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How does 18th Century America feel about the supreme court ruling on gay marriage?

This is the most powerful victory for human liberty in the life time of the current American generation I will of course still hope for and commit my life to obtaining an even greater level of freedom, but words can not describe how happy I am… That I could be here in this future time and place to witness this victory… I’m shaking, and crying, and laughing, and crying some more….In conclusion I will say this, there are a lot of things in the world worth dying for, but liberty and love are worth living for.

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: Patching up a wound

growing pressure on his arm is the first thing that registers; whatever is squeezing it is soft, comforting, encasing and easing the pain he soon realizes exists; and it doesn’t take long to realize it isn’t the only place. his entire body aches; why?

slowly he works to force his eyes open, though it takes a few tries before he succeeds. he might as well have left his eyes closed for all he can see, everything around him a blurry mess – the only really recognizable thing being the form right beside him, a haze of blue hovering over what he assumes is the place his arm rests. 

❛ …satoshi..? ❜

nothing more than a hoarse whisper escapes him; he is damaged, broken, all the way through; why? why was he wracked with pain? why was the boy tending to him? 

what couldn’t he remember?

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listen to your heart! || status: NOT accepting

                     she feels TENSE, nerves strung tighter than piano wire, anxiety pulling at the lining of her throat.  her heartbeat is naturally pretty fast, but it beats as swiftly as the wings of a hummingbird beneath his sightless gaze.  she feels her pulse in her neck, in her wrists as her fingers trace a scar unconsciously.  ella can’t explain it, but she feels as though he’s listening to it, as though he can hear her heart pounding from across the room.   nails dig into her flesh at the thought.

                    finally, she looks up, unable to bear the utter silence any longer.

         “ – what are you thinking about, mr. MURDOCK?”

We’d gladly pledge allegiance to this ice cream flag. Liberty, justice, and flavors for all! (We took a little time to play with our food, but this ice cream all found its way into a milkshake). 🍦🇺🇸🍦🇺🇸🍦 Photo by @markweinbergnyc. by food52