Icebox Cool

Preferences - Snowed In


Nothing could have prepared Castiel for the hardships he would experience as a human. 

He felt as though he had been dropped into the middle of a lake, without so much as a swimming lesson to help keep him afloat. 

In other words, without his angelic grace, Cas was drowning in a life filled with uncertainty, loneliness, abandonment, and pain like he had never encountered before.

I suppose he was extremely lucky to have you as a friend. 

Castiel… well, ‘Steve’ at the time, made his first appearance in your life during an unplanned trip to the local Gas-N-Sip. 

Other than the enormous snowstorm seeming to lay claim over Idaho, it had been a normal weekday morning; and though someone with better judgement probably would have stayed home, you made the conscious decision to trudge into work. 

Thinking back on it now, you like to believe that you had been a ‘responsible worker-bee,’ rather than someone overconfident in their driving capabilities. 

Oh well… it had been a fun day, regardless of the fact that you had managed to get stuck in the snow. 

“Why can’t all vehicles come equipped with four-wheel-drive?” you questioned aloud, not even bothering to give your car a second glance as you walked towards the nearest gas station. 

Hey… it’s not like you were going to just sit in your car until the tow truck arrived.

Feeling a blanket of warmth surround you as you opened the glass door, you inhaled deeply, loving the scent of freshly brewed coffee. 

“Hello, welcome to Gas-N-Sip.”

Walking into the small store, you spotted the clerk, a lean man with dark brown hair, struggling to clean a Slurpee machine. His eyes had returned to his work, but even from afar, you could tell that they were a beautiful sapphire blue. 

“Hi.” you said in response, watching as the man continued to wrangle the machine. Remembering your own experience as a convenience store employee, you smiled. “Do you need need a hand with that?” 

You hadn’t worked at a gas station since you were a teenager; but Slurpee machines hadn’t changed much, and you never minded getting your hands a little dirty. 

“Really?” the clerk asked, seemingly surprised when you nodded your head. 

Completely forgetting about your snowed in car, you stayed with ‘Steve’ while he worked, helping him with small jobs when you could. You thoroughly enjoyed his company, and from what you could tell, he felt the same way, confiding in you about some of the bad luck he had been facing as of late, all the while listening as you shared about your own hardships. He was quirky, but appeared to be a genuinely good person, never crossing over boundaries that other men might have. 

“I have a question for you, [Y/N].” ‘Steve’ said, smiling appreciatively when he took note of you organizing a shelf of candy bars. 

“Go ahead.” you replied cheerfully, peeking over your shoulder to gaze in his direction.

“Though the snowstorm rages on, how did you manage to bring so much sunshine into my life?”




Sam Winchester hadn’t been prepared for a snowstorm.

…and he definitely hadn’t been planning for you to be snowed into a motel room with him

Not that he was complaining. 

You had met the younger Winchester during a hunt, just a few months back. He alongside his older brother, Dean, had been making to destroy a rather large nest of vampires, and upon learning your past with hunting, asked you to tag along. 

After saving both of the brothers’ asses from one of the more gnarly vampires (a minor hitch in the plan, according to Dean), Sam had taken to insisting you join him on hunts when he and Dean chose to pursue separate cases. 

You always accepted the invitation, never turning down an opportunity to spend time with Sa- gank a monster. 

Okay… so you had ulterior motives; but in your defense, Sam Winchester was one of the kindest men you had ever been lucky enough to encounter. He was  compassionate, funny, intelligent, and definitely easy on the eyes.

God, you loved a man who wasn’t afraid to keep his hair long.

Nevertheless, you had agreed to meet Sam in Ohio for a hunt, and in doing so, unintentionally landed yourself in the middle of a blizzard. 

“Jesus Christ, Sam.” you grumbled sleepily, listening as the hazel-eyed man reluctantly removed himself from the bed opposite to your own. “When you said that you needed it to be cold for you to sleep, I didn’t think you’d actually turn the room into a damn icebox.” Shivering as cool air nipped at your skin, you pulled the blankets tightly around your shoulders and buried your face into the cheap motel pillow. “Fuck, it’s freezing in here.”

“I never adjusted the heat, [Y/N].” Sam chimed from across the room, his teeth chattering loudly. Thankful for the daylight pouring into the room, you squinted your eyes and watched as the man tapped on the aging thermostat, his muscles twitching in protest of the cold. “Is the alarm clock working?”

“I’m not sure.” you replied softly, finding it increasingly difficult to pull your eyes away from Sam’s glorious biceps. “Why?”

“I think we might’ve lost electricity.” he answered, running a contemplative hand through his long brown hair. “The storm must’ve taken down some of the power lines.” 

Wonderful.” you groaned sarcastically, shooting Sam a mixed look when he chuckled. “I guess we’ll just have to continue the hunt tomorrow.” 

Rubbing his goose-bump covered arms, the Winchester nodded his head in approval, probably coming to the same realization that you had. In a town this small, most of the other buildings would be running on the same power lines; and getting a decent interview would be pretty challenging if everyone was bundled up indoors. 

“…if we don’t freeze to death.” 

“That’s comforting, [Y/N].” Sam snorted, his booming laughter radiating around the motel room. “But… I think I might have a solution for that particular problem.”

“Are you going to light a fire, Winchester?” you joked lightly, eying him curiously as he crossed over onto your side of the room. Gently tugging at the blanket still wrapped around your shoulders, Sam used to his head to motion for you to slide over. “Wait… what are you doing?

“Relax, [Y/N]. I’m not going to try anything, I promise.” With your heart beating wildly in your chest, and your stomach filling with butterflies, you allowed him to finish his explanation. “If we combine body heat, we’ll be able to stay warm until the electricity comes back on.”

C’mon. Did you really need to convince yourself into allowing Sam Winchester to be your personal heating blanket? 

I didn’t think so.

Allowing Sam to climb into your bed, you pressed up against the length of his muscular body, reveling in how quickly his warm skin thawed your chilled arms and legs. 

For the rest of that snowy day, you remained wrapped in each other’s comfortable embrace. You exchanged secrets, told stories of your most memorable hunts, and shared your plans for the distant future, quietly loving the positivity that seemed to roll off of Sam in large waves. 

“I’ll probably just keep hunting. Nothing too special.” you told him, squirming when his foot brushed against a ticklish spot on your calf. “How about you? What do you think your future is going to be like?”

“I’m not exactly sure…” Sam stated gently, an optimistic smile appearing on his strong features.

“…but I hope you’re in it.”




Dean’s preference is a bit more risqué than the other two. Just to stay on the safe side, I’m going to label it NSFW and add a read-more; though, it’s probably not entirely necessary.


Being trapped within the Men of Letters Bunker following a particularly harsh winter storm was absolutely no problem for Dean Winchester. 


He had been itching to give his prized ‘67 Chevy Impala a tune-up for weeks, and the accumulation of heavy snow granted him the perfect opportunity to spend the day hiding away in the garage. 

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