Auston Matthews- Years Passed

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Anon: Can I request an Auston Matthews imagine where he meets his ex/love of his life (reader) from high school several years later and finds out he has a kid?? (Also smut maybe?) thanks!!

You Have no idea how happy I was when I saw this! And I don’t know why but i love this idea a lot so I hope this is what you wanted! I don’t write Smut I’m not comfortable writing it so there’s not any sorry about that.

Y/N smiled as she washed the last of the dishes from lunch with her four year old son Asher. She looked to him as he watched the hockey highlights from last night. When they switched to the Leafs Y/n smile disappeared he had no idea about his own son. She always wondered not telling him was the  best idea. As Asher’s father he had the right to know him and be in his life but she brushed the thought out of her head. He was away playing hockey when she found out she didn’t want him to worry about anything. So she moved out and to Alberta where a couple friends where.


Y/N looked to her son and met his eyes that he got from his father

“Yes buddy what’s up?”

“Can we go to an Oilers game some time?”

Y/N sent her little boy a smile he had been asking to go see an NHl game for the longest time. But she never really had the money to do but she had been trying to save money.

“Maybe soon buddy.”

he sighed “Okay.”

Later on in the day as Y/N was at the park with her son a some friends the talk of hockey came up.

“So Richard taking Liam to a Oilers Leaf game.”

“that sounds like fun, I know Asher’s been bugging me for months to go see a game.”

“Well I can’t go and neither can Liam friend why don’t you two join them, I know Liam would love to have a friend and Richard would like another adult to talk too and plus you know more hockey than any of us here!”

“No Molly I can’t I don’t know.”

“Come on you said Ash wanted to go this is your chance to take him.”


“No but’s i just texted Richard so he knows it’s this Sunday night my two boys will pick you up and drop you off.”

Y/N smiled at her friend who gave her smile back Y/N looked to her little boy as he sat on the swing set’s with his friends. After finishing up at the park and in the car Y/N told Asher’s about the game.

“So Buddy you know how you wanted to go see a Oilers game?”

“Yeah! I want to go see Connor Mcdavid!”

“well Liam and mr. Andrews have invited us to go to a game this Sunday.”


Y/N laughed before nodding making Asher throw his arms up in the air and start talking about how he was going to see his favorite player. The whole car ride was him going on and on about hockey and the game not that Y/N minded. That night after she finally got asher’s to bed she sat in her own bed on her laptop. When she got a message on facebook she opened it and was surprised to see it was Auston Asher’s father.

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Alexander Wennberg #1

anon: Can you do an Alexander wennberg one where you bring your new baby to meet the rest of the team? Love you writing:)

I’m back! and i’m so sorry that I disappeared for so long. I promise that i will post all the requests. Now… this is really not my best imagine, but hope you enjoy it!

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You were with your mom both sitting on the sofa. You didn’t go personally to the game because Alex didn’t want you to leave the house if it was not wrapped in that plastic with bubbles to wrap fragile things. You are pregnant of 9 months and the water could break anytime. Honestly, you were a little scared. Being a first-time mother was nothing you could control. Hormones are a constant up and down.

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ID #91747

Name: Helena
Age: 19
Country: Wales 

I’m a Welsh student in London! I’d love to get to know people around the world, not bothered about language as long as they speak english. Though I am learning Spanish, Arabic, French and Japanese!! Additionally, I don’t mind about age! I like literature, ice hockey and …. anything!!! Please do email me or get in touch!

Preferences:  English language, any age


Excited for season 2 of #letterkenny! These two remind me of Josh and Brayden! 😂🤣 #hockeyplayers #idols #frontcheckbackcheckpaycheck #hockey #canada #funny #comedy #icehockey #goon (at Canada)

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Having too much fun. FYI, I didn’t hit a car incase you all think I set that alarm off 😂 🚨
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