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I lost my iPhone last week. I was without my iWorld in the real world for about five days. While I experienced phantom phone vibration, alongside many mixed emotions, I mostly found advantages in this situation. So, if you ever lose your iPhone, or it gets stolen, or drowns within the depths of your toilet, please note the following lessons I have learned:

1.) While forcing you to disconnect, you naturally reconnect to your core being/beam (yes, you are a light). You might have this conflicting realization of how attached you actually have become to a piece of technology…that this iPhone has become your iWorld. And that’s ok. You can then reevaluate how you will approach the new iWorld and start making some changes (i.e. transfer photos to your computer sooner, only receive personal email via iPhone, not work emails, keep the screen clean, etc.)

2.) Clean your car. I cleaned my car with a glimmer of hope on my side. That glimmer of hope encouraged that maybe…just maybe my iPhone crept into one of those in between spaces where all the granola bar wrappers and bobby pins seem to escape to

3.) …in which I found a set of work keys I lost in July, my favorite set of stamps (among other valued art supplies) that have also been missing since July, and my car charger that has been missing since September. Though no sign of the phone, I felt as if I was winning. So know this: you find things. Really important things.

4.) Trust your inner workings. I realized that my natural body clock is ticking to the right tune; alarm clock shalarm clock.

5.) Skype over speed dial. I skyped with my Mom & Dad (who are across the country) instead my usual cell phone to cell phone dial. My father’s funny faces were priceless and my Mom’s dark nail polish made me so proud to see she’s getting out of her manicured comfort zone. You go girl #CEIL.

6.) You got good people on your side, even if they are 2,965 miles away. My mother must have told my younger brother my situation because once I entered my gWorld (aka gmail/gchat), he was all up on that Find You Phone app and attempting to help in any way he could. Amen to brotherly love.

7.) Stand under that iCloud. I finally figured out how this whole iCloud thing really works. Now I praise it.

8.) Bless the mess, acknowledge it, and get organized. I proceeded to finally organize photos, music and various folders on my computer (living in the iCloud)…something I have put off for months.

9.) Enjoy people, places and things. Like ice cream and fluff. My co-workers bought me ice cream complete with my favorite toasted marshmallow fluff topping…in addition to time in the sun and Friday afternoon laughter (winking at all you MAH-sters). 

10.) 7up, thumbs up. Use your thumb for more meaningful things in life. I played a mean game of thumb war. I found this much more productive than scrolling along that dang screen…which really only accumulates to fingerprints on fingerprints. 

11.) Escape to Cozytown, USA. There is nothing wrong with a weekend in hibernation mode. I cozied up and crafted like a maniac.

12.) Enjoy the little things. Seriously. People always say that, but it’s true; these little things amount to have a large impact in the grand scheme of life. I actually carved time to read, write and make silly little lists of my favorite words, an itinerary for an upcoming trip home…and this.

I am not going to try and be all cool and pretend that I didn’t miss my iWorld. Because naturally, I went through moments of withdrawals. Heck, I was on pins & needles all day awaiting my new iPhone on Monday, afraid that I would miss UPS and have to go another day without an iWorld. But then it arrived at 3:43pm; as I broke open the new pristine box, unpeeled that fake iPhone screen sticker and plugged my phone in to restore old numbers and settings…that exceptional glow of my new iWord sadly burned this virtuous glow of adventure in my heart. A part of me felt a feeling similar to when the electricity comes back on after a power outage; like a great adventure of resourcefulness was over. Like my imagination was taken down a few notches. Like this journey of unplugging to replug back to my wacky creative musings came to a crossroads leaving me with that question; how can I take the road less traveled in this iWorld …that one that makes all the difference?

Ah, the struggle of balance between real world vs. iWorld continues, but in this month of gratitude, I am thankful to have had this time to reflect upon these two worlds, to even have these two worlds, and figure out their coexistence within my weird, wonderful & whimsical life.


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