some of my favorite silly plotlines from Scottish ballads
  • Small village thinks illicit whiskey stills are its biggest problem until raiders show up and trash their everything. Death, destruction, etc. Raiders find whiskey still, get lit, pass out. Villagers murder them. Peace restored. Whiskey is king.
  • Shepherd lad spots fair maid skinny-dipping. Fair maid pleads for her virtue and/or clothing. Shepherd lad is complete gentleman, escorts her home with clothing and virtue intact. Fair maid demands to know what she has to do to get laid around here.
  • Plucky heroine’s boyfriend goes to sea, fails to return. Plucky heroine dresses in drag and goes to find him. Plucky heroine discovers boyfriend happily married to someone else. Plucky heroine shoots his head right off.
  • Do Not Stop By The Local Weaver’s House, You Will Get So Pregnant, Like, Super Pregnant, I’m Not Kidding, This Has Been A Public Service Announcement.
  • Wealthy farmwife habitually searches her maidservants’ dorm for SIGNS OF MEN out of concern for their virtue. Maids less concerned for their virtue are having None Of It. Maids hide scarecrow in dorm, farm mistakes scarecrow for prowler, farmwife decapitates scarecrow. Farmwife believes herself a murderer. Maids now permitted to do as they please, virtue-wise. 
  • Idiot son sent to market to sell cow. Scheming lass seduces idiot son out of cow, pants, and even shoes.
  • Dad returns from business trip to find daughter Super Pregnant, demands to meet the man responsible. Dad takes one look at man responsible and tells daughter “okay, you’re off the hook, I would have banged him too.”
  • Handsome stranger bribes fair maid to leave town with him. Fair maid rejects various bribes until handsome stranger flat-out offers her money, which she accepts. Handsome stranger turns out to be, to no one’s great surprise, the actual devil. Fair maid regrets her life choices.
  • Gallant knight goes forth to slay dragon. Dragon eats knight, but has indigestion.

ETA: If anyone has been reblogging this and wants to know what the songs are, here is the list! Or if you’re too lazy to click things, The Devil Uisge Beatha + Shepherd Lad + Billy Taylor + Tae The Weaver’s Gin Ye Go + The Straw Man + Cow Song + Willie Winsbury + The Devil’s Courtship + Sir Eglamore

Matthew Daddario Quotes
  • "We call our shoes ‘sneakers,’ right? But they're not really sneaking."
  • "Can't wait till they invent phones with keyboards."
  • "I don't know this guy. He came to hang out so I complimented his hair."
  • "How many artichokes can you eat in one sitting?"
  • "No, go back to my idea!"
  • "Maybe, they'll throw the books out. Just not follow the books anymore."
  • "Hey guys did everyone floss today? You gotta floss every day. Otherwise, your dentist makes you feel bad."
  • "I play piano but I won't call it a talent."
  • "I'm the funniest person in the cast and that's simply because everybody else is so painfully unfunny."
  • "There is literally no memory left in my phone. I took fourteen thousand blue sky photos and I need all of them."
  • "Send him photos of fried chicken and crab cakes."
  • "I have a dentist appt tomorrow. I'm not gonna brush my teeth tonight. Also not going to shower. This is going to be painful for everyone."
  • "You are not trash, you are lovely!"
  • "Don't sign contracts in your blood. It's usually not required by any reputable party."
  • "He's slippin' out his little tongue eating snail treats off the ground."
  • "I will eat anywhere in the house. I'll eat cheese crackers in bed!"
  • "He looks down and sees this wonderful man. He hops down there and smooches that man right on the face. Right in front of everyone."
  • "'s not fair that he is more handsome than me!!!"
  • "Don't do the hokey pokey around witches."
  • "They're never gonna release the deleted scenes to you guys because they're racy and inappropriate."
  • "This video is going on social media!"
  • "I'm ashamed to admit I lied about the selfies. The phone is 98% cow pictures and I can't delete them. I need a new phone. Forgive me."
  • "Thank god I started sandpapering my feet when I was four."
  • "Is Alec appreciating at an increased rate because of an increase in demand? Or is it the same rate as before."
  • "Note, some alpaca do not appreciate head pats."
  • "If humans lived in barns, we'd be smelly, too."
  • "Had to delete all my cow photos to make room for selfies, so I will say 'I appreciate you, cows.'"
  • "Wow. It's spelled Gollum. Wow. So disappointed. Hiding my own cell phone for the next two weeks."
  • "You're a little kitty cat. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy kitty cat, kitty cat."
  • "Sometimes when I travel between dimensions, I think, man, I should really buy a sailboat."
  • "If I was running for President, my VP would be a well trained golden retriever."
  • "Who's not going to watch Hamlet in space? I mean, Space Hamlet!"
  • "I just think we should all acknowledge what is awesome about Harry!"
  • "I like eating food after dark."
  • "Generally, people avoid kissing their sister in a healthy life."
  • "If you don't like my zebra leggings, it's because you just don't understand zebra leggings."
  • "I think we should provide more showers for cows."
  • "If I'm having a bad day, I eat pizza."
  • "I hope Google uses the same algorithm to encrypt my email as my pocket does to tie knots with my headphones."
  • "I would own a farm. Not like growing crops but maybe have a few animals like cows, and maybe an alpaca or a llama. I would chop wood all day."
  • "Dog. #dog. Dog. Dog."
  • "Had fun tweeting with/at you guys. Phone is about to die. Gonna go get more double-A batteries."
  • "The jackhammer has been joined by his friend, the concrete saw. Rare that you get two music legends right outside your window like this."
  • "Interdimensional cat smuggling is severely punished. But you can make a killing on the black cat market."
  • "You should just give up on me like I did. So done with me right now I can't even."
  • "What am I fan of? No one's ever asked me this before! Oh man."
  • "I don't know why they say that. I think they're poking fun at me."
  • "Congrats. You deserve that sailboat."
  • "I don't know. I don't have any pet peeve. Yapping little dogs, I guess. Buttons that don't go up right."
  • "Donkeys look like rabbit horses."
  • "Everyone is all, 'follow your heart.' If that worked I'd be watching Shadowhunters in my spaceship."
  • "Am I making this up?"
  • "I don't condone it, but I understand it, and therefore, I will not pass judgment on it."
  • "I can eat a pound of pork rinds."
  • "I am your bird king!"
  • "Baby pigs or baby cows? They're both good options."
  • "I have deleted a single photo from my phone. I have room for one selfie. Living on the edge. If it happens, no second chances."
  • "She gets it at a Shadowhunter tailor where we get all our stuff. Are you serious?"
  • "My cell phone is not the most important thing in my life. It just feels that way."
  • "Kill her immediately. Problem solved."
  • "You're not me? Most people aren't, in my experience."
  • "Man I've spent a whole year talking about sailboats and I could have just jumped on this SHIP."
  • "Reminder not to cite 'game of thrones' as my motivation for getting into politics."
  • "To all the people who threaten to punch me in the face... Do I have to be concerned or is that a love thing?"
  • "Put this on?! Fit it on my body?!"
  • "I’m going to shave today. Nobody will recognize me and I’ll have to reintroduce myself to all my friends."
  • "Don't get me started on this question."
  • "Okay, quick question. What does it mean when someone says they are your 'trash?' Asking for a friend..."
  • "Wait, 'SexyBack' is by Justin Timberlake?"
  • "Everyone's smooching everyone and Alec just wants to do his job. That's why he's the best and deserves a big smooch."

you are…..
 alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, enticing, exquisite, fair, fine, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, lovely, magnificent, marvelous,nice, pleasing, pretty, pulchritudinous, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, splendid, statuesque, stunning, sublime, superb, symmetrical, taking, well-formed, wonderful, sexy, hot, curvy, amazing, glorious….


the great houses + name meaningshouse lannister

house lannister of casterly rock is one of the great houses of the seven kingdoms, and the principal house of the westerlands. their sigil is a golden lion on a field of crimson. their official motto is “hear me roar!” fair-haired, tall, and handsome, the lannisters are the blood of andal adventurers who carved out a mighty kingdom in the western hills and valleys. through the female line they boast of descent from lann the clever, the legendary trickster of the age of heroes who tricked the members of house casterly into giving him casterly rock during the era of the first men.


Pairing: Kili x Reader (Reader is the same height as Kili…few inches taller)

Characters: Kili, the Company

Warnings: None, unless you count the overloaded adorableness of a puppy-eyed, confused Kili

Word Count: 1, 305

Note #1: I hope I have the first right from Persian/Farsi:

1. Dooset Daram = I’m in Love With You

In Khuzdul:

2. Menu zirup men = You Complete Me

Note #2: I thought about this one shot while studying. Originally, this was going to be with Dwalin but I think we can all agree that it would work best with Kili. BTW, when I found this perfect Kili GIF, I couldn’t stop laughing. Poor baby, he looks so confused!

Your name: submit What is this?

In all honesty, I could not even clearly remember as to why or rather how I had ended up in the outskirts of Bag End, when almost at once I crossed paths with the Grey Fellow, Gandalf, who offered…well, he did not exactly offer, did he? He persuaded me to join what he took upon naming a ‘life-changing adventure’. Though, knowing myself, finally, as he had said this, I wasted not another single second upon agreeing to join him as he led me to a certain, strange hobbit house.

Upon that moment, not only did I become a little vexed when I learned that it was not to be an adventure after all, but a quest…and a dangerous one at that. Though, I had long forgotten about it once I laid eyes on a young dwarf, who had already been in the hobbit house at my arrival. Who was to say that I, a simple woman from the lands of Harad, would fall in love with a dwarf, which I later learned was the youngest prince of Erebor.

Kili. Kili, his name was. Call me a hopeless fool of love but his name had become my favourite part of the day, as with every chance I got, I would call on him. Even if it meant asking him idiotic things, like, ‘Kili, why do you think lovers sing, when they can speak?’ or, ‘Kili, if you were to dress as a maiden for a day, do you think you’d still be able to outshine Thorin’s majesty?

Despite what silly questions or comments I would say, this charming dwarf with orbs like molten mahogany would simply chuckle or even caress my cheek with his thumb. Of course, I wouldn’t be the only one with ridiculous remarks, he’d have some of his own, up his sleeve. And they never seized to make me blush and hide my face away in embarrassment in my hands.

Involuntarily and helplessly, I had come to love Kili and everything of him. The way his eyes sparkled as they settled upon the burning flames of the fire. The way his nose would slightly wrinkle to create small pillows beneath his eyes. Or the way his unkempt hair - which were a lovely colour of the rich soil of the valleys after the spring rains - gently moved with the wind.

Night had fallen as the trees around us became like ominous figures. Even the shadows themselves seemed to be frightened of the darkness. And in this gathering gloom, the twinkling stars along with the ageless as well as enthralling Moon shone brighter in the sky, as if to comfort the citizens of Middle-Earth that even in the dark there was hope.

That night, I had sat beside Kili as he quietly told me the Dwarven legends behind each constellation. Silently, I studied his face as I admired the way he spoke so passionately about his culture. That moment was when I realized, I had never told him how I had felt towards him. I had never gotten the courage to tell him that I loved him. How was I supposed to say something that seemed so simple yet so sophisticated to him?

“Lass,” Kili spoke, receiving my attention, “are you feeling alright? I seem to have lost you. Are my stories that much of a bore?”

I shook my head almost immediately and he chuckled at my non-verbal response. “Just a little tired, Kili. That’s all.” I admitted as I rested my head upon his shoulder. Instinctively, he wrapped me in his arms and rubbed my arm as if lulling me to sleep with a silent lullaby. 

“Then sleep, lass. I’ll be here when you wake.” He promised, earning a wide smile from myself. 

“Thank you, Kili.” I say and comfortably wrap my arms around his torso. It was now or never, I though to myself nervously after a few moments. I sigh and snap my eyes open once more. “Oh and one more thing…”

“Mm?” Kili looks down at me and I bite the inside of my lower lip, suppressing the overpowering urge to grab him from the face right there and plant my lips upon his irresistible ones. 

Dooste daram, Kili.” Questionably, his eyebrows narrow as he regards me with slightly widened eyes, expressing nothing but confusion. “What does that mean?” He asks. Feeling in a surprisingly mischievous mood, I smirked up at him. “Don’t worry, Master Dwarf, as clever as you are, you’ll come to figure it out very soon.” 

Apparently, it wasn’t as soon as I had thought it be. Perhaps, he already knew and didn’t want to tell me out of fear of how I might react once he rejected me. Sometimes, to console myself, I had thought that he had forgotten about it, due to all the dangerous events that had been happening. So, I always made sure to remind him of it, by whispering it in his ear as I walked by him. Occasionally, I did feel guilty when his facial features conveyed helplessness and loss of words. 

One night, after I had gotten the fire to start, I was about to lay on my bed roll, when a strong grip at my small wrist pulled me towards a muscular chest. I looked to see that it had been Kili. His orbs were darker than usual, but his expression was very hard to read this time. As he tugged at my wrist, I was made to follow him into the forest, where he pushed me against a tree trunk. 

He placed his hands on the tree and his arms were on either side of my face. Intensively, I look into his eyes and if he had been a head taller than I was, he would have frightened me even more. Kili dips his forehead upon my own as my breathing picks up. 

Doostedaram…means I love you, am I right, (Y/N)?” He questions as my cheeks burn and I sheepishly smile, looking into the distance of the darkened forest. Kili places his hand on my cheek and turns my head to face him once more.

“Am I right?” He repeats with a certain urgency in his voice as I gulp, licking my lips. 

“I’m…I’m in love with you, to be more precise.” I whisper. Without even realizing it, the young dwarf captures my lips with his and I freeze in shock, for a slight moment but recover quickly to respond by moving my own lips against his. 

Kili’s kiss was slow and soft, comforting my soul from the chaos that was ensuing from Azog’s terrors. His hand rested at my neck and his thumb caressed my cheek as it had done many times. Our breaths mingled and I ran my fingers down his back, pulling him closer until there was no space left between us. 

Moments that felt like eternity passed and we pulled away, the both of us breathing heavily. Kili grinned widely as if he had finally cracked the answer to a highly sophisticated riddle. He nudged at my nose with his own and whispered, “Menu zirup men, amralime.”

I frown as my elegant eyebrows knit together in a confused look, “Does that mean I love you in Khuzdul?” 

“You are a wise, fair maiden, are you not?” Kili smirked handsomely, “I bet you can figure it out quicker than I had with yours.” He pecked my lips once more and wandered back to the camp with a self-satisfied grin, where the Company was fast asleep. As he did so, I was left with numerous questions and thoughts as to what Kili had said, truly meant, if it weren’t ‘I love you’.

Must he always be the one to win the game? I thought, quite irritated as that night I hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep.

HVFF Chicago 2017 Wrap Up

What an amazing weekend! First, I got to spend it with my dear friend @triciaolicity​. She generously let me stay at her house, which gave us ample more time to talk about Arrow and our lives as wives & mothers. We are two Irish ladies who love to sit around a kitchen table and share stories. She is such a blessing in my life. I love you!

Second, HVFF Chicago was AWESOME. Seriously great. I tweeted out as much information as I could, but I do have a few more details that cannot fit in a 144 character limit.

This was my third convention, not including SDCC. I realize there are so many of you who would love to go, but may never get the chance to for a variety of reasons. So, all the goodies I picked up at the convention I will be giving away.  It’s just my small way of trying to bring HVFF to you. The giveaways will start the week before 5x20 airs. I’ll give away something each week (5x20-5x23). I thought it’d be a fun way to wrap up the season together.

Back to HVFF though. Let’s dig in!

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The King-part 2

The King-part 1

Summary- Gwendolyn yearns for more. More freedom, more choices, and more pleasure only King Negan can provide. Medieval AU

Warnings- Smut, Knife Play, Possible Dub-Con, Punishment, darker than my normal stuff

Word Count- Around 4.3K

Author’s Note- Probably not historically accurate. Lol. This is my submission for @jeffreydeanmorganrarechar Red Velvet prompt as well as @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash Negan Writing Challenge prompt knife play. Thanks to @theatricalbride for the brain storming session. It helped a lot. This will probably be a collection of one shots.

Tag List- @breemacen24 @negans-network @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @ladylorelitany @melodicdolls @ninjacuddlepile @negansqween @thatwriterizzy @sassyfiedscribbles @ashzombie13 @wadeyourebarelyalive @starshinesupergirl @adayinmymeadow @astrangegirlsmind @supererogatoryblog (these are the people that have requested to be tagged in everything I write or have said they don’t mind if others tag them…if I missed you just let me know. I’m sorry)

My beautiful moodboard was created by the lovely and talented @ofdragonsanddreams16. I love it! It is so gorgeous.

Gwendolyn gazed at her reflection. Her hand slid down the bodice of her dress. She finally looked and felt like a queen. Having been married for a little over a month, she had felt like a prisoner, a possession, and a failure but never a wife or queen.

She had been raised to expect to marry a king of her father’s choosing. He stressed that it was her duty to secure an alliance with a powerful kingdom. Her mother persuaded her that marrying for position, power, and the love of the people would provide her a life with purpose. Who needed the love of a husband? Gwendolyn was prepared to live without it. In fact, she was taught by her mother to live independently of a husband and keep her own council. Many men would be happy to share her bed and leave her to her own devices during the day, but she had not married just any man.

King Negan was possessive and guarded her jealously. In the stories of fair maidens being rescued by handsome knights, he would have been the dragon that burnt all would be suitors to ash and cinders. He isolated her so only those loyal to him had access to her. Her handmaidens were chosen by him, reported to him, and seem to delight in reminding her of that fact. There was no friendship, no shared gossip, none of the warmth she had had with her previous servants.

She fared no better with the ladies of the court. They knew she held no favor with her husband. Therefore, there was nothing to be gained by her friendship. It would only bring themselves under the scrutiny of the king. A situation everyone actively avoided.

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King Of The Poisoned Youth - Chapter ONE

King Of The Poisoned Youth is going to be a series of chapters set in an alternate reality version of Once Upon A Time, focusing on Peter Pan and Captain Hook. It’s told in the point of view of Raven, who is (unbeknownst to her) Hook’s daughter.

Take note that the title might also change.

Plot: Raven has lived her whole life on the Jolly Roger, aiding her father and the crew on their many voyages and expeditions. Hook loves her deeply, and she is the thin tendril that keeps him from spiraling into a bloodthirsty need for revenge on the one who killed her mother. Hook has kept Raven secret from Peter Pan; Pan doesn’t even know she exists, and Hook plans to keep it that way for good reasons. But luck isn’t always on his side. One night during a very bad storm, the Jolly Roger was unknowingly steered into Neverland’s waters. Raven was blown from the ship and she crashed into the raging sea. In the struggle, she nearly drowned. The waters beat her around like a ragdoll so viciously she was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, as fate was to have it, she survived. Her body washed ashore of Neverland overnight. But she awakes with no memories of who she is or where she came from. That’s when Peter Pan finds her, and he figures out pretty quickly who she is. He takes a liking to how defiant, confident, and skilled she seems to be. And in a way to get back at Hook for keeping Raven a secret, he decides to indulge in playing a game, and Raven is his pawn. He never intends to fall in love her though. Surprise! Turns out, Pan is capable of loving someone else other than himself. In his own twisted way. And after Hook comes to Neverland in search of his missing daughter, Pan will do anything to make sure Raven stays his.


Originally posted by gabedonohoe

I awoke with a start, sucking in a huge gulp of air. Frigid water lapped over me, slightly pushing and pulling my body back and forth with each roll of waves. I heaved myself onto my side, coughing and retching as salty sea water spurted from my mouth. Panic surged through me and I struggled to sit up. I was in shallow water that was only a few inches deep, and it felt arctic. I coughed, tasting nothing but salt in my parched mouth.

Though a warm breeze washed over me, I was unforgettably cold. A grayish-white sky stretched into the distance, meeting in a straight line with the ocean. The sound of waves crashed over each other against large rocks met my ears.

My head throbbed and I pressed my hand against it, briefly shutting my eyes at the pain. Within a few moments it lessened. I stood, which made me realize how weak I was. I felt drained. My legs shook slightly, I was dizzy—mostly with confusion. My soaked clothes were freezing and sticking tightly to my body, therefore I shivered visibly.

As I splashed to the shore, I noticed how battered and bruised my body really was. I was sore all over and my legs felt as heavy as stones.

Out of the water now, I hurried over the pebbles and onto the sand, hugging my body in a feeble attempt to warm myself. The white sand I was standing on ended about fifty meters from the water, lined by tall, sinister looking trees that faded into darkness.

Where was I? How did I end up here?

I racked my brain for any memories but found nothing.

Raven, I thought suddenly. How random. But that….that was the only thing I could remember about myself. The only thing I could remember at all. Raven. The word echoed in circles inside my throbbing head. My name is Raven.

I didn’t understand how this could be possible. My mind functioned without flaw, trying to calculate my surroundings and predicament. Knowledge flooded my thoughts—well, more like hazy details of the world and how it worked. It all came to me naturally. And yet I didn’t know where I came from, or how I’d gotten ended up lying in the water, or even who my parents were. I couldn’t recall a single damn thing about myself or who I was; just my name. I didn’t even know my last name. All I knew was that I was standing alone on this seemingly-desolate shore, and that my name was Raven.

I slowly eased myself to the ground, hugging my knees to my chest. I was so cold. I looked down at my clothes: I was wearing a black boned corset with strings pulling it together in the front. My white gypsy shirt was ripped along the sleeves as if a giant bear had clawed them. My tight black pants also had a few tears.

I took off my brown leather knee-high boots and dumped water from their soles before putting them back on. I had a belt with a satchel and sheathe—I pulled a dagger from the sheathe and felt along the blade. It was sharp. At least I had a weapon.

That’s when I noticed I was wearing a large, curved, black claw tied to a string around my neck. I held it in my hand, feeling its sharp point. What kind of gigantic animal did this come from? Frustration made me clench my fists. Why couldn’t I remember anything?

I sat there for a while, shivering, trying to remember something. Anything. My mind was blank. I racked my brain until it hurt and still came up with nothing.

Eventually, when my clothes had dried enough to be only damp, I began walking along the shore, looking around. I saw nothing but trees and thick vegetation on one side, and the minacious ocean on the other. For some odd reason I can’t explain, the forest radiated a menacing feel. I wasn’t ready to go in there yet.

I kept going till I found some low, flat rocks that spilled from the sea. I sat on one, relishing in the warmth the surface held. And I put my mind to work. Right now I had hardly any options. I was out in the open, exposed, vulnerable, hungry, parched, cold, bruised, and I couldn’t remember a damn thing about how I ended up here. What kind of animals lived here? Where there other people? Minutes ticked by as I weighed my options.

Groaning in frustration, I let out a big sigh. If only I could remember! I slowly rose to my feet. What I really needed was water. I decided that’s what I would go after first. Drinkable water.

“And who may you be?”

Startled, I spun around at the voice to see an older boy standing behind me. He stared at me with idle curiosity; yet his gaze held iniquity to them that made my skin prick. A feeling of gloomy darkness seemed to slide like a shadow over me. It vanished in an instant, but it was undeniable. His smile wasn’t friendly. It was a smile that spelled trouble. With a promise.

He was tall and lean, with rich chocolate hair tousled in griminess that promised finesse. His strong arched brows really brought out his eyes—they were deep and catastrophic, a dark green that was the color of the forest. His fair skin made him look devilishly handsome. But there’s a dark energy about him that ebbed and flowed as unpredictably as the waves of the ocean. I could almost feel it. And my gut instinct was screaming he’s extremely dangerous!

This only took less than a few seconds to take in. I yanked my dagger from its sheath. “Who are you?” I demanded, unable to look away from those eyes—they seemed to be holding me in his piercing gaze even though that was physically impossible.

“I’m Peter,” he said nonchalantly, taking a step closer. “Peter Pan.”

I didn’t reply, but I continued eyeing him. How did he even get so close without me noticing him before? Surely I’d have heard him?

“Sound familiar to you, laddie?” he asked.


He narrowed his eyes, lifting his chin, as if not pleased with my answer. “How did you get here?”

“I don’t know.” I flicked my dagger to indicate the sea. “I literally just woke up here on the shore. No memories of anything else.”

“Looks like you had a nice swim,” he noted, his gaze travelling up and down my body.

I looked down at my battered, sandy, wet clothes. “Yeah, that’s what it looks like.” I don’t want to look away from him for long, out of fear that he will do something. There is a weird light in his eyes, a way he looks at me, that sets me on edge.

“What’s your name?” he pressed.

“Raven. That’s all I remember: Raven.”

He smiled, cocking an eyebrow. “Raven?” he tested. “I like the sound of that.”

I frowned, unsure of the complement. “Okay…um, Look, Peter Pan,” I cast a glance at our surroundings. “Where are we? What is this place?”

“Why, it’s Neverland, of course.”

“Neverland,” I repeated, a little too enthusiastically. That sounded familiar, like I’ve heard it before. “Is there a village near?” I could get some answers there. Some food, maybe.

“A village?” Peter Pan scoffed. “No, I’m afraid you won’t find any villages here. Villages mean a kingdom, and a kingdom means a king. We don’t have any kings in Neverland.” He paused, then smirked. “Just me.”

“Oh?” Despite my feelings of weariness, I mocked a bow. “My apologies, your Majesty, I wasn’t aware that I was in the presence of such….royalty.”

Peter Pan rolled his eyes. “And I wasn’t aware I was in the presence of such a dweeb.”

“Fair enough.”

Was he like a leader of some sort? He did seem have an aura of authority. And I just knew that this boy knew a lot about Neverland, everything, maybe. I needed to get information from him.

That’s when I saw he had a sheath around his waist, and it was longer than mine. If he had a weapon, that means there’s something on this island that he needed to defend himself from. This sent dread creeping through me. Was it animals? Or other people? He sure as hell looked as if he knew how to fight.

Peter Pan watched me with one eyebrow raised and his arms crossed, the faintest hint of a smile edging his lips.

“What?” I said wearily.

He shrugged. “What?”

“Is there a way to get off this island?” I pressed.

“Yes,” he answered vaguely. “There’s a way.”


“You’ll need my permission.”

“What?” I frowned. “What do you mean?”

His expression suddenly grew sinister and he stepped closer, his dark eyes boring into mine. “No one gets off this island without my permission.”

Anger and defiance washed away my fear. “Who are you to decide if I can leave this island or not?” I retaliated.

Peter Pan suddenly pulled out his knife, which sent panic fluttering through me. I gripped my dagger tightly, raising it in a defensive stance.

“Do you want to find out? Let’s see what you’re capable of, Raven.” Before I could say anything in response, he lunged at me. As I leaped out of the way his blade painfully cut my arm. I had no time to linger in shock at his sudden attack. Furious, I slam my dagger toward him but he blocked it with his wrist hitting mine, and kicked me hard in the stomach. I doubled over, in which he took advantage to kick my rib cage and send me crashing to the ground.

Outraged now, and refusing to be humiliated like this, I nimbly rolled over and pop back up to my feet, bringing my dagger down on him in a slashing motion.

He narrowly avoided it and his knife almost plunged into my side before I instinctively knocked his arm away and kicked him hard in the knee. He fell back but just as he hit the ground his legs swept out and rammed into mine. I stumble backwards. Peter Pan was up on his feet again in an instant. I barely managed to block another blow with my arm and slice my dagger at his torso but it never connected. He vanished into thin air right before my eyes, and my blade cut through nothing.

Bewildered, I looked around wildly. What the hell?! Suddenly, a knife was pressed against my throat, and I could feel him standing behind me. I narrowed my eyes, lowering my weapon in defeat.

“That’s not fair,” I growled. The word magic popped into my mind. This bloody demon had magic. And though it should have surprised me, it didn’t.

“You’re not bad,” Peter Pan noted. “I’ve got to say, I’m not disappointed.”

“Are you going to kill me?” I was panting hard, glaring at him as best I could without turning my head. I was defeated and completely at his mercy because he cheated, and that made my blood boil.

To my surprise, Peter Pan’s knife left my neck and he stepped away. “Actually, I’m not,” he said as I turned around to face him, smoldering. “You interest me. I’ve got a game in mind I’d love to play with you, so I can’t have you dead just yet.”

A game? I stared at him, puzzled and dreadful. What in the devil’s name did he mean, a game? I forced myself to repeat, “Yet?”

“Yet,” he confirmed, staring at me with those goddamn intimidating, piercing green eyes.

“So you still plan on killing me, huh? After playing a game with you? Like what, tag?” I scoffed. “After you just attacked me like that? I’m not doing anything with you! You’re crazy, and no help at all.” I pointed my dagger at him to show him I was ready in case he tried anything.

“I can be plenty of help,” Peter Pan assured.

“I just met you and you attack me out of nowhere,” I spat, cupping my hand over the cut on my arm. “I don’t want your help anymore.”

Peter Pan let out a breathy chuckle. “Oh boy, you have a lot to learn about this island.” He arched an eyebrow. “And me.”

“Oh, I’ve learned enough,” I said, throwing it like an insult. “Your name is Peter Pan, you’re ‘king’ of Neverland, you’ve got magic, and you like to attack people with no warning or reason.”

“Are we listing the obvious?” The corner of his mouth quirked up. “Okay, my turn, then. Your name is Raven, you’ve lost your memories, you can fight well, and you’re attractive.”

I opened my mouth for a fiery retort but stopped dead at that last past. Did he really just—

“Oh, and you’re wet,” he added. “Soaked through-and-through. Come to think of it, Raven, I know I’m hot, but that’s a little too much; I mean we just met. Though I’m flattered.”

My mouth fell open and my eyes widened at his wildly inappropriate comment. “I cannot believe—”

“Sh, don’t say that,” he interrupted. “This whole island runs on belief. You’ve got to believe everything, laddie.”

“Wow, you really are crazy,” I hiss.

“That’s one way to put it.” He twirled his knife in his hands and I took a step back, eyeing it warily as he slipped it back into its sheathe. “Call me Pan.”

“I’ll call you narcissistic.”

“And I’ll call you captivating, love.”

Something ringed in my head from what he just said, something I couldn’t put a finger on. I frowned, my mind frothing with frustration. Why did I suddenly feel something, like a little crack to my lost memories?

“What is it, love?” Pan asked, saying ‘love’ with a bit of charm because he thought it annoyed me.

That’s it! Using love as a nickname! Calling me love. Someone must’ve said that often to me and I smiled at my first remembrance, even though it was painfully small. “Nothing,” I lied.

Pan was gazing at my dagger, and all the teasing in his face died. “What’s that?” He pointed to the handle.

I moved my hand down it slightly, revealing a skull and crossbones etched into it. “It’s a marking,” I answered in a duh voice.

Something sparked in Pan’s eyes, and he looked at me with furrowed eyebrows and a taut jaw. He seemed to be studying my face now, before his eyes moved down to my clothes, then back to my dagger.

“Is something wrong?” I demanded, uneasy.

His face spread in a smile. It made the hairs on the back of my neck raise. This grin was nothing short of twisted.

“No, nothing at all,” he assured, both eyebrows raised. He turned and scanned the sea, then looked back to me. “Raven, are you thirsty?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I can quench your thirst. If you want.”

I stared at him, knowing there was a hidden innuendo meaning to it. “With water,” I said. “Then go for it.”

Pan faced the trees, pointing with an outstretched arm. “Head northwest into the jungle, just keep going straight, and you’ll find a river within a couple miles.”

“How do I know you’re telling the truth? I can’t trust you.” I said.

“I guess you’ve got no choice.” Pan flashed a grin at me.

I uneasily walk toward the trees, to desperate for freshwater to give myself time to poke around and try to find out more. “If this is a trap, Pan, I swear on the devil I’ll—” I turned back around and stopped myself, realizing he was gone. Nowhere in sight, without even leaving a trail. Where did he go? Why did he just disappear? And why was he helping me?

More questions added to the list of things I had no answer too. I looked up at the sun. I had a couple hours until dark. I best start my trek so I’d make it to the river before nightfall.

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With my dagger in hand, I entered the forest. The trees swallowed me up more and more until I could barely see the ocean between the trunks. I trudged through thick undergrowth, half-jumped over logs, and more than once got my legs caught up in a thicket of thorns. I became lost to my thoughts. Was I stupid to trust a boy who attacked me? Who had a dark energy about him that set me on edge? Yes, I am stupid. Very stupid. But I also felt like I had no choice. Maybe after getting some water I would think more clearly.

But for now I knew one thing for sure: I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but something about Pan wasn’t right. Wasn’t normal. Wasn’t….safe.

A Wolf among Roses

The sight of Ser Loras Tyrell standing on her threshold made Sansa’s heart beat a little faster. For a moment she did not know what to say. “Ser Loras,” she finally managed, “you … you look so lovely.”

 He gave her a puzzled smile. “My lady is too kind. And beautiful besides. My sister awaits you eagerly.”

“I have so looked forward to our supper.”

 “As has Margaery, and my lady grandmother as well.“ He took her arm and led her toward the steps.

"Your grandmother? The Queen of Thorns, she’s called. Isn’t that right?”

“It is.” Ser Loras laughed. He has the warmest laugh, she thought as he went on, “You’d best not use that name in her presence, though, or you’re like to get pricked.”

 She’d better changed the topic. 

“You ride wonderfully, ser.”

 "My lady is gracious to say so. When has she seen me ride?“ 

"At the Hand’s tourney, don’t you remember? You gave me a rose. A red rose. You said no victory was half as beautiful as me.”

 Ser Loras gave her a modest smile. “I spoke only a simple truth, that any man with eyes could see.”

 He doesn’t remember, Sansa realized, startled. “It was after you unhorsed Ser Robar Royce,“ she said, desperately.

 "I slew Robar at Storm’s End, my lady.” It was not a boast; he sounded sad.

 "That was when Lord Renly was killed, wasn’t it? How terrible for your poor sister.“

"For Margaery?” His voice was tight. “To be sure. She was at Bitterbridge, though. She did not see.”

 "I … my lord, I … I did not mean to give offense, ser.“

All the warmth had gone from his voice. Nor did he talk to her again.

Margaery Tyrell herself emerged and swept down the short flight of steps to greet them. "Lady Sansa,” she called, “I’m so pleased you came. Be welcome.”

 Sansa knelt at the feet of her future queen. “You do me great honor, Your Grace.”

“Won’t you call me Margaery?”

Around the long trestle table a dozen women were seated. Sansa recognized only Margaery’s tall, dignified mother, Lady Alerie. There were three Tyrell cousins, Megga and Alla and Elinor, all close to Sansa’s age.

“I am honored to present my grandmother the Lady Olenna.”

“I knew your grandfather, Lord Rickard, though not well” the old lady said.

“He died before I was born. I was saddened when I heard of Lord Renly’s death, Your Grace. He was very gallant.”

 "You are kind to say so,“ answered Margaery.

Her grandmother snorted. "Gallant, yes, and charming, and very clean. He knew how to dress and he knew how to smile and he knew how to bathe, and somehow he got the notion that this made him fit to be king.”

 "Renly was brave and gentle, Grandmother,” said Margaery. “Father liked him as well, and so did Loras.”

 "Loras is young,“ Lady Olenna said crisply, "and very good at knocking men off horses with a stick. That does not make him wise. As to your father, would that I’d been born a peasant woman with a big wooden spoon, I might have been able to beat some sense into his fat head.”

 The old lady moved closer to Sansa.

“I want you to tell me the truth about this royal boy,” said Lady Olenna abruptly. “This Joffrey.”

 "I … I … I … “

"You, yes. Who would know better? The lad seems kingly enough, But we have heard some troubling tales, however. Is there any truth to them? Has this boy mistreated you?" 

"Joff … King Joffrey, he’s … His Grace is very fair and handsome, and … and as brave as a lion.”

 "Yes, all the Lannisters are lions, and when a Tyrell breaks wind it smells just like a rose,“ the old woman snapped. “Tell me the truth, no harm will come to you.”

 The old woman called to Butterbumps. “Fool! Give us a song. A long one, I should think. ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ will do nicely.”

Lady Olenna squirmed forward. “In the Red Keep the very walls have ears. Well, they will be the better for a song, and meanwhile we girls shall speak freely.”

 "But,“ Sansa said, as the fool started singing.

 "Now, child, the truth. What sort of man is this Joffrey, who calls himself Baratheon but looks so very Lannister? ”

 Sansa felt as though her heart had lodged in her throat. The Queen of Thorns was so close she could smell the old woman’s sour breath. “A monster,” she whispered, so tremulously she could scarcely hear her own voice. “Joffrey is a monster.”

A Storm of Swords Chapter 6 (Sansa I) - shortened

anonymous asked:

So, considering the last SC IG as a kind of revaling, can we think that Sam and Cait are finally together? And MM what sense did she has in this long story?

The pool IG’s are certainly revealing, certainly, but probably are not a reveal.

I think there are still some acts left in this play before fair Viola and handsome Orsinio will be ready, or able, to reveal publicly what everyone with eyes has always been able to see is between them. Love.
As for Malvolio prancing about in those ridiculous yellow cross gartered hose and putting on airs -and claims of making alliance far above standing? “Look at Meeeeee!!!” Why, likely continue to play the part and thereby provide a means to both extend the story and convolute the plot. And also provide a bit of comic relief at not only the absurdity of the claims; but also the from the seemingly endless fruitless machinations to bring them to fruition.

That’s what the Malvolios do, after all. They are always written so that the audience can spot them in an instant and know them for what they are, and then can sit back and with that knowledge enjoy the show knowing that the true lovers always end up together somehow in the last act. It’s the misdirection and denials that happen along the way that make for good theatre, and make the love all the sweeter at the end for appearing hard won!

RFA+Saeran & V Being Sick (GIFS)

Inspired by @dusk5 and her feverish self. Feel better Smalls. 


  • Tries to diagnose himself with WebMD and will call panicked because he thinks he has some incurable disease 
  • He doesn’t possess the adult skills to take care of his sick self so you’ll have to teach him 
  • He’ll sleep off most of the illness (lack of sleep probably got him sick in the first place) 
  • He would love it if you sang to him though
  • He’ll keep apologizing that you have to take care of him but be really happy inside 


  • The definition of a man-child when he’s sick 
  • Extremely dramatic! “It’s not fair! Why does someone as handsome as me have to be sick? T~T”
  • He’ll have many demands to the point where you have to be mean
  • “Zen if you don’t take this medicine, I’m going to smother you with this pillow.” 
  • It’s too exhausting taking care of a sick Zen so you try to prevent him from getting sick at all costs. 


But for real she would probably be like this:

  • She’ll try to work even when she is sick
  • You will basically have to force her to lay down and relax
  • She says, “I’m an adult, you don’t need to take care of me.” But she means “I don’t want you getting sick because of me.” 
  • Aw, Jaehee. You adorable thing you. 
  • There’s mutual happiness because you get to help her and she’s very grateful
  • You had to confiscate all electronics in order for her to sleep


  • In denial about being sick 
  • You called work to let them know he would be taking a sick day
  • You left to buy supplies for soup only to be called saying he had arrived at work 
  • So you drag him back home and make him lay in bed while you cook
  • Homemade soup is one of his favorite meals and you get a lot of feelings when he looks you in the eye and says, “I’m really lucky to eat such wonderful food made by the person I love.” 


  • Ultimately believes his illness is a punishment from God. 
  • The blind guy in question? V. How could you. 
  • He becomes clingy and just wants to snuggle
  • You would think you shot the guy when you banned him from having soda and chips and gave him a REAL meal. 
  • He is also melodramatic and pretend to be sicker than he is so you’ll do things for him
  • “I think I’d feel a lot better if we took a shower together…” 


  • Not sure if he’s really sick or just doesn’t want to socialize? 
  • He’ll be mostly a shut in when he’s under the weather 
  • You constantly check on him because your convinced he’s not breathing or that there’s actually pillows in the shape of a body under those blankets
  • Not matter how much you try he won’t let you do anything for him!
  • “I guess I really can’t do anything to help…” you’ll say in a dejected tone. 
  • He’ll feel so guilty and reply, “I’m hungry…” 
  • You get super excited and make him food but he won’t come out from under the blanket 
  • The reason? He’s hiding the blush on his face from how cute you really, really, are. 


  • He has it covered and is readily prepared
  • But he’ll let you take care of him because it seems to make you happy
  • The man is so kind he’ll even eat anything you make for him (even if it might make him sicker?) 
  • He’ll refuse to touch you because your health is more important to him
  • In the end you’ll catch his cold and learn that he is much better at taking care of people than you
  • naruto: why is sasuke like... the hottest guy ever. it's not fair.
  • sakura: aww, naruto, you're very handsome! no need to be jealous of sasuke
  • naruto: what?? i'm not jealous of sasuke. i'm a fuckin catch
  • sakura: but you said-
  • sakura:
  • sakura: oh naruto
  • naruto: ???
Part 47 - Talk it Out

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the link to the masterpost below to catch yourself up:

Part 47 - Talk it Out

The last time I’d been caught in a love triangle in this world, I’d hated every second of it, and my current love square was just as uncomfortable.

As it came to light that they were all romantically involved with me, the tension grew. Like most normal people, I was completely ill equipped to handle the situation, despite having played a slew of these games and having fantasized over what it would be like to have my own harem one day. 

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Ivar prompt time ...

A very special Monday Night Ivar Prompt. Part 4 in the prompt saga. 

All my Ivar prompts fit together. It’s not imperative to read the ones that came before, but in case you’re interested:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Prompt via @whenimaunicorn“What else have you been wanting to do to me?”


“Ughhhnnnnnn.” You put your hand to your head and moan. You have a dull headache. You feel as if your mind is floating in the clouds. And you are terribly thirsty. 

You are hungover. 

You are also not in your home. You are apparently at Ivar’s. In his bed. With him still sleeping beside you. And you haven’t decided what you are going to do about that quite yet. All you can think about in this moment is quenching your thirst. Water. Must find water

You clutch a blanket to your chest and swing around to sit on the edge of the bed, your feet dangling, as you work out the best way in your drink-adled brain to proceed. 


You whip your head around at his voice, which was a mistake. “Ouch.” You squint in his direction, as your head pounds. “Er … no. Not leaving. Just need … water?” 

His face, which had been scowling, now softened a bit. Ivar was sitting up, his hair a mess, but not looking nearly as rough as you were sure you did. Bastard. It was not fair, how delicious he looked … his handsome face, his naked chest. 

“Just over there,” he said, pointing to a pitcher of water next to a basin. 

You get up to immediately retrieve the precious water, taking the blanket held to your breast with you. 

“You were not so shy last night,” he accused, his tone a bit … angry? Forlorn? Insecure? All three? You didn’t know and you didn’t really care at the moment. You drop the blanket and give a wave, vaguely conveying that whatever it was he was thinking, you didn’t really care at the moment, all you cared about was water. You heard him suck in a breath as he saw your sudden naked backside walking to your little oasis. You pick up the pitcher and drink straight from it, not bothering with finding a cup. 

You hear him laugh. “You must be parched.” 

You take several long drinks and then sit the pitcher back down, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. “So much mead. It is the worst in the morning. Which is why I normally stick to cider, but last night, I do not know … what happened last night?” you ask, as you turn around. 

His eyes widen at the view as he breathes in deep. “Well,” he says, slowly. “There was the game …” 

“Right. The game,” you say, as you start back for the bed. 

Ivar frowns. “Are you not going to bring me some water?” 

You put your hand to your head and roll your eyes. “Right. Silly me. For not reading your mind.” 

You pick up the pitcher and begin to bring it over. 

“There is a cup over there,” he instructs, haughtily. 

You shrug. “Too far.“

He raises a brow as you hand it to him. “Such insolence.” 

You give him a crooked grin. “Such entitlement.” 

He takes a drink and sets the pitcher down on his bedside table. “I should have you whipped, for how you speak to me. For how you disobey me.” 

You purse your lips and look up, acting as though you are thinking the idea over. “That could be arranged,” you say with a wink. You then get back into the bed and slide over next to him. He about jumps out of his skin when you throw an arm over his middle and settle into the crook between his shoulder and neck. He stiffly lies down and awkwardly puts his arm around you. 

“You were not so shy last night,” you say with amusement in your voice. 


“Will you rub the back of my neck, Ivar? I have a terrible headache.” 

He shakes his head and gives you an incredulous look. “Who do you think I am, woman? Some servant? Are you still drunk?” 

You give a chuckle. “Perhaps a little. But as I recall, we fell asleep last night before your attentions could be reciprocated. If you massage my neck a little, I promise to return the favor. It’s something I have been wanting to do, quite honestly. Among other things.” 

You are not even the slightest bit embarrassed by your declaration. Perhaps you actually are still drunk. 

“Hn,” he scoffs, but almost immediately his hand is brushing aside your hair in order to get at your neck, and you come to find that he is actually giving you precious relief. 

“Mmmmmmm. Yes. I am going to treat you so well after this.” 

You could feel him finally relax and he brought his arms tighter around you. 

“So well,” you murmur, as the tension in your body releases. 

"What else have you been wanting to do to me?” he asks, trying and failing to seem casual and nonchalant. 

You answer by sliding your hand down his abdomen, and disappearing under the furs. You grin as he sucks in a breath and moans, music for your ears, and a balm of satisfaction and excitement, making you forget about your hangover.