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Hajime, Hoshi, Mukuro, Mikan, ibuki, kiibo with shsl miracle s/o that lively and happy-go-lucky? Like good luck or miracles happen to them and people around them?

An Ultimate Miracle sounds interesting! I could see how it can come with a lot of flaws and unique traits for a character with that ability. It’s almost like having Ultimate Luck, in a sense. Anyways, it’s obviously not my original idea so I didn’t really get crazy with this. I just wanted to say it’s an interesting idea!

Aaaalso, I know I’ve already done this before, but I had to leave out Mukuro. Technically she’s a part of the first game, but not much of her personality is explained. So, I can’t write about her. I should really get crackin’ on watching the anime.

Hajime Hinata

  • Hajime’s the type of guy that stays grounded in reality, so at first, he’s pretty unsure about your talent. Not that he thinks you’re lying, but… your talent involves good luck and miracles? Really? He takes your word for it, but it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t take it seriously until he sees some extreme cases of it.
  • For example, you and Hajime are walking down the street. You’re holding hands, enjoying the day happily as you two usually do when all of a sudden, a car on the road suddenly swerves erratically until it finally flips over and ends up upside down on the road!! Whoa! That’s a huge tragedy, right? Wrong. The driver ends up okay, no one else was injured, and best of all, a rich businessman saw the whole incident and offered to replace the man’s car free of charge. What a lovely world we live in.
  • “Alright, S/O… maybe miracles do happen around you…” He’s still a little skeptical, but the more he spends time around you, the more he realizes it’s true. He’ll come to terms with it eventually.
  • The other part of his S/O’s talent, however, is what he adores the most. It’s your personality! Such a sweet and kind S/O who always looks on the bright side makes his heart soar and his mind clear up. Honestly, he needs more of that in his life since he can be too serious sometimes.  

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He believes you from the get-go, more or less. You’re officially an ultimate, right? Who’s he to say that you aren’t? However, before you two became a thing, he was adamant on making sure that you weren’t around him. He really didn’t want someone so positive being around a guy that was so negative, like him. But jeez were you persistent. How you two eventually ended up together is a miracle in itself, but that’s just the way it worked. He never stood a chance against you if being with him is what you really wanted.
  • He’s talked with you about your ultimate talent a number of times. He says it so casually, but his genuine opinion on it makes you blush every time. “I don’t think your talent makes it so you attract the miracles to others and yourself. I think you’re just the personification of a miracle. You just being around someone makes them feel better.” He’s just being honest. It makes him embarrassed seeing you so embarrassed… It’s not like what he said was that romantic, c’mon S/O…
  • He won’t really admit it, but he feels like when you’re not around him, something will go wrong. Nothing bad ever happens, but you’ve become such a ray of sunshine that without you there it’s like it starts pouring rain.

Mikan Tsumiki

  • Oh, she’s so happy to have such a kind-hearted S/O! Of course, when she first met you, she was pretty overwhelmed. Why were you being so kind to her? D-Did you want something from her…? Did you want her money? Did you want her to act like a pig? Strip? What?
  • She would’ve started apologizing as soon she saw the revolted expression on your face, but… there was only a bright smile. Then a cheery laugh, followed by “No! I want to talk with you. I like your hair! You look super cute, too.” From that moment forward, the Ultimate Miracle became very important to the Ultimate Nurse. There would still be moments where Mikan’s insecurities come into the mix, but they appeared less often than they would if Mikan would hang out with anyone else from her class. It was like you had the power to bring out the good in Mikan! After years of traumatic experiences, Mikan truly felt like she was experiencing a miracle.
  • Also, it feels like everything goes a lot better after Mikan starts befriending and eventually dating you. Unfortunately, since Mikan receives such highs of happiness when around you, she’s almost afraid of separating for more than a few moments at a time. Because of this, she can become really clingy and even a bit obsessive at times. This is the only negative side to her, but luckily with an Ultimate Miracle, only a good future is on the horizon for this couple.

Ibuki Mioda

  • KE-HAHAHAH! HOW CUTE!!! Ibuki thinks you’re super cute! Such a happy person, such a charmer! She honestly enjoys having you around, as you truly are a miracle. She would be the one most likely to not make such a huge deal out of her S/O’s miraculous talent, only using it to tease you every so often. Other than that, she doesn’t really think that your personality should be tied to your ability! You’re a person before you’re an ultimate!!
  • Ibuki likes having you around often, as you’re usually the only ones that can really keep up with her upbeat personality. You… might not be as energetic, but even without your abilities, you can certainly see why Ibuki acts with such passion. That’s what Ibuki looks for in a partner, anyways! She wants someone who can trust her and you do just that. Wow, what a MIRACLE her S/O is. (*・∀-)☆
  • Whenever Ibuki talks about her future, she sometimes tries to coax you into mentioning yours. Yeah, you’re a miracle, but how will you use it? What will you do? “S/O can always travel with me on world tours when Ibuki becomes ultra famous!” “There’s nothing I’d rather do! I would love to spend the rest of my life with you as you fulfil your dreams.” ZING, ONE-HIT KO!! You’re a keeper.


  • He’s a little confused on how harnessing the power of a ‘miracle’ can really be made into a talent. A miracle is a ‘surprising event that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws’… Does that mean that you are a supernatural phenomenon? He’d like to stick around and learn more about you, if that’s alright.
  • That’s how you both start learning about each in the first place. After hanging out with you many, many times (sometimes under the guise of wanting to learn about you, and totally not because he just wants to experience this joy inside of him whenever you are near) you two eventually wind up together. While there are many aspects of your talent that are still dubious to him, he enjoys the affects that it gives on your personality. Honestly, having such a lively S/O really shows him the positive aspects of human-kind. His perspective on humanity might become a little warped due to the amount of good things that happen to everyone around you on a daily basis, but for the most part it’s a great thing. He also inherits some of your attitude and becomes a little more brighter than he would’ve been without you. His S/O is a definite positive influence.
  • By some sort of miracle, Kiibo becomes a real boy! Just kidding. He does feel like he’s becoming more and more human the more time he spends with you, but that’s just because he loves you, not because of your talent.

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