Happy Birthday TBS!

Today marks five whole years since the start of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw and it’s hard to believe I just turned on the radio that first morning to ‘see what it was like’ (I never listened to morning radio before Nick). The breakfast show fandom has been such a lovely fandom to be part of and I’ve got to know so many awesome people I would never have met otherwise.  Nick and the team have been a delight every morning and have been a constant through some pretty significant changes in my life! Long may it continue :)

Anyway, as I do love an archive, here’s five SIX vintage show clips to mark five years! Chosen by me purely because I like them.

2012: Finchy’s Love of Clannad  

2013: Teasing Ian and getting a slap for it 

2014: Positivity Bot Ragequits 

2015: Fearne and the Accidental Moony  

2016: Tina and her Crocs  

2017: What have they learned in 5 years?  

And of course all my other favourites tagged here XD


‘ Nick was on Greg James’ show today (around 5:20 I think) and he was hilarious. Any chance you can make a clip of it? Starts right after that Little Mix Song. So funny!’ 

‘Hiya!! Would you be willing to clip up Greg’s rage against the answering machine from today?? Nick was on it this time and decided to have a go at matt fincham, lol!’

Here you go! It ends a little abruptly because it went over 10 minutes by about a second and I didn’t want to make a youtube vid. It really does finish there though, I promise!



Alexa and Pixie dancing on Rihanna’s ‘Work’

'The dream was, that you and Harry were in a Ferrari - so far accurate, not a dream'
R1 Breakfast Show
'The dream was, that you and Harry were in a Ferrari - so far accurate, not a dream'

Ian dreams of Harry and Nick driving in a Ferrari, but we only get the on-air non-saucy version. (24.06.2014)

‘How did Harry look at you?’
'He didn’t look at me, he just looked at Nick!’
'Aww… never mind babe, better luck next time…’