This book is like The Perks of Being a Wallflower for queers. 

Seriously, all my little queers out there go and read this book. Becky Albertalli put into words countless thoughts that have gone through my head so many times about being queer and coming out. I’m a freaking adult and I may or may not have cried a few times because so many things hit home. And now I’ve said too much. Go read it.

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How would you have set up CW at the end of AoU? I'm a bit baffled as to why it seems like...everything was dropped? Tony's mind isn't changed, especially after the creation of Vision, and Steve doesn't agree with that view, so I guess the seeds are still there but it's weird knowing that we have CW coming up and seeing AoU essentially "shelve" the issue until later so Tony can retire and Steve can train some new Avengers. It's odd to me?

i HONESTLY honestly thought ultron was going to be that driving wedge as soon as they announced that tony build it as a global peacekeeping AI system. and at first i was like this doesn’t sound bad! it actually sounds really REALLY good! just because it ties in so neatly into the ‘privatizing world peace’ and steve’s cap 2 arc, so when it happened in the movie, i’m like??

like honestly, i would have preferred if - obviously, taking down ultron was going to have to be a team effort - steve drew a line in the sand probably about ¾ way through. remember that scene when they’re all fighting right before vision got completed? i was like, YES, YES, THIS IS WHAT I PAID TO SEE!!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I PAID TO SEE!!!

so honestly, i was so surprised when they dropped that even though i shouldn’t be, i really shouldn’t at this point - in my ideal situation, steve would draw a line in the sand right after that point. like, you fucked up, we both know you fucked up, what’s more you fucked up a second time and you still think you didn’t fuck up. im gonna help clean up this fuck up but i swear to god stark i expect you to literally scrap every single thing you’ve been doing to this degree RIGHT AFTER WE CLEAN THIS MESS UP, AND IF YOU DONT THEN YOU BETTER FUCKING MEET ME OUTSIDE. and of course, tony would be like ‘you and whose army?’, and at this point, natasha would be like ‘me.’ haha MORE EFFECTIVE THAN AN ARMY

bc the thing is, so much of what tony’s done at this point would - if ANYONE ELSE did it - be the big Villain Origin Story. i’m not kidding. the worldwide peacekeeping attempt is a fucked up concept but the problem is that the narrative keep rewarding him for it, without letting him learn. you know that joke - tony stark at the end of each iron man movie: im a new man? it’s this. it’s this. over and over and over again, and no one ever calls him out on his shit. it’s such a fascinating character and arc but they never COMMIT. so honestly, my ideal ending would really have been an inverse of that ending: like, a real declaration of ‘if you step one more foot out of line’ on both their parts. a real grimdark tense ending, just everybody waiting for the other shoe to drop.


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