Happy 41st Women’s Day Off!

(A photo of the protest in Reykjavík, banners reading “Equal pay,” “Women’s rights are human rights” and “The fight won’t end today.”)

On this day in history, Icelandic women in 1975 (oct. 24th) stopped working at noon to demonstrate their importance not just in the workplace, but in the home as well. Housewives as well as working women all over the country gathered to protest the gendered wage gap and discrimination in the workplace. At the time, they were earning less than 60% of what men did for the same jobs, and many did not even have the option to work outside the home due to hiring discrimination and lack of all-day daycare.

This left men to take care of children and in many cases meant having to bring them with them to work since all daycare was run by women. It also struck a blow with the workforce, leaving only a skeleton crew to keep many industries running, or shutting down entirely. 90% of all women in the country are estimated to have stopped work that day, despite the possible danger of being fired from their jobs for protesting.

At midnight, the typesetters at every paper which had failed to go into print on the 24th came back to work from protesting, and that day’s edition went out the morning after, printing almost exclusively news of the strike. 

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What is leon doing?? We haven't seen him in a while

Emil: …

*pik!* *pik!*

Emil: W-What is it now…?

Leon: Mind if I come in?

Leon: Want to talk about it?

Emil: No… 

Leon: Alright.

Emil: … Li…?

Leon: Yeah?

Emil: Thank you… Thank you for everything.

Leon: Of course. Don’t thank me, you nerd, it’s what I’m supposed to, like, do.

Emil: I hate all of this… I hate how over protective Lukas is, I hate how he doesn’t even care, I hate how small and helpless I was, I hate–

Leon: Emil, hush. It’ll be alright. You trust me?

Emil: Of course I do..

Leon: I will not let you over-protective brother, or anything else, come between us. Alright?

Emil: Okay. … Hey, Li?

Leon: Yeah?

Emil: I think… You remember what we talked about? We wanted to wait for… for ‘it’ until the right time?

Leon: Hm? What?

Emil: It.

Leon: It… It… Oh. Oh! It.

Emil: Yeah…

Leon: What about ‘it’…?

Emil: I think… Is now the right time?

Leon: Sure, I guess. Yeah, yeah it is.

Emil: A-Alright. Uh, here… Come closer.

Leon: Right, right. 

Emil: Li…?

Leon: Yeah?

Emil: Run away with me…

Leon: Name the time and place, princess…


Egil: … 

Tai: … What happened?

Egil: I don’t know. What were we doing, again?

Tai: Dunno. Nothing important, probably.

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Rolls out a scroll and coughs loudly……Greenlandic Icelandic relations.

Why they good tho hay hay? Bc. Icelanders held a concert to fundraise for Kulusuk, Greenland, a small fishing village, when their only music house burnt down. They held a concert to help rebuild a music house for a town probably no one else knew about. Like hello….That is so sweet.

Source: http://icelandreview.com/news/2013/03/22/musicians-perform-greenland-concert-hall-fundraiser

ThEY HAVE A website to celebrate their Icelandic Greenlandic friendship. No joke. It’s http://kalak.is ok. It is described as the Greenlandic Icelandic friendship association…..YALL.

Iceland helped Greenland start an Arctic Circle Greenland forum in which they can discuss and help Inuit problems!! It’s pretty amazing.

Source: http://www.uarctic.org/news/2016/3/arctic-circle-greenland-forum-registration-now-open/

Lastly ofc they had a three day trade fair in Nuuk to prompt and increase their commercial relations.

Source: http://www.icenews.is/2013/10/24/greenland-iceland-trade-relations-to-be-promoted-during-trade-fair-in-nuuk/#axzz4NlQgCAmt

There is probably more but you know just look at this ok look at them I love them….