If there’s anyone who’d like to speak in Spanish or Japanese with me I’d really appreciate it! I’m trying to learn both right now and I think I’d retain things a lot better if I had people to talk with (just shoot me a message if you’d like to!! If you’re just learning also it’d still be good)

Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……

Anyway, be nice to bi girls because they’re lovely and cool and probably really fucking annoyed at being constantly misrepresented or erased in most media portrayals due to toxic biphobic societal conceptions of their sexuality.

20 years in the future
  • My daughter: Mom, I found this show called Voltron Legendary Defender on your Netflix account.
  • Me, in my Red Lion jacket, gently placing my Red Lion mug down on the table: *long, suffering sigh*
  • My daughter: Is everything okay?
  • Me, softly: So it has to be like this, huh...
  • My daughter: Mom? What is it?
  • Me: Katie, please go get your brothers Takashi and Keith and your sister Allura. There's something I have to tell you.

okay but can we talk abt how having asd makes u really vulnerable to abuse and it’s fucking awful??? like. being unable to fully distinguish between sarcasm, jokes, and when someone’s just being an asshole means that it’s incredibly easy to gaslight you. any time someone hurts you or says something blatantly abusive/rude they can just say “i was just joking” and sometimes even go so far as to say “i was just joking it’s your autism making it difficult”. anything you do or anything that upsets you can easily be excused by your abuser as you “overreacting” because you’re autistic. and of course, there’s the abuse that happens in General to autistic people, like teachers/caregivers who abuse you bc you’re “misbehaving” or parents who refuse to get their children diagnosed until the damage is already done bc they want a “normal” child and don’t want a crutch… anyway i just wanna say that if you’re autistic and have been abused because of it or it’s been used as an excuse for people to abuse you, you’re not making things up or overreacting. it’s okay to have feelings and be hurt.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Tonyrhodey/Iron Husbands is such an underrated ship

The long-term bond? The snarky jokes? The searching for three months after everyone said he was dead? The affection? The love? The college stories? The shared interests? The engineering dates? The stupid nerdy conversations? The fact that they’re both genius engineers with a silly love of blowing things up? The mythbusters reenactments? The working on the war machine suit together when their hands touch? The love and support they give each other? Tony learning to remind Rhodey how much he loves him? Rhodey coming home after a rough day in the Air Force and being able to just be himself with his husband? The superhero banter? The teasing? Oh god, the nicknames? The ridiculous, ridiculous nicknames? Their mutual overprotectiveness? Rhodey hugging Tony when it gets too much? Tony giving Rhodey literally everything in the world, including emotional support? Learning to be functional human beings together? Rhodey shaking his head and rolling his eyes at him? Angst while they’re working through their problems? Knowing each other so well that they can predict each other’s reactions? Tony wanting to just pamper Rhodey because he just loves him so much? Them taking days off together? Slow kisses because they know they have the rest of their lives together? Fast kisses because even so, they can’t get enough of each other? Quiet days, just being together? Tony waking up and looking over at Rhodey and smiling to himself because he looks so peaceful and happy and god, he loves him so much? Rhodey smiling while Tony has a grease mark on his cheek because god, he loves him so much?

This ship has everything, honestly. It’s so underrated.


aka. the moment Rory wants to say something and Logan’s waiting for her to say it and she just doesn’t

It’s almost as if she just wants to go to the gym

Something that I’ve been wondering about for a long time: why is it that I sometimes watch something in Arabic and it has English subtitles and there’s a really simple sentence and I read the subtitles and think ‘wait I know every word in this sentence’ and then suddenly understand what they said in retrospect but I couldn’t understand it while they were saying it? I just don’t recognize the words even though I know them? What’s up with that? Is that something any of you have experienced before? 


it’s a hard-knock life