like yall seem to not believe muslim women when we tell you that most male scholars and lecturers make us feel isolated and push us away from the deen. the fact that we literally seek out sheikhs that don’t spike up our anxiety and blood pressure and then literally rejoice when we do and share them with one another isn’t enough for you to see that the way we address women in islam isn’t problematic af at this point. *applies eye cream and goes to sleep* 

(non-muslims please dont reblog this this doesn’t concern you) 

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Consider a team with Oikawa, Bokuto, and Kuroo on it. Honestly rip.

rip iwaizumi hajime you mean

 and he’s not even on the same team 

drunken phone calls at 3 in the morning. bokuto and kuroo crashing date nights when iwaizumi visits oikawa. bokuto and kuroo giving iwaizumi the “you break his heart we break your face” talk while sweating nervously because iwaizumi’s looking at them like he’s ready to bury them where no one will find the bodies. (”I’m his best friend for christ’s sake you can’t give me the “don’t hurt him” best friend speech!”)