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Casts : Emmanuel Gradi, Sauvane Delanoe, Laeticia Lefebvre

Girl Power at its Finest!
Glad you guys are liking the pictures and information we are sharing. Tomorrow we will be posting the mini-review of the last two girls from the DC Super Hero Girls wave ONE! These dolls are set to hit shelves on February 28, so you better start saving if you want to make them part of your collections!

My friend @coulsart listened to me complain about my life the other day and apparently she’s not doing so hot herself recently - so although I’m litterally on the other side of the planet I can return the favor and at least pretend to give her cake

I can only hope you feel better Coul, and if I could actually bake you cake and give you lots of cuddles, I would <3


Colstead & Remma by Olivia_Janae

Art by cfkaatje

Emma is a huge fan of the newish cop drama, Crime & Punishment; though an even bigger fan of the ship ‘Colstead’. So much so that she has shelled out far too much money for this con. She can’t wait to meet and talk to her crush, Zelena Malvagio. But when she sees Zelena’s on TV partner alone in a wine bar one evening, her tastes begin to change.
Con fluff and tomfoolery.