Being married to Bilbo Baggins would involve...

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So you are married to the World’s No.1 Cinnamon Roll, let’s face it

Lots of cuddles, because he’s a freaking cuddle monster and anyone who thinks otherwise is welcome to fight me

He’s heartbreakingly sweet on anniversaries and your birthday and all that stuff

He gets you really personal thoughtful gifts, and can’t take the smile off his face when he watches you open them

Doting on little Frodo why does this sound like a euphemism to me

Reading to each other all the time

He also sketches your portrait a lot

He tries to hide his drawings but you’ve seen them all and they’re amazing

You almost faint when you answer the door one evening to see a band of dwarves looking for your husband

“Bilbo what the f-” “-fantastic surprise to see these lovely and slightly dangerous looking dwarves? I couldn’t agree more, darling.”

He refuses to let you go on the quest for Erebor with him

“It’s too dangerous!” “It sounds fun…”

You have to spend a year listening to everyone in Hobbiton whispering and spreading rumours about your husband

When he comes home you both cry and just hold each other for hours

He wakes up screaming about orcs and battles and dwarves some nights

You hold him and sing softly until he falls back asleep

He came back from Erebor a different Hobbit, but he’s still your Bilbo

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Dating Derek Hale would include . . .
  • hugs from behind
  • him burying his face in your hair when he’s stressed
  • being close with Boyd before he died
  • “Babe,”
  • annoying the life out of Peter
  • and vice versa
  • massages
  • rough kisses 
  • no PDA whatsoever
  • but that’s a totally different story if he’s jealous
  • being his anchor
  • the sarcasm is strong in these two
  • simultaneously yelling “Shut up, Stiles!”
  • actually being pretty close to the pack
  • but preferring to stay with Derek on most days
  • being allowed to drive his car
  • being best friends with Cora
  • him just smirking during your arguments
  • “You’re hot when you’re mad, babe.”
  • “I’m going to rip your throat out with my teeth.”
  • “You’re going to have to stand in line.”
  • attempting to cheer him up during his bad moods
  • him waking up in the middle of the night to check on you
  • him refusing to give you the Alpha bite if you hadn’t already gotten it
  • lots of sparring together
  • it usually ends up with him on top of you, breathing heavily
  • or vice versa
  • and then cue the rough make out session
  • the clingiest boyfriend ever
  • surprise back hugs while you’re cooking or talking to someone else, he’d rest his chin on your shoulder and just quietly be there with you
  • neck kisses
  • him nuzzling his nose against your neck when he’s tired and him muttering that he loves you over and over again
  • he’d smell so good all the time oh my god????
  • a lot of bickering because he’s just a stubborn idiot but once he realizes you’re annoyed with him LOTS of aegyo
  • which leads to you laughing
  • which is his favorite sound in the entire world
  • basically he uses aegyo anytime he wants to hear you laugh because he’s just so embarrassingly cute when doing it
  • lots of public affection; small kisses, hand holding, hugging while waiting in line for something
  • couple bracelets and rings
  • would literally show off your gifts to anyone who would look at him
  • if you buy him a tshirt he’d wear it at any given moment he could
  • lots of facetime calls when he’s away
  • he’d express how much he misses you 
  • would probably cry if he misses you that much
  • would result in your telling him that it’s coming closer and you’ll be with him again even if it’s weeks away
  • lots of silly selfies on your phone from him
  • sends you pictures of him and kihyun being complete dorks
  • sends videos of their car rides to different venues which consists of him and shownu singing girl group songs, hyungwon sleeping in the background, minhyuk and kihyun stealing his phone to sing to you instead and wonho laughing during it all
  • sends you a video at night to tell you about his day and how much he loves you and misses you
  • ends up kissing the camera and being like ‘thats the best i can do for now im sorry’
  • he’s basically a giant mush ball
  • is completely in love with you
  • would actually be the cutest boyfriend in the world
  • really protective
  • wouldn’t get jealous and if he did it’d be if someone else made you laugh
  • like hey that’s my job 
  • literally such a caring mushy fluffy squishy boyfriend who someone needs to date like now
things i learned about lpl from dude soup
  • lawrence went with omar to get fitted for the gimp suit 
  • (the people at the store thought lawrence and omar were together for about 45 minutes)
  • they’d planned this and no one else in the lets play family knew about it
  • lots of lube was required to get lawrence into the gimp
  • lawrence spanks really hard according to adam

and also, adam made a joke about being james’ gay boyfriend but how is that news? 

Wednesday 11th November // 11:58

Happy Halfway Day!

I have no lectures on Wednesdays, which means a day to study and get. things. done. 

Things I keep on my desk whilst studying:

  • Bullet Journal
  • Pen/Pencil Pot (ft. Stabilo felt tips, colouring pencils, scissors, and a holepunch)
  • Stabilo fineliners
  • A big ol’ bottle of water (drink your water, people)
  • A picture of my partner, for inspiration & motivation
  • ASUS Chromebook - even if it does only have Momentum open on it

Lots to do today, because I’m away at the weekend, so best get cracking!

sex with Luke would include:
  • watching cheesy porn together and trying to reenact it
  • lots of giggles
  • slow thrusts
  • him whispering so many sweet things in your ear
  • “you’re the most beautiful girl in the world”
  • breathy moans
  • over stimulation
  • tons of grinding and teasing
  • “god, i’m so in love with you” 
  • he would be super sensual 
    • candles and rose petals and soft touches and background music 
  • light spanks
  • constantly complimenting you
  • him being super into watching you get yourself off 
  • “so so pretty”
  • shaky breaths 
  • looking up at you with hooded eyes as he eats you out
  • wanting to cum together every time
  • “don’t stop, please, don’t stop”
  • kissing your neck as you both come down from your highs
  • more giggles as you two cuddle and kiss each other 

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More About Me 

Here’s a mini me I drew, and she’s wearing all the things I usually would! So here’s a kind of inventory I guess: 

✓ Navy blue striped schoolbag full of mostly loose change and textbooks full of doodles, and of course my laptop 

✓ Pretentious artist’s clothes, the mustard-yellow sweater, the denim mini skirt

✓ Van Gough print sketchbook + my tablet are always on me!

✓ Messy hair with a bad dyejob (it has an iridescent purple sheen that clashes with, like, all my outfits)

✓ Iridescent moonstone necklace my mom gave me, I always wear it

✓ Lots and lots of rings! You can’t really seem them on my chibi hands, but I wear at least 5 every day, as well as 5 earrings 

✓ Thick cateye eyeliner… all day every day 

edit: just moved the second doodle into the same post, trying to clean up a bit hehe

ok so i have seen ‘you want to stay away from credit cards’ in a few posts lately and all you youngin’s are about to benefit from my age and expertise (i am in the real estate/finance industry) bc i wish someone had told me this when i was a lot younger. credit cards are NOT BAD and are in fact VERY USEFUL FOR ESTABLISHING GOOD CREDIT, which is super important (read: required) if you want to:

  • buy a house at any time in the future
  • buy a car
  • take out any kind of loan with an interest rate that won’t slaughter you (with the exception of federal loans, which have fixed interest rates at the time of application nationwide and tend not to be based on an individual’s credit)
  • signing an extended agreement for cable/security systems/a handful of other services
  • your insurance rates will go way down
  • some leases will require it
  • lots of other stuff

it’s really important to establish your credit EARLY. here are some things that factor into your credit that you should think about:

  • what is your debt to income ratio (how much do you owe vs how much you make)
  • gross debt (total amount you owe)
  • how many hard credit score checks you’ve had (a ‘formal’ check is a ‘hard’ check. something like is not a formal check and is a ‘soft’ check. you can have as many of those as you want) (this is not a huge factor but it is a factor)
  • length of time since last new line of credit/debt (right after you take out a loan to buy a car, your credit score will go down a few points. making on-time payments will make it go up.)
  • total number of on-time payments***
  • number of lines of credit*** (each source of debt is one)
  • duration of credit history***

***these three are not only HUGE parts of your credit history, they are the ones that are SUPER EASY to control, and the reason why you should not be afraid of credit cards.

esp for people who go to university, you’ll start to get credit card offers in the mail about when you start turning 18, saying you’ve been pre-approved for a card. find one with the following characteristics and apply for it:

  • no annual fee (you don’t actually have to Pay to own the card)
  • 0% interest rate the first year is p typical and doesn’t really matter
  • some kind of rewards like percent cash back or miles or whatever
  • read the fine print for some kind of language that says that the card will not start charging interest if the last bill was paid in full. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT bc what it means is that as long as you pay off the credit card on time, you will not owe any interest. because of this, as long as you pay off the bill as soon as it’s due, you’ll never generate debt from the card

take this card and use it for small, routine purchases. do you go out to eat a lot and usually pay with cash? that student loan payment you have that you usually just take right out of your bank account? a new pair of shoes that you’ve saved up enough money for? pay with your credit card, then pay off the bill right away. make sure not to buy anything that you can’t pay with cash Right Now, and always pay your bills on time. in as little as a year, you can get a credit score in the 700s, which will get you the best interest rates, p much sails you past any loan officer checks when you want to take a loan, and plus you can brag about having kickass credit when most people don’t have any.

while i’m at it, there’s a cool app called mint that helps you manage your money. it’s never too early.

a small disclaimer that you should definitely talk to someone you trust re: money issues because while i am in the industry i’m definitely speaking as general advice and not specific to any one person. also this is USA specific. sorry everyone else, i don’t pretend to know how your financial systems work.