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Blueberry whisked his hand away from EA’s.


If his theory were correct, EA would reset if he found out that Blueberry knew about them. It had been unfortunate that he had run into him now; one week was not enough time.

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Hi! Question if you have a sec! How do you recommend bringing chilled items or temperature sensitive lunch to school? :O I haven't seen lunch boxes with cooling or ice packs here T-T any advice is appreciated! ありがとうございます!

Hello! I’ve never taught at primary or high schools (I teach university and eikaiwa classes) (and I’m lucky enough to have access to refrigerators), but I do know that bento is meant to be eaten at room temperature. I went Googling and found this article. If I wanted to keep food fresh, I’d add dry ice packs.

Perhaps a bento expert like @sarafujimura or a teacher like @readysetgaikokujin can help out?

This has probably happened, but Paladins Super Hero AU.

–probably be some cool, ice wizard or something. Very ridiculous
–always hits on the civilians he safes
–sometimes has to be saved
–ice magic
–his normal persona is a poor collage kid going to school for piloting and lives with his boyfriend Keith
–Superhero Name: Ice Guardian

–hot headed, the fire to Lances ice
–is kind of selective. He saves kids and younger teens. But if needed and he sees it, he’ll help others
–fire magic
–he’s a rebel collage student with his boyfriend Lance, studying art.
–Superhero Name: Fire Guardian

–kind and caring
–helps everybody
–super strong/earth bending(thanks @sunnyinorlando)
–chef in a small family restaurant in the midst of the city, where his friends(Lance, Keith, Pidge and Shiro) meet every Friday.
–Superhero Name: Earth Guardian

–smol asshole, salty, vvv sarcastic
–would rather stay home then save the world but I.G(Lance) always pulls them out of their cave
–able to control plants/also vvv good with technology
–still a senior in high school so the youngest of the five Guardian’s.
–Superhero Name: Forest Guardian

–the ‘dad’, protective, friendly
–makes sure everybody is safe
–flight, cyborg arm, strength
–senior in collage, a pilot
–Superhero Name: Sky Guardian

Their lions are actually tattoos and they are ‘activated’ when one of them are in danger, so all five are activated, no matter what they’re doing. The only warning is a spike of heat originating from the tattoo. They can activate it if they aren’t in danger, it reads their adrenaline level, which spikes with fear, which will correspond to danger.

Their ‘costumes’ are similar to the lions, the tails and ears. They just appear once the tattoos are activated, along with armor over their body and face. They are called the Guardian’s, from an old legend of huge lions protecting the water, fire, earth, plant life and sky.

Shiro knows who the others are, but the kids are still figuring it out.

I can’t remember where, but there was inspiration for the tattoos. If I can find it, I’ll link it.

Oh oh! So… @bae-llura , @space-hunks and @sunnyinorlando what do you guys think?


Dad:76 making sure all his kids were stabilized with some granola bars and meeting other cool dads at Otakon.

Please tag other people if you know them!

The fantastic Mercy is @frostyghost

The crazy-good Soldier:76 is @buddaknife

The fellow Dad extraordinaire is @wizard-of-waz! Always good to see Dads looking out for their kids

Pidge is the Guardian Spirit of the Forest, right? You know what I want to see? Green thumb Pidge. Plant-powers Pidge. Poison Ivy without the evil. Suddenly there are plants growing all over the Castle of Lions, even though there’s no way that they’re getting enough sunlight or water, because Pidge sustains them. They fill up the kitchen, giving the team new herbs to cook with. There’s always fresh flowers in Allura’s room. Whenever one of the paladins is feeling a bit down, they’ll stumble upon a full garden right when they need it. If anyone tried to invade the castle, they’d be blocked by giant walls of thorns. And half the time Pidge isn’t even aware it’s happening.

But more importantly, I don’t want to see Pidge giving up their hacking and programming. They’re still a techno-wiz, that’s a huge part of their personality, and they wouldn’t just give it up because they’re apparently friend to all plants now. So they still stay up half the night working on decoding Galra messages, reprogramming the castle, creating new weapons and defenses for the team. It’s just now when it gets dark, these friendly glowing vines start growing into Pidge’s workspace, keeping it well lit even when the castle lights start going dim. There’s always a soft cushion of grass beneath them, and when Pidge inevitably falls asleep in front of the computer, broad leaves spread across their back to tuck them in.

Just plant powers!Pidge who is also still technophile!Pidge please