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how did we get here

ok i try to be positive and try to have hope but im honestly sad, like im mad but just mostly SAD. Ian and Mickey had a lot of problems don’t get me wrong but since season 1 they had a good thing going, they developed and grew and gosh so many people loved watching them and they were talked about so much and now i see what’s happening currently and want to scream HOW DID WE GET HERE. how did we go from having gallavich focus and hype and screaming over the slightest progress they made and having hope of a future for them to getting excited of just the possibility of Mickey being back for 2 seconds. it just makes me sad how something so tragically beautiful could just be brushed aside and gone,everything the characters worked for and what we wished for to mean nothing now. Ian and Mickey didn’t both go through everything that happened for it to not matter now. for the writers to have this relationship/storyline for 5 seasons and then kick to curb makes me furious but once again just disappointed and sad

the fact that season 6 and now season 7 were/will be full of ian having new relationships and getting scenes we longed for Ian and Mickey to have is so upsetting. we as fans don’t deserve this at all and from the spoilers we are only being treated worse. the fact that Mickey is returning but just an episode before Ian is falling in love with another guy is just WHY WHY WHY. The fact that we will have 10 episodes of Ian falling for another man, having all sweet scenes we wanted for gallavich after a whole season of him falling for another man BUT just 1 episode of possible gallavich that prob won’t even be happy. it makes me sick. plan sick. I mean no one is expecting them to get back right away or at this point get back at all but the gallavich story does not deserve a rushed ending. i want the writers to make up for the 2 seasons of shit we got but clearly that won’t happen.

at this point i rather this jeep scene of Ian and Mickey running off together be the last time we ever seen them because then we can make our own ending of what happens to them and not be screwed over again. (but they will probably screw that up in 7x11 and 7x12) 

Rant Time: Spoilers

Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to have Mickey escape prison? Yes, we wanted him back but not like that. They couldn’t just have him get out of prison like a normal person. They have to shit on him once again. Honestly, if he doesn’t get caught, he’s going to be looking over his shoulder constantly and thinking that cops are following him. Ian is obviously running with him, so if he doesn’t change his mind, how the fuck is he going to get his meds? If they planned the prison escape and running away together, then Ian will have his meds with him but those only last for so long. So what are they going to do if he runs out?

Thanks to Sheila’s periscope last night, most of us are pretty sure that Ian will end up changing his mind while they’re on the run and go back home, while Mickey either goes off on his own or turns himself back in. Or they either both get caught.

Sheila said she was talking about heartbreak in general, not about on the show. But I’m still suspicious. And now we learn that Ian has went and seen Mickey multiple times in prison while the writers had us thinking that Ian couldn’t stand to be around him anymore. Like really? They let all these people shit on Ian all season long for what he did to Mickey and they were probably laughing about it. Ian really does love Mickey in his own fucked up little way, it shows that in the fact that he leaves Trevor just to run away and be with Mickey. If it ends in heartbreak for them, I will be furious.

Out of all the couples on the show, they deserve a happy ending. They’ve been through a lot of shit just to be together. I’m so damn tired of Mickey and Ian being shit on by the writers. Give them a happy ending. Literally all we wanted was for Mickey to have a happy ending, because out of all the characters he deserves it the most. If they go their separate ways in the end, they should at least have Ian tell Mickey he loves him, because Mickey deserves to know that he’s loved. If they don’t go their separate ways and end up going on the run and living a life that way, then if Cameron really does want to leave the show, that’s a good way for him to do it.

I’m so emotionally drained from all the shit that went down yesterday. We only want Mickey to have a happy ending, but we don’t even know if we’ll get that.

Sheila said that its ultimately down to the show runners to decide what happens, and we all know how John and Nancy feel, so I don’t really expect a happy ending for Mickey.

I'm convinced Mickey will leave Ian behind

Based on Sheila’s periscope about heartbreak and unsustainable relationships, it seems Gallavich will end for good in season 7. I’m calling it - Mickey will leave Ian behind this time. They already did Ian leaving Mickey, but doing it the other way will end Mickey’s storyline for good and give ‘closure’, albeit fucked up and unsatisfying, in a way that only Shameless writers can. It hurts my heart to think about the end of Gallavich after everything, so I wrote this post 7x10 jeep scene fic to heal my heart a bit. I hope it heals yours too;



It’s three in the morning when Mickey makes his decision. Ian is laying next to him, asleep, peaceful. Beautiful. Mickey’s heart feels heavy but his mind is surprisingly clear; the weight of his decision is lighter than the nagging doubt that followed him from Chicago to their shitty motel room on the i90. 

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