starts crying on my work break because we’ve all waited so long and experienced so many huge ups and downs in fandom but some of us are still here and the wait will be over soon and we’re all gonna celebrate so hard like we deserve.

being in this fandom has easily been one of the best things in my life, even with its ups and downs, and I just KAHDKSHDHS keep looking down at my SH and JW tattoos and tearing up


my best friend’s bachelorette… well I guess weekend, not party, starts today and I’m like fuck I absolutely do not want to go


So me and my friend Cortney (@freefood45) we’re trying to look up how to say Ted Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer in Japanese today. Google translate fucked up and it’s the best thing ever. It became this.

“Ted Cruz Is Located Inside The Zodiac Killer”

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OMF ELISE I HAVE THIS HEADCANON AND IM CRYING so we all know how terribly R pines over E & how argumentative he is, so what if whenever E asks "if you don't believe in the cause why are you here?" R says "well obviously its because I'm hopelessly in love with you Apollo" BUT BUT HE ALWAYS SAYS IT SO FLIPPANTLY THAT E THINKS HE'S JOKING then one day after a shitty protest E asks him again & he's really tired & R says the same thing but he adds the I believe in you & yeah I'm gonna bury myself now

Transparency, Grantaire had learnt, was the best concealing method. It had happened by accident, the first time. It had slipped out of his mouth, a Freudian slip of some sort.

“Grantaire, what are you even doing here?” Enjolras had said.

“Can’t you see I’m in love with you?”

There had been a moment of tension, of looks exchanged, of Grantaire cursing up to the slightest pebble present on this earth, before Enjolras had rolled his eyes and said:

“Jesus, you can’t be serious a single second.”

And just like that, Grantaire has gotten the ball of confessions rolling. They were weirdly therapeutic, in a way, though always rebuked. He had favourites: “I need something to keep me warm at night” “I need to fuel my fantasy factory” “You have the most captivating eyes I’ve ever seen.” “You make me feel alive.” All were met with the same annoyed expression, and Grantaire, his heart lighter, could burden it all over again at his leisure.

Until one evening, after a particularly failed protest. Exhausted, Enjolras was bearing the traces of a rally gone wrong. After pointing out the flaws of the original intentions, Grantaire had met an icy stare.

“Then why did you come at all?”

“Because I believe in you,” Grantaire answered, matter-of-factly.

Enjolras seemed to take that in, reflecting on it for a second. Grantaire almost started when a hand closed on his shoulder.

“Thanks that’s… thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

also did u guys know i’ve genuinely lost 70 lbs like its a fucking thing ive done by eating better and exercising holy FUCK and i have a ways to go but like im doing this shit and i just got a gym membership and im going to be studying for the GRE and im actively looking for a therapist bc sometimes u just need to talk shit out u know and just focusing on me bc 2016 is the yr of realizing shit and what ive realized now more than ever is that i have control over myself and im gonna be the damn best me i can be so like fuck it ya know im gonna be so damn hot and smart or hotter and smarter than i am that ppl wont know what the fuck to do

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Pssst… Happy Birthday, Len. <333 More John for your dash.  Ah ha XD <3

OMG JEN!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAA!!!! This is fantastic!!!! More John is always the best thing to have for my dash, you’re the greatest <33333


I remember, back in November, i saw a post on someone’s dash. I did not know who this person was, all i knew was that this person liked Muse and their url was @starlightdeadstar .The person asked if someone wanted to talk about Muse with them. And i thought ; “why not?” The person introduced herself as Jade, and we got along immediately. And Jade and i talked every day since then. We talked about Muse and many more things, and she never failed to make me laugh. I’m so happy she is one of my best friends. Jade you mean the world to me and it means everything to me that we’re able to meet, even though i’m poor now and it took us since Februari to convince our parents. 😂 But TODAY is the day! ITS GONNA HAPPEN! IN A FEW HOURS ILL FLY TO ENGLAND AND MEET YOU!!! I look forward to these amazing days with you! I’m sure we’ll have the best time ever! I love you girl ❤️ see you in a few hours!

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Reminder to write that thing where both Jerrod and Mel are depressed over losing the Classical Radio station once the Institute is destroyed, and everything’s fine and dandy and they’re having a good cry until Jer starts bear hugging her and she just nopes the fuck out and shoos MacCready into her place.

And he’s like, “Yeah uh … It really sucks that …Tea-Kovsky guy … can’t hear that wonderful hissing … yeah" and Jerrod just cries even harder.

ok i see everybody is talking about how awful spaleb is and that they’re a mess and spencer is a mess bc of it and shes losing control and everything, and some people are even disappointed on her. And im here thinking that… its true. But im gonna add something and with this im gonna be backing up the ‘spencer has a twin sister’ theory (and maybe shes A, bc otherwise idk why this new character would even exist lol. but im not gonna talk about her twin being A rn).

We know Spencer has lost it a couple of times before, so its not really that surprising to me, what i find kinda weird is that shes a mess bc of this boy, caleb, like they’ve been together for idk two or three months. Also would Spencer really date Caleb? her best friend’s ex? (she did have a thing with her sister’s boyfriends, so maybe). But the thing i find the most suspicious and weirdest is that she told caleb she LOVED him, like woah ok?? its been like two months and you love him?? i mean the time they’ve been together is not really the problem but lets remember spencer had a really really long relationship with Toby and tbh i dont think she would get over him this fast, i dont think she has, so why would she say that she loves caleb? Maybe bc thats not our spencer, maybe thats her twin.

And also im gonna say that spencer hasnt really helped with anything this season? like it feels like she doesnt care that much about what the other girls are going through? Wheres the brilliant spencer? Wheres the Spencer who would put her problems aside to help the others? Wheres the STRONG spencer? i get that shes a human and she is vulnerable too but this is not the Spencer we’ve known, so either this is her twin.. or the writers are messing this character up real bad

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Ughhhhh I've got my senior photos soon and i'm NOT exited about them. Somebody call the boys of BB bevause they make me smile like no other human beings on the planet and if they could just be there and mess around and be the giant dorks that they are that'd be amazing!

Oh no!!! Well, the next best thing I can do is include some amusing BB photos for you to look at/think back on, maybe that will help.

Me thinking about BB existing: 

Ben: “The old people on that cruise, they’re all dead now.” Keith: “((yikes))”

The Sex Face Meme™ :

This work of art:

Tfw your thirst for bae is quenched (am I talking about Hi-C or Keith, we just don’t know) (yes we do) :

And if you need them being ridiculous in video form, check out one of my favorite concert moments ever (or click here if you can’t see the video below) :


ayy yall, im holding slots open to be featured in my first animation type thing. this will take a LONG time, it’s probably gonna be a music video (using Cake By The Ocean by DNCE) but the slots are to be animated and put somewhere in the music video! it will also be featuring me, janeykara, evergreenstream and the ghost satellite crew!!
disclaimer: the animation probably won’t be the best and it’ll take a lot of time. it’s my first and its going to be full length, and im not very experienced with the app im using either.
if you want to be featured/claim a slot, you must reblog this with “id like to have a slot” or something along those lines. i will message you and i will need a picture of you or what you plan to look like in the animation. the final product will be posted on my YouTube channel, which i will try to upload to from the mobile app? idk. feel free to ask me anything if you are confused

SLOT 2: TAKEN TO @prismacolorful’S OC
SLOT 3: TAKEN TO @danielagerardo22
SLOT 4: TAKEN TO @mctoddagram
SLOT 7: TAKEN TO @thodox

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I'm currently in a long distance relationship and we haven't met yet and its been 4 years. I'm scared that if we do meet things wont workout in the end especially because of your story. You're still young (i'm assuming) so it's never too late for anything to happen

Since you’re anon and it’s not clear in your message, I’m not sure if you’re looking for support or advice here and not knowing your age or previous experience makes things difficult too but I’m just gonna jump in and answer this as best I can.

I would say that personally 4 years is far too long to be in a relationship with someone and never meeting. I was with my ex for about 7 or so months before we met IRL and I don’t think I could’ve waited any longer than that. 

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but trust me, things can turn out totally different once you meet and spend time with each other in person. You don’t know what kind of chemistry you’re going to have and if that’s going to work out in the long run. Thankfully things worked out well for my ex and I when we met and we visited each other regularly but it was hard. When we first met it was very awkward for the first few days and every time we met up again it would be awkward for the first few hours of seeing other until it felt ‘normal’.

Again, I don’t know your situation and why you haven’t met up yet but I think it would be best for you to have a sit down and seriously think about where things are going with your partner and meeting up ASAP. I have to be honest here, things might not work out for you. They worked out for my ex and I for 6 years and eventually it came to an end, but that’s ok. I still wouldn’t swap those 6 years for something else and I don’t regret those 6 years being with him. If you’re happy then enjoy it and live in that happiness. But if you have doubts and worries that are on your mind regularly you need to assess them and deal with them because they won’t just disappear.

I am still young and honestly it feels like I’m just starting my adult life for real. Since we split I’ve grown so much as a person, I’ve built so much confidence in myself and my anxiety has gotten so much better. I’m starting college in a couple of months and I just feel so much less stressed and just much happier. 

My point is, even if things don’t work out with your partner it’s not the end of the world. I know it might feel like it would be, I used to think that too but it’s not. Whatever happens anon, you’ll be fine and you’ll get through it ♥

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This is gonna sound hitty but honestly i dunno if its just Jess, i feel like its a group thing since she and i think two other people are writing. Maybe like with tv shows each person has more part of that ep vs others? It feels like some eps have way differnt style compared to the next one.

but thats the thing

you are supposed to have a team of writers so you can share ideas and filter out whats the better approach and whats not

ur not supposed to give full control to each and one of them in every ep thats not how working teams are supposed to work

I haven’t been feeling feeling the best emotionally, so I wanna cheer you guys up because I don’t want anyone else feeling bad either!

I want you to know that I love you guys! You’re definitely worth life, and I know you’re gonna do great. Go out there and do that thing you wanna do! I believe in you! Take care of yourself! Its hot out this time of year, so stay fed and hydrated! don’t give up on yourself! It may seem difficult now, but it’s gonna be worth it in the end! If there’s anything you need, or if you just wanna talk, my door is always open! You’re all fantastic human beings and I love you very much!