Danny and Ben Part 1

A/N - I thought two smuts in one imagine would be too much write so this will probably be in three parts. I was writing a sentence a day so that’s why it took so long to finish.

You stood against the bar savoring the taste of the vodka sliding down your throat. You set down the empty shot glass down on the counter with a loud clank. You look back up to Danny who was holding you close to him and give him a mischievous smile; he took this as his queue to get the bartender to pour you another shot. You took it from him and quickly tilted your head back downing the strong drink.

“Keep em coming!” You say despite the fact you’ve had more than enough to drink.

“And here I thought you were a light weight.” he chuckled.

“Well, I guess its safe to say you underestimated me.” You giggle against his lips.

“Damn, you can almost drink as much a Ben, if not more!” Danny exclaims before taking a swig of his beer, “I’m impressed.” He continues with a smirk.

“I bet I could impress you in other aspects other than how much I can drink.” You say trying to be seductive but your hiccups get in the way.

“Oh really? Well than… take my breath away.” He whispers into your ear, grabbing your ass and roughly pulling you to him.

You bit down on your lip trying to contain your excitement. You motion over to the bartender and pay him enough money to just buy the whole bottle. He hands it to you, nervously glancing between you and Danny.

You grabbed Danny’s hand pulling him to the bathrooms, your other hand tightened around the neck of the glass bottle. Exhilaration begin to bubble throughout your body, your fantasy of hooking up with Danny was finally about to come true; to think all it took was a couple shots.

You tugged him past the heavy bathroom door, locking it when it shut. You turned to see him leaning against the bathroom counter, watching your every move with hungry eyes. You take a quick swig of liquid confidence as you slowly make your way over to him. You stop when your just inch’s from his face. You lean forward a little in turn making him come closer to, you duck your head to the side before his mouth could connect with yours and set the bottle on the counter.

“What was that?” He smiles, obviously amused by your teasing.

“Danny, what are you talking about?” You smirk before backing up, giving him a better view of your body.

You quickly kick off your shoes while he reach’s behind him for the bottle. Once he returns his attention to you you begin to undress. You curled your fingers around the front of the bottom of your shirt. The smoothness of your nails giving you chills as you run your hands along the bottom of your shirt. You neatly start to roll up the bottom of your shirt, watching as Danny’s eyes run over each new inch of the exposed skin.

Once your shirt is circled around your neck you swiftly pull it off of you and drop it to create a small heap at your feet. Danny’s eyes darken as they rest on your breast. Even though they were still covered by your bra you had made sure to wear a push up bra just in case this happened. Your skin began to tingle under his gaze and by the way his pants were becoming taught by something trying to free itself from his jeans.

You unbutton your pants and slowly bend over causing your breast to nearly spill out of your bra. Once your pants were pooled around your feet you gracefully stepped out of them. A chill shook your body as the air conditioning began to swirl around your body. Goose bumps soon began to form but not cause of the cold air that now filled the room but the way his eyes lapped up every inch of your bare body, your nearly naked body fueling his lust.

Danny suddenly reached out and grabbed your arm, colliding your body with his. His rough hands ran along the sides of your body, outlining all of your curves. He slowly lowered his head so his lips met yours in a long awaited kiss. The kiss started out slow and heavy, both of you still having second guesses whether you should do this or not. As you two got more confident Danny flipped you so the counter was now digging into your back and messily deepened the kiss. He took a handful of your panties in his hand and roughly tugged on them, a ripping noise travels to your ears and with one more strong tug Danny rips the thin fabric from your body.

He detaches your lips to tug off his shirt and you reach behind you for the bottle for another swig. You watch him as his fingers drunkenly fumble at the button on his jean, ‘So eager.’ you think with a smirk.

Once his pants and underpants fall to the floor with a clank as his belt hits the floor he’s once again pushing your body against the counter with his. His finger tips gently trail along your collarbone from there they slowly move over your shoulder and to your mid back to unhook your bra, the whole time Danny’s eyes never leave yours. After the taut hooks of your bra sprung loose you let it fall gently to the floor, Dannys sly hand moved down to cup the curve of your ass.

You jumped a little when his fingers brushed against your bare sex, not expecting the sudden contact. A quiet moan came from your gaping mouth when his strong hands came to rest on your cleft. You let out another low moan as his rough, hot palm just added onto the pleasure. You rocked your hips forward, expressing your need for his fingers inside of you. Danny obliged and slid a rough finger into you, wiggling it around. You gasped and arched your body against his; this simple action making you think about all the pleasure to come.

He worked his finger in and out of you eventually adding a second finger. You jerked when he inserted a third finger, you opened your mouth to scream but nothing came out. Suddenly his tongue was there twisting with yours. Your moans filled his mouth as you forcefully rode his fingers.It felt so great having his fingers pumping inside of you, nothing else mattered at this moment but his body against yours. Danny’s fingers brushed a long your elusive g-spot. Soon enough your orgasm ripped through body making waves of pleasure overcome you.

Danny roughly turned your body around bent your quivering body over the counter; your cheek squished against the cool surface. Danny placed his cock in between your ass cheeks, he slowly thrust his hips so the underside of his cock ran across your puckered asshole. His thrusts became harder as he continued to use your cheeks as assistance to his masturbation. You could feel his cock began to throb hotly when he squeezed your ass around him. He ceased the fucking of your ass cheeks and moved the tip of his cock to slit, rubbing it back and forth between your sopping folds; making you realize just how much you wanted him. You moved your hips back so his tip rest in the seam of your cleft.

“Unf… Danny please.” You breath, your voice almost covered by the music coming from the bar.

“I can already tell you’re gonna be on top of Santa’s naughty list this year.” He growls while shoving his thick cock in you, holding it there so you could adjust. He leaned over so he could nip at your earlobe.

“But that’s okay, I like bad girls.” He smirked, pulling out of you then slamming back in.

You cried out as he immediately set a steady and hard pace. He grabbed and held your shoulders with surprising strength, pulling you onto him repeatedly. His name bursts from your mouth in the form of a scream. He pounded into you relentlessly, balls deep every time. One of the hands clutching your shoulder moved to the bottle beside your head. He took to large gulps followed by a loud groan. He pumped his cock in and out of you, your release building in your stomach.

Danny continued his attack on your pussy only harder, sensing you were close to the edge. With every thrust you were forced up on your tiptoes. He continued to fuck you, not seeming to tire at all, until you were seeing spots in your vision. The ball in your stomach that was shaking with the intensity of your orgasm finally burst. His seed gushed into you, your juices mixing in a glorious orgasm.

Danny pulled your body up against his, he held you close to his body as yours fell limp; turning into a heap of moans and heavy breathing. He nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, his stubble tickling your sensitive skin. He wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you ever closer whilst placing kisses on your cheek and neck. You run your hands over his arms soothingly, feeling the way his chest rose and fell quickly against your back.

He unwrapped his arms sooner then you would have liked, his hand lingering on your hips for a moment before pulling away completely. You heard the jingling if him fastening his belt, you realized you probably should begin getting dressed as well. You both get dressed in silence, you reach for the nearly empty bottle on the counter when Danny gently turns you around. He cups your cheek kissing you softly. He pulls away, you both looking into each others eyes. He leans forward so his breath is tickling the inside of your ear.

“You’re perfect, Y/N.” He whispers then places one last gentle kiss on your cheek and walks over to the door.

He hesitates at the door for a moment before turning around, smirk crawls across his rough face.

“We should do this again.” He chuckles, his thoughtful facade suddenly gone.

He threw open the door and walked out; a small wave of air hit you as the door closed again. Hooking up with Danny was more than wonderful, greater than you could have imagined. There was something hidden in there, between you and Danny. You were to distracted though at the time by Danny burying himself inside you to try and figure out what it was. What ever it was you definitely wanted to feel it again; so yes Danny, we were definitely going to do this again.

Mike and Alex Part 1

A/N- So the threesome isn’t in this part but I found myself with a lot written and no smut but I didn’t wanna write some random spontaneous threesome so I wrote the shit that led up to it but don’t worry dearies there will be a second part! I also would like some feedback on this if you don’t mind xP and expect part 2 of Danny and Ben up sometime this week!


You sleepily walk into the kitchen to try and make a two decent cups of coffee. You rub the sleep from your eyes, trying to wake yourself up a bit more. Alex, your roommate, had brought home an excessively loud girl last night. You had gotten used to the almost constant noise but you couldn’t help but wonder if they were being a little louder than necessary. I’m sure if the women knew someone else lived here they would try to be quieter but you and Alex weren’t exactly best friends so you doubt he talks about you. Lucky you didn’t have to deal with the noise that often since the both of you were rarely in the house together, you both had to travel for your jobs.

You quietly savor the taste of the warm coffee, letting it gently pull you from the firm embrace of sleep. Once the coffee got cold and the smell disappeared the scent of sex swirled around your nose. You scrunched up your nose not wanting to smell the events of last night.

You set down your mug in the sink and walk around the living room gathering the clothes that were hurriedly discarded last night. You thought you might as well get a loud of laundry done. A short red head came around the corner with a towel wrapped around her, she froze when she spotted you. Knowing exactly what she was looking for you tossed her her clothes giving you a grateful look in return. You walked past her so she could change, shortly after you heard the front door shut.

You tossed Alex’s clothes on the washer as you passed it on the way to his room. You don’t normally go in his room, us not being any closer than roommates it wasn’t really somewhere you had a reason to go. Hearing his steady breathes you concluded he was still asleep and you could get in and out before he even noticed you were there.

You quietly tiptoed around his room grabbing all the dirty clothes, occasionally throwing a piece of trash away. You stood up to exit the room, you scanned the room quickly for anything ypu might have missed. What your eyes landed on took your breath away. Only one of his legs was covered with the sheet, leaving everything else exposed. His member was of the largest you had ever seen, you were surprised the petite girl you had seen moments ago was able to fit it inside of her. You felt your sex immediately become wetter, yearning to be touched. His penis was laying comfortable in between his thighs, looking quite welcoming and enticing; it was just waiting for someone to fall for the trap. Even limp it was slightly intimidating.

The cover was suddenly jerked over the exposed organ. Your head snapped up to look at Alex who was now fully awake giving you a confused look. You looked away quickly, trying to hide your reddened face.

“Y-your, uh, who- I mean girl just left. I’m doing laundry, do have anything you want me to wash?” You force out hastily, still not able to make eye contact with him.

You could see him sit up on his bed and reach for something at the edge. “No, but I have something for you. Think of it as a present for always doing the laundry and dishes.” Although your not looking at him you can almost hear the malicious smirk on his face.

“Here catch.”

You turn your head in time to catch a pair of dark purple panties. It only took you a moment to realize they were the girls when you felt the soiled strip where her twat would have been. Your mouth dropped open and you quickly dropped the garment.

“If you wash them I’m sure their be like brand new.” Alex laughs laying back down.

The way Alex was talking with you kinda surprised you. He wasn’t usually this… open, you guess you could say. You scoffed and wiped your hand on one of Alex’s shirts in your hands.

“I made coffee.” You mumbled walking out the door.

It was a little half way through the day when you heard the front door open and close. You were sitting on the couch rubbing lotion over your arms, some reality show quietly playing in the background. A pair of hands cover your eyes from behind the couch, making everything disappear momentarily.

“He’s in his room.” Knowing exactly who it was.

“What makes you think I’m here to see him?” Mike says retracting his hands and jumping over the back of the couch.

“Hm just a wild guess.” You say reaching over to get some more lotion.

“That stuff I smells awesome. I want some.” Mike says taking some from your hand.

“Knock yourself out.” You nod towards the bottle on the coffee table.

He reach’s a tattooed arm over to the lotion and pumps the bottle. When nothing came out he began pumping it furiously when suddenly a large glob plopped in his hand. It was much more than he could spread over his two arms. He put half of the blob on his knee while rubbing the other half on his arms, making him smell like a babys butt.

“Here take it.” He said handing you the dollop of lotion.

“I don’t need it.” You say reaching over to the remote.

“You haven’t done your legs.” He pointed out.

Before you could stop him his large hands were there massaging you calfs, his thumbs digging into your muscles. It’s a good thing you decide to shave in the shower today. You didn’t protest when he got up to sit on the coffee table infront of you and pulled your legs into his lap.

His long fingers running up and down your lower legs, rubbing in the sweet smelling lotion. His skilled finger continued to knead your legs as they traveled higher. His thumbs once again pressed into your skin, drawing small circles on your inner thigh. You had to bite the inside of your lip to keep from whimpering.

You had never really taken care of your arousal this morning so having his able fingers so close to your center was basically a tease, whether he knew it or not. You dug your bum into the couch when he squeezed the bottom of your thighs then circling the around to the top of your leg. He grabbed the side of your thighs and swiftly pulled you closer so you were sitting on the edge of the couch. He slowly moved his hands up to where the tips of his fingers were touching the tips of you panties under your pajama shorts.

You opened your eyes, when you realized they were even closed, to see him staring intently back at you. His thumb stopped rubbing circles into your inner thigh and stealthily moved under your shorts to where your clit would be if you were naked. Your mouth feel open and you inhaled sharply, you moved your hips against his hand as it pressed down on the bundle of nerves. You rested your head on the back of the couch and closed your eyes again, pushing yourself against his thumb. ‘Damn these panties need to come off’ You thought.

“Is Mike here!? I thought I heard the door shut!” Alex yelled from across the house.

You clenched your jaw angrily, if Alex hadn’t interrupted Mike woulda kept going and given me the release you had been needing all morning. But instead of continuing Mike pulled back, smiled sweetly at you and smacked your thigh before walking towards Alex’s area of the house.


Things got real weird around the house after that day. Alex made a point to walk around in his boxers or a low hanging towel while you were around. His V line wasn’t too defined but it was enough to catch and hold your gaze. Alex continued to do little things to get you aroused, and it was working.

You even walked into your room one day to find a pink Victoria Secrets bag on your bed. You timidly opened the bag and pulled out an almost exact same pair of panties he threw at you the other day but there was also a matching bra. Your mouth feel open as you ran your fingers over the thin lace. You looked in the bag again, this time seeing a note.

I thought you should have a pair of your own ;)

He even went as far as saying, “You should show me sometime so I can see if it looks exactly how I imagined it on you.”, when you tried to thank him for it.

Just the image of Alex walking around a Victoria Secrets examining all the sexy lingerie with you in mind made that all too familiar warmth pool in your most sacred place.

Not only was Alex acting extremely out of the ordinary, Mike was over a lot more frequently after our little interaction. He would sometimes sneak a wink and a smirk when Alex wasn’t looking or when he would pass by you in the hall he would give your ass a swift smack.

All the sexual tension in the house was unbelievable, it could only build up for so long before something happened. Apparently it was gonna happen when you least expected it.

You stepped out of the shower and caressed your body with a fluffy towel. You dropped the towel and reached down to get your clothes that were sitting behind the door when it suddenly flung open, trapping your clothes between the door and the wall. You grabbed the towel in a feeble attempt to cover your body. Alex glanced as you strolled in and shut the door.

He started sifting through the doors and pulled out his toothbrush and began brushing your teeth as if you weren’t there stark naked.

“Alex, I’m kinda using the bathroom.” You exclaim, pulling the towl closer to your body.

“So I can’t brush my teeth?” He responds, toothpaste oozing out the corner of his mouth.

“Yes, after I get dressed!”

“Oh, that’s what your worried about.” He sets down his toothbrush and tugs his shirt over his head, his pants and boxers soon join his shirt on the floor. “Better?” He asks spitting out the tooth paste.

“What are you doing?!” You look at everything but his bare ass.

“We’re both naked now, so whats so uncomfortable? I mean I can leave if you still want me too.” He asks turning around and leaning against the counter.

To be honest you weren’t so sure why you found it so uncomfortable.

When you didn’t answer Alex began to step closer to you, you took a couple steps back. The back of your knees hit the tub but Alex’s hand on around your arm kept you from falling. You realized just how close he was when you two bumped noses when you looked up. His fresh winter mint breath giving you goose skin as it rolled across your face.

“But you don’t want me to leave, do you?” He whispers, your eyes flutter as his breath hits your face again.

He grabs a hold of the towel separating you two and with a stern tug he yanks it out of your grasp. The connection holding your gazes never breaking. He places a strong hand on the small of your back, slowly pulling you closer. Only when your breasts are crushed against his chest does he look down. He admires the erotic sight of your breast pushed up against him for a moment, you can feel his large cock begin stiffen against your leg.

He looks back up to you and smirks. His hands are suddenly there on your bum, running over the perfect curve. His gentleness vanishes as his rough hands tightly grab your ass, with surprising strength, he picks you up and wraps your legs around his bare waist. Your fingers nervously intertwine behind his neck. Alex runs his nose along your collarbone, his soft hair tickling your jawline. Your breathing got faster, and the burning sensation in your lower body was becoming more like a vicious fire.

“You’ve been wanting this to happen haven’t you? Me walk in on you naked then fuck you til you see stars. Don’t even try to deny it.” He smirked.

His hand wandering between your legs to feel the soaking wet heat he had created, his other hand still on your ass holding you up. As much as the self-respecting side of you wanted to deny it and demand he get out you just couldn’t, you couldn’t lie in the trembling state you were in right now.

“Well, darling you’re about to get your wish.” His voice barely audible against your tingling skin.

He kicked open the bathroom door and quickly walked down the hall way, your bodies sticking together as he held you closer. Once he reached his messy room he tossed you on the bed. Before making another move towards you he picked up his phone that was laying on a pile of clothes. His fingers flew across the screen. You asked yourself who he could possible text at a time like this.

He threw his phone back down on the pile of clothes. He looked back at you splayed out on his bed, thinking about all the things he’d been wanting to do to you. Before he crawled on top of you you saw his phone light up with a received text message, you could barely make out Mikes name and the message.

On my way, and don’t you dare make her cum before I get there!


Nervous Tendancies

AN- I don’t normally write smut, so I hope this is good :3 (Anonymous: Austin Carlile imagine? You go to visit your family in England (although you’re from Scotland) and he gets along with your family and you go to the countryside and cute fluffy things, and then you go back to your mums house and you and him have rough sex and you both keep having to cover each other’s mouths and shoosh each other, please and thank you!)

*SMUTTY SMUT WARNING!!!! (Near the end)*

“Wake me up,” Austin says, gently shaking me awake.

I get up, grabbing our bags and exiting the plane.

“Why does your family live in England anyway, you’re all Scottish.”

“They liked England’s weather better, I suppose,“ I say.

This was the first time Austin had ever met my family so he was constantly asking questions, constantly worrying.

“Calm down, you’ll be fine.”

We rented a car, making our way to my parents’ house.

“How far is it from here,” he asks, plugging the information into the GPS.

“Only 10 minutes.”

He suddenly became really tense, realizing he didn’t have a lot of time before he would meet my family. He continued balling his hands into fists around the wheel, his knuckles turning as white as the snow falling outside the car. I reached over, putting my hand over one of his and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“They are going to love you, trust me.”

“I’m not so sure about that, Y/N. I have tattoos, I’m in a band, and I’m the one that stole their little girl’s heart.”

“You’ll find that my family doesn’t judge people by their looks, or their hobbies, they judge them by their personality.”

Soon we were parked outside of my parents’ house, the snow coming down in big puffy flakes around us.

“Let’s go then,” I say, opening my door and tightening my coat around me.

Austin was at my side in seconds, linking his arm with mine. I quickly rang the doorbell, desperate to see my family and get out of the cold.

Sure enough, everyone, meaning my mom, dad, sister, and brother, answered the door and nearly tyackled me in a hug.

“Come in; don’t stay out in the cold. You can get your bags later,” my mom said, ushering us in.

We ditched our outdoor gear and began to chat with my family. They laughed at everything Austin said, showing their approval.

“Well, your mother was going to get started on dinner, you should show Austin the scenery,” Dad says, giving Austin a pat on the back.

I nod, going to put my stuff on again.

“You’re a hit with them, you know,” I tell Austin.

He smiles, shrugging his shoulders as we walk through the snow. I turn my back, leading him towards my favorite spot. A freezing cold substance hits my back and I turn sharply, finding Austin holding multiple snowballs.

“Are you kidding me?”

He shakes his head, throwing the rest at me and laughing.

“You’re going get it,” I yell, grabbing some snow in my hands.

Soon we were covered in snow, our cheeks red and raw from the cold. He grips my shoulder, kissing me hard and biting my lower lip. I refuse to allow him entrance; his hands begin to travel to my bum, trying to make me gasp.

I move his hands away, breaking the kiss at the same time. He gazes at me curiously, watching as my tongue grazes my chapped lips.

“You’re such a tease,” he remarks.

I giggle; running back to the house as he chases me. He caught up to me though and tackled me in the snow, kissing me on the lips again.

*(This is where you can stop if you don’t want to read the smut)*

“C’mon,” I say, winking slightly.

I walk in; realizing mom wasn’t done with dinner. I put a finger to my lips and lead Austin upstairs to my old room.

In a matter of seconds he was attacking me with his lips, gripping the hem of my shirt. He broke the kiss, pulling it over my head. I begin struggling with the buttons on his shirt and pulling it off his torso. He pulled off his belt and pants, now only in his underwear.

“Your turn,” he says with a smirk.

He pulls my pants off so that we were both stripped down to our undergarments.

“Are you ready,” He asks.

I nod, leading him to begin kissing my neck and unclasping my bra. I pull down his boxers and he takes off my panties.

He trailed kisses down my body, stopping at my belly button. He looks up at me, positioning himself above me now so that his wanker was hovering above my entrance.

He connected our lips in a hungry kiss right as he slammed into me. With each of his brutal thrust I could feel my stomach tighten.

I start to moan and he quickly covers my mouth.

“We can’t let them hear us, babe.”

I smile as he removed his hand; he slips out of me momentarily. I take this chance and push him onto his back, catching him by surprise. He looked up at me with a confused expression as I straddled him.

My fingertips graze his erection, causing it to throb in pleasure. I look up at Austin, who is looking back at me, wanting to know what I was thinking.

I continue to move my fingers slowly up and down his length and he clutches the covers.

“Y/N, I’m gonna-“

I smirk, leaning down and licking his head slowly. I could tell he was struggling to hold it in so I backed away again, now gripping him with both hands and massaging his member. He moaned and I shooshed him, bringing myself down on him as he exploded inside me.

I pulled off then, lying down beside him on the bed.

“I love you, Austin.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”