“What if Arthas had killed Kael'thas on Icecrown Glacier, and raised him as Lana'thel’s San'layn consort?”

Commission for silverr (@silverrnotumble)! Check out their pic related Blood King drabble!
It was a pleasure to work with such a plot <3
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Everyone seems to think I hate Illidan. Not true - Illidan’s one of my Big Faves in WoW canon as a hammy villain, I just cannot stand the current (and possibly due to change) Legion narrative where he is shown in a “misunderstood anti-hero/pariah” light despite his horrible trash actions and behavior. So here are some of my favourite Choice Illidan moments in canon as the garbageman he is:

  • when he stole vials of the Well of Eternity’s waters before the well imploded because he didn’t want to be without a font of magic and immortality despite the high risk of re-attracting Legion attention and corruption and then claimed he was doing it for the benefit of all kaldorei when he was called out on it
  • when Legion re-wrote his lore to show that he became a magister not because he had a higher affinity and preference for arcane magic over druidic magic (original canon), but because Cenarius thought Illidan was too much of a smug arrogant punk binch and didn’t want to teach him anymore (new canon)
  •  in WCIII after Tyrande breaks Illidan out of his prison he says he will only help her stop the demon threat because he cares for her, but proclaims he “owes his people nothing” and has no care whatsoever for the kaldorei and his former homelands, but later when he is banished from the people and lands he didn’t even like he got upset anyway
  • he spends the latter portion of WCIII trying to raise allegiances and formulate a plan to defeat Ner’zhul in Icecrown at the behest of Kil’jaeden, with the promise of more power and a second chance to join the Legion - when he is stopped from trying to melt Icecrown using the Orb of Kil’jaeden in Dalaran he tries to tell his thwarters that it was for a common good despite actively performing the magic to try to get in with the Legion
  • when he tries to march on Icecrown Kil’jaeden asks what’s taking so long and Illidan says he was trying to build his forces - he then effectively loses to Arthas, meaning that even when he was TRYING to join the Legion he still failed
  • he canonically wrote a book called “The Emerald Dream: Fact or Carefully Planned Out Farce Perpetrated By My Brother”
  • After gaining a score of allies to help reclaim Outlands every one of them leaves or betrays him, and his title of “Lord of Outlands” is always effectively listed as “self-proclaimed” on canon sources and wikis
  • Despite all his posturing he was not even the final boss of Burning Crusade
  • aside from defeating Tichondrius in Felwood during the events of WCIII, Illidan has never won or defeated a battle or character of note (even in Outlands, it required him and his allies to seal the demons away), including Gul’dan in Legion, who was already “defeated” by the raid - Illidan simply delivered the final blow at the last dramatic moment
  • when he brings Argus to Azeroth and grins at his work while everyone else looks on in horror, then doubles-down and begins berating and sneering at Velen asking if he understands the consequences of what he asks of his people
  • while Velen looks over the ancient, scarred ruins of the homeworld he could not save, Illidan immediately laughs and sneers at him, questioning where the Army of Light is without any regard whatsoever to what Velen might possibly be going through
  • literally started on the path he’s on purely to gain power and out of unbridled spite and jealousy of his brother and virtually nothing else

A very long overdue commission for @tevruden simply because I’m an idiot and somehow thought I had finished it when in reality I didn’t. Thanks brain!