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I think this moment in the scene is overlooked because it’s rather subtle.

When they walk up to the GP Surgery, Simon is well behind Kieren, letting him lead their way (as will become typical).

Upon entering, Simon is looking at Kieren (first pic) for cues.

When Dr. Russo calls Kieren’s name, Simon’s attention switches to Dr. Russo and his expression hardens (second pic). Whatever Kieren thinks of this situation, Simon distrusts medical personnel (and with good reason, considering his horrific experiences with them, ESPECIALLY the ones involved with the care of PDS patients).

Simon’s reaction to Dr. Russo approaching Kieren is to move from behind Kieren to in front of Kieren, and stop moving (third pic, though it’s easier to see when they are in motion).

He doesn’t place his body between Kieren and Russo, he’s not blocking anyone from interacting or stopping Kieren from doing anything he wants to do… but he HAS placed himself in such a manner that Russo has to keep his distance from Kieren or else be weirdly in Simon’s personal space. Simon has also placed himself into a position to defend Kieren in an instant if needed, and his gaze is placed off to the side of Russo in such a way that suggests Russo doesn’t need to worry about him because he isn’t even paying attention to Russo. In fact, the rest of his body language suggests his mind’s attention is 100% on Russo.

I love, lovelovelove, this facet of Simon. He trusts Kieren to take care of himself, doesn’t restrict him from doing anything he wants to do, but Simon places himself in a position to step in if he’s needed. 


The more and more I watch this, the more and more I love Kieren. We’ve seen him move from someone who can’t even bear to look himself in the mirror without hiding himself, to someone who finally accepts who he is. What’s even better, and what I like most about Kieren, is that he didn’t do it for Simon.

Sure, Simon planted the idea in his mind. Take off your makeup, be who you really are, don’t cover up. But in the events preceding this scene, it’s Kieren who gets fed up with having to pretend, with having to hide himself for the comfort of others. It’s Kieren who recognizes the bullshit going on, and Simon doesn’t say a thing at the family dinner.

Kieren gives a glance to Simon, as if to say, “You were right all along,” but ultimately his glance shifts back to himself, because this decision is for Kieren, by Kieren, and totally about Kieren. This. This is why Kieren is my favorite character, possibly ever.

I’m new to the fandom, so this has very probably been discussed before (and if it has, do feel free to link me to said discussions - I’m very interested to see what others have to say on this topic), but I couldn’t find any meta about this in particular in the In The Flesh meta tag, so I decided to speak about about my interpretation of PDS as representative of HIV and AIDS.

For anyone who isn’t aware, Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a lifelong virus transmitted via bodily fluids such as blood and semen. There is no cure, although there are treatments available to prevent the virus from reaching its final stage, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS, and to give sufferers as normal a quality of life and lifespan as possible.

AIDS was first diagnosed in the USA in 1981 and in the UK in 1982 and was predominantly associated with three groups of people: queer men, sex workers and drug users due to unprotected sex, sex with multiple partners and blood transfusion through sharing syringes (it was in fact initially termed GRID, Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Disease).

This is what first got me thinking about PDS in relation to HIV. Like HIV, there is no cure to PDS, but daily medication can prevent the condition from escalating into a stage at which quality of life is dramatically decreased - the rabid stage. Since rabid PDS sufferers run a high risk of being killed, particularly in Roarton, the parallel between the fatality of reaching the final stage of PDS and HIV becoming AIDS also exists.

The central characters which suffer from PDS also demonstrate parallels with the AIDS crisis. Taking said central characters to refer to Kieren, Amy, Simon and Rick, three of the four - Kieren, Simon and Rick - are queer men, and Simon is also a former drug user. In fact, these characters’ queerness and drug use may well be regarded as the cause of their PDS:

  • Simon died as a result of his drug use, administered via syringe.
  • Kieren killed himself after Rick’s death - his death, and therefore his PDS, was the partial result of a relationship with another man.
  • Rick quite possibly joined the army in an attempt to make his father proud. His card to Kieren (‘This shite with my Dad. I’ll sort it. Swear I will.’) makes it clear that his father took issue with their relationship, and his bedroom, covered in posters of half-naked women and none of half-naked men, suggests that he is uncomfortable expressing his queerness around his father. His final death is of course brought about by his father’s refusal to believe that he was himself after he disobeyed his father’s orders in defence of Kieren. It’s not a difficult stretch to assume that a motivating factor in Rick’s decision to join the military was a desire to show his father that he could be what he expected his son, as a man, to be - a desire to escape the effeminate stereotype attached to queer men. As such, it may be said that he, too, died and became a PDS sufferer as a result of his queerness.

Amy is of course not a queer man, a drug user or a sex worker, and those are not the only people vulnerable to HIV - anyone can contract it - but her association with Kieren and Simon retains the allegory. A lot of contemporary biphobia stems from the AIDS crisis, when bisexual men were regarded as one of the greatest threats in terms of spreading the disease to women and then, through pregnancy and birth, to children. While Amy has sex with neither Kieren nor Simon (since they have no functioning organs or living blood cells, it’s doubtful whether cis men could become physically aroused in order to have sex at all), she romantically associates herself with them both, referring to their fantasy future weddings.

Kieren has also been confirmed by Dominic Mitchell to be bi/pansexual, and thus the allegory is strengthened by his central narrative role. It’s also notable that, despite this authorial intent, the only two people with whom he is canonically involved are male.

Series 2 also introduces a brothel - we then had references to the three types of people with which the diseased has been most commonly associated. The bigoted attitudes of the living towards PDS sufferers, the use of slurs, and the ‘coming out’ of sufferers through going out without their cover up mousse or contact lenses also exhibit strong parallels to attitudes surrounding HIV. Likewise, there are the misconceptions and paranoia, particularly well-exhibited by Dean being put into quarantine after being bitten (much like how people avoided touching HIV sufferers and feared that the virus could be spread by kissing).

There are also direct connections between homophobia and anti-PDS attitudes, such as Gary’s “I don’t take orders from a lad who wears make up,” make up being not only associated with PDS but also (with men) associated with a queer context, and a queer context rooted in the 80s and 90s, when drag and make up in general in the gay male scene was particularly popular. Additionally, a common effect of HIV was Karposi’s sarcoma, a cancer that can result in large purplish marks on the skin which some people would cover up with make-up due to the stigma attached to HIV and AIDS. Members of anti-assimilation groups in the 80s and 90s such as the Gay Liberation Front and Queer Nation often refused to wear make-up in order to make the (often homphobic) people around them more comfortable, which is reflected in In The Flesh through the Undead Liberation Army.

For more on the AIDS crisis and the resulting activism, an excellent place to start is the fantastic documentary How to Survive a Plague.

You know what would be great, though?

If people sympathized with Maxine and called her misunderstood and woobified her.

You know, like other antagonists.

She’s not a poorly written stereotypical character.

Is the problem really that a black woman was cast as an antagonist with a tragic past (as if fandom doesn’t LOVE this type of character), or is it that fans don’t treat her the way they would if an attractive white male actor got the role?

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"A part of me wishes I liked Rick more" OMG you're the only one I know who actually feels that way, too! And I can't actually explain *why* I feel that way; his situation is horrible and *very* realistic, his story was superbly well done and I can perfectly understand his motivations but I'm still kind of uncomfortable with him?

Well, I know you and I aren’t alone, because I’ve had this conversation several times in private. I wasn’t entirely honest when I said I had no idea why I felt that way about him, because I do know, and it’s because he’s violent, and he treated Kieren badly.

When he finds out Kieren is dead, his first gut reaction is to shoot the hell out of that target. When he talks to Kieren about why Kieren is undead, he flies into this short, violent rage where he beats on the dashboard of the car- and judging by the way Kieren assumes the slightly-hunched “just wait until it’s over” posture when that occurs, this isn’t the first time Rick’s reacted like that to something. I hate that. I just hate it, right down to the very core of my being, I hate that reaction and I’m 100% glad Kieren is nowhere near it anymore, especially as it was coming from someone he loved and should have been able to trust to be peaceful around him. I hate thinking about how things might have gone if Rick had lived; I hate thinking that this sort of unreasonable rage might have ever, ever been turned on Kieren someday, but I do think that, and I am incredibly over protective of Kieren Walker.

At the pub, when Gary makes jokes directed at Kieren that are meant to be degrading, Rick just fucking laughs along with them. He doesn’t stand up for Kieren even though he could have. One “cut it out, Gary.” would have been enough to shoot Gary, who is still uncertain about where he is supposed to stand with Bill and Rick right now, down and keep him from teasing Kieren. But no. Rick laughs, and there’s no surprise on Kieren’s face when he does so, which tells me that’s typical.

And I’m sorry, I don’t care how bad of a situation he was in with his father, leaving without telling Kieren he was going, when he had to have known for weeks, is unacceptable to me. He flat-out made a decision about what Kieren could and could not handle, what Kieren did or did not feel, without ever asking. That was both selfish and wrong of him to do. Yeah, that conversation sucks, having to tell someone bad news sucks, I get it, but you fucking do it if you care about them. You don’t abandon them without a word and you definitely don’t do it “for their own good,” which is basically what Rick’s shitty excuse amounted to.

And I get it, I do- I get that he came from a bad situation (a terrible situation, one I would never wish upon anyone), was raised in a bad situation. I get that his father was shitty (unimaginably shitty, and I hate Bill the most out of everyone on the show), and he was scared of his father and conflicted about what to do, and raised to believe things that were shitty, and I feel bad for that, I do.

But there’s a difference between having an understandable past and trying to excuse your current shitty behavior. Yes, I understand his past and feel bad that those things happened to him. No, I do not think it excuses some of his behavior.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why the fandom is so much more vocal about Gary hate than they are about, say, Bill Macy, who is imo the most despicable character in the series. 

Apart from the obvious “this fandom doesn’t care enough about Rick Macy” angle, I think it’s because Gary is the less frightening of the two. 

Think about it, what does Gary actually get done? Pretty much nothing. His attack on Amy in S1 is horrible but Amy picks herself up and carries on because she knows she’s better than him; his foul language in the pub backfires spectacularly when he ends up being choked by Simon; as close a call as the Blue Oblivion incident is, Kieren overcomes it. 

At the end of the day, our heroes are stronger than Gary. 

Bill, on the other hand, Bill is destructive. He might not achieve his ultimate goal of goading Kieren into a second suicide, but that doesn’t make the murder of his own son any less horrific. 

Kieren is the only survivor, but he certainly hasn’t won. 

So with Gary, unlike with Bill, we feel safe making joke posts about how much we hate him. We can bring it up all the time because we don’t have to think about the consequences of his actions because really… there aren’t many. But we can’t do the same with Bill because when we think about why we hate him we also have to think about what he did, and no-one really wants to think about that. 

No but if we got a series three they could totally further the metaphor of pds as sexuality and mental health issues
Like we could see the media start to fetishise it and teenagers start getting contacts to look pds and it could all turn on its noggin and THIS IS WHY WE NEED SERIES THREE

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You know what I love about ITF (besides everything)? How there's no sexualisation at all. Of the two (I believe?) times we see Amy in a bra, once is when she shows Kieren her scars (so not a sexy situation at all), and once is after her night with Philip, where she's just sitting there (as female people do) without any zooming in or emphasis on her nakedness. Even Kieren and Simon have their backs turned to the viewer when changing. I can't even begin to tell you how refreshing I find that.

Oh God, yes. I hadn’t really thought about that until now but you’re totally and completely right.

Despite the romance and intimacy and the actual sex between characters like Amy and Philip, there’s no sexualization at all. Not of the female characters and not of the male characters; no gratuitous nudity shots, etc.

It’s pretty amazing and is absolute proof that you can have half-naked people in your television show or movie without it being super sexualized.

God bless In The Flesh and its makers. ;_; There are so many perfect things about this show, I just dunno what to say about it.

Predicition: Connie Furness is the first risen

Reasons why I believe it:

  • Sandra was not willing to share the night of the rising. Something happened. Something important. 
  • Connie is the most prominent tertiary character, always visible on the periphery but never with clear focus. Nonetheless, the audience knows her, without actually knowing much about her.
  • No backstory is given. No one is even asking her. 
  • Connie lives in the same house as Maxime. Maybe Connie is aware of her intentions, so she is hiding very cleverly in plain sight.
  • She seems to be the oldest zombie in Roarten. Might be a reason. 
  • Connie is absent from both the ULA and Maxime. 

Finally, it would be a great surprise for the audience, as everyone is expecting Kieren which I still believe is a red herring. 

Welcome to the master list of links to my In the Flesh meta. I’ll try to keep it updated but if I’ve missed something or a link doesn’t work, feel free to let me know. Additionally, if there’s something you would like to see discussed, my askbox and submit are always open.

Please note that everything here is my opinion and thoughts only. It’s 100% okay to disagree. I encourage you to have your own thoughts and open discussion about any and all of these topics.

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trypie5 asked:

So i recently finished watching In The Flesh and I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about somethings. So to help me I was wondering what you would say about what made Kieren decide to stop wearing makeup/contacts. Like obvious he thought that what happened at "the lunch" it was unfair, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing, thanks :)

Hello there! I would be tickled to attempt to help sort some of those feelings out with you! I have a lot of feels about Kieren taking off his mousse, so if we get lost in them, at least we are in good company!

Kieren taking off his mousse doesn’t start at his family lunch, even though it seems like that is the case. Kieren taking off his mousse starts… well, it starts the moment - the ONLY moment - Kieren is openly impressed with Simon. That small, short moment, when Kieren finds a handsome… hot… striking guy perched atop his gravestone, a guy who is decidedly unimpressed with the cover up mousse and contacts Kieren wears, as well as the epitaph on his headstone, a guy who immediately recites a bit of beautiful poetry the moment Kieren suggests he would have preferred poetry. For that little, bitty moment, Kieren sees Simon; a proud, undead man with a soft, dry wit,  a patient, careful demeanor, and a taste for artful words. The guy he meets in that moment is a guy that piques Kieren’s interest, someone Kieren wants to be around (and arguably, someone Kieren wants to be a match for in terms of strength of character and as a person, not necessarily a love match).

This illusion is shattered quite forcibly in the next moment, when Amy arrives to announce Simon is not only a member of the ULA, but the 12th disciple of the Undead Prophet. In Kieren’s words: “Not ideal.”

However, this is also the man who brought Amy back to Roarton. This is the man who, after what Gary did to Amy, played a part in her return to her proud, beautiful “au naturale” appearance. This is the man who stands in front of Kieren and starts plucking at Kieren’s chords, saying all the things Kieren has worked to forget, about how he shouldn’t have to run, how he should be able to live here openly, how he should be able to be himself, etc. Those are all things Kieren feels (and probably feels doubly so, as these are the same things affecting his first life), and Simon isn’t letting them stay buried. He finds Kieren’s buttons, and presses them like an obnoxious, suave, terrible-sweater-wearing child.

And he doesn’t stop. The next time Kieren sees Simon is when Amy and Simon arrive at the Legion to make a point. Now, originally when I watched this scene, I thought that Simon and Amy where there to test the townsfolk, and I still believe that is why Amy went. But not Simon. Simon knew Kieren would be there, and that entire display was ONLY about pressing Kieren’s buttons, to try to get him to see that the cover-up he’s applied to his view of the entire town is just that- a lie. Below the surface, the town is a different creature than the one Kieren is pretending it is. In that entire exchange, Simon says only one word- Kieren’s name. The rest of the time, he watches Kieren. They enter and he watches Kieren’s reaction (which is basically >:| no, simon. bad simon. what have you done, simon. I’m not up for this bullshit tonight, simon.), he seats himself and lets the world react around him. When Gary starts in on them, Simon simply raises his eyebrows at Kieren, who is glaring MIGHTY daggers at him by then. Simon has got his thumb on Kieren’s buttons, and those eyebrows are saying “I’ll follow your lead, Kieren. What are you going to do, Kieren? You told me this place had moved on, Kieren. Ready to admit I was right, Kieren?”

Which, of course, Kieren gets angry about. He doesn’t like being put into this position. He had thought he was FINE just pretending to get along here, and that if he moved elsewhere everything would be better, and now he’s being put on the spot by both Simon and Gary, and if he has to choose a side to lash out at, Gary’s had the longer run of it. And that moment, the one where he stands up to Gary and tells him to get out, is the first phase of taking off his cover-up. That’s the first instance where Kieren yields to Simon’s button pushing and agrees that something is wrong. He doesn’t like it, he’s very pissed about it, but he does agree.

After that, it’s just one thing after another, to be honest. Kieren is, as Jem says and as we see, gentle. He doesn’t want to fight. There is an amount of shit he’s willing to take to keep things cool, keep from having to fight. There’s an amount of being a scapegoat, getting walked upon by others, that Kieren is willing to take, but we watch throughout the season as everything around Kieren starts scratching at that tolerance threshold.

We see Kieren get blocked from escaping to where he thinks it will be better for him. We see a member of Victus start taking over his town’s council. We see the PDS Give-Back Scheme start up, and we see both Simon and Amy protest it or outright refuse it. We see Simon turning up and, once again, getting between Gary and Kieren, when Gary starts to get pissy about them taking a break. We see Kieren resigning himself to the Give-Back work, because it’s only 6 months (okay, only 6 months, Kieren tells himself. I can put up with this that long if it means getting away at the end) and then we see Simon turn up and press the button that shatters that illusion as well. We see Kieren and Simon bickering in the hospital, where Kieren sees that the rabids are being mistreated (even if he’s unconvinced the treatment center is bad). We see Kieren’s dad getting a little weird about him and Amy and the ULA, in particular we see Kieren have a moment of panic when his dad admits he doesn’t think Kieren killed anyone when Kieren knows he did.

We see Kieren stressing out because Simon is trying to find some way to connect, and Kieren doesn’t want to be a part of the cult, and then Simon does The Thing. He does the thing no one else is doing; he puts Kieren first. He tells Kieren “Yes, here is the most important thing in my life right now, and if you want nothing to do with it that’s fine. You’re important enough to set that aside. Whatever you want, that’s what we’ll do. Okay?”

We see Kieren accept that, and the request he makes is for Simon to join Kieren’s world (as opposed to Kieren joining Simon’s, which he has so far refused to do— this is important for later). And Simon does it, no questions, no fight. He puts on cover up and puts in his contacts - something he is entirely against - because that is the what Kieren asked of him. And they both know how big of a deal it is, which is (imo) the reason Kieren chose this thing… and even so, when Kieren thanks him for it, Simon says “it’s okay” like it’s not a big deal. Like it’s just natural for him to yield to Kieren in this respect… like it’s reflex.

And finally, finally, we arrive at that lunch. At this point, Kieren is under so much outside pressure from the town’s happenings and so much inside pressure has built up from everything he feels, that he is ready to break. He is holding it together remarkably well, because he thinks that he is about to make progress in lessening it.

Because look. Here is Simon, a ULA leader, sitting peacefully at the table with his father (who you remember was tense over the ULA). Simon may be able to allay some of Steve’s fears by being… well, Simon. Sue will feel better about Kieren having friends. Simon may see that wearing cover-up isn’t the Terrible, Awful, Very-bad, No Good thing Simon’s made it out to be, that it can really ease tensions between the living and the undead (and maybe Simon will stop pressing Kieren’s buttons about it, wouldn’t that be nice). I honestly think that Kieren went into this lunch expecting that it would help to start heal things that were causing him problems.

What happens is that Gary turns up and tosses a big fucking wrench into the thing. He and Jem come in wearing RPS (HVF) uniforms, and Gary immediately sets about being rude in multiple ways (I personally am ENRAGED over how he ignored his host’s requests to shut the fuck up, it’s possible I’m even more angry about this than I am about what he says). He doesn’t even realize, I think, how hard he is pressing on an overstressed Kieren, and none of them are ready for the way Kieren snaps.

Because he does snap. He is nonviolent, as is true to his character, but he does snap. He is tired of being treated as less than human. He is tired of hiding, and tired of playing along like it’s okay. Sweet, gentle, docile Kieren is sick of seeing Gary (amongst others) get praise for literally murdering people. He is sick of the deaths and plights of the undead being treated as a joke. And the very last people who should be in support of those things happening - his family - let this guy into the house and clearly aren’t going to put their foot down to stop it.

And Kieren takes another layer of cover-up off at the table. He reveals to his parents that he DID kill people, he killed them and ripped them apart and ate them like the predator he is. He tells Gary in no uncertain terms that while Gary is a hunter, Kieren was a hunter, too, and his prey was Gary’s species. Kieren’s hunt wasn’t self defense; Kieren’s hunt was a hunger for blood, a drive to seek out and consume people like Gary. And with Simon, who easily defeated Gary in a physical match, sitting docile at Kieren’s side, I’m sure Gary got the message. You may have killed us, but I killed you too. Keep pressing and find out if I’m still capable.

The major kicker here, is that Kieren gets no backup. Not from anyone, not even Simon (because Simon’s too busy having a crisis of his own). His father outright tells him that he doesn’t have a space to speak, when he was unwilling to put his foot down about Gary telling the same sort of story. It’s the last straw.

Simon was right, Kieren realizes in that moment. Simon was right all along. Things aren’t better here. Things won’t get better as long as Kieren is only pretending. Kieren still feels all the same things he felt when he met Simon - that he shouldn’t have to hide, that he shouldn’t have to be ashamed of existing, that he shouldn’t have to be driven from his home, that he should be able to live like a normal human being if he wants - except the events of the interim between meeting Simon and having this lunch have told Kieren that nothing will change unless he stops pretending.

And that, my dear, is why Kieren takes off the mousse then. Because he has spent the last 4 episodes taking off the cover-up he’d applied to his life, and the last step was wiping his face clean of the pressure the living put on him to appear like one of them. He’s not one of them; they have made that abundantly clear to him.

He takes off the mousse then because he is ready to stand up for himself and the first step is standing up to himself, and the first step toward that is accepting himself for who he really is.

Plot mistake or deliberate?!


                                But all of a sudden something’s
                               different, you feel the wind on the
                                tips of your fingers. And the rain.

Okay, I currently rewatched S2x4 (which is still an amazing episode and the dinner scene deserves all the awards!). However I noticed this part of Kieren’s speech. Which confuses me…:

We know PDS sufferers cannot feel anything (which TBH, is in my my opinion not the smartest idea in general, as it only leads to confusion). BUT Kieren felt the wind and the rain during the rising.

One episode later, the rain is used to show Amy is turning human again. It is a big, emotional, intense moment. But for all intense and purposes, Kieren either should not have felt the rain during his rising OR Amy should not be surprised to feel it in the tent scene.

As both scenarios are talked/shown in two follow-up episodes, it cannot be a mistake. Or if it is a mistake, it is a rather glaring one. 

So what does this mean? What is the purpose of this tiny dialogue? Kieren is showing the same symptoms as Amy at the end of S2. Is he turning human again? (I really do not hope so!) Are they turning into something else? Do they actually become a “superior human race”?! 

Any ideas?!

I’ve seen a few people debating what to make of Amy’s “I know you’re not like that” line. Here’s what I think:

We’ve seen basically every conversation Amy and Kieren have ever had up to that point. He’s never mentioned his sexual orientation to her, but it was obvious he was into Rick. Amy probably assumed from that that he was gay, because, well, for one thing, a lot of people forget that orientations other than gay and straight exist. But also, Amy has (or at least had) a crush on Kieren. The script for episode 1x03 says she would have rather gone home with Kieren than with Philip. So that probably further cemented her assumption that Kieren’s gay, because if he isn’t…well, that would mean he chose Rick over her. And that hurts. 

As for why Kieren didn’t correct her…first of all, it was loud at that rave, and he seemed kind of overwhelmed. And right after that was when his thing with Simon started. So what could he have said to Amy then? “Actually, I’m not gay, I’m attracted to women too, just not you. Also, I kissed your boyfriend.”? Somehow, I don’t think that would have gone over well! It was easier for everyone involved for Kieren to just keep letting Amy think he’s gay.

So I don’t see that line as the writers erasing Kieren’s orientation, so much as showing that, even though Amy and Kieren are close and have known each other for a long time, there’s still a lot they don’t know about each other, and things they hide from each other. And that, at least at that point in his character development, Kieren would rather lie by omission than upset his loved ones.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I asked ked the same question and realised I'd love to hear your answer, too, if you don't mind. :) I'm interested to know what you like about Simon and Kieren's relationship. Is there something specific you enjoy about it or is it the whole thing or that you can relate to it or like, anything really?

Oh man. That is s u c h a loaded question but okay, I’m going to try to answer it as best as possible.

The first thing, I think, is that from a story-telling perspective, it’s beautifully done. It’s subtle in the beginning and the first kiss kind of takes you by surprise but when you go back and watch it again, it’s all there; everything you need to know that no, it actually wasn’t a surprise.

It feels organic, like a real love story. Fumbling and tentative and one person’s falling faster than the other but they’re both still falling. They’re two people who have had entire lives without each other and they don’t know what to do, what to say, how to act around each other yet but they’re both trying. 

You can see that they both have baggage, that they don’t want to walk away from whatever this could be but they also don’t want to be hurt again.

They make mistakes with each other at first - because every relationship will have its mistakes in the beginning, you’re virtual strangers - but then those mistakes are corrected.

At that point, Simon still - to some degree - wants Kieren to be part of the ULA but when Kieren makes it clear that he’s not gonna put up with that shit, Simon’s also quick to make a distinction, to put Kieren in a separate category from his missionary work; there’s his faith and then there’s Kieren and the two don’t have to intermingle for Simon to be happy.

Kieren pushes Simon to wear the cover-up for his family but then he realizes how wrong that was and takes it off him in probably one of the most intimate moments between an OTP ever.

I also like the matter of consent between them, which I’m sure kedreeva will go into great detail about because it’s one of her favorites.

Whatever is happening in their relationship, they’re both on the same page. When Simon goes to kiss Kieren in the kitchen and Kieren tells him no, Simon doesn’t try again, he doesn’t push the matter. They have a discussion about it and then Simon’s basically like, “yeah, okay, you’re right.” He wants to kiss Kieren (a LOT) but he’s willing to wait until Kieren’s comfortable with it because Kieren’s comfort is really fucking important to Simon.

I like that it’s not a perfect relationship; that they have issues to work through but it’s not the silly ones like miscommunication or oblivious pining or a whole plethora of other tropes that we use in fic and that bleed over into television.

I like the fact that we know that Simon is clearly more in love with Kieren than Kieren is with him and yet we see him struggle through episode five and six over what to do with the orders he’s been given.

Because he loves Kieren, yes, but the Undead Prophet, Julian, and the ULA literally saved his life. They helped put things in perspective for him so that he wasn’t just a toy for John & Victor and they took him in when his father kicked him out. They gave him a sense of family again, they have him hope, and yeah, they’ve manipulated him the same way he’s been manipulated before, but Simon doesn’t yet realize that.

I like that he struggled with his decision; that he didn’t immediately and blindly choose one way or the other out of love or loyalty or guilt.

I like their age gap but I also like that Simon treats Kieren as an equal instead of patronizing him.

I like the fact that it’s a canon queer relationship at the forefront of a supernatural/science fiction genre show. Because those genres are my favorite and I hate the fact that I’m only ever given the same bland hetero love story with it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with straight/hetero relationships and I do find some of them adorable but I don’t want that to be the only relationship I’m fed on television.

I want to see people of all sorts fall in love on screen because then it will be a true reflection of life. Art is supposed to imitate life but right now, “art” is only imitating one specific flower when there’s a whole field of flowers being ignored around it.

So yeah, those are the basics on why I love Simon & Kieren. XD I’ll probably remember more stuff when I post this but hopefully Ked will have picked up my slack on a few points.

talk to me about pds sufferers wearing makeup. not cover-up. makeup that enhances their features in the way they want it to, like makeup does.

talk to me about amy picking out the perfect purple and plum lipsticks and dark eyeshadows, smiling at herself in the mirror as she applies mascara to her contactless eyes.

talk to me about pds sufferers making their own makeup lines for pds skin tones and marketing them for pds sufferers, screw what the living think.

talk to me about pds sufferers loving themselves in the way they did when they were living, with no shame attached at all.

anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask the super general question of what you like about Simon and Kieren's relationship. Is there something specific you enjoy about it or is it the whole thing or did it evolve (or something idk I'm bad at asking questions but I'd really like to know /0\)?

Okay I was going to answer this dayyyys ago when Greenberg did, but then I realized this is basically going to be a novel because you are, surprisingly, the very first person to ask me this so you’re going to get the full novel. So grab some tea, have a seat, and get comfortable.

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greenchesedragon asked:

Hi! So I have recdntly finished watching In the Flesh. love it! Anyways that is beside the point, sooooo I know that Simon is madly in love with Kieren (and I totally ship them) but if it weren't for the things Simon said and Kieren's intamacy I wouldn't have seen them as two people in love. So essentially my question is- can you explain to me how Simon falls for him in the first place and how their feelings develop and how they show it because I see it but I don't See it

Hiii! Sorry for the late reply ^__^”

Okay wow, I am flattered that you thought I have enough knowledge of the show to actually explain things about it! Thank you so much! I will try my best to express my point of view :) 

I have to say that the first time I watched the show I didn’t really get it either. I mean I did see it, but not really. And then I watched the show again and again and again like a million times and I started to see things differently. I empathise deeply with the characters I love, so that helps, I guess. The way I see it, Simon and Kieren are not really madly in love. I mean, of course they love each other deeply, but there’s nothing mad about it - it’s not a “let’s spend the rest of our forevers together, get married, start a family, live happily ever after” kind of love. Their feelings are deeper than that. I think, in a way, they saved each other. They both had their ideas and convictions about the world and how it is towards people like them, and they both thought they would have to change things in order to finally be okay. To really understand them and their relationship I think we need to understand them individually, and to do that we need to understand their past.

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anonymous asked:

the second rising is actually just the risen's bodies healing so they can feel, touch, hurt, and eat again. their bodies are returning to the way they were prior to death. this was confirmed by dominic mitchell in an interview.

okay so upon hearing this i have just come up with a very good theory about rising and the first risen okay hear me out

so I know that all the of first to rise were meant to be in roarton but we don’t necessarily know that - it’s just what was rumoured/said in the pds community. so if the second rising was meant to be all of the pds sufferers coming back to life amy would be the first second risen (which wouldn’t be contradicting anything confirmed by dom because he said she was the first risen but didnt specify in which rising) meaning that the first to rise originally had already died (again) or been killed. this technically could be any pds sufferer (like i said before, it was never actually a fact that the first risen was from roarton) but i’d guess its someone we already know (unless some new character was going to be introduced which is unlikely since they have to be dead) so who does that point to? rick. 

rick could still be called the first risen from roarton - just not risen in roarton. and it would really fit what happened.

the first risen had to die to trigger the second rising of the risen’s bodies healing: rick could be a completely undocumented first risen because he he died while missing in action (hence how they (the army, janet and bill) only knew where he was when he was found rabid) and people would have found him with his head blown open but going about trying to eat people and sewn him up and gotten him treated. there would be no way of knowing at what time his limp body suddenly came back to (sort of) life.

then bill kills rick and about a year later pds sufferers begin to come back to life.

(this last part is going off on a tangent) you know that theory about how the symptoms amy experienced when coming back to life were the same as the symptoms of going rabid which could mean the scientists wanted to keep track of who was coming back to life and when? yeah so what if neurotriptyline was the scientists’ way of prolonging the period of time between the first rising and the second because they wanted to look into the pds sufferers conditions more and maybe figure out how to properly bring back the dead. so possibly the second rising theories made by the prophet and pds sufferers were bullshit and nothing at all triggered it apart from the increasing rejection of administered neurotriptyline in certain pds sufferers.

basically, either way, everything that happened to do with the rising and what has happened since was probably all a risky scientific experiment.