Ian casselman

can we just thank marianas trench for being a GREAT band with amazing music that is loyal and dedicated. there are so many bands out there that use gimics and drama to attract fans that can’t work together, are only in it for the fame, or don’t take the music seriously enough. so thank you to marianas for, despite being underappreciated, being genuine, caring about the quality of their music and keeping music fun and drama free, and taking time to appreciate their dedicated fans

Why I love End of an Era

• Harmonies!
• Josh screaming ¿??!!¿?¿?
• Mike’s vocals I am LIVING
• References to every aLBUM
• Did I mention Josh’s screaming??
• So many harmonies I am singing them at once
• Josh saying ‘fuck’ !!!!!!
• But really the song parallels fuck me uP
• Matt and Mike backup vocals more like back me up into my fucking grave
• Ian’s drumming slays my life
• Honestly though Ian is the face of the band
• Seriously though if Josh doesn’t stop screaming I may end up in the hospital
• Shakespeare reference ??? Ouch !!!


Love this video to bits. Go watch it. Restore your faith in humanity.