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Ok but like imagine holtz and Erin reading really thick science books and science journals to their kid but they read as though it like a story. 'OOoOoOO parTICLE phySICS!!!'


and their kid is just tucked in-between them in bed as erin’s making it into a scary story complete with hand gestures all “and THEN these elementary particles, unbeknownst to their governed interactions, excite the quANTUM fieLd s oooOOOOhhhHHH cREEPY right??” 

their kid is just putting the sheets over her head in fear even though erin just explained what protons and gas particles function as in basic physics

y’all really like to ruin me when the kid aus don’t u heck 

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I just pulled this out of my ass at work but literally the first person I thought of sharing it with was you, since you are in genyatta hell like me.

Zen looks so cute in that skirt and he can’t stop twirling it, but then he can’t notice his cute boyfriend checking him out.

wtf im cryin g this is so cute thank u so much fhjdfgjhdgf

harvey is so precious omfg he and my character only just got together and im 800% sure he’s already thinking of marriage look at this

he’s mentioning all casual how being a doctor is tough and so he doesn’t eat as well as he should, and then he just

“gosh my eating habits sure arent great i guess we better tie the knot so there’s two of us planning the meals right?”

like damn dude it hasn’t even been a week yet and we’re still at 9 hearts pLZ SLO OW DOW N

god i wish i could go back to the first time i played tom/a’s route lmao

K but what about chubby!frat boy!Bucky and art student!Steve….and like Steve keeps getting invited to these parties that he doesn’t really wanna go to by his roommates so he goes once just to shut them up and accidentally gets super drunk and Bucky thinks its really cute and takes care of him and Steve is all over him like grabbing his belly and stuff…..and in the morning he’s like omfg i’m so sorry and Bucky is like “don’t apologize, i didn’t mind it at ALL…” And like asks him out for dinner ahhh this is so cute wtf

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My parents don't know me and my bf are dating and so he gets to come over all the time and spend the night because he's my best friend too and we get to cuddle on the pullout couch in my basement all night and sometimes fool around and it's amazing

omggggg that is so cute wtf ohmy god