Led Zeppelin - LED ZEPPELIN IV (1971)

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Witch!Au || Closed

According to his father, Adrien’s mother had been a twlented and powerful witch unlike any other the world had known. His father, less talented in the ways of magic could accomplish simple charms and often worked his magic into his clothing, giving them a spark unlike any other. Yet his mom had dissappeared, and Gabriel’s designs had a different flair about them.
Adrien learned magic from his mother’s books, his father always much to busy with the affairs of his company to help. He studied things that humans would study while perfecting his own powers. His father told him that he was a very powerful sorcerer. Adrien didn’t feel powerful, after all, he couldn’t bring his mother back.
As the years progressed he expressed more of a desire to see and be a part of the outside world. He was finally allowed to attend a public school.
As he walked into class and sat down he felt a powerful source of magic, he had know doubt the witch or wizard whose magic he sensed had power to rival his own. He had tried his best to mask his own magic in case one could sense it and hoped that he’d managed well enough.
He took a hesitant seat next to a boy named Nino, and gave a shy smile while they waited for class to begin.