Connected (Ch. 1)

Summary: The start of Ian and Mickey’s friendship as kids.

Word Count: 1238

Notes: I got this request in my messages! It’s a multichap fic where they start off as best friends and fall in love :) I’m already working on Ch. 2, shouldn’t be much longer!

Being that it was the start of a new school year, Fiona encouraged all of her siblings to try and make new friends this year. Making friends had never really been a strong suit for the Gallagher family, mostly because of their psychotic nature, but it was always worth a shot.

Ian was sitting on the floor with crayons in his hand and a coloring book in his lap when the second grade class walked in. He waved to Lip, and then turned his head to see the boy next to him. He was a short boy with raven colored hair and sky blue eyes. The boy didn’t look to friendly, but Ian was still intrigued.

Mrs. Gunter, who was Ian’s teacher, called the second grade class down to give the first graders a bit of an orientation being that it was the first day of school. All the kids were rowdy though, so the teachers quieted them by making them sing the school alma mater. They started the song, but the teachers had to cut is short because a certain student wasn’t participating.

Mrs. Gunter and Ms. Rex made their way over to the little dark haired boy that Ian was previously looking at. His scowl became even colder as the teachers squatted down to his level. “Mikhailo—” Ms. Rex started, but the boy cut her off.

“It’s Mickey,” he spat as he crossed his arms.

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Mickey Milkovich Deserved Better. Agree?

anonymous asked:

I wanna see people actually give a crap about Ian. Like taking care of him, letting him talk about his past trauma (ex working in the club underage, the two pedophiles, Monica's attempted suicide) and have him genuinely be for lack of a better word, happy for once and not just a toy the writers wanna fuck with. And then if this is the last season, have the family say they wont hate him for leaving, Ian leaves for Mexico and an end credit scene of him finding Mickey.

I don’t know if you have noticed but even back in season 1, everyone would be home except Ian and nobody would even notice. there was like one scene when Fiona was like “where’s Ian?” But nobody else even noticed that the whole family was there and Ian wasn’t. I hope that changes this season

anonymous asked:

If I could have one wish, it would be for Mandy to come back. I really loved her friendship with Ian, it was probably one of the purest parts of Ian's storyline. I'm so glad that her character made it out of the south side and is doing well but I just miss her

Me too! I really loved that Ian had someone like Mandy. He doesn’t really have any friends in his life and although I am happy for Mandy I miss her 😭😭

anonymous asked:

I want to see the Gallaghers admit to their faults. They constantly look down on others (Milkovich family, Sammi and Chucky, the world), without acknowledging their own faults. Lip is an arrogant asshole like Fi said who thinks he deserves the world, Fiona doesn't think her actions through and jumps head first, Debbie is self absorbed and still acts childish when she has a baby who needs her to grow up, ext.. Carl acknowledged he was doing bad, found a way to fix it and now is doing great.

I would love to see this. They all have faults and I don’t expect them to be perfect, but it would be nice if they could acknowledge or try to do better. Fiona needs a balance between putting herself first and being selfish. Lip needs to start looking at the people around him instead of focusing purely on himself, Debbie is finally starting to make adult decisions and hopefully, she continues to do so. I am so so proud of Carl recently! And also Ian who made a really hard decision, but ultimately he chose stability and his health over love.