I A M I S I G O Spring/Summer 15 Collection: TABOO

You  were first introduced to IAMISIGO through their White Noise collection where the Nigerian fashion line further established their take on minimal design, influenced by African culture.  Offering a different design perspective from the last, IAMISIGO’s Spring/Summer 15 collection draws its inspiration from the Wodaabe, a nomadic Fulani ethnic group in the Sahel. Known as ‘People of the Taboo’, their magnificent culture is well-recognized for elaborate ceremonies and traditional attire that often celebrate beauty and sexual freedom. The new collection delivers bold statement pieces that fully embrace the strength and nobility of its influence in this extensive look-book release.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


STRANGER Boutique, Lagos presents SPRING / SUMMER 2015 EDITORIAL #1 “MYTHOPOESIS” featuring designers PEIR WU, U.MI-1, and IAMISIGO

‘The idea of myth making is something that has interested us at Stranger for a long time. The capacity for human beings to tell stories and imbue mundane or unusual events with greater agency through the use of narrative and myth is something that we believe has a lot of power. We worked with two young artists - Adeju Thompson and Tunde Alara - on this editorial, asking them to develop characters and environments with which to transport our models and the clothing they were wearing to something that transcends the every day.’ 

Read more on creating a mythology for the editorial on Stranger’s blog http://www.strangerlagos.com/blog/


Photography, Art Direction & Styling - Stranger

Artwork - Adeju Thompson (www.instagram.com/adejuthompson/) and

Tunde Alara (https://instagram.com/olatundealara/)

Models - Uju Marshall & Toyin Oyeneye


iamISIGO’s concepts are based on the designer’s unusual sense of style and unique ability to mix various trends. iamISIGO’s designs are based on giving an edge with simplicity, it’s not what your usual African designer would be doing but there is still that spirit of the my input in my label. Each design has a story behind it along with a concept that was created for it to come to life. The iamISIGO design aesthetic qualities are used to improve the marketability of the outfits: the smoothness, shininess/reflectivity, texture, pattern, curviness, color, simplicity, naturalness, and modernism all go into consideration.

Angelic! @IamSeyiShay at @MusicMeetsRunway on Saturday, December 21, 2013 at Eko Hotel and Suites ||| Dress: @ReniSmith | Styling: @BubuIAmIsigo | Photography and Makeup : #BAPhotoandFacesLLC | Hair: Bubu and Bu | #BuchiAkpati #BABeauty #MakeupbyBuchi #IAmIsigo #ReniSmith #GlamSquad #SeyiShay #MusicMeetsRunway #MMR2013 #MMR #Nigeria #ILoveMyJob

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