10 songs + 10 mutuals

instructions: put ur music on shuffle and list the 1st 10 songs, then tag 10 mutuals

tagged by @mewchim and @bwingle an thank you for the top notch song recs loves!

  1. jhope - 1 verse
  2. the weeknd - six feet under
  3. frank ocean - super rich kidz
  4. hoody - baby oh baby
  5. tinashe - wrong
  6. j cole - she knows
  7. the weeknd - true colors
  8. drake - fire and desires
  9. sik-k - no where (i love sik-k so much pls check him out)
  10. childish gambino - the crawl

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So, I think another major failing that the Erins have is giving every villain a “sympathetic” backstory. Oh no, Scourge got beat up by Tigerpaw, but oh no, Tigerkit’s dad left him, etc, etc. Villains can thrive off of not being sympathetic – I personally tend to enjoy villains so much more when they’re bad just for the sake of being bad. 

Even then, you have to make a character sympathetic beyond ‘their childhood was shitty’. Okay? We’ve all been bullied. There are so many, much better ways to make a character sympathetic, or make them a good villain without giving a sob story. So many pieces of media have this down, but Warriors seems stuck in the rut of poor attempts at garnering sympathy.

okay guys theo isn’t going to come back until he is a NECESSITY. he’s not going to come back this soon. and you don’t WANT him to come back this soon. if he came back too early and when he wasn’t as necessary as he likely will be, it’ll be so much less powerful or satisfying. it’ll just be kinda. meh. so be patient and it’ll be so worth it because the more he is needed and the more they establish he is needed, the bigger the payoff will be. theo will come back when it’s time for him to come back. let them build it up first.

small psa: most replies will be taken care of on friday, if not on saturday. i’ve some hectic and busy days in front of me, and i probably won’t have the strength to sit down and work on drafts. thankfully i have one more free day this weekend, so hopefully i should manage to do something then.

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sasaki haise in aprons ╰(▔∀▔)╯
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How tumblr portrays Pokemon Go team leaders:
  • Candela: Smol and angry. Will fight you. Won't deal with none of your shit.
  • Blanche: Too good for you. They're beauty and they're grace. Secretly Kyoya from OHSHC.
  • Spark: Naruto. Meme lord. Precious child that must be protected.