Wow, ok, so I just reached 500 followers and I don’t know if that’s actually a lot but my personal has like 200 followers, so yeah, I am completely over the moon.
I had always wanted to start a fandom blog but I don’t think I ever felt fangirl enough to do so. Like, sure, I’ve been intense about 1D or Glee or whatever, but I’d never really become total and complete trash over something. Then this precious little gem of a show came around with its precious characters and the precious relationships it portrays and boy oh boy did I transform. I finally found a community where I belong and to be able to call myself a part of it knowing there are so so many talented people within it (whereas I stay on the reblogging side) is a HUGE honor.
So I really just wanna thank y'all, not for following the blog, but for taking me in and being trash with me and for letting me know that I’m not the only young adult fangirling over middle schoolers. I love you.

Also, extra love for ilyske for being my lucky 500! You absolutely rock and I am forever grateful.

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you wake up in bed, and roll over and see dan beside you. "hey babe" dan whispers. dan rolls towards you, he has a shirt on with a pocket but is naked from the waist down, you don't think anything of it because dan howell is in your bed. dan sits up leaning on his elbow and he leans in seemingly to kiss you. suddenly, an egg falls out of his tshirt pocket and smashes all over you. "god damn it. i didn't bring a spare egg." dan says angrily. "everything is ruined. i need to go" the end

i want this written on my gravestone


AOL LIVE: Daniel Sunjata and Aaron Tveit talk next season of ‘Graceland’ (x)

Recorded through OBS, clipped to start with the clip and end with, uh, the end, and uploaded on YouTube. This one was tough, and credit to you-know-who for slogging through the tech despite it all anyway. Worth it though, with over half an hour of relatively fun and interesting interviewing. Also, now more than ever, we’re sold: #longhairdefensesquad2015 (Although, yeah, it really doesn’t need to be this long, but I’m not really complaining. It’s cute AF, and probably won’t stay like this for much longer.)


Hello my sunshines (B
Here is the needy!Dan I promised you, although it kind of turned into something totally different as I got sidetracked, so I probably can’t even classify if as needy!Dan, but oh well, Ces’t la Vie. 

I thought he was asleep.

But the traces of his rough fingers circling my hips, the hot n’ heavy breathing down my neck, and the oh-so desperate grinding into my ass was a sign that he was most certainly awake.

Me, on the other hand, not so much. I had thought that stumbling into bed at 10 pm after a horrible day at work would be more that enough of an indication to Dan that I wasn’t up for anything tonight. But boy was I wrong.

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Let’s begin the liveblog! 

I’m always practically glowing on the inside whenever we get any characterisation of Sakura that matches her CCS counterpart. I mean, let’s be honest, I pretty much throw a parade when we get Sakura doing anything at all (I’m so sorry but I’m also not sorry at all), but things like this tend to catch me in a specific way that I tend to love all over again. More specifically, we have Sakura waking up late and rushing through everything, but doing so noisily and with no shortage of loud crashes. It’s one of the very first things we ever see her doing in CCS, so I’m overjoyed to see it come back again here. It’s almost impressive to see that growing up as the heir to a kingdom hasn’t affected her tendency to do this in the first place, but just imagine her doing this in a palace setting. 

Princess Sakura, late to the royal council but easily heard through all the awkward crashing and banging coming from the floor above. 

Princess Sakura, rushing through the halls in her fancy Clow Kingdom clothing and hurriedly tying up her hair as she goes, the castle staff only too used to sidestepping her as she goes by now. 

King Toya, ready and willing to tease the hell out of her as soon as she finally shows up, with Yukito at his side and mentally preparing himself to try calm the inevitable argument between the two. 

…I got a bit carried away there. What’s even happening.

Moving On

Request: The reader has a really bad nightmare and the Avengers try to calm her down but she refuses to listen or talk to anybody except for Bucky. Pairing: Bucky x reader
Warnings: Its really cheesy soz

You wake up by someone shaking your shoulders and yelling your name.

You bolt upright in your bed with gasps pulling your ribs together, clammy hands wiping at the tears that started to leak from your eyes as the images of your dream were still flashing through your mind. You can feel the panic sitting heavy in your chest, making you breathing uneven, even though you tried to control yourself.

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I swear, this video from Newsies syncs with every song.

Inspired by this 

pretty little angel eyes • it’s not unusual • december 1963 (oh what a night!) • you make my dreams • wake me up before you go-go • friday i’m in love • all star

Holiday tomorrow which means DAY OFF

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*sees you wearing a meninist shirt*

oh would you look at that hmmm what a neato shirt you got there. but I could have sworn that it’s called child brides not child grooms and that the large majority of human trafficking and sex enslaving is made up of females. hmmm strange. ohh wait and also it’s the women in some underprivileged countries in Africa that live in fear that their tribes will kill or banish them if they find she has an std that was given to her but a gang rape. but ok I guess…. wait no I seem to remember that it’s the women that get stoned to death for being rapped and I also seem to recall that in Mali it’s also the few women that escape genital mutations. but oki doki mens right and stuff thats like legit and stuff

Okay but why does the Chinese version of the QAF DVDs make it look like it’s a romantic comedy about an attractive straight couple and all of their goofy friends? [x]


Dean: you toss and turn in your sleep. Sweat dripping down your forehead. Tears rolling down your face. Dean rolls over to face you. “Y/N? Y/N! Wake up” he shakes you gently. “Y/n! Wake up. Its a dream!” He shakes you harder and your eyes shoot open, your hands grip his wrists and he protectively hugs you to his chest. “Its okay, it was a dream. You’re okay” he whispers into your hair, calming you down. Your tears stop slowly as you hug closer to dean. He plays with your hair and traces circles on your arm until you fall asleep again.

Sam: “SAMMY!” You scream out in your sleep. Your arms and legs flail about frantically. “SAM!” You scream again, waking the younger brother. your cheeks flood with tears as your nightmare carries on. “SAM!” You scream out for the third time and he runs over to your bed. He shakes your shoulders, attempting to wake you from your dream. “Sam!” You yell again and again. He shakes your shoulders harder and your hand grips his arms. “Sam” you sob and stroke his cheek with your fingers.
“Im here, its okay, you’re okay” he hushes you and you wrap your arms around him. “Shh. You’re safe” he whispers as he climbs into your bed, hugging you tightly to him. His fingers run through your hair as you sob into his chest.
“Never leave me” you cry into his shoulder.
“Never” he promises as you wrap your arms around his bare stomach.

The God & The Thief || Loki & Selina

Selina was itching to get into where they kept the files; it was almost too much, and kept the thief actively trying with some concentration not to pace outside Loki’s dorm room. In some ways, she was anxious- finding Johnny’s file meant well planned revenge and games that she hoped she would come out on top on, as she often did. 

However, finding her own file was a different story- she wasn’t sure how much the academy knew about her past, and thinking about the possibility of them having information on her sister that she didn’t even know about made her almost want to have a quick sit down. But of course, she was Selina Kyle, and she didn’t have time for that.

On the subject of time, when Loki’s door finally opened, she stopped pacing- apparently her concentration hadn’t been good enough. Offering the God an impatient look, she tilted her head, sarcasm dripping from the words about to escape her lips. He wasn’t even late, but Selina wasn’t the most patient student at Novus. “Oh, please- don’t rush on my account. Take your time.”


he died a dick death
  • <p><b>Gavin:</b> Geoff-<p/><b>Geoff:</b> Whats up?<p/><b>Gavin:</b> For fifty grand a month would you cough a dick out of your throat every morning?<p/><b>Geoff:</b> Every morning?<p/><b>Gavin:</b> It's just like sat perfectly-<p/><b>Geoff:</b> Flacid???<p/><b>Gavin:</b> Yeah, it's just like... imagine a whole frankfurter sitting in your esophagus every morning.<p/><b>Geoff:</b> How big is this dick?<p/><b>Gavin:</b> It's like seven inches of dick and its just sat in your throat and every morning you have to wake up and go *wretching noise* and it just comes out and-<p/><b>Geoff:</b> What do I do with it?<p/><b>Gavin:</b> -you can just throw it away.<p/><b>Geoff:</b> ... So i have to have a dick disposal?<p/><b>Gavin:</b> No you just have to-<p/><b>Ryan:</b> Is it gonna be human dick... or random animal dick?<p/><b>Michael:</b> Is it a dick that you'd have to explain if someone saw it?<p/><b>Gavin:</b> Yeah<p/><b>Michael:</b> Like you'd have to say "I coughed it up"<p/><b>Ryan:</b> There's no question about that.<p/><b>Jack:</b> Can you flush this dick?<p/><b>Gavin:</b> Yeah you can flush it- you could probably not flush too many of them, it would block your toilet.<p/><b>Michael:</b> If you flush one at a time you'll probably be fine.<p/><b>Gavin:</b> So basically you're getting 600 grand a year and 365 dicks in your throat.<p/><b>Ryan:</b> Is it like life threatening, do you wake up in a panic because of the dick?<p/><b>Michael:</b> Yeah, is there a chance you could choke and die?<p/><b>Geoff:</b> He died a dick death<p/></p>