The signs as ducks
  • Aries:cool duck that swims upside down if this duck could wear cool sunglasses it would
  • Taurus:nice white duck very pretty very aesthetically pleasing
  • Gemini:lil duckling always following mama duck really cute and very fast
  • Leo:big angry duck always stealing food from other ducks
  • Cancer:very happy duck following people around for food
  • Virgo:sexy duck that purposely dives in the water a lot and wiggles it's butt
  • Libra:fancy duck that has many different colours very pretty
  • Scorpio:leader of the ducksquad always seen with the cool duck because they are bros
  • Sagittarius:that one weird duck that always falls into the water and quacks more than necessary
  • Capricorn:grumpy duck doesn't care about your bread and just wants to be left alone
  • Aquarius:mama duck very friendly but also very worried all the time
  • Pisces:very stressed duck always freaking out and will fly to the other side of the country if startled

San Francisco Restaurant Week 2016

Lovely French Lunch at Absinthe (SF)

I definitely splurged during this season’s Restaurant Week in SF. I had lunch at 3 participating restaurants in 11 days! Absinthe Brasserie was the third one that I have tried, and ranks number 3 as well among my RW lunches. I have been to Absinthe before and still love it but it is just a matter of preference. I am not big on French cuisine because of its richness. I prefer lighter flavors.

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Dear BG&Fs, have you ever watched "The Great British Baking Show"? In the season that's available on Netflix, they'll regularly make quick cuts to footage of local farm animals - fluffy round ducks with short bills. honey bees. big brown cows, and, of course, baby goats. Very important.

yes! i especially enjoy the yelling peacocks and it seems to be lambs and sheep mostly

1/20/16: Quick sketch of the ridiculously cool cat we saw at the vet’s office today.

Took Garamond in for a followup appointment (and got some good news about his health! He’s got some respiratory stuff going on but is slowly getting better!). Rover tagged along because some rats are weird and think going to the vet’s is FUN. Many rats are very much up for adventure and novelty. (Becquerel is NOT up for adventure and did not wish to tag along, so he stayed home.)

The place is an exotic vet’s so it’s always fun to see what else is in the waiting room. Have seen turtles, ducks, rabbits, chickens, parrots, snakes, all sorts of cool creatures. They do not treat dogs or cats, but somebody came into the waiting room with their baby ferret, and this cat was riding on their shoulder. The cat was a big black cat, wearing this cool jacket hoodie thing, and acting as chill and casual as can be. This cat must just go with their human everywhere. The vet tech gave the person some paperwork to fill out about their ferret, and the person just casually mentioned to the cat that they had to do some paperwork and could the cat go sit somewhere? The cat jumps off their shoulder, walks under a chair, sits down, and just chills there, surveying the room. It saw my rats and didn’t even blink or react at all. Truly this is an awesome and kind of freakishly well-behaved cat. After my rat had his appointment, I came back to the waiting room and the cat was still sitting there, chill as can be. Also I got to pet the baby ferret! :D Gave the person much compliments on what an incredibly awesome cat they have. Still kind of stunned that such a cool cat exists, so must try to draw it!


WARNING - Graphic Images

Far too often, we admit patients that are injured by rubbish that is cast aside by people. Litter is very dangerous for wildlife and a lot of deaths could be avoided by just picking it up and binning it. One of the worst cases is fishing hooks stuck in mouths or throats of birds. They usually swallow the tackle all in one; the catch, the lure and the hook. Once the hook is in, it’s incredibly difficult to get it out. This female mallard had it tough, with a very big three-prong hook stuck in the middle of her throat… Volunteer vet, Jonathan, came in to help, kindly giving his time during his lunch break. The operation was tricky and what we discovered was shocking…

Please bin your litter and you will help save more wildlife!

it’s hella windy friends

  • i was shoveling manure and went to throw it over the siding at ended up with a faceful of horse shit
  • susie q (the lame duck) decided she didn’t like how close i was walking so she flew down to the rest of the ducks
  • or tried to
  • she got in the air, hit a big gust of wind, and immediately made the duck sound equivalent of I HAVE MADE A MISTAKE
  • she’s ok though
  • just disgruntled
  • when i went out to fill the bird feeders one had been completely blown down off its hanger
  • our windows are getting wet
  • i know that doesn’t sound life-altering but there is a 10-foot awning above them
  • there are currently three very small house finches clinging to the feeders and staring into the teeth of the wind
  • “don’t show fear. ride the storm out, boys.”
instead of watching white ppl try “exotic chinese food,” why not

love klay thompson bc this man and the golden state warriors went to china and while the others were in their hotel rooms he toured markets, talked with vendors, and ate at local restaurants

and when they ate he could have just stuck with the “familiar” foods but he made an effort to try everything that was there including the duck heart and instead of spitting it out like a white person on buzzfeed he simply ate it and said it wasn’t his favorite thing

and then proceeded to be very grateful for the opportunity to learn more about chinese culture and the people

and said shanghai was a beautiful city

pls love this big man child

  • Name: Duck Louis
  • Age: Hot
  • How well do we know each other?: Very well. So well, he tied a ribbon for me.
  • Do you have a pet name for me?:  Chocolate-giver
  • Do I have a pet name for you?:  Duck
  • Are you attracted to me?: I’m only here for the chocolate
  • Why do you want to marry me?:  Because we’ll be forced to buy chocolate every day.
  • Big wedding or Small wedding?:  Big small wedding
  • Do you see children in our future?: I see children everywhere. I was at a Kindergarten once.

“As if I’d subject my son to bestiality! Rejected!”

and it wasnt quite me, and it wasnt quite you

i think it was someone entirely new

ok so wow i want to wish a very happy birthday to this jackass right here @fish-stew-pizza

i cant believe we haven’t known each other that long wtf


i was tagged by @explodingplant, thank you soooo much!

Is there a show/movie/book in which you desperately want to “fix” or fix one thing? i’m not really sure. i realized recently i’m very passive when i read or watch something for the first time, i never really question the author’s choices, probably because i’m already very picky about what i read/watch…although i must say i lost interest in doctor who at some point because it got unnecessarily complicated, and i still miss the silly little space adventures from 2005-2006 i guess…

Favorite phone app? tetris lmao or the dictionnary that saves my ass ten times a day, Pleco

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? since i’m usually afraid of small things i would probably prefer to fight only one duck, nevermind how big it is?? 

Do you like where you’re living? i like my country, and i really like the city i live in now. my apartment is small but it’s enough, so i think i’m ok

Is there something you are most ashamed of in your internet history? on my computer not really?? or maybe all the lgbt websites i don’t want people to comment on… on my phone it’s probably the ao3 history LMAO

Favorite language? since i only speak two languages and struggle with a third, it’s hard to say, but i really like how mandarin chinese is structured. when i was studying chinese abroad we had a discussion with my classmates (all from very different countries, ranging from Mongolia to Peru) and we all had the same feeling, somehow it felt easy to get used to the grammar, nevermind what was your mothertongue. i kinda like my mothertongue too, i like reading in french…

Mac or PC? PC!! i’ve never used a mac 

I’m tagging @queengwenllian, @platypusplayhere, @ghostglost, @anotherfrankiewarrior, @minervaremuspotter, @trucmuches and honestly anyone who wants to do it!! (i’m usually too scared to tag people i don’t really know well) My questions:

Sunny day or rainy day?

What’s your all-time favorite book/movie?

Are you more fascinated by space or the deep sea?

If given the opportunity, would you buy a boat?

If you could do anything, what would your dream job be?

Describe your weirdest dream?

Are you the kind of person who sleeps with only one cushion?

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Atermis Fowl; Fowl is another name for a domestic chicken/ can say....he's a cock

a huge DICK and very cocky yes and hes also a big chicken when it comes to some things
would his name mean duck hunter?? hunter of ducks?? artemis was also the fertility goddess so is he destined to raise baby chickens?? this is some good meta

Jeb Bush’s Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s been two days since my big loss, and I still feel very upset. My team brought a waffle iron to my room because the Marriott doesn’t have a continental breakfast, but diary, not even homemade waffles can cheer me up. I want papa to be proud me of, but what I really want is to be back in Miami and feeding my birds. I keep thinking about my favorite duck, Pato, is Noelle feeding him? I think being a duck would be great.

Mama told me that I should try coloring to help with the stress, I bought “Enchanted Forest”, there are some really magical drawings in there but I keep breaking my crayons. I didn’t know crayons were so fragile.

I never thought I would be here a year ago, everyone told me I would be the one, but deep down, I knew that doing this would mean that I would miss episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Diary, I want to go back to watching Pretty Little Liars, I read that they know who “A” is! Mama told me that if I stay in New Hampshire she will make me meatloaf. She makes the best meatloaf.

Today, I watched a YouTube video of a dog saying “I love you”. Wow! Let me just say, very exciting! I really have to get my dogs to do that!

Anyway, I’m hoping that I will get a sandwich from Quizno’s for dinner, but I don’t know if they have them in New Hampshire.

I love you


i had a good first lesson back, the head coach is in aruba so we had the other riding instructor who is usually a big cunt but she continues to be impressed by how i ride billy which is neat. billy is a sweetheart still and basically just has some issues with rushing and falling apart around turns sometimes which are both baby mistakes. he’s very honest and tries his best to do what i ask when i correct him 

but he honestly needs someone to hold him together and you can’t just sit up there and ask him to move forward and expect him to not trip everywhere and duck out of turns and bend weird. not to say that i’m hella experienced or whatever but those particular issues are ones i had with Tieko and with Ghost to an extent. I’m always glad to ride a lesson horse that doesn’t feel like a lesson horse… 

also apparently Billy has bucked some riders off… twice in one lesson one time, the second time ending in a hospitalization. but he’s never even moved to throw me? or given me any vibes that he was considering it?

also when i first got there his stall was being done so he was loose in the indoor and i went in the door and he was at the far end and he nickered and bolted in my direction, bucking the whole way than slid to a halt and wuffled at my face excitedly so like…. he missed me :,)

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Name:  Jessica

Nicknames: Jess, Da-Wabbit

Star Sign: Pisces

Gender: Female

Height: Uhh…. 5′ something… idk

Favorite color: Blue!! Also earthy colors

Time right now: 12:01 AM

Average hours of sleep: As of late, 5-6 hours. Had a big project to finish and I procrastinated (like always)

Lucky numbers: Not very lucky…

Last thing I googled: Chinese Architecture (for said project)

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Favorite fictional characters: I can no sooner choose a single star from the sky! Well if I must… Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny and Daffy Duck share the top spot in my book. I also like:

Pokemon: Misty, Ash, and Brock

Batman: Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn and Batgirl

DBZ: Vegeta, Bulma and Trunks

Avatar: Katara, Aang, Toph, Sokka, Zuko and Iroh

Steven Universe: Steven, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst

Plus too many more to name!

Favorite books: Harry Potter (Hermione is a BOSS)

Favorite bands/musicians: BON JOVI!! (Also Beatles)

Dream job: Architect would be nice

What I am wearing right now: Sailor Moon shirt and jeans

When did you create your blog: Let’s see… March 2011. O__O;;

Current amount of followers:  362, who are you people?? (jk, much love to the ones whom are actually people and not spam blogs)

What do you post about: Reblog lots of fandom things (cartoons, anime, video games, etc). I also reblog serious stuff like feminism and body positive stuff; whatever happens to interest or amuse me at the time

Do you have any other blogs: Yes… 2 more… @asklolabunny and @we-r-not-tour-guides

When did your blog reach its “peak”: These past 2 years or so. I’m getting a lot of attention from spam blogs. That must be a sign of a high traffic blog, right?

Who is your most active follower: According to the stats on 1/21, @batzendrick @lunarorbiter @aconitewolfsbane and @biancalovesharrypotter

What made you decide to get a Tumblr: Because I know some people *cough* @spootywabbit @momantis *cough* would resort to peer pressure to get me to join. So I just spared them the trouble ;)

Do you get Asks on a daily basis: I will occasionally get that desperate plea from that person who’s testing a game or a website… I block those immediately.

Why did you choose your URL: It’s a mix of my online nickname and Pokemon (or Digimon, I like that too)


People who want to do it, go ahead and do it! However I’m going to call out:

@lunarorbiter @spootywabbit @momantis @miyatoriaka @hibs-dont-lie @chatte-georgiana and @yarrrbles

You don’t have to of course, it’s just for fun

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You have to realize though that the east and the west are so fundamentally different.. Perron grew up in the league playing in the west and did very well. He came to the east and it was not good at all. The same with hagelin... He was a huge part of the Rangers, though not a pure goal scorer then he goes to the ducks and all of the sudden he's not the player he was. Hagelins speed constantly creates opportunities for kessel and Geno, Perron lacked that big time and finishing

ok perron was not particularly slow and he’s having no trouble finishing & scoring goals with the ducks. yes, hagelin’s speed helps him w/ kessel. but that doesn’t explain perron not being able to go with sid & kuni who didn’t rely on pure speed.

that ALSO doesn’t explain how perron could do so well when he got here and then fade out to crap. he WAS doing well here. then stopped.

The very best ginger root duck soup that I had ever had~ homemade rice wine + fresh organic cabbage, big, fat duck meats and whole lot of fresh yammy ingredients… Mmmm can’t wait to finish the while pot~ cheers~ 🚲🚴🏃
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Tim and I were wandering in a forest. It was cold but the air was damp.

We come across a field of what look like tree roots, a series of knots rising from the dirt. I have an innate drive to move across it. I am leading. I convince Tim to cross it with me.

As we’re crossing the knotty field when some of the roots begin to move and rumble. They reveal themselves to be the limbs of sleeping Giants. They are angry and offended that we’re walking over them. Slowly, but angrily, these Giants are rising from the ground.

We begin to run, ducking and dodging hands that are trying to swipe us at a slow pace. The figures behind get on their feet and start to follow us. They are slow, but they are big. We are fast, but we are small. They catch up very quickly.

He spots a house. We decide to hide there.

It is quiet. It is peaceful. But we start to grow resentment for each other. I feel an intensified irritability at his voice and mannerisms. I begin to believe that he has intentionally trapped me there. I begin to blame him for waking the Giants, for wanting to cross the field. I know that it was me who led us there, but I try to pin the blame on him. I do not know why I am doing this, but in my dream I am aware that I am a manipulative little shit. (I am aware that I am dreaming at this point because this representation about myself offends me very much. I feel, however, there is a lesson to be learned with this dream so I allow it to continue with little manipulation from my more conscious self.) 

I look up at the crown molding, and I notice a series of faces lining the walls. They are whispering. When I place my ear near them, they are saying horrible things. They are the source of my resentment towards Tim, who is visibly defeated and saddened. He is unaware of these figures in the house and when I mention them to him, he can see them but he is incapable of hearing them. He thinks they are just decorative figures. We argue over the legitimacy of their movement and voices. 

The Giants found us. The walls are informing the tress who are informing the Giants of us hiding there. They begin to tear down the house.

Tim sees a cliff and tells me that I need to jump it with him. I was hesitant. I resisted. I tried to rationalize the many reasons why we should not jump, but he asked if my reason was because I did not trust him. This question offended me deeply so I chose to trust him, but it was genuinely out of spite that I did. It was growing loud in the house and becoming unbearable. I would’ve wanted to leave anyway.

We open a door, run across a grassy field and jump off a rocky cliff. Holding hands, we dive into very bright, clear blue water. 

I know that I barely missed the rocks and almost died. But I didn’t. The Giants are too busy destroying the house to know we’ve escaped and by destroying the house, there is no one to tell them where we are. We swim away from the house on the cliff, but emerge from the water holding hands. We are in a different forest now, and it was warm and welcoming. 

“alright ladies and gentlemen, huddle up!”

a waddling of young ducklings, some still sporting their down
most heavily and others just striking duck puberty, all huddled
about the feet of one mr thaddeus lysandros. they peeped and
they quacked and some of them even slightly honked but most
of them got very quiet because their adoptive father was talking.

“right. good form the lot of you. now we’re going to march our
selves down to the local pond. you are all old enough to be free
and my pond just ISN’T big enough. mind the feet of others and
for heaven’s sake, henry, don’t run out into the street like the last
time! ready?”

the walk was mostly a success. well, except that frances took
to stopping for someone who was eating a piece of pound cake
outside a cafe and little poppy was very nearly squashed by a
rogue group of skateboarders. but once at the pond they flocked
to the water instantly and thad sat on a nearby bench to watch
before saying a brief goodbye.

he wouldn’t cry, he promised himself, except he knew he most certainly

Day 16 // 7th February 2016

This afternoon was supposed to be shit weather so we took advantage of the sun in the morning and went to the park. It is very peaceful, really green and big. There are some pounds with ducks and swams which make perfect postcards. It was nice to just walk around. I was walking most of the time with A because we were both taking pictures and we weren’t speaking that much. I usually feel like those silence are quite weird and people tend to say irrelevant things to fill them in but I didn’t feel the need to say something and felt comfortable.
I spent the afternoon and evening at home because there was a storm outside. It was pouring rain, really windy and there were even thunder and lighting.