I was watching some Jeremy Kyle when ...

I was watching some Jeremy Kyle on ITV Player when suddenly I notice this.

That camera guy at the background was scratching his forehead

Then he’s looking at his fingers as if he scratch off some of his skin or something.

Then he realized that he may have been watched.

And then he clearly gave off the “clear off!” sign

I couldn’t help but to laugh at this and thought it’s good to share on Tumblr XD


UFO Debate - Banned From UK Tv Show “This Morning”

Published on 28 Mar 2012

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Lively debate with UFO reseacher Gary Heseltine giving it good to the debunker Prof. Chris French who uses his usual tactics of don’t bother me with the facts, lets just attack the witness on a personal level. Also UFO experiencer Brigitte Barclay talks about her sightings. The segment was quickly removed from the UK’s TV channel ITV’s internet I player watch again service for no other reason except that someone on high does not want the evidence getting out !!

Sky Anytime+ Makes Two Big Agreements

Sky’s Anytime+ service has been given a huge boost after the company made an agreement with two other broadcasters.

Now content from both the BBC and ITV will now be available for Sky customers through Anytime+.

This means that series and programmes past and present will be available as well as the successful BBC and ITV players.

This means that ITV’s popular shows such as Prime Suspect, Lewis and Cold Feet and BBC’s Doctor Who, Outnumbered and Top Gear are now available.

Speaking about the latest agreement, Sky’s Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch said: “We want customers to get the best out of their Sky subscription and Anytime+ is a great way to give them more control and choice over how they enjoy TV. We already know how popular Sky+ is and how it puts customers back in charge of their TV viewing. Anytime+ builds on that control and it’s no wonder we’ve seen such strong demand for it.

"Sky Anytime+ will go from strength to strength in 2012 and we are delighted that the addition 
of the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player will allow customers to also enjoy the best of terrestrial TV, whenever they want. We’re also delighted to be able to widen access to the service so that millions more Sky customers can enjoy the added flexibility it offers.”

Thoughts on data caps and traffic shaping

If you have a broadband internet connection, then you will have probably seen that your package has a fair usage policy of some kind on it.  One way in which they enforce fair usage is by doing what is known as traffic shaping. Essentially, if you download beyond a certain amount of data, then your internet connection will be altered so that all traffic for web pages, email and other types of low-bandwidth traffic will be kept at maximum speed. Higher bandwidth applications such as video streaming and P2P will be throttled down to a speed that will allow other people using the connection in your area a fair share of the bandwidth. 

The other type of fair usage enforcement is data caps. The way this works is that every month you have a set threshold as to how much data you can upload and download. Now this threshold is your uploads and downloads combined.  If you pass the threshold, then your throughput(the actual speed of the internet connection coming into and out of your house) could get throttled down to the point which is only acceptable for the use of emails and browsing basic webpages. 

Now the ISPs say that they are doing this to keep these so-called bandwidth hogs from degrading the performance of everyone else’s internet connections. However, technology pundit Leo Laporte(also creator of the This Week in Tech network) says that this argument is wrong and has a different opinion which I completely aggree with. 

There are some ISPs out there that offer packages of broadband internet, TV and home phone(i.e. landline telephone). They know that there services such as BBC’s iPlayer, the ITV Player, Sky Player, Sky Mobile TV and Demand Five.  These are services which essentially allow you to watch your favourite TV shows online after they have shown on TV.

Therefore, you can watch them whenever you want. Essentially they are scared that people would rather save money and watch TV on the internet using a computer as opposed to watching TV on a TV. They are scared that they will severly leak money.  Essentially, this is the ISP’s saying that if you download too much TV to your computer, then we will lose money. I (like Leo Laporte), believe that these companies simply have to invest their money into improving their networks. As a result of this, they are so scared, that they have to impose bandwidth caps and impose traffic shaping. This whole bandwidth hog issue for me is just completely lies. They in no way care for the interests of their customers. I am not complaining. 

Either way, let me know what you think of this issue by leaving a comment or an ask. By the way, I should also use this opportunity to remind you all that if you wish to send me an email, then you should be able to. I am getting the email address sorted so it should not take me long to get it up and running. 

However, virgin has announced that they will offer up to 100mbps down cable internet for £35 a month. That means you could download a whole CD full of data in just over a minute. They also offer 50mbps down cable internet for £15 a month which would allow you to download a whole CD full of data in just over two minutes.  So Virgin media are doing what they can to improve their network. Now these two services have no traffic shaping or data caps on them to the best of my knowledge. BT infinity have a 40mbps down internet connection offering with no data caps or traffic shaping for £26 a month.