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I'm eating macaroni rn. how do you eat them

nice and ?? idk i like to put the little fork nobs in the macaroni so its like one piece on each nob if that makes sense

like this beautiful drawing i made in paint


send me asks !!!

its cute that my little neighbor who is like 5 y/o says ‘good morning’ to me instead of just ‘hi’ bc he thinks im adult and all but in reality i cry because i love fictional characters so much

Yano, everyone wants to glorify and worship girls with scars and cellulite and stretchmarks and I’m here for that 100% (I’ve got stretchmarks) but I never see people supporting or doing shit for girls with severe, chronic acne and acne scarring, or any severe skin condition that is incredibly obvious i.e psoriasis, eczema etc. So to all my fellow gals out there suffering from painful, noticeable skin conditions that require medicine and treatment creams and make you want to stay in bed and never show your face: we’re beautiful and we’re hardcore as fuck for living with this shit daily

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Um...hello. This is kind of awkward, but I'm really having a hard time and I need help. I'm a girl with a vagina and I like to masturbate to lesbian porn every now and again. It feels great but every time I get really into it, my hand just backs away for some reason. I would try it again, but by then I'm too sensitive and I can't keep going. I'm still a little young, so its not like I can just go out and buy toys or anything. Do you know why this happens and how to stop it? Is this normal?

Just a word of caution if you are under 18 you should not be following this blog, aight? Aight.

Do you masturbate without porn - if so, do you find the same issue occurs?

If it’s only when watching porn/certain types of porn it could potentially be a deep rooted, possibly unknown fear of the consequences. You may not even know it but deeply set in your subconscious could be some kind of message that the porn is bad or something similar. That could create a mental block.

Try to relax yourself down as you reach that point. Take it in stages; don’t rush. Build it up slowly and your body should come to climax naturally. It may take several attempts over the course of weeks before you feel truly comfortable in yourself.

And, for the last bit ‘is this normal’. it’s a surprisingly common problem - not that that makes it any easier to cope with. You are definitely not alone and with the right understanding, I’m sure you’ll get there!

i think the shining feature of me3 is all the ambient dialogue (particularly when walking around in the citadel)

it really immerses you in the universe and makes it feel Real by giving all these random npcs their own motives, emotions, relationships, stories

like especially during a war?? its easy to forget that it affects everyone. but you get glimpses from the different kinds of relationships— refugees, doctors, soldiers (and their family and friends)

what i love about these conversations is that it shows everyday people doing what they can to help each other, whether its selling a fancy car to buy your friend some better armor or simply being there to talk with a girl whose parents might never show

i just. wow. what a game

Lizard Wizard

My favorite Elder Dragon, the infamous Chameleos!

You thought the Gypceros was bad when it came to monster-based theft? Pshaw. Chameleos is on a whole different league. This guy loves snatching up your useful recovery items without a care in the world with its super long tongue. Say goodbye to your Max Potions and Well-done Steaks! If Gypceros were a petty burglar, Chameleos would be the leader of the Thieves Guild! LVL 100 Sneak, the ability to turn invisible, mastery over the ultimate destruction spells… waitaminute.

Chameleos has a pretty straightforward monster design. Slap some wings on a chameleon and there you have it. Simple, yet the execution was brilliantly done on Capcom’s part in my opinion. One of the more unique Elder Dragon fights in the series, Chameleos behaves exactly like its little lizard counterpart with its twitchy movements and camouflage. Perhaps the oddest part of Chameleos is not its design, but the sounds it makes. What sound does a chameleon make you ask? It’s elementary, my dear hunters! Obviously a chameleon crows like a rooster! I shit you not!

And as a last note, Chameleos’ armor set is definitely one of my all-time favorites from the series. It’s literally a wizard themed set complete with pointed hat! The skills aren’t too shabby either, so they’re both fashionable and practical! Just like magic!

P.S. Battle theme-wise however, Teostra’s got Chameleos beat. Sorry Chameleos! The king’s got a good rhythm going!

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how do you make your cosplays look so clean? like no wrinkles, visible threads, pencil marks, linings showing, etc.?

We wash them! Ba-dum-tshhh.

More seriously, a few things:

  • Understitching. This is when you stitch the seam allowance to the lining side so that the edge rolls out perfectly. We often do this on hems, particularly on pieces like capes, collars, etc. It’s a little like topstitching, but since its only visible on the lining side, you won’t see it in the end.
  • Proper writing utensils. Ditch the sharpies and whatnot and get proper tools. We still use sharpies when drawing on mock-ups and whatnot, but whenever you’re touching your good fabric, you should be using the right tools. Tailor’s chalk, invisible marker, anything that is 100% removable after, etc, it’s all good. Don’t use anything that would leave a residue like soap, no matter how many Pinterest “sewing hacks” suggest it. Your fabrics will thank you when they aren’t covered in soap scum. 
  • Pattern and mock-up whenever possible to avoid running into issues with your final piece. Ideally, you should always mock-up even if time gets tight sometimes, but your finished project will be worlds cleaner if you’ve done a test-run to ensure the pattern works. I never bother lining or finishing my mock-ups, but just knowing the fit/shape works is enough to make it worth my while. Which goes hand in hand with…
  • Tailoring! Clean lines are infinitely easier to get when your tailoring is crisp. It can take years to get the hang of tailoring, but don’t get discouraged; keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it. But the other cause of wrinkles is…
  • Use your fabric correctly. Learn what the grain and bias of a fabric are and use it appropriately. If your garment has some weird wrinkles going on, it might be because you cut it diagonally or against the grain in some way, which changes how the weave of the fabric acts! Completely non-stretch fabrics all gain a bit of stretch when cut on the bias, and that can be a blessing to you or a burden if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing.
  • Keep linings subtle. Usually we use whatever is appropriate for the character – if the costume is blue, line in blue. If the character has a white underskirt, use white. I know some people like to line their costumes in wild scrap fabrics for the sake of using it up, but anything visible should be matching or neutral. It’d be weird if someone saw up the sleeve of your jacket and saw lime green with kittens, right? Likewise, using plain black or white can be equally jarring if the character normally wears a specific colour. Just match and you’ll be fine. If you can’t match the colour of the garment it is lining, then match the colour it will be going against. (i.e., Sumia’s boot stirrups are purple, but are lined with pink because the lower spat of her boot is pink and it will blend in anyway.)
  • Thread-snip. Usually one of the last steps is to go over the costume with a pair of small scissors and eradicate any hanging tails, but doing it as you go can come in handy too. When you’re lining things, odd are you’ll get a large build-up of loose threads inside… they can usually stay there without effecting the look of the garment in any significant way, but if your costume is red and white and you’ve got loose red threads trailing around inside, they might “shadow” through the white fabric and show up… and those ones are a nightmare to get out if you’ve already closed up the garment! Be a clean worker: snip and put it right in the garbage/pile/basket.

- Jenn

no but hear me out:

dave recording all of karkats rants like

“-nd on top of that pile of steaming hoofbeast shit, they set him up with his own morail! what the fresh fuck were they thinking? i would actually rather consume my own stinking shit than keep up with that ass-backwards series. oh, and then-”

And then he goes onto his computer, opens up his editing software and stitches bits of it together to make karkat say stupid stuff

“actually” “i” “fuck” “my” “own stinking” “ass”

“keep up with” “my” “ass” “series”

“i” “consume my own” “morail” 

like the juvenile little fuck he is. of course, its broken and disjointed, in different tones of voice, but the entire meteor finds it fucking hilarious

Karkat retaliates by telling dave he managed to alchemise aj for him but its actually just piss in an empty bottle.  

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can you imagine harry and eggsy having to go undercover to a dinner or a gala or something, posing as father and son, and eggsy just spends the whole time calling harry "daddy" as often as possible and just being a general little shit. and people are just like "its so nice that theyre so close :)))" (eggsy is still calling him "daddy" later that night as harry fucks him)

listen what i think the kingsman fandom as a whole needs to understand is that i am a lesbian and daddy kink has never been something i even considered UNTIL I JOINED THIS FUCKING FANDOM 

like do you have any idea how much i didn’t even know daddy kink was a thing? a month ago i didn’t know daddy kink was a thing. i had never heard of it. i never saw it before. and it’s not like i haven’t been online or reading fanfic since i was ten or anything, but for whatever reason i missed daddy kink in all of my fandom travels

until kingsman. and today i can’t count how many hartwin fics/ficlets i’ve read with it because everyone writes it SO well and it’s so reasonable to imagine in the kingsman verse. like it’s not a turn on for me, but like i get it? if that makes sense? 

so yes, here i go. writing mild daddy kink. b/c i’m trash. 


Look, he thought it would be funny. 

Since becoming Arthur, Merlin has been bored out of his mind. He doesn’t get to handle missions directly and help the agents while they’re in the field–No, instead he gets to /organize/ missions. Find out what’s worth their time, find out what’s profitable, somehow make the two work together, and then–oh, and then–he gets to pick and choose who goes on what missions. Then he fills out the paperwork, and half of the time by that point he has to change the mission parameters because it takes so bloody long. 

So yeah, he wanted to mess with Harry. The bastard “died” long enough to let Merlin take over as Arthur when really, it should have gone to just about anyone else because Merlin was best as being Merlin. (Roderick’s a piss poor mission manager and Merlin would REALLY like to kick the bastard to the kerb and take over himself while splitting Arthur-duties with Harry and Percival, but until an agent gets hurt or dies on his watch, Merlin has no authority to fire the arse.)

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Detroit, MI:

I busied my mind with the dramatic change in scenery as the clean buildings turned into abandoned, graffiti covered testaments to what was once a prominent city. Everything here was slowly dying, just like its occupants. Little kids littered the streets trying to con a meal out of whoever walked by and the older men and women sat in their porches or dead lawns succumbing to their fate.
Being here only brought despair and hopelessness to everyone around because only a couple of blocks in the opposite direction, houses gleamed with freshly cut grass and lawns shined brightly, the smell of fresh flowers wafting in the air.

—  A.L Nash

bad-auntie-ronnie answered: Dunno if you write it already, but pretty please for jelly/dominat Harry? “He’s mine” or something like this. :D

No problem! I went with jealous Harry. Hope you like it ;D (It takes a little bit to get to the jealous part btw)

When Harry and Eggsy finally get together, Harry’s even more eager to bring the younger man into his world. It’s not that he doesn’t like Eggsy for who he is. On the contrary, he loves seeing him shed that posh exterior after a day of work, seeing him lounging around the house in those gaudy tracksuits of his, and hearing him stomp all over the English language. Really, Harry’s quite fond of his ‘unpolished’ partner. But just as he enjoys Eggsy’s glee over a new pair of trainers, it’s a small pleasure of his to see him getting comfortable in Harry’s world. Eggsy loves the suits, the shoes, the respect that comes with it all, and Harry loves that he does.

Therefore, it’s not strange to see them taking a cab to dinner, both of them in bespoke suits with ties, oxfords, and carefully styled hair.

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