• what she says: im fine
  • what she means: the death of Ianto Jones was completely unnecessary and it just makes me angry that they killed of a great potentially bisexual character (even though he said to his sister that it wasn’t men, it was only Jack) and no one cares about him and im just so angry that they couldnt let Jack keep someone he loved even for just a human lifetime and Ianto was so underappreciated and i really really love him and the audio books are great but i just wanted more of him in the tv show and i feel like they wasted a great opportunity for a great plot regarding him and Jack and they completely fucked the show up for me and series 4 sucks ass and everything sucks and I Miss Ianto Jones A Lot™ and then they both die and Jack wakes up among all the bodies and He Just Sits next to Ianto's corpse and mourns and i hate this show

Oh oh oh. How did we ever forget this beautiful gorgeous scene??

IANTO: It’s gridlocked. We’ll need a helicopter to get back to the Hub now.
JACK: Or a motorbike. Like this FZ Six, perfect for city driving.
IANTO: It’s locked.
JACK: Yeah. Not for long.
IANTO: Isn’t that stealing?
JACK: Commandeering. (Laugh.) I’ll give it back.
IANTO: In one piece?
(Motorbike starts up.)
JACK: Hello, pussy cat. Miaow! Hop on.
(Sound of IANTO going on. Motorbike rides off.)

Jack and Ianto. On a motorcycle. Together.

So who’s drawing it?? :D

I’ve seen this photo on Tumblr and Twitter this past week and what’s strange is I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Is it a rare one or something? Obviously unfinished since the official ones have a background to them. I’m not sure what I think of it, but doesn’t anyone have a better copy? Or others like it?? The only other one I’ve seen that I don’t think made it into the official publicity stills was this one, which I really like: