Here’s a tip to coping with embarrassing moments: give yourself 30 solid seconds of thinking about what happened really hard, imagine the moment happening again and again then when the 30 seconds ends take a deep breath. This allows your brain to process what happened, accept it and move on, otherwise we just keep avoiding the thought of it and it’ll keep coming back.

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My 15 year-old brother is kinda going through a rough time because he’s, you know…in high school…and he’s not feelin too great about himself. He is a bass singer in choir at school and in two professional, nationally recognized jazz bands. He’s really mad that he’s not a tenor, though. He thinks people (girls are who he’s most concerned about) are only attracted to high singing voices. Can you all please give this a like or reblog if you love it when someone has a super deep voice? Doesn’t matter what gender or sexuality you are. I keep trying to tell him deep voices are awesome and attractive. He won’t listen. Do me a solid?