I have so many pictures from the 1989 Tour, but here are a few of my absolute favorite memories. From being front row at the first U.S. show in Vegas, then going to three shows in LA, and finally flying across the country to be in b-stage pit at the last U.S. show in Tampa, this tour has been absolutely incredible. From the friends I’ve met, the places I’ve traveled, and the memories I’ve made I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. I’ll never forget these memories because they are honestly some of the best days of my life so far. I’ve never laughed, smiled, or cried (of happiness) more than I have at the 1989 Tour.

. @taylorswift Thank you for these memories and for bringing these friends into my life. I love you and I can never thank you enough. Hope to see you soon!


hey guys!! well i finally got around to making this thing!!! a wwe sim about the shield - or at least whats left of it haha

it’s a lot shorter than what i would’ve liked since its only my first game, but i’ll probably end up making another one later

the game can be downloaded here!! just download the zip, and extract the files!

be sure to send me feedback about what u do or don’t like about it, if it doesn’t work, or how i can make any possible future games better!!

***it should work on all desktop platforms


I was finally able to get a costume/makeup test done for Anders tonight! Granted, it’s 2am here, so pardon some of the blemishes here and there, but I’m so happy to see it all coming together ;u; This costume has been a ton of fun (and has posed many awesome challenges) throughout its duration. I can’t believe that, once I touch up a few places on it, it’ll finally be done and ready for Otakon 2015!