Ok, I guess I’ll be making a record of all of this… weird shit going on. Here’s the letter I found:


Hey future-me
It took hours but I finally finished transcribing the mp3s. I’ll be saving the important ones in the harddrive we keep you-know-where with this note, the rest of the notes and recordings are going in the safety deposit boxes or to Dr.G. like she wanted.
Remember don’t let anyone see that shit unless you really know they can believe you. Actually, fuck that. Its for the best that you don’t let anyone at all see this shit, especially if you still live anywhere near fucking Maine. If everything goes well you wont have to ever come back here, but we cant get rid of this stuff. We have to have something on them in case they want to try any shit. I know they probably wont, but we cant take chances.

Don’t go back to Oil Rock, even if they offer you a million fucking dollars. Even if you forget don’t fucking do it. If you are reading this and its not at the bottom of a fucking hole, that means you need to leave, you need to make sure R. is safe, make sure she remembers.

Please remember this ok?

If you are not reading this after digging the rest of the shit up, that means you’ve forgotten. So to prove its me this is a secret only we  know, I’ll include one only R. knows too:
For you: June 13th, we lost them

For R____: ███ ██████ in the back seat
Please stay safe. This is real.

Well thats how I write, it even has the way I write “harddrive” wrong and other shit. And that date is real enough, its when I buried Smoky, and nobody knew I had him. I’m not sure what R.’s thing is, but she was pretty shaken up when she came over.

Fuck, I hate to be all horror protag about this shit, but I want to know whats going on. A fucking picture came to R.’s house last night, and she is taking it bad and wants nothing to do with this. I’m happy that its one thing I remember out of this I guess, now I know this is for real at least. But I dont know if I want to go back to Yewnport.

 I guess I have to.