Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia posing during her first ever formal photoshoot, St. Petersburg 1896, Levitsky atelier.

She was the eldest child of the last Russian Tsar. She would grow up into a dreamy, melancholic young woman of gentle, fair beauty, fond of books, poetry and dark handsome officers. 

She would also be brutally murdered along with the rest of her family in summer of 1918.

a [slack motherfucker] aquarius mix, a stage one:

built to spill, “center of the universe

I don’t like this air
but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop breathing it
who doesn’t think they’re at
the center of the universe, being it 

nirvana, “on a plain” 

love myself better than you

pavement, “I love perth

you’re gorgeous
I’m pretty handsome too
we make a pair, me and you

van morrison, “sweet thing” !!!!!!

and I shall watch the ferry boats and they’ll get high
on a blue ocean against tomorrow’s sky
and I will never grow so old again
and I will walk and talk in gardens all wet with rain 

nirvana, “tourettes

we don’t know anything, my heart
we all want something fair, my heart

richard hell and the voidoids, “blank generation

I was saying let me out of here before I was
even born

joanna newsom, “bridges and balloons

to be the ones to’ve seen

green day, “jaded

always move forward
going straight will get you nowhere

patti smith, “gloria

twenty thousand girls called their names out to me

green day, “2000 light years away

she holds my malachite so tight so
never let go
because she’s 2000 light years away

david bowie, “oh! you pretty things

a crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me

the replacements, “valentine

if you were a pill, I’d take a handful at my will
and I’d knock you back with something sweet and strong
plenty of times you wake up in february makeup
like the moon and the morning star you’re gone

television, “little johnny jewel” 

he said, “I want my little wing-head!”

pavement, “gold soundz” (taurus moon, leo rising)

so drunk in the august sun
and you’re the kind of girl I like
because you’re empty and I’m empty
and you can never quarantine the past

slowdive, “all of us

this whole life 
is all of us
this whole dream
is all of me
minnow lies
inside me now

regina spektor, “8th floor

I came in from the rain
which wasn’t really rain it was just january snow in denial

goldfinger, “99 red balloons

it’s all over and I’m standing pretty
in the dust that was a city
if I could find a souvenir 
just to prove the world was here
and here it is, a red balloon
I think of you and let it go


NOFX, “go your own way

not my fault fat mike is an aquarius! 
take it up with god


Request: anonymous: Could you do something where the reader is the captain of the guard and maybe Fili or a dwarf flirts with her in front of Thranduil and he gets jealous because she gets flustered and visits him in the cells later? Then he could just be cold with her or something and she visits him to ask what’s wrong and he confesses to loving her and just fluff! Your fics are just pure perfection, thank you for writing!
Notes: fluff
Word Count: 822 words

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Washed Clean


Pet-sitting for her favorite teacher over spring break? Check. Mysterious roommate begging to be found out? Check. Trapped over at said teacher’s house during a massive storm? Check. Handsome neighbor? Check.

All in all, it’s turning out to be a fairly busy week for Ahsoka.

(Or, that College AU I’ve been waiting for and finally had to write myself)

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The (Not So) Pallid Bust of Pavus

Part the Third: Let’s Get Him Dressed, Shall We?

Well, I realize I’ve finished him and posted some pictures and everything is all lovely and done… but I still really wanted to talk more about how I did it and a few things I learned. Maybe because it’ll be helpful for other people. Maybe because, deep down, I’m vain and attention-seeking. I’ll let you decide.

Without further ado, the process I used to clothe Dorian is below the cut. Fair warning, it is looooooooong.

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kamalakhan asked:

handsome jack

do I like them:

  • fuck handsome jack

5 good qualities:

  • he’s dead

3 bad qualities:

  • he’s dead

favourite episode/etc:


  • jack/swimming pool filled with money


  • jack/nisha


  • jack/rhys
  • why

best quote:

  • ”i shot one baby. and in fairness. it was being a dick”

head canon:

  • he is actually alive and lives on in the tiny loaderbot with the hologram jack head
I react to the companions:

First impressions of companions in the order I met them:

-Codsworth: Ok sad Alfred, you can come travel with me.

-Dogmeat: Fuzzy wuzzy killer, I wuv you! I’ve missed you since 3, Rex was ok but he’s not you.

-Preston: Wow, this guy is nice, practical, soft spoken, and pretty handsome too.

-Danse: I like this guy. He’s authoritative, fair, kicks butt, and looks kinda cute. I wish he were a companion. (Before I knew he was).

-Cait: Awesome. She’s brash but I like her. How does she even have an accent in this setting? That ghoul acted like he was getting rid of a pet when he let her go. Wtf?

-Strong: Oh lord. I guess you can come live with us… I guess. Here, be on defense. *later* If I hear ‘milk of human kindness’ one more goddamn time! I swear to god Strong! Your ass will be in Tenpines Bluff in like a second!

-Hancock: That ghoul just murdered someone. When do I get the quest to bring him to justice?

-Piper: I like this straightforward reporter. She’s a little bit of a dick to people (the mayor) but she’s trying to do good so *shrug*.

-Valentine: You are very chill and logical. Let’s travel together.

-Deacon: You’re weird and I don’t know what to make of you or your railroad.

-Curie: You are fucking adorable and I love you like my own child. I will protect you and teach you everything I know.

-MacCready: Did Danse and Deacon make a baby? (Did not travel with him until my third play through).

-X6-88: You have cool glasses but I want nothing to do with the institute and can’t bring myself to care about you, since I’m always going to destroy you and everything you love. (I have thoroughly neglected him).

memory lane [when we met]

Three weeks prior, she recalled the moment when her car broke down in town. On her “travels” through Mystic Falls, she’d gotten a flat, and a handsome gentleman offered his help. “I’m sorry, I don’t know a thing about changing a tire,” she had said innocently. It wasn’t like Kat hadn’t seen this fine gentleman before, he was a local after all. Just days before their first encounter, the vampiress found the young man falling all over some dirty blonde at the town fair. The girl had been nearly beautiful, not to Katherine’s degree. In her way, Katherine intervened after the couple parted, stepping in to do her bidding: compelling the girl to forget of him and leave town, after learning as much information about this Stefan Salvatore as she could.

Snap back to the present, she’d grown remarkably close with the youngest Salvatore brother. His mother often invited her for lunch, the two played football in the backyard, attended movies at the local theater, and had even shared their first kiss. Katherine was having too much fun with this slow burn, seducing the human man with every bit of charm she could muster up.

On the porch, they both had their eyes intent on their phones, grunting as they battled through an intense round of Candy Crush. “Ha! I win, what’s my prize?” she asked. 

New followers, heyy. There’s quite a few of you.
Recent trends suggest I, epsi*shawn, am a
skirted Rhys in close proximity to Handsome Jack - and desk - with a dash of Hyperion yellow specialist.

It’s only fair that I indicate that this is not the case. 

Which isn’t to say that there won’t be more Borderlands / Rhack in the future - there might - so here’s a consolation post.

(I won’t hold a grudge against anyone fleeing the coming tide of other stuff; I promise. And not merely for lack of airlocking or strangling options.)
Give Us Tomorrow - Chapter 5 - kingcael - Final Fantasy X [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Newest chapter up! A little revelation, and a little peace.

Featuring this scene:

“Auron, what are you thinking about?”
“…It’s just… hmm… I used to be… handsome.”
“My dad had way more scars than that, and girls really liked him.”
“I suppose…”

Original picture post: X

anonymous asked:

I don't see how anyone could equate Kylo Ren carrying Rey bridal style as being 'fatherly?' He's not an older man like Han, Luke, or Chewie. He's a young man who's clearly displayed some very strong sexual attraction towards Rey in TFA. That's not fatherly or even brotherly behavior. Likewise, Rey does not in all way see him as a father or brother figure. In fact, she seemed pretty startled with how handsome he was underneath that mask.

Who knows. I dunno. I don’t really want to speculate on why someone’s mind would automatically go there because my own mind goes all sorts of dark, horrible places at this suggestion, and that’s not fair to them. Not at all.

I will say that you can tackle incest in fiction - that this is A Thing that happens all the time, and that’s Okay - but you have to be really, really carefully with it, because incest is this horribly confusing, psychologically messy thing. It’s a damaging subject. Like if the incest is non-consensual (which it usually is), it’s this mixture of abuse (and all the emotional stuff that comes with it) combined with feelings of familial loyalty/obedience/anger that are really hard to untangle. If it’s consensual (which doesn’t happen as frequently, but is still A Thing), then this combo becomes one of intense shame/self-hatred/fear-of-being-discovered/confusion-at-oneself, and BOTH of these scenarios are really hard to depict without fetishsizing it. Without exploiting this incredibly tricky dynamic. And to be honest I don’t think Disney can pull this off. I don’t think they would even try.

And that - combined with Kylo’s sexually aggressive behavior towards Rey - makes me worried. Because if Kylo and Rey do turn out to be related? If they turn out to be more than cousins? You can’t untangle that sexual subtext. You can’t retroactively take it back. Suddenly, shit gets messy. Really, really, really messy, and I don’t want something like this to be used for cheap shock effect. It’s not fair, to either of the characters.

7 Minutes in Heaven- Lay

How did this even happen?

You found yourself asking the question as you watched a drunken Chen skip around the room with Chanyeol’s hat in his hands. One by one each member of Exo dropped in one of their possessions for you to be pick out. Whoever’s item you picked out you had to spend seven minutes with in a dark cupboard. And all Chanyeol said you were going to do was have a small meet-up.

“Good luck.” Chen smiled as he presented you the hat. You sighed as you took a deep breath, slipping your hand into the hat. Twelve items met your hand and you bit your lip anxiously as you dug around. To make the game fair the members had made sure to hide the items before they put it in so you couldn’t avoid getting one. Well, to be fair you didn’t mind who you got. Exo had twelve handsome, talented members. Especially a certain one name Yixing.

“Choose someone quickly, Y/N!” Luhan whined in a very ‘unmanly’ way that made you laugh. Nonetheless you closed your fingers around a small little thing and brought it out. Your eyebrows raised at the small item and you held up the guitar pick for the twelve boys to see.

“Whose guitar pick is that?” Suho asked.
“Mine.” A voice said and all attention turned to Lay. He swallowed, locking eyes with you and you felt your stomach tighten.
“I would’ve thought you’d be sleeping now but whatever, go do your thing.” Urged Chen and he gave you a small nudge which ended up in a bad stumble. You would’ve laughed if you hadn’t been so nervous and Lay’s small assuring smile did not help the nerves.

Your breathing quickened as you followed him to the small closet in the corner of the room. It was tight and suffocating, and as the door snapped shut behind you darkness swallowed you both. You jumped as a hand placed itself on your shoulder, almost making you fall if Lay hadn’t caught and steadied you in time.

“Y/N?” He whispered in his soft voice as if speaking loudly would shatter you. “Are you okay?” You nodded furiously even though he couldn’t see you. “I-I can’t see.”
“Sorry. I’m okay though.” There was a small sigh of relief but Lay still didn’t let go of your shoulder.
“Do you want to do this?”
“Um..” You were unsure but a small spontaneous feeling sparked within you and you grinned, stepping closer to Lay. You felt his gentle hand travel slowly down from your shoulder to your back where it rested softly but firm enough to let you know of his feelings. “Actually I do.” You weren’t sure but you had a small feeling that Lay was smiling.
“Good.” He said, confirming your thought and the gap between you both was sealed with a firm kiss.

It was steady and strong, and Lay’s grip around you tightened as he pulled you closer to him. He smirked, running his tongue over your bottom lip confidently and biting hard which made you gasp loudly. You laced your arms around his neck, bringing him closer to you and breathing in his familiar smell you liked so much. Lay was everything to you. You had never realised how huge your crush really was till this moment you were both kissing. In fact, this kiss only strengthened it and you felt your desperate need for him to increase.

Lay pulled away, his gentle fingers playing with your hair. You pined for the wonderful sensation of his sweet lips on yours, and he knew.
“Let’s not get too carried away now, Y/N.” He said, his hushed voice soothing and melodious in your ears.
“Why?” You asked, not shy of trailing your fingers in his hair. “I like you, Yixing.” You felt Lay smile as he kissed your cheek. He didn’t move away though, and instead kept his nose and forehead resting against yours.
“I like you too, Y/N but let’s take it slow. That way we can truly savour and cherish every bit of our relationship.”
“Relationship?” You couldn’t help but repeat and Lay stepped back hastily.
“I-I mean, if you want to- I don’t want to rush you into anything or-”
“No,” you quickly said, twining your hand with Lay’s. “I want a relationship with you too.”
“Then I guess you’re now my Jagiya, Y/N.”

David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess have been cast as the leads in AMC and Lionsgate TV’s upcoming drama series “Feed the Beast,” Variety has learned.

The series, based on the Danish drama “Bankerot,” centers around two best friends, Tommy Moran (Schwimmer), and Dion Patras (Sturgess) who take one last shot at their dream of opening a restaurant. “Feed the Beast” will be adapted by writer/showrunner Clyde Phillips (“Dexter,” “Nurse Jackie”), who also serves as executive producer, along with Henrik Ruben Genz, Malene Blenkov, and Piv Bernth.

“Under Clyde’s creative leadership, ‘Feed the Beast’ is a layered character piece and a highly entertaining story,” said Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV. “To have David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess along with the rest of our wonderful cast bringing this story to life is incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to get started in a few weeks.”

“‘Feed The Beast’ is the kind of provocative, premium quality series that has become a Lionsgate trademark,” said Lionsgate Television Group Chairman Kevin Beggs. “We’re delighted to expand our relationship with the iconic Clyde Phillips, excited to work with this bold ensemble cast led by the incomparable David Schwimmer and including the incredibly talented Jim Sturgess, and thrilled to bring this fast-paced drama about food, friends and family to life with our longtime partners at AMC.”

“David and Jim are each incredibly talented actors whose careers span theater, film and television. But more importantly, they both possess an inherent honesty and vulnerability in their craft which are essential in the flawed characters of Tommy and Dion,” said Phillips. “Their grasp of the story, and their respective characters’ journeys, is something I’m very eager to dive into with them.”

Additional casting for the series includes Michael Gladis, who will play Patrick Woichik, aka The Tooth Fairy, the soft spoken, brutally intimidating local mobster with a penchant for pulling teeth; Lorenza Izzo, who will play Pilar Herrera, a woman who meets Tommy in a grief group, and is desperately searching for true love; Christine Adams, who will star as Tommy’s late wife Rie Moran; John Doman, who will play Tommy’s father Aidan Moran, a shrewd and ruthless businessman and unapologetic racist; and Elijah Jacob, who will play Tommy’s ten year old son TJ Moran.

“Feed the Beast” is produced by AMC Studios and Lionsgate in association with Clyde Phillips Productions. The show is scheduled to premiere in May 2016 with 10 one-hour episodes. Production will begin in New York this February. (x)

Ghost in the machine

Just a little bit of “fun” I decided to have on a whim and it’s kinda too long to be a one shot but not made with chapters in mind? Which isn’t fair because god damn look how long it is :O probably won’t go under a read more, sorry folks XD

Word count: 3296

Some say Helios is haunted, and others will say that it’s true.
They say it’s the ghost of a young man, pale and flickering blue.
He wanders at night, just out of your sight.
Don’t go looking or he’ll be looking for you.

Jack was laughing as Rhys had agreed, joyful and ecstatic at finally getting what he wanted. He wanted more though, but he couldn’t give that little surprise away just yet – he wanted Rhys to have his fun for at least a little while longer. The kid was laughing and happy, perhaps for the first time in years, as he lounged in the yellow leather chair with the jack in his port still and Jack didn’t want to ruin it. The kid had said yes to ruling Hyperion and there was nothing that could have made Jack happier in that moment – he was finally home and he could put his last part of the plan into action.

‘How is it?’ Jack smiled, Rhys giving a lazy grin as the dopamine injectors in the chair worked their sinful magic on his body, making him pliant and so easy to work with.

‘It’s good, Jack, it feels… right.’ Rhys purred out lazily before feeling an unexpected jolt in his subsystems. ‘Hm?’

‘Oh, sorry there pumpkin, I’m just, ah, excited ‘bout what’s gonna happen, y’know?’

‘What do you mean?’ An almost malicious grin spread across his face on the digital display.

‘Jus’ a li’l something I’ve got planned for ya, Rhysie.’ Jack laughed, it echoing around the mansion-like office endlessly and sending chills down Rhys’ spine. It wasn’t like any of his other laughs, it sounded like danger incarnate. Another jolt shocked Rhys’ body and subsystems, appearing to mostly paralyse his body or at least slow him down, as the jack almost clamped itself to his port in a particularly vicious motion.

‘What are you doing? Jack?’ Rhys mumbled, eyes slowly going wide as he watched Jack’s image flicker and glitch out. He felt so tired and exhausted, drained almost, as he couldn’t even raise a hand, either hand, to yank the jack out.

‘Rhysie, you belong to Hyperion, remember? You belong to me so, y’know, I’m just taking what is mine. You.’ Panic started up in Rhys and now he was paralysed by fear on top of the total subsystem failure. He couldn’t fight back, he couldn’t call Fiona for help and he couldn’t stop Jack. He was helpless, Rhys realised as he felt heavier and drowsier and almost felt himself drain away with the colour bleaching from his face.

‘See kid?’ Jack gloated, ‘I’m just pulling you out of your body. You’re gonna be mine.’

No, no he can’t do that! Rhys couldn’t die! He’d left Vaughn behind, he’d left Fiona and Sasha alone in the mess of hallways of Helios and he’d led them all into a trap. Rhys could feel himself draining away, being pulled from his own body, but where would he go? Jack answered that, but not before inviting Fiona up to the office.

‘C’mon, sweet-cheeks, get yourself up here and I might be inclined to let you live!’ Jack almost cooed as he opened up the doors to let her in. ‘I want you to witness him in his last moments because, honey, he’s going down.’ He laughed as Fiona had raced up there in seconds, the guards letting her go from the prison level as Jack practically lit the way for her and soon enough she’d run in and straight to the desk and had tried to pull Rhys out, giving up as Jack clamped his hands to the chair. She cupped his pale cheeks, fear evident in her expression – something rarely seen on the grifter’s face for Rhys’ safety.

‘Rhys, Rhys look at me. You can’t let him do this, you have to stop him!’ She snapped, eyes wide as Jack laughed. It was hopeless, she realised, as Rhys’ eyes closed for the last time and the clamps were released, a haunting laugh from the AI echoing around Helios itself as he vanished. Silence fell and Fiona stared in growing distress as she stumbled away in horror. No… it couldn’t be… what was she going to tell Vaughn? They’d just left him there with Vallory and now they had no way of getting back to him, not to mention the fact she’d broken her promise to keep Rhys safe!

Amidst her mourning a hand shot up and closed around her throat, Fiona’s eyes switching back to focus on the reanimating body before her. His eyes had opened and his mouth had split into a grin worthy of the devil himself, metal hand strangling her with a sudden newfound strength and cutting off any and all air she desperately needed. Rhys was standing again and for a moment Fiona thought it was actually Rhys, just under Jack’s influence. Never did it cross her oxygen-starved mind that this was Jack puppeteering Rhys’ otherwise-lifeless body.

‘Rhys…’ Fiona wheezed out, struggling to push him off as what was once her friend was now the embodiment of evil itself and had gained sudden strength she was unable to fight against. ‘Rhys…!’

‘Rhys isn’t here anymore, sweet heart. It’s all Jack, baby!’ He laughed, eyes burning with hatred in such a way it was unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. Fiona’s vision was going dark as he pinned her against the cold surface of the desk, both hands wrapped around her throat and knee pinning her down by her stomach as Jack activated the ECHO-eye and flooded all camera feeds around Helios with what he was doing. Laughter rang throughout the halls of Helios station as Fiona was asphyxiated, her lungs spasming desperately as she coughed and wheezed and scrabbled at his firm hands to make him stop but it was no use. Jack had her in a vice and he wasn’t letting go as he locked the cybernetic arm. Huh, he could get used to having one arm stronger than the rest of his body, he thought as he gave another surprisingly Jack-like laugh with Rhys’ voice, watching the life drip from Fiona’s eyes in the form of tears. Her eyes rolled up as he finished the job, crushing her neck just enough for it to spell her own end. Once done, he let her go and watched her body drop to the floor at his feet like a lifeless doll before looking up and smirking as he had himself projected onto every screen again, ECHO-eye glowing a deceptive yellow and an almost insane grin plastered to his new face in such a manner it was foreign to both himself and the terrified onlookers around Helios.

‘And that, children, is why you don’t try and take Hyperion from Handsome god damned Jack.’ He grinned, eyes lustful and pleased with what he’d done as he ordered Sasha to be shot on sight and Gortys sent to R&D, Yvette also being punished and submitted for subject testing in R&D for such a low-down act of betrayal that had resonated deep within Jack’s own programming. Jack laughed again and turned off the feeds, stretching his new body back and groaning in relief. It felt so good to be walking around again and by God he’d missed it dearly. His frame was so much lankier and leaner now with barely any muscle to it, he realised, and was quick to have that sorted out. Rhys had been erased from existence, Jack thought, as he’d had the body reconstructed in his own good-looking image and any traces of Rhys further removed from it. He was finally rid of that snot-nosed brat and it felt soooo good. No more pathetic thoughts, no more being bounced around back and forth in his stupid little head, no more having to listen to his thoughts about how much he adored Jack and how much he adored Vaughn and how much he hated Pandora and how much he wanted to go back to Helios. Jack was free at last and it felt amazing.

When Jack had gotten himself remodelled the first thing he’d done as the resurrected CEO of Hyperion was space a whole lot of people. The people who had dared try and take his position, the people who were close to the people taking his position. It felt great to space a couple hundred of people in the name of revenge and to put across the statement to all other companies and even his enemies of “I’m back baby!” Jack was hungry for blood as if he’d been starved of the act of murder. But if there was one thing he couldn’t shake it was the feeling of being watched. Of being judged. He was certain it was nothing but there was a lingering doubt in him that not even a murderous rampage of the accounting department couldn’t shake. Jack had been walking back into his office from his most recent kill-spree and he’d looked up at his desk when he could have sworn he saw a familiar flicker of blue standing beside it. He stopped, rubbed his eyes and frowned, walking right up to the desk in an almost hesitant manner and yet there was nothing there. Maybe it was just the light reflecting off of the many magnificent statues of himself? Yeah, that had to have been it, he’d just had them polished again so it had to have been that. There was no way it was-

‘Rhys?!’ Jack wheezed as there was another flicker of a figure, this time sat in his chair in the all-too-familiar manner Rhys had been when Jack had killed him. It was absolutely Rhys, it had his stupid little face and his stupid little haircut and his ridiculous shirt. It was Rhys and it was staring at him. Dead eyes bore into Jack’s glowing yellow ones (an option he’d gone for out of what might have been a sense of nostalgia of the time in the Atlas facility), the young man staring up at him and barely making a sound as Jack felt chills race down his spine. It wasn’t possible and yet just as quickly as the boy appeared, his image flickered before he vanished in a wisp of what looked like pixels.

Jack was spooked, to say the least, as he looked around for a hologram projector that wasn’t one of his. He hunted around in his office for a while with a frown plastered to his newly-masked face and yet turned up nothing that could have caused that little glitch. Jack shrugged it off and sat himself in his chair again only for the flicker to appear once more – Rhys stood above Jack, hands reaching  for his neck before he glitched and disappeared again just as Jack used to in Rhys’ vision. The Hyperion leader cried out in fright and pushed the chair back so fast it toppled over, sending him crashing to the floor in fright with wide eyes and maybe a small piss-stain on his jeans. This couldn’t be happening. No, it was im-frickin-possible for Rhys to be back like this. Jack closed his eyes and took a moment to steady himself and to calm his racing heart as it wasn’t’ doing him an ounce of good before risking opening them again to see… nothing. There was nothing there.

‘Oh son of a taint… I gotta be screwin’ up my sleeping… I’m seeing things… or maybe it’s just the excitement of being back in control again, who the hell knows.’ Jack wheezed a little, giving a nervous laugh as he shook his head and righted his chair before slumping back down into it lazily and looked over all the security feeds he’d taken to playing with to be able to see everything that was going on in Helios. A snort left him as he watched yet another finger-gun fight take place in the Hub of Heroism. Idiots, he should have them all spaced he thought as he tried hard to chill out, taking to dicking with some people for the evening.

The next time Rhys appeared was days later in one of the corridors on Jack’s camera feeds. He appeared for longer than usual, Jack noted as he kept his eyes glued to the screen, and he was definitely the same blue Jack had been if not a shade paler as he just stood there. He didn’t do anything, he didn’t move whatsoever as employees all stopped around him and stared. All of them were mumbling as Jack turned on the audio and watched with wide eyes, hearing them all mumble Rhys’ name in disbelief as he flickered again before appearing at the screen directly to Jack with lifeless eyes that looked like mere holes in his head. Jack reared back with a cry of alarm, falling off his chair with a groan before daring to poke his head up and stare at the screen that was now empty and showing the corridor again where the people there were just talking in fear to one another. It wasn’t even like he’d looked pretty grotesque with blood dripping out of his eyes or anything. Rhys was just… empty. There was no life about him like how Jack had noticed whenever he talked to Vaughn, there wasn’t even the small sparkle in his eye that occurred when he spoke. There was just nothing and that scared Jack more than anything. It shouldn’t have scared him, after all he had murdered the kid and he never got spooked over anyone he killed, but for some reason this really struck a chord with Jack and he didn’t like it one bit.

Later, in the evening or maybe even nearing midnight (Jack couldn’t tell anymore), he did a complete system purge of Helios’ database. If Rhys was stuck as a crappy AI in the system, this purge would fix that. After all there was no possible way anything like that could survive the purge.

Employees were starting to talk about this mysterious figure that kept appearing at random, all of them recognising it to be Rhys. Everyone knew him now if they didn’t before and everyone was afraid of what it meant. They all knew Jack had murdered him, took his body and made it his own to take back Hyperion but no one could have ever imagined this to have happened. Rhys would randomly appear in any given corridor, at any time, any place, to anyone. It didn’t matter who was walking down there, he’d sometimes just appear. Interns thought it was bad luck, while some idiots also thought it was good luck or believed it to be a sign of change, rebellion almost. Either way, there was a ghost in the machine and Jack wasn’t the least bit impressed about it. He’d scrutinised the systems and subsystems of Helios ten times over, spending hours and even two days without rest looking it over. He’d had the computing department analyse every last bit of data possible, he’d had everyone in Helios stop using their devices so he could be absolutely certain no one was dicking with him on purpose and yet nothing had been turned up again.

‘God damn it! The hell is this?!’ Jack snapped finally, nearing the point of tearing his own gorgeously gelled hair out in frustration before he heard the tell-tale static noise that often occurred right before Rhys would appear. It was right behind him and he whipped around only to find nothing there. Great, now he was jumping at his own shadow and that only meant paranoia was setting in. Jack glared at the nothingness and at Elpis’ glow, even that wonderful sight sickening him as he faced his office again. If there was one thing he could never bring himself to admit, it was that he was beginning to be rather afraid of turning around to see Rhys standing before him. He was being tormented by this “ghost” and it wasn’t fair. If he couldn’t work out what was causing Rhys, he couldn’t be fearless of him. Rhys had appeared multiple times when Jack was in bed trying to sleep, either at the foot of the bed, in the corner of the room or right above his face. Jack had shouted in fear more times than he cared to mention, and he’d been under increasing amounts of pressure in critically important meetings whenever Rhys decided to appear beside important board members – making Jack start to sweat more often than not much to the bemusement of his board. It looked like he was losing his mind bit by bit and that wasn’t good for gossip. But he still didn’t even know what was causing these occurrences.

Jack didn’t like not knowing what he was up against nor did he like not being on control – and he certainly wasn’t in control of Rhys as he watched him appear at the opposite end of his office.

‘Oh shit, no!’ Jack gasped a little, eyes wide as he watched the young man standing there silently. His mouth moved wordlessly as normal and no one had yet been able to work out what he was saying as he stared at Jack with almost unseeing eyes, slowly moving forwards toward him. ‘No, don’t you dare come any closer!’ Of course, Rhys didn’t listen as he kept moving at a particularly slow and unthreatening pace, yet it wasn’t his pace that terrified Jack it was the fact he kept on coming towards him. He didn’t stop, he didn’t do as Jack told him to and Rhys got to the desk before vanishing again with a small burst of pixels.

Jack felt his breath finally leave his lungs, having been holding it in in terror as he stared at the little wisp of pixels left on the other side of the desk. The ghost of that young man had never yet quite reached him, always vanishing before it could reach its hand out and ‘touch’, and it still didn’t calm Jack’s agitated nerves. He almost could have sworn a little bit of pee came out as he sank down in the fine leathered chair, breathing hard somewhat as he gave a groan. This thing was starting to scare him now and that wasn’t good for his image, God only knew what his employees would do if this got out. There’d undoubtedly be yet more dissent among the ranks and Jack wasn’t having that. They’d try to overrule him, run him out regardless of how terrifying he was. Jack would be a laughing stock.

He had to fix that.

Some said Helios was haunted, but no one can tell you that now. Its halls are barren and bare, and no one walks them anymore. Its labyrinthine corridors are empty for good and Jack had seen to that personally. He’d spaced every last one of his workers, room by room and floor by floor until none were left. They’d gathered around the station, blocking all shuttles to and from its bays until every last person was out there, dead, in the expanse of space. Some could tell you he’d become obsessed with this ghost of a character, but no one could confirm that for sure. Shuttles to Helios were banned, forever, and so the stories went of a man that roamed its corridors, screaming and shouting in madness. There are rumours Jack wandered there, still, to this day, howling and looking for someone, something, he’d tried to kill, but no one can be sure. None dare venture on that hallowed ground, not since ‘the great Hyperion purge’, and none dare question why. All they need know is of the man that walks its halls, looking for the ghost, and the ghost that looks for him.

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46! For the sentence thing!

46. Shimmer

The light caught off the glass, as Harry raised it in the direction of the television. “To Taron Egerton! To the BAFTAs! To an award well-deserved!”

Beside Harry, his lover pouted on the couch, ignoring his own untouched martini glass that shimmered in the dim glow of the screen. An empty popcorn bowl sat on top of the coffee table, along with a sticky remote control. “Colin should have won,” Eggsy grumbled. “Got robbed.”

“Nonsense, he’s had his fair share of awards. Taron deserves some official recognition.”

Eggsy scoffed. “He already won the Rising Star Award! After I voted for John Boyega every day, too!” He shook his head, clearly annoyed. “Taron’s not even that handsome.”

Harry sniffed indignantly. “How dare you. He’s plenty handsome. But,” he quickly added, seeing Eggsy’s disgruntled scowl, “not as handsome as you.”

“Of course not.” Eggsy leaned in to kiss Harry, pulling away at the last second with a smirk. “But that was kind of a last-minute save, innit? You’ll have to make it up to me after this.”

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V- 32+38 (Drabble game)

@baeksmanganerd: 32 38 Taehyung and 29 51 Baekhyun pretty please

32. First date
38. “What do you mean I’m not your bias?”


A delicate butterfly fluttered up into the air, its white wings flapping. You watched as it flew away, shrinking the further it flew away and finally it was out of sight. A small sigh escaped your lips and you twisted around, smiling at the man beside you.

He was a handsome guy of twenty years with a fair, oval face and light hair brushed out against his forehead. Large black frames rested on his nose, miniaturising his dark eyes whilst his thin pink lips were widened in a joyful smile.

As you turned to him, Taehyung- or V as he was preferred to be known as- blushed and he looked down at his lap.
“So you like butterflies?” He stated and you nodded, not being able to resist the urge to beam at him; V was adorable, he was sweet and kind and slightly weird but that’s what made him so great and hat attracted you in the first place when you met him face to face at a fansigning one fortunate day. Somehow V, this famous, well-known and beloved K-pop star, liked you too and out of the thousands of fans he had ever met he requested for your number and he requested to spend some time with you alone. Of course, overwhelmed and flattered, you happily agreed and you were grateful for it.

“Butterflies or Butterfly?” You enquired. V looked up, smiling wider if it was even possible and he chuckled. He leant down on the picnic blanket, the sunshine making his eyes gleam.
“Hopefully both.” He replied and you smiled as you lied down beside him. The cloudless blue sky looked so wonderful above with no city sound audible in the beautiful park filled with bright flowers, lush green grass and a river. It was free of people, it was free of noise and it was the perfect place to spend a first date. Even the cool air smelt fresh and sweet.

Out of the corner of your eye you noticed V watching you. His lips were turned up in a smile, his eyes holding a gleam. Slowly you turned to look at him, a smile also tugging at your lips.
“What is it?” You asked, raising your eyebrows. V sighed, looking up at the sky and his eyebrows raised under his tufts of hair.
“I don’t know,” he answered, not looking at you. “I just like spending me with you, Y/N. And I want to know more about you.”

You couldn’t help but smile, a huge feeling of warmth and happiness spreading through your body. You exhaled, your breath shaking with excitement.
“What do you want to know? My favourite BTS song or how long I’ve been a fan?” You asked, laughing. V smiled more.
“Am I your bias?” Your smile faltered as you turned to him. He looked at you hopefully, his eyes wide with desperation as he awaited your answer.
“’re one of them, Taehyung.” You replied lightly, blushing and biting your lip. V raised his eyebrows, his dark eyes widening even more and he sat up, scoffing with surprise.
“What?! What do you mean I’m not your bias?!” He exclaimed and you gasped, sitting up too.
“I didn’t say that exactly!” You cried, your cheeks burning with embarrassment. Was Taehyung angry at you? Was he jealous? You didn’t expect the next moment when V began to laugh, his face screwing up with each chortle.
“Oh, Y/N!” He grinned. “I guess this means I’ll just have to make myself your favourite then.” He leant forward and quickly pecked your cheeks, blushing immediately as soon as his lips touched your cheek.

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