng, a soft feather mattress

veturnætur, a few days before the first day of winter